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“I keep getting compared to Marina and the Diamonds because she’s kind of in the same place as me at the moment. It’s quite annoying being compared actually, because it almost downgrades your work and makes you feel like you’re just another female artist.”

“I love (Cheryl Cole)! We’re always texting each other, she gives me lots of good advice. The one piece I remember is to always remain myself.”

“Well, some things that make me angry are the things I see on television, the stuff that’s dumped on young people about how they’re supposed to look or feel, how they need to buy products to make them feel good or look beautiful, sort of holding up this image and saying that ‘This is the life you should lead.’”

“Fashion is about costume and identity, it's about being who you are, and you've got to have a certain amount of confidence to be in the public eye to be able to do it. So when I look at people for what they're wearing, I might not like it, but I understand that fashion and image is so subjective, it's not down to my opinion. It's about confidence. It's about understanding your identity, and why you do certain things, and so I respect all people for what they wear. I might not like it, but that's more of a taste thing.�

“I’m hoping that kids who are racing all around the UK and around the world look up to drivers in F1. Personally, I think I’ve made mistakes along the way, but I’ve put them right and I think people respect that.”

“Everyone’s a load of crap. They’re all trying to be somebody else and they ain’t being themselves. The Libertines, Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party? Load of crap, load a crap. Posers, rubbish. There ain’t nothing out there that’s worth shit.”


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