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day 6. wake up

The Angel (bedford) 7. Silhouettes 8. The sweet sound of mornng

9. A couldy day

Baldersby Park 10. sing me to sleep 11. sun set 12. And Sun rise

throught the tour

Hyde Park

Bonus features : 40 minute interview with Dan Smart : ‘Life on the road’ Dan’s 60 day diary

: Plus live performances from supporting bands such as; Never Let Go, Sea lives

Dawn and dusk

Brixton bridge 4. clear blue sky 5. what a strange

2009 tour

and simple 3. Layers

Dan smart

Dan Smart

Birmingham 02 accademy

1. Grace

2. Electric

Robin hood theatre

Roadhouse (London)

Cambridge Junction

Loewo station

Orchard Theatre

Dan smart

London Appolo

July - september 2009

Dawn and dusk tour 2009

features bounus tracks and live performances from the album ‘Silhouettes’

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final magazine article  
final magazine article  

the final of my coursework magazine articel