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“Great lashes don’t just happen, they are designed” @pinklabcosmetics

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HOLLYWOOD Lash Conference

exclusively for trained Lash Artists May 26-28, 2017 at the Hilton Hotel Universal City in Hollywood California Early Bird Ticket through January 17th, $600 Tickets sold after January 17th, $750


Guest List

Ruthie Belle

Jill Heijligers-Peloquin

Michelle Rath

Louise Tierney

MirandA Tarpey

Kelly Storer

Inesa Svetkina

Leanne Haarber

Frankie Widdows

Loreta Jasilionyte

Join us for a weekend of socializing and education with 9 of the artists featured in Lash Masters Volume 3 as well as our very special guest, Louise Tierney! You’ll enjoy a Friday Night Meet and Greet Cocktail Party to unwind from your travels and relax with your peers in the industry. Saturday and Sunday will include exclusive classes in various specialties as well as a sit down formal lunch. Saturday night, we will all celebrate together with dinner and cocktails before we get back to business on Sunday! You won’t go home empty handed! Besides the knowledge you’ll have gained, each attendee shall also be heading home with a Goodie Bag valued at over $ 500.00!


OF LASH INC Welcome to Lash Inc Issue 12 The last issue of 2016

This year has been quite a year. There has been a huge growth in Lash Conferences all over the world, showing that there is a real thirst for continual education in our industry and that our industry is growing fast. In 2016 I attended conferences in the UK, Estonia, Amsterdam, Lithuania, and Australia. Unfortunately, there were many that I couldn’t attend due to time constraints but in 2017 wherever you are there will be a conference near you! In 2017 we will be making changes to Lash Inc. Featuring more lash artists and running a new competition. Keep a look out for details in our future issue. Let me take this opportunity to wish you a fantastic festive season and Happy New Year. May your skills grow in 2017 and your business grow from strength to strength. Best wishes, Louise Tierney


Lash Inc. 7 Newton Place, Lower Ground, Glasgow, G3 7PR 4

Contact Name: Louise Prunty Contact Email:




Not very long ago, about eighteen months, I got married and moved to another country where my husband is from, and my life changed 180 degrees. Given the fact that I was working for a few years on Cruise ships It wasn’t that hard to move from Serbia to Romania, but it was challenging to learn a completely different language, to try to “fit in” in a completely new environment and most importantly, to try building a business from zero in a country with a language that I don’t know, with zero clients and without my girls (AMA models and promoters) around! Yes, it was a hell of a difficult time, but at the same time, it was the best decision of my life! I decide to open AMA Studio, a studio which would be focused only on the best quality eyelash extension service. It was “a job” that I love


to do and “a job” that I was putting my soul into. So I create my new profile and page on Facebook and start promoting my services. Since I didn’t have any friends who would “spread the word around” about our brand new studio, Facebook and virtual friends were my only hope. Days were passing, and I still didn’t receive even a single call or message. I was hoping that they will text me rather than call, because if they did not speak English, it was worthless because I was not talking Romanian yet, but if they would send a message it would be easier, I would pass the phone to my husband, and he would answer for me.  2 weeks had passed since I create my Page on FB and because nobody was replying to my adds, I started to think what should I do to get a few clients. What would sound very tempting for me if I would be a client willing to come to a new place and try their services? By putting myself in my clients shoes I came up with the idea “2 for 1 PROMOTION” in which if they would come with a friend that needs eyelash extensions, they will get extensions for free. The phone and Facebook inbox start blinking, and quite a few girls were interested … MY FIRST CLIENTS … finally, I got my chance to show off!!! … and this is how it all started! I gave the best of me to provide the best quality work and service to my clients, and my free time was dedicated for learning new things and

for practicing till perfection. Giving the best of me and loving what I do was showing in my work and the clients start spreading the word about AMA Studio. The attention to details made me gain the trust of “my girls” and prove that AMA Studio is providing the best quality work and service in the local lash extension “industry.” After about 6-8 mounts I start speaking some Romanian too and that was the time when I start getting messages and calls from the girls, asking me to train and teach them the ways how I do the lash extensions. Because the word spread around and they heard that I always follow the rules and that I never make any compromises when it comes to quality of the services and of the products that I use. At first, I was kind of scared and in a dilemma: “Should I do it or not?”, I wasn’t sure if I would do it good in foreign language and how I would do it, but in the same time, it was an opportunity to finally shine and pass all my knowledge to others. I listen to instinct, follow my dream and of course with strong support from my husband I decided to do it! One month after, I did my first course in a foreign language… woooww it was a successful one… a few weeks later another course done with success… and one more month later … I AM PREGNANT … so dream after dream were slowly becoming a reality!

Very soon I was getting lots of phone calls in regards to training and of course for lash extension appointment. My pregnancy passed very easy because I was doing something that I enjoy doing, I was reaching higher due to practicing by myself almost every day, working what I love to do and teaching others this lovely lash magic. The months was passing quickly, and it reached the day that I was waiting all my life for, the day when my biggest dream will come true, the day when I’m giving birth to MY BABY! … Two months later, due to the lots of phone calls that I was getting, I was back in business, happier than ever, ready to reach higher, to get more knowledge and experience, and … speaking quite good Romanian ! Our AMA Studio was alive again and gaining the trust of many new clients, made new friendships and in this very moment heading to have it’s own brand “AMA Lashes” but I know that our AMA Studio has a lot more to go in order make those dreams come true !!!! So girls, if the situation looks complicated and impossible at the moment, don’t stop believing in yourself and don’t stop dreaming, because those dreams combine with love for what you are doing is magic and …. sometimes magic things are getting real! 7

Lash Artist - Валерия Мамонтова 8

Getting to grips with



i, I’m Julie Knight, a lash artist and trainer with the Eye by i Academy based in Bristol, UK. Welcome to my lash set up that I’ve come to love for the past 3 years since hanging up my car keys and being home-based rather than mobile. My lash stash is neatly arranged in drawers according to curl and thickness, and the lengths are in sequential order to make them easy to find. I have around 350 lash trays in stock at any one time as I’m paranoid about running low. As I’m treating, I’m in easy reach of my lash stash and my system means I can lay my hands on the tray I need straight away! I work from the trusty lash tile resting to the side of my client’s head, and I cut up pieces of Jade stone covers and stick them to the tile to hold my adhesive. I service clients back to back and have around 30 lash tiles set up with all the various lengths, thicknesses and curls (and colours) in easy reach. I like the longer plastic tiles for classic lashing as they can hold a range of lengths in 2 thicknesses to save lots of tile swapping. I love that they neatly stack away in a box so I can keep them clean and save space. I prefer the heavier ceramic tiles to hold my volume lashes, so it doesn’t move as I’m crafting and lifting my fans. These babies rest flat in shallow draws next to my workstation. All my tools for the job rest on a fresh cloth or couch roll on a set of drawers that wheels forward easily. I use it as my trolley with extra supplies hidden away but close to hand if needed. All my essentials are organised into a desk tidy, so it really stays tidy, and my favourite is the nice looking but heavy duty tape dispenser. I simply cover them with some couch roll to ‘tuck’ them in at night!  Happy lash organising! Julie Knight Eye by i Academy 9

Introducing ANZEI Our beloved industry is a very small one. Everyone knows everyone and those of us that have been in the industry 10 plus years have seen a huge amount of changes in that time. It is very comforting to see new research taking place and to see so many lash artists taking professional development seriously by attending educational seminars around the globe. Knowing the high standards in the UK and learning of the extreme level of professional conduct in Sweden had me feeling very sad for the country I live in and love. The eyelash industry in Australia and New Zealand has been facing many challenges. There is no regulation, and anyone can supply, train or perform the treatment with little or no experience, qualification or accreditation. This has resulted in an inconsistent standard of workmanship to the consumer.

It has also created a revolution. 12 of Australia and New Zealand’s industry experts have joined forces, each bringing their knowledge and skills to the table with one common goal… to make a difference! All personal business ventures have been left outside the door with each board member volunteering their time, funds and expertise to work together and create a not-for-profit organization, ANZEI (Australia & New Zealand Eyelash Industry). The primary goal of ANZEI is a unified standard of workmanship, quality, and safety throughout the lash industry. The ANZEI Board are dedicated to implementing industry accreditation and standards in addition to educating lash artists and to provide assurance of safe practices to consumers. Reading through each board member’s biography you could almost mistake them all for the same person! Full of passion, dedication and endless ideas of how to improve the industry that they live and breathe every day. Each has been both the student and mentor and have been working to address ways that industry professionals can validate their capabilities and demonstrate their commitment to best practice.


Trina Carter Kimberley O’Beirne

Aleena Maney Mandy Jeffery Mimmi Ebbersten Bianca Pollini Kellymarie Storer Jodie Burwood Lisa Gillanders Alexandra Hankin Pixie Joanna Bobbi April 10

be hips will Members ble soon availa www.anze rd /anzeiboa www.face





Beautiful Innovation is our Essence


A feature on Leanne Harber

A great many of us are aware of most of the biggest, or latest, or even up and coming brands or companies within the Lash Industry. What we would like to do with this new section of Lash Inc, is to focus on the people behind the brand. To provide a small insight into what drives them, motivates them and where did they start out? It is with great pleasure I would like to introduce the first in a series of feature articles. Beginning with a wonderful young woman; Leanne Harber.


About Me I have always been a very arty child and knew I was never going to work in an office when I grew up, plus I was badly dyslectic. Throughout my childhood I was in and out of hospital with asthma which started at the age of 3 and still suffer badly with it now, I have had pneumonia and pleurisy several times, resulting in my left lung being scared and not fully functioning. When I left school at the age of 16, I went into hairdressing which I really enjoyed, but my asthma prevented me from progressing any further and eventually had to stop. Between the ages of 17-18, I was in and out of jobs not really knowing what I wanted to do as I was always so unwell and at the age of 18 I was struck with meningitis and was extremely ill and hospitalised for a long period of time. The meningitis broke down my immune system and went down to a very dangerous weight, under 6 stone, at this point I was unable to work and on income support which was a very depressing time for me when all I wanted to do was work and have a job I enjoyed. As previously mentioned I enjoyed arty things, and I started doing nails, on myself and friends, and, was really quite good at it, so I saved up as much as possible, which is extremely difficult when my only income was from income support, to put myself through a nail extension course. At the same time, I was allocated a council flat and started liv-

ing independently. I loved the nail course so much and became really good at it in a very short space of time which led to me setting up my own business which was a nail table within my friends hair salon and it wasn’t long until I was totally booked out 11 hours day, which was hard work but, still loving every minute. As the business was doing so well, it enabled me to eventually purchase my council flat, which gave me a real sense of satisfaction and immense pride that I had done this all by myself. The next stage of my career came when I was approached by a highly regarded nail company to become a trainer, which I did two days a week, Monday’s & Tuesday’s, driving up and down the country providing teaching for them. I discovered very quickly I was quite good at this teaching malarkey, due to it being very hands on and because of my dyslexia I found it easier being able to give training verbally and obviously practically. I had been doing nails for quite a while now and felt that I needed a new challenge, which is how I found my love for lashes….the rest you already know! In the meantime, I met my husband in 2006, and we were married and had two children by 2010! And here I am now with my training academy, Hello Gorgeous, and my brand Ultimate! Sometimes I find it hard to believe that I have done this all on my own and how I got to where I am today given when I the pain I was in when I was younger and had days when I was unable to get out of bed. From somebody who couldn’t to somebody who doesn’t stop working. My work ethos is trying to get Mum’s back into work or, for small startup salons to offer high-quality products and training at an affordable price, as I know how hard it is starting a business with very little capital. We all need all the help we can get, ongoing support and just sometimes somewhere there to listen and offer advice. I feel very proud that I have been able to do this for lots of my students and I am very excited to see what the future holds for them. From first-hand experience, when times are hard never let it beat you, pick yourself up and try again! 15


We would like to thank all participants of the Lash Conference Amsterdam 2016 for making the event a great success! Warm regards,


Lash Set up Hi, I’m Julie Knight, a lash artist and trainer with the Eye by i Academy based in Bristol, UK. Welcome to my lash set up that I’ve come to love for the past 3 years since hanging up my car keys and being home-based rather than mobile.

My lash stash is neatly arranged in drawers according to curl and thickness, and the lengths are in sequential order to make them easy to find. I have around 350 lash trays in stock at any one time as I’m paranoid about running low. As I’m treating, I’m in easy reach of my lash stash and my system means I can lay my hands on the tray I need straight away! I work from the trusty lash tile resting to the side of my client’s head, and I cut up pieces of Jade stone covers and stick them to the tile to hold my adhesive. I service clients back to back and have around 30 lash tiles set up with all the various lengths, thicknesses and curls (and colours) in easy reach. I like the longer plastic tiles for classic lashing as they can hold a range of lengths in 2 thicknesses to save lots of tile swapping. I love that they neatly stack away in a box so I can keep them clean and save space. I prefer the heavier ceramic tiles to hold my volume lashes, so it doesn’t move as I’m crafting and lifting my fans. These babies rest flat in shallow draws next to my workstation. All my tools for the job rest on a fresh cloth or couch roll on a set of drawers that wheels forward easily. I use it as my trolley with extra supplies hidden away but close to hand if needed. All my essentials are organised into a desk tidy, so it really stays tidy, and my favourite is the nice looking but heavy duty tape dispenser. I simply cover them with some couch roll to ‘tuck’ them in at night! ☺ Happy lash organising! Julie Knight Eye by i Academy 18


Reader Gallery




Bryony Barclay

Carly Fitch 23

Jill Lagasse Cindy Nicholls

Cindy Nicholls Claudia King

Ina Eibl 24

Daria Ziolkowska

Elo Rohtoja Kasia Olszewska1

Jill Lagasse

Joanna Staniul

Jolita Shishmanova

Luba Le Roux 25

Kimberley O’Beirne

Lindsey Rae Joslyn-Rohner

Lenka Clark

Laetitia Cilhair

Leanne Harber 26

Paulina Weresinska

KovĂĄcs Brigi

Marta Wiatr

Sahar Ramezani Natalie Rametta Marta Wiatr

Regina Paar-

Manami Shima EdMarliis Lembke 27


Vilja Pjokken

Tamara Masten-

Silvia Mikova



Sarah Humphre-

London Brows launches new ‘Fairy Tale’ lashes


We all want lashes like a princess, and now it’s possible with the launch of London Brows new ‘Fairy Tale’ lashes. At just 0.03 in weight, they are the first and lightest lashes on the market today. Fairy Tale lashes by London Brows offer more options than ever to create a beautiful, natural look on clients. These lashes are particularly good to use on lashes that are compromised or those clients that don’t have lots of lashes, to begin with.

Add lash fluff without extra weight

It’s easier than ever to create more volume without adding weight with Fairy Tale lashes. For instance, if you are using 5 x .07 lashes on a client, this equates to 0.35 in weight for your fan. With Fairy Tale lashes you can use twice as many lashes for the same weight (10 x .03 lashes), creating a beautiful, fluffy look!

About London Brows

Kim Filion, founder, and CEO of London Brows spent 18 years as a fashion designer in her native South Africa. After moving to Seattle, Washington 13 years ago she completed a degree in mathematics but ultimately followed her passion and ended up changing gears to work in the beauty industry as an esthetician. After adding lash extensions to a chemotherapy client, Kim was asked if there was anything she could do for eyebrows. This area of the industry was lacking, so Kim took it upon herself to find an answer. She researched and trained with the best in the world and brought her newfound knowledge and expertise in brows and lashes back to the States. Being able to offer her clients their self-esteem back after cancer or just a new look prompted her to create London Brows, the industry’s most advanced lash, and brow extensions. Kim travels the country teaching the most innovative skills to her fellow estheticians, cosmetologists, makeup artists and nail techs.

Fairy Tale lashes are made of silk and come in both a C-curl and Dcurl. Lengths offered are 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm and mixed. Clients are raving about the new London Brows ‘Fairy Tale’ lashes and have this to say: “I’m so in love with these lashes, and so are my clients!” “Love my Fairy Tale lashes! I have always favored .05s from London Brows and with the ease of the fan they have allowed me to advance my skill with volume. I was so excited to hear about the new Fairy Tale lashes. They are so dark, light and feathery. I am hooked and love blending them with my .07 Ds!”

Kim is also on the American Eyelash Association board of directors and is committed to advancing the industry. 29

qqBrazil in times past has been described as having a “work hard, play hard” culture. With a population that stands up there with the most populated countries. Due to this fact, I can say from firsthand experience that Brazilians have varying degrees of different beliefs and also different colours, however, with a uniting belief of hard work, which makes them one of the most diversified people in the world. About Brazil having a ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality, that isn’t so far from the truth as I discovered for myself when I was invited by one of my students to do an eyelash extensions training there. I went with one of my courses (Russian volume eyelash extensions) in July to Sao Paulo, a very vibrant, bustling city full of life at first and had a two-day training course with nine students. I then flew to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s capital, where I had another two-day training course with eleven students after our attention was required. It was indeed an in32

tensive course, as it was quite time-consuming, however, we all worked hard to achieve our aim, despite our just getting to know each other for the first time, it shows one thing to me; Brazilians are a very friendly set of people which gives me the appeal to want to associate with them more and more. Five different pickup techniques were introduced in the course, and I guess they loved it because they took to the new methods instantly. After the training, there was more fun. We visited local bars and restaurants with the girls, and I even tried their original Caipiroska Cocktail which I had never taken before and o Boy! Did it taste so good?! I was really showered with gifts and love; they really loved me, and they made no attempt to hide their emotions. Such lovely people! I believe we have earned bragging rights so let me mention that we are the first to bring eyelash extensions training to Brazil. I also have good news: due to popular demand, Lash Harmony will be back in Brazil next

year. This is so because there was no international company that was doing Eyelash training over there. Some huge companies having seen our work sent me emails to come back to organise training and I’m grateful for this opportunity, because as a matter of fact, I cannot turn down this beautiful offer to come and train more people when my first experience still remains fresh in my memory. And being human, I want this feeling every day. It brings me great pleasure to empower young people so that they can stand firmly on their own and earn money for themselves. It is also noteworthy to state that the beauty world is so wide, with lots of potentials to tap into and explore. The Lash Harmony company is committed to empowering youths to tap into this opportunity. Watch out for the date. Till then, keep up the good work Brazil. 33

Lash Master Legends Conference

by Luscious Lashes International - South Africa The conference was a resounding success! Everyone left the conference with loads more knowledge, and inspired to lash, and also to compete in competitions.


The very first Lash Master Legends Conference was held in Cape Town, South Africa in July. In fact, the conference was not only the first in South Africa; it was the FIRST multi-speaker conference in the Southern Hemisphere!. This was the largest, truly international conference ever held in South Africa, with speakers from Canada – Eva Zacharias, UK – Michelle Ryan, France – Dorina Bivol, Italy -Agne Vaiciute Gagliardi, Asa Holmberg-Sweden ,Francesca Nappi - Italy, Anelle Weideman - Chrissanthie South Africa  and the hosts  Cliff & Lesley-ann Altree - Luscious Lashes International, South Africa. Francesca Nappi of Angel Lash and Brows together with Luscious Lashes as the founders will be hosting the next Lash Master Legends conference in Italy during late May 2017. Please visit the site and follow the link under conferences to the preview of the Rome conference schedule and speakers. Each attendee received a goodie bag brimming with all sorts of lash goodies sponsored by the speakers and sponsors that included Lash Inc, Flirties, Beautier, Chrissanthie and Lash Letter. A lot of interesting subjects were spoken about the first day, which ran into a dinner and dancing, with African face painting for all the attendees. The second day continued with more speakers and then hands on round table workshops followed by trophy and certificate presentations.


Is CPD important?

By Miranda Tarpey


Is Continual professional development (CPD) really important in the Eyelash industry? Eyelash extensions is one of the fastest growing treatments in the beauty sector which means that there are many therapists and educators alike performing or teaching lash application, with this rapid pace of interest in lashes we also have an influx in bad application, chemical burns and other irritation and damage caused to natural lashes and eyes. The increase in popularity has also allowed anyone to set up a lash business without receiving professional, accredited hands on or continued training. This has become easier with the likes of online video clips and social media, although good for some areas is extremely bad for those choosing only these methods to self-teach. CPD should not be underestimated; it becomes extremely relevant and important to keep up to date with current lash education to allow us to continue our learning and deliver good safe up to date lash application with good standards. My first lash training as a student was around 10 years ago, what I learnt then is not even considered safe in today’s climate, as lash extensions have now been around for years we have histological research with the help of ophthalmologists that often see the complications and damage that eyelash extensions can and do cause. So even if you have had lash extension training, this does not mean you are aware of the dangers as your knowledge and skills can become outdated very quickly.

How will Continual Professional Development benefit you? You will be kept up to date with current information and trends, by attending good accredited training you will receive and learn new skills keeping you abreast of all advanced research and developments. You will be able to deliver the latest lashes to your clients with new trends and heightened interest. Experience is wonderful but without further training to learn and advance means you will do what you have always done and that then becomes outdated and will impact on your work as you will not be aware of crucial changes. Choose the right training: With all my training programs I ensure I update them every 6 months constantly adding and improving my manuals to include every field that overlaps into lashing, from new research into any of the products used to the increase of law firms using personal injury claims to sue bad application, I don’t keep still, my teaching doesn’t keep still, I don’t just teach how to apply fantastic lashes, I teach everything you need to be aware of in this fast paced lash world. Choose your training wisely, don’t just go with someone that applies good lashes, nowadays you need to go beyond that, you need much more when learning, someone that can apply a good set of lashes may not necessarily have the skills set to teach you further, unfortunately, I see this too often. Choose a trainer that can teach you how to apply wonderful lashes but equally and more importantly an educator that can teach you solid current theory, if you don’t know about the areas that can cause damage, such as knowing how to reduce irritants from around eyes to products and how we research all manmade chemicals, there is so much more to lashing for you to learn that if you are not aware of this then your business can be subject to court cases and you could be £££££ out of pocket and detrimental to clients faith due to your lack of knowledge. CPD is not yet mandatory in the UK yet but I am working alongside Louise Prunty to bring this to parliament to ensure that all teachers and therapists receive good sound training and making CPD compulsory will be a start to a more professional industry to safeguard the public and to eventually regulate our industry making compulsory training standard and educators also taking an advanced expert training before being able to teach others. Our aim is to make this industry of high standard and receive the recognition that only licensed professionals will be able to apply the treatment and stop self-teaching. If you would like to sign our petition and become involved in starting to regulate our sector and protect your business, please follow The UK Lash Institute on social media to stay up to date with the petition. By Miranda Tarpey The UK Lash Institute email 37


Glitter and colored lashes are my absolute favorite. The artistic creativity is endless and the looks you can create are so subtle but so effective. People hear glitter lashes or even gemstone lashes for the holidays and think... whoa… but I assure you they are phenomenal. In fact, fantasy lash art is a new and rising sector of the lash extension industry, now being featured in many national and international competitions. More and more companies are beginning to offer a wide variety of artistic lashes that can be utilized to create dazzling effects for either over the top fantasy competitions or simple, subtle enhancements for holiday parties. GLITTER LASHES Glitter lashes can be purchased from a variety of sources but are not created equal! Usually in- expensive options can flake and crumble or are made with glitter that is too big and potentially dangerous for the eye. Other brands sell glitter lashes that are beautiful but very expensive, available in only a select variety of colors and one length that needs to be trimmed to fit. What’s the solution?

MAKE YOUR OWN! Create your own glitter lashes; it’s simple and fun! Really, all you need is a micro fine glitter in a variety of different colors. You’re normally applying a glitter lash in line with the arch of the brow in “the point of accentuation” as we like to call it at Lash Affair. So you would choose whatever your longest length lash is for your client to make your glitter lashes.


• • • •

Purchase a micro fine glitter in a variety of fun colors. You can use a black, quick set adhesive, but clear is better. Dispense a small pile of your chosen glitter onto a flat, sanitized surface. Grab the lash by the butt end, dip it fully into the adhesive, you may need to let the first coat dry and then dip again to get the adhesive to really coat the lash.

• •

Then press slowly into the glitter. Move the lash around to coat, and remove. Tap the lash a few times to remove any excess glitter and lay to rest and cure in a safe place and then store in a sanitary jar until you’re ready to adhere.

• •

TIPS: • • • •

Always leave at least a few millimeters free at the base so that you can get a proper adhesion. Place in odd numbers (one or three) in the POA where longest lashes are applied. Space lashes evenly apart from each other. When placing three lashes, you may want to use one long lash and

GEMSTONE LASHES Gemstone lashes are also a fun holiday accent, and I personally recommend ones that come on a Y-type lash so the gemstone is more stable and less likely to flop sideways or catch on neighboring lashes. These lashes are often placed just one to each eye, again in the POA. These have been popular with brides in white, but many other colors are available as well. Warn clients that gemstones may not last longer than a week and may not shed at the same time.


Glitter lashes, color streaks and gemstones are all placed within the same section of the eye for the best effect. Applying all the way to the outer corner will look bizarre, the same way applying to close to the inner corner would. When color blocking, place approx. six colored lashes directly next to one another for a bold, noticeable streak.

• •

two just slightly shorter to either side to keep in line with your design effect. Make glitter lashes up ahead of time and store in small jars to save time during application. Warn clients that glitter will often wear off the lash within a week, even on the most expensive options so if they are for an event they should be added to the set right before. Create a visual by adhering lashes to a subway tile to display your glitter lash color choices. If you have other colored, or ombré lash options and gemstone lashes, display those also and keep near checkout or displayed in your room to get clients excited about these holiday add-on services.

For color highlighting, place chosen colors randomly throughout lash line in lengths that match your design choice. For glitter lashes, place one long lash dead center of the POA or three lashes of varying length spaced slightly apart. Grouping glitter lashes together one right next to the other does not look best. Always choose the thickest, longest, and strongest natural lashes when applying glitter and gemstone lashes as these lashes can be heavy.

PRICING: Likely you will need a few extra minutes to create these looks for your client, so I recommend adding 15 min to a service to accommodate these fun add-on services. TO find the proper up charge: take your normal hourly charge and divide by four to find what you will need to charge for the additional 15 minutes of time you will be adding. Tips for running successful promotions for the Holidays



Creating online deals through Groupon, Yelp!, or LivingSocial can have its pluses and minuses for sure! Understanding the ins and outs of these deals and using them at the proper time is essential. Often you would want to run a deal promotion such as these when trying to establish new clientele in a new area or when trying to do so for your staff members. The idea is to bring in new clients on a service like eyelash extensions that has such a high return. Offering a deal on that first initial set will more often than not win you a repeat client. Of course, the general consensus is that most people that are purchasing a Groupon, which is perceived as a bit of a lowerend site than LivingSocial, can tend to be what we now call “deal hoppers,” or people who are just seeking out the low price and will hop around from place to place as new salons in their area offer deals. Often, Groupon shoppers tend to be unreasonable with their expectations and quick to write a negative review if they are unable to get in for their services in the times that they requested or if there is even one tiny thing off about their experience. Not that the same couldn’t be said for Yelp! Coupons or LivingSocial deals, but we have seen Groupon as biggest culprit of negative reviews. Choosing to go with a higher-end site like LivingSocial means that the risk can be more worth the reward. LivingSocial is more exclusive about who they offer deals to, and it can take a little while to be able to get their attention and agree to do a deal for you. Once you’re in, though, you have a full year to turn your deal on and off or change it as however you see fit. Unfortunately, there is a large commission paid to these deal site middlemen, making it hard to turn much of a profit on client vouchers, but it’s always possible to upgrade the service, sell retail, re-book, or gain a referral or public review from these clients. Facebook advertising and boosting Facebook posts in addition to frequent updates of status and Instagram photo sharing are great outlets for getting the word out about Holiday promotions you are running. Make sure to use appropriate hashtags for your business, subject, location, etc. #yourbuisnessname #eyelashextensions #glitterlashes #yourbuisnesslocation Posting a coupon on your Yelp! page is also a way to bring in a new clients and potentially get a great review as well. Yelp! coupon users almost always write reviews after their experiences, so it’s up to you to make it a five-star experience! (As always, right?)



Offering promotions during a slow time of the year can help to fill schedules and generate new repeat business. If you have multiple artists who work for you and flexible schedules that you are looking to fill, you can also offer specials during your busy time as well, but discounting sets that people would want to receive anyway can kind of be shooting yourself in the foot! For example, if you are a busy solo artist offering promotions around Christmas time when there may be an influx of new clients anyway, might

Running themed seasonal promotions can be a fun thing to offer and a way to continue to remind clients of the creative ways that they can enhance their eyelashes. An example would be to offer hot pink individual lashes or glitter lashes during the month of October with a donation to support breast cancer awareness. (Pink lashes can be found at lashaffair. com.) You may also run a promotion around New Year’s Eve for clients to be able to add some “Holiday Sparkle” or “Bling in the New Year” glitter lashes or gemstone lashes for their special event parties at a special price.


If you offer any additional holiday prep services, such as waxing or facial services or possibly even body wraps spray tan you can run promotions to add those services to a lash fill at a discount. This is another way to hook people into increasing their monthly ticket price. Because the duration between facial services, peels, waxing, and eyelash extensions are very similar, it would only make sense that your client would experience a mini facial or waxing service while they are visiting you monthly. The holidays can be stressful, and clients will jump at the chance to be pampered and relax a bit.



cost you several hundreds of dollars! Strategically hire new staff a few months before the holidays so that they may be able to offer introductory pricing to fill their new schedules for holiday clients.

It is always good to have a referral policy in place as a standing promotion year round. You can easily have cards made or print them yourself and design them to be able to have both the client’s name and the client that they’re referring printed on it. When the client that has been referred presents the coupon with their friend’s name on it, both will receive 20% off! That’s a great deal on a first- time service and a nice bonus and thank you to the client that has referred!


How much to discount is up to you. You may decide to offer 2050% off sets, 20-30% off fills or do a buy a set get a fill for free promo for a period of time after starting in a new area or starting a new staff member. Always remember, though, to have your regular pricing referenced in all advertisements so that clients realize that they are receiving a special price and are not surprised by the increase once the promotion ends.







Lash Artist - Jill Lagasse 47

Feature in LPL Studio

My name is Sommer Deaves I am the owner of Lady Power Lash also known as LPL studio, ever since learning Eyelash extensions over six years ago, I have lived, breathed and even dreamt lashes (not exaggerating). When I first came into the lash industry, it wasn’t a very well known practice in Australia, and the only workshops available went for two hours. As you can imagine, I was a Lash disaster case for the first year trying to understand why my clients were having irritations and red eyes, so I turned to my good friend “Google.” I started researching Eyelash Extensions, and I found some information on forums in the United States, as their experience and knowledge seemed to be steps ahead in the beauty industry. Low and behold I was doing everything wrong • What do you mean lashes didn’t touch the skin? • What is this so-called isolation? • Why aren’t the collagen pads allowed to touch the client’s eyes? • What are these tray things not pots lashes come in? It was my light bulb moment; my knowledge was limited to a small portion of what was available in Eyelash Extensions, a moment in which I knew had to be corrected to supply not only my clients but others in the industries clients the best application of Eyelash Extensions available without causing harm or damage to their lashes.

It was my turn to make a change in the Australian Eyelash Industry. I reeducated myself and noticed as I started improving my technique the clients started rolling in and staying, I was building myself a nice steady clientele. At this stage, I was working from my little home studio which I was soon to outgrow and open a commercial Salon voted Canberra’s number 1 destination for Eyelash Extensions three years running. I decided that I would like to become an educator myself and designed my own Eyelash Extension Education Workshops, so I completed my certificate 4 in training and assessment and created my first workshop. Students have travelled from all over Australia and New Zealand to attend my customised workshops, which I am constantly improving. I believe you can never stop educating yourself and if you attend a workshop and only learn one thing you have accomplished something that can help your grow. I have helped mould so many talented, passionate and now well educated

Lash stylists over the past 4 years. I love watching their businesses grow and take on the lash world. One of my favourite quotes which I love to share with my students is ‘it’s not about being the best; it’s about being better than you were yesterday.’ Twelve months ago I had a big lifestyle change with my husband, three little boys and I, moving from Australia’s Capital city to a regional town in New South Wales called Wagga Wagga. I decided to introduce the town to Eyelash Extensions working from a little vintage Caravan which I quickly outgrew and now have four employees and am opening Wagga’s very First Lash Studio in December; it’s a very exciting adventure that I can’t wait to share with this town. To be a successful lash stylist it is important our clients are educated, so as soon as my clients walk in my studio they fill out a consultation form which explains what Eyelash Extensions are and the science behind our hair cycles and that it is normal for them to fall out every day, they understand that just like our teeth they require cleaning and they can’t walk out with lashes just like their friend, everyone has different eye shapes, facial structures and hair patterns. The more educated our clients are, the easier it is to be a lash stylist I really enjoy the marketing aspect of business, and I believe it has helped me create a successful and thriving Lash studio. Instagram, Facebook & snap chat are my preferred methods of interaction, and I’ve seen plenty of growth in clientele through the use of these platforms. My clientele always comment on how much they love and enjoy seeing my portfolio of work that I display on social media. I love taking captivating pictures of my work and playing with new angles to best show off the lash styling.  My Instagram images are always linked to Facebook to help capture audiences on both platforms.  I’ve recently introduced Snapchat to my social media tool belt, and I have found it gives my clients a feel that my business isn’t just that a “business” it lets them know I’m a real person. My clients enjoy seeing my day to day life and the adventures I get up too. I love the interaction I get with my clients and the lash love they give by sending selfies through this platform to me. Overall I feel many emotions when talking about Lashes and my business. At this stage, the greatest emotion I feel is excitement, excitement into what the future holds for Lady Power Lash and I hope that if you’ve lasted this long reading my article, you’ll remember that name, Lady Power Lash!


Yours in Lashes, Sommer Deaves




by Melanie Doyle

It has been a very busy few months for me, and the academy, myself and the students have been working on lots of projects! We have been working on TV productions for Sony TV, a new series called Snatch that is being filmed in the UK, Head makeup artist Lucy Cain and Adele Firth have both allowed many of my trainees to work on set which has been amazing experience for them, we have also been working on other projects with the NWFF in Liverpool which is a big fashion showcase featuring loads of celebrities including the Cheshire House Wives and we have been working with a local charity children’s hospice in our spare time to give the children workshops on special effects makeup and face painting for Halloween.


I have been using masks from a company called Beauty Belle who produce the most amazing masks, they feel like a real salon type treatment that you can do yourself at home or salons are using them in their luxury facial treatments. The results were amazing. A little bit of knowledge on the skin and some information on these amazing masks that will take your winter dull skin to a super sparkling young plump new you! As we get older, our skin gets thinner and less supple. With ageing, the bonding fibres, collagen and elastin, located under the surface of our skin start to weaken. This, combined with exposure to such factors as the sun, cigarette smoke, pollution and stress can make the skin more prone to damage and slower to repair itself. The

end result is fine lines and wrinkles. Fine lines are lines about one to two millimetres in depth and are caused by sagging skin associated with ageing. They are usually the earliest sign of ageing. Wrinkles are lines that are deeper than two millimetres and are mainly caused by muscle contraction when we smile, frown, squint, etc. Repeated muscle contraction over the years creates folds in the same place leading to a wrinkle.

How can I prevent them? Although wrinkles and fine lines are a natural part of the ageing process, there are some steps you can take to help delay their onset.

Avoid the sun: Limiting sun exposure, either by staying out of the sun or using a reputable sun screen, will definitely help maintain your youthful complexion a little longer.

structural component of the skin and is found in connective tissue throughout the human body. It improves the moisture content of the skin, keeping it plump, hydrated and young-looking.

Stop smoking: The chemicals in cigarettes damage collagen and elastin resulting in prematurely wrinkled skin. These skin changes may occur after only 10 years of smoking.

Timeless Truth is also a finalist in the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2016. The BioCellulose Eye Mask was awarded one of only two coveted finalist places in the Best Face Mask (Men) category.

Get adequate sleep: when you don’t get enough sleep, the body produces excess cortisol, a hormone that breaks down skin cells. When you get enough rest, you produce more human growth hormone, which helps skin remain thick, more elastic, and less likely to wrinkle.

Bio-Cellulose contains fibres that are highly compatible with the human body and can deeply penetrate through the inner layers of the skin whilst allowing the skin to breathe. The Eye Mask uses a specialised formulation of active ingredients, such as Olive Oil and Hyaluronic Acid, which leave the eye area feeling moisturised whilst enhancing the skin’s suppleness and elasticity. Other active ingredients include Multi-peptides, which stimulate collagen production, and Anti-Oxidants, further enhancing the Eye Mask’s anti-ageing ‘credentials’.

Moisturize daily with SPF: Applying a moisturizer with SPF daily will prevent further sun damage. Apply this to your neck as well as your face.

How can I treat them? There are many professional treatments available for reducing fine lines and wrinkles such as Botox and dermabrasion. For home treatment, skincare products with antioxidants can combat against the effects of free radicals on your skin (caused by such factors as sun exposure or smoking) and slow the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Timeless Truth’s Deep Sea Extract Moisturising Facial Sheet Mask contains seaweed and hyaluronic acid, both of which contain powerful antioxidant, anti-ageing properties. Seaweed contains an extraordinary wealth of mineral elements, vitamins and trace elements and has been long used for promoting healthy, youthful skin. Hyaluronic acid is a natural

Some of the cast of the hit show Towie are seen in the show using the masks and loving every minute of them, all giving amazing feedback. I tested these masks myself this past two weeks, and I can honestly say I love each and every one of them, they really have made me look and feel 10 years younger, I have lots of compliments about my skin without even telling anyone that I had been trialling the masks. A highly recommended product to help save that winter dull skin! Michael Quinn Beauty Belle Tel: 028 30848986/ 07989 614382 Web: Facebook: beautybelleire/ Twitter: @beautybelleire Instagram: @beautybelleire




One of the most important concerns for people who wear lashes - our customers, is retention. To achieve this every single time puts a lot of pressure on the technician. To have good retention, one must know many technical nuances like cleaning, glues, wrapping/bonding and ‘at home’ aftercare. Without properly

will slide off of greasy and dirty lashes just like hair extensions will off of dirty/greasy hair.

cleaned lashes, having good wrapping technique or quality glue alone does not guarantee success. None the less, many technicians are trying to find the “perfect glue” to achieve their goal of high retention. Lash extensions

lutions and tools. What to use and in what order? Your choices are cleansers, make-up removal pads, primers, foams, gels, brushes, and micro-brushes. So how do you orientate in this world of lash cleaning?

There are many various means and methods for cleaning lashes which can often be confusing because it is difficult to choose between the myriad of available cleaning so-



Let us start at the beginning. The most notorious of them all, used as a lash cleanser for over a decade, is primer. To this day, many are still unaware of this fact – it is NOT a cleanser. The sole purpose of primer was direct application to the extensions to accelerate the glue curing time. This was necessary because 10-15 years ago glues had a very long curing time. On average, it took 4-5 seconds. The extensions themselves were loosely in a container where they were picked from and mixed with primer. Since the introduction of lined-up lashes on a strip, primer was no longer needed as many manufacturers used pre-primed strips. Because there was a surplus of primer solution and the pre-primed strips however had a low saturation, many technicians at the time did not know how to work without primer, so they began applying the primer directly on to the natural lashes of their customers. That was due to the fact that the glue still cured slowly and so naturally technicians began using primer as a prepping agent. Priming solution contained alcohol and dried the natural lashes which was said to increase the bonding effect. This was of course not true. On the contrary to popular belief, when the natural lashes dried out, they became brittle and would snap and break while removing extensions or would break under the weight of them. In addition, primers are slightly tacky, so they clog the lash cuticles, and since they contain alcohol, they are irritating to the eyes, causing wetting. For proper cleansing, I recommend using various foams. Foam mixtures can be made with different gels that are freely available. Most well-known are ‘Chrissantie’ and ‘Lash and Brow Cleanser.’ If self-mixing is not your thing, pre-mixed foam solutions are also available. You can have your customer wash their eyes and lashes with foam or better yet; you can do it yourself. To do this, you use foam and a brush. After foam cleansing, you use distilled water to rinse everything out. If done properly, you will not have any

need for any additional aids to increase retention. Cleaning lashes with a foam solution is equal to washing your hair with shampoo. If not conditioned after shampoo wash, your hair will be thick and coarse. This is due to the hair cuticles being fully open. When talking about hair, that is not a good thing, but when talking about lashes, it is an ace up a lash technicians sleeve. When lash cuticles are open, the glue will have something to latch on to, and this will improve retention by orders of magnitude. As an added bonus, some foam solutions contain tea tree oil, which helps remove the skin grease and dry the lash surface without extensive damage to the lash itself. The best tool for cleaning with foam is a soft brush as it will get between individual lashes with ease and this results in thorough cleans-

ing. When customers do it themselves, they might not get in deep between the lashes with their fingers, so the dirt and make-up residue will not be removed. A brush will also get closer to the eyelid and lash roots which will in addition also wash out loose or loosening lashes that are about to fall out. To really improve retention, all you need is a quality cleansing foam and a decent brush. There is no need to use whatever chemicals on your customers’ lashes to get the retention you’re after. If cleaned properly, you can achieve great retention with most glues and good wrapping techniques and completely avoid unnecessary damage to your customers’ natural lashes. The secret to amazing retention is proper cleansing! 55

From the Best selling 'Lash Master' book series...

Featuring inspirational stories and insights from International Lash Masters – Available on Amazon 56

Business 57


May | 21 London - Lash Inc Conference - Super Yacht by Louise Prunty & Miranda Tarpey Date Sun 21 May 2017 Location London Sunborn London Yacht, Located less than a minute’s walk from ExCeL London London United Kingdom

Lash Artist - Dijana ToĹĄev 59


“Great lashes don’t just happen, they are designed” @pinklabcosmetics

Los Angeles


P: 212 686-0992

New York



True Artist Wrist Wrap

(Wrist support)

A wide Velcro strap that slips over your thumb, over your hand and around your wrist to ensure you are supported while lashing. • The Velcro surface allows you to attach one or both lash bubbles, in any position best suited to you so that you can work with comfort and ease.  There is a small strap on the wrist area so that you can tuck your tweezers safely away while swapping styles, shaking up glue, or attaching strips to the bubbles. 

• • •

Safety is a must not only for your clients but for you as a lash tech too. When isolating, your wrist can seize up and be painful after a long day; the support will give you that extra bit of help and ultimately reduce pain when lashing for any prolonged length of time. To have this along side the bubbles making your lashes accessible at all times is a great combination for any lash tech.

You can also find items below in our shop: • •

Secure Belt (Hand Strap) A slim line Velcro strap, which is a great alternative to the wrist wrap! The Velcro makes it so easy to adjust the hand wrap to a size

• •

• •

that suits you so that you can attach your lash bubbles and lash to your heart’s content. You can place the bubbles in any position on the hand strap, whether you are using one or both. Lash Bubble (Twin Pack) - Classic and Volume Lash Bubbles Revolutionising lashing and making every lash techs life that bit easier. The large bubble more suited for classic lashing, fans out lashes making pick up easier, and ensuring you have the lashes you need close up on the back of your hand, so the pickup, dip and place is all in one area close to the eyes in the safest possible way.  Coupled with the Volume Lash bubble, with a more rounded smaller surface fans out the volume lashes helping you to create the perfect evenly spaced fan, again keeping the create, pick, dip and place all in one area once you have isolated your lash there is no need to move to another area to do this. The lashes will be easily accessible and visible at all times. Both of the bubbles have Velcro patch allowing you to position the bubbles on the wrist support or hand strap in the most comfortable place for you whether using one at a time or both.  Use them together or individually with the wrist wrap, or hand strap for easy adjustment. Separate for simplified storage.


BALENS - Lash Inc 041214X.pdf 1 10/12/2014 09:27:43


Pioneering insurance package specifically designed for you





Specialist Insurance Brokers







» » » » »

£6m Medical Malpractice £6m Professional Indemnity £6m Public & Products Liability cover Taxation and Legal Package Student to student / Case study cover



PER YEAR (Incl. Taxes & Fees)

Teaching is included in this package as standard, however, if you are delivering your own qualification, have over 20 students or a turnover in excess of £20,000 per annum, you may need a Training School policy.

‘Please quote Lash14 for your 10% premium discount on your Training School policy’

Telephone: 01684 580 771 Web: Email: Balens Ltd is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.





The following training academies and individuals are accredited by Lash Inc. Their training courses and qualifications meet all requirements for approval by our organisation.

United Kingdom & Ireland Accredited Training Providers.


Love My Lashes

Sue Winter 7 Bremen Grove, Shenley Brook End, Milton Keynes MK5 7FJ


Unit 2, Tarlair Business Park Tarlair Way, Macduff AB44 1RU 0845 022 22 33

East Anglian Beauty Training

Hello Gorgeous (Kent)

Institute of Eyelash Excellence

25 Hillview Road Canterbury, Kent, ct2 8ey 64 66

Lash By Francesca

LASHacademy Training & Products

VZ Hair and Glamour Ltd 26 Rutland Road Maidenhead Berkshire SL6 4HY, UK +44 (0)755 492 5551

Immaculate Beauty Academy 8 Tamworth Parade Elms Park Essex RM12 5AS UK e-mail:

Inga Misiute


Caledonian Therapy Academy 7 Newton Place Glasgow G3 7PR Tel: 01423329251


Unit 2, Tarlair Business Park Tarlair Way, Macduff AB44 1RU 0845 022 22 33


Dartford Kent DA15LF UK T: 07988 374564 E-mail:

Monika Wojtysiak

Lashworld - Lash & Nail Boutique

Glamour Lashes Ireland

Silviya Mikova 122 London road Bognor Regis ,West Sussex 07886836448

DeviLash Lash extensions Atelier & Training Centre. 16/1 8 William Street Galway Ireland +353872974781

United States Of America Accredited Training Providers.

Jessica Mogauro,

The Beauty Pro Loft 130 Centre St. Howe Barn #103 Danvers, MA 01923 Website: PH: 781-813-8131

Benita Lash Studio 18321 W. Lake Houston Pkwy Suite 305 Humble, TX 77346

Amy Young

Love Those Lashes LLC Tel: 513.280.6550

Lucy Argent

LA Lash Academy 137 Bay Street #8, Santa Monica, CA 90405, United States Phone:+1 424-200-8278

San Diego Eyelash Extensions

12935 Pomerado road, Suite C Poway, CA 92064 619-438-5770

LASHLAB Academy by PINKLAB & Co. 545 Fifth Avenue 8th Fl New York, NY 10017 212-686-0992

Canada Accredited Training Providers.

Sugarlash Academy of Lash Artistry Courtney Buhler 587.982.5274

Lash Line Academy & Supplies Inc Jessi Love

Mai Lee MaiLash Academy Cell: 480-404-0092 1526 N Scottsdale Rd. Tempe AZ 85281 USA

Australia & New Zealand Accredited Training Providers.


Kerrie Ann Ditz

Sugarlash Academy of Lash Artistry Melena Langford

VC LASH Ltd Canberra, ACT AUSTRALIA +61 2 476 159 717

Boutique Lash Company 2115 39 Street NW Edmonton, Alberta T6L 4G1 Call or Text: 780-266-3875

Vogue Lashes by Adelle Sutton

Address: 9 Harvey Street, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, 6001 +2741 583 2530

Worldwide & Online Accredited Training Providers. Deluxe Lashes International Aleksandra Maniuse +37060922922

Lash Master Academy Online

Institute of Eyelash Excellence - Online

Lessons in Lashes - Online

Star Lash Academy

Jancarza 89, 31-618 Krakรณw Poland

South Africa Accredited Training Providers.

Lesley-ann Altree

Luscious Lashes International 6 Hutchinson Ave, Table View, 7441 South Africa Tel: + 27 21 557 5279 65 67


Ireland Ms Diva Training Cork & Dublin

LASHacademy Training & Products

Web: Contact: 0870 991 991

Products The LASHacademy supply products that are of the highest quality and most affordable to professional lash technicians. We ship worldwide.

Frankie Widdows

Contact: 07714 638405 Web: Master lash artist Frankie Widdows is head trainer at the Institute of Eyelash Excellence. She provides outstanding training from foundation level through to advanced lash techniques and Russian volume eyelash extensions. She also provides continued online support and tutorials as well as 24/7 access to her for the rest of your lash career.


Michelle Ryan 07825924920 Michelle Ryan is an experienced and passionate lash technician who has a wealth of knowledge that she loves to share with her students. As a trainer for Flirties, she constantly strives to improve the standard of eyelash extensions across the board. Being a busy therapist herself gives Michelle the ability to support students not just with training but to also offer help and advice in other areas of setting up and running a business.

Training Dates: Ongoing

Premium Products and Quality Training Canada’s Premium Quality Products shipped World Wide Tel: 1-403-999-4455 Email: Web:

Luxe Lash Academy

Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) Classic and Volume Certification Advanced Volume Techniques Re-Certification & Refresher Courses

List in our training directory for

ÂŁ50 GBP per quarter or $80 USD

Email: to be included in our next issue. 66 68

Sinful Lashes Luxury Products and Quality Training.

-Luxury products at competitive prices. Featuring our Red Ruby Volume Adhesive. -Quality, in-depth training located in Los Angeles. We also travel the US bringing our Classic and Volume training to you.

Contact: Web:

Training Dates: Ongoing


ph. 778-808-5572


by PINKLAB & Co. 545 Fifth Avenue 8th Fl, New York, NY 10017 212-686-0992


SkynLash Academy

Training Courses Continuing Education at it’s Finest Skype Training Available Basic Lashes to Advanced Volume Lashcoat & Lashbrow Training SkynLash Shop for the Finest Lash Supplies 732-618-2096 NJ USA

Boutique Lash Company Call or Text 780-266-3875

Canada’s Premium Quality Products shipped World Wide

Hot Lashes

Tel (403) 999-4455 Web:

Sugar Lash Novalash 1-866-430-1261

Sweet Lash

Eyelash extension & training provider 377 Marshall Way N #1 Layton, UT 84041

Lash Affair by J.Paris

RevitaLash® Cosmetics 1.800.608.2420 We sell Luxury Lash Extension Products & Global Certifications We ship and train globally as well.

Sinful Lashes Luxury Products and Quality Training. Angel Eyelashes Eyelash Supplier to Professionals

Tel-1-818-970-7151 -Luxury products at competitive prices. Featuring our Red Ruby Volume Adhesive. -Quality, in-depth training located in Los Angeles. We also travel the US bringing our Classic and Volume training to you.

67 69

United Kingdom & Ireland

UK / Europe


BeautyTrix Tel. 0845 022 2233

Lash Perfect

0208 500 9028

- Professional and accredited training available from expert trainers at competitive prices throughout the UK. - Internationally renowned and available worldwide through over 30 overseas distributors

Nouveau Lash

LashBase Ltd

Nouveau Beauty Group

Web: Contact: 02392251425 Email:

Tel: 0844 8016820

My Beautiful Eyes

Mylash, Myscara, Mybrows

Golden Eyelashes Ltd.

We supply high quality eyelash extension and accessories. 07522168750

Lash Heaven

Luxury Lash Supplies Official distributor of VOGUE LASHES By Adele Sutton and Chrissanthie 68 70

Glamour Lashes Ireland +353872974781


Elite Lash Academy Mall Road Monaghan Ireland Tel: +3534772580 +353868593699 Email:

VZ Hair and Glamour Ltd

International Distributor - Affordable Beauty Supplies T: +44 (0)755 492 5551 E: W: • Professional LashBlack 3 Week Semi Permanent Mascara: Made in England & EU Certified • Eyelash Extension Medical Grade Glues made in England – Ultra Diamond Pro: fast drying - Senses for Sensitive eyes: low vapour odour, perfect for trainers and beginners • Individual Mink Eyelashes 100% Real Siberian Handmade Lashes

LASHacademy Training & Products Contact: Web: Products The LASHacademy supply products that are of the highest quality and most affordable to professional lash technicians. We ship worldwide.


South Africa


26, Prilep str., Fl. 1, Ap.1 VARNA 9000 - BULGARIA Phone BG : +359 52604073 Our website : Email:

The Lash Collection

European Beauty Concept (EBC Limited) is a lead manufacturer of high quality professional eyelash extensions and Permanent Makeup supplies.

Luscious Lashes International

Netherlands Email: +27 (0) 72 338 7000

PremierLash - designer lashes™ Lash eXtend

Tel: 033-4450323 E-mail: / Toll Free US & Canada +1 877 366 5274 Local & International +1 801 463 4868 International Calling Code 00+1 | | 1-877-366-5274

HOTLASHES Premium Products and Quality Training

Canada’s Premium Quality Products shipped World Wide Tel: 1-403-999-4455 Email: Web:

Premium products including the new Hotlashes Ultra Adhesive. Competitive Canadian pricing with guaranteed fast shipping. 69 71

Lash Inc Issue 12  

Lash Inc Issue 12

Lash Inc Issue 12  

Lash Inc Issue 12