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Face to Face

Visual Mind Map –

Snow Portrait –

– ™ Hidden ™ Bizarre


Kept out of sight; concealed. Very strange or unusual.

Hidden –

Kept out of sight; concealed.



Studio Portrait: Body Movements / Hands

Studio Portrait

Studio Portrait

Bizarre –

Very strange or unusual.

Photo Shoot Plan – ™  Idea/Intention: To create a bizarre photograph ™ Artist Inspiration: Cornel Gingarasu ™ Studio: Black Studio ™ Specialist Equipment: Flash Lights ™ Models: Rebecca and Myself ™ Props/Make-up: No make up/No props ™ Date/Time: January 2013, 11am-1pm

Studio Portrait –

Studio Portrait

Studio Portrait –

Studio Portrait

Portrait Grid – By : Vanessa Pike-Russell

Inspired Portrait Grid

Evaluation Questions

– ™  My intention when taking this photograph was to create a grid and make a pattern using circles. I achieved my intention and I used self portrait photographs. ™  I was particularly inspired by the photograph by Vanessa PikeRussell because the circle pattern frames images to a set size and it allows me to create this effect for the cropped images. ™  I am happy with the composition of my photograph. The composition is balanced. There is no negative space because I used grid to frame each photograph. ™  The photograph I took is a close-up shot. The result of shooting the photograph from this angle results in cropping the photograph just concentrate on the facial features.

Evaluation Questions – ™  I think my photograph is sharply in focus. ™  I think my photograph is over exposed because the photograph was taken in a room with bright lights. ™  I edited my photograph in colour because the photograph doesn’t fit for black and white as it looks like a happy picture and not something old and sad. It has 4 different expressions that make the picture a bit lively because if I use the same pictures in all the pattern, it will look boring. ™  If I had the opportunity to improve my photograph, I would change the colour of the patterns because it’s only plain white.

End of Project Evaluation


™  I started my project by looking at some photographs that link with the theme I chose. I want to explore bizarre and hidden photographs because I think that themes are very interesting. The main idea of the project is to explore different photographs about faces and body gestures, I did it by researching the meaning of the theme I have chosen and browse some photographs for ideas. After that, I get a model from my classmates and started to take photographs using flash lights in the black studio. I’m inspired by Cornel Gingarasu which reveals the beauty of the world and at the same time, to open the minds to new aesthetic questions, who’s attracted on bizarre photographs. ™  I think I’ve done good enough and it really fits on the theme. It’s effective and it has good quality. ™  Bizarre photographs are the most successful I took so far, because It has good quality and I know I edit it well enough. It fits on the theme and I achieved the photograph I want. ™  Yes, I think that my choice of artists; Maja, Rebecca & Sophie and photographer, Cornel Gingarasu & Vanessa Pike-Russell were effective and and I chose right. They influence my own photographs by their style and themes of photographs they did. ™  I think that I pushed my creative boundaries in experiments since I’ve put a lot of effort editing it using Photoshop and light projections. ™  If I had more time on this project, I would develop my ideas by trying to use rebel as my theme as well and browse more inspirational photographers to discover and explore more ideas and also to broaden my creativity.

Visual Mind Map  

Photography Project

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