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Self-Assessment: Do I Build Rapport Well? Effective coaching requires a solid relationship between the coach and the coachee. The key to achieving this is to build good rapport. Rapport refers to how you relate to someone and your connection with them - in both quick, isolated conversations, and also over the longer-term. The following eight Questions are designed to help you reflect on your current rapport building skills. They each take into consideration effective rapport building from a coaching perspective. Consider each in turn, and then answer Yes or No in the appropriate box. Review your responses and consider if you need to take action to improve your skills. Even if you have answered ‘yes’ there may be something you can do to get better. Think about the steps you are going to take and write these in the Action Required box. Questions Do you make sure you are relaxed and composed before having a conversation? Do you make the effort to welcome the other party, and put them at ease with thoughtful, checking questions, e.g. “how are you?” Do you consider how you appear to another person, e.g. your physical appearance, status, etc.? Do you take steps to minimise the differences between you and the speaker, e.g. gestures, volume of speaking voice? Do you reflect your understanding back to the speaker with both verbal and non-verbal actions? Do you actively look for signs of detachment between yourself and the speaker during a conversation? Do you focus your attention on the present when you are speaking to someone? Do you reflect upon conversations that you’ve had to understand how rapport could be better established?


Action Required