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Handbook and Directory 2016 Bexar County Medical Society Alliance 4334 N. Loop 1604 West San Antonio, TX 78231 210.301.4391

Handbook and Directory 2016

BCMS Alliance Our Credo I believe in the principles of the American Medical Association Auxiliary which fosters fellowship, benevolence, education and patriotism. I do solemnly pledge that I will be loyal to the profession of medicine and just and generous to its members. I will not be adversely critical of Auxiliary objectives and ideas but will support its cause and will respect the rights of its members. I solemnly promise to uphold the dignity of the medical profession, and will help to render service to humanity in seeking to secure for the physician the free and unfettered practice of medicine. By Mrs. Frank Haggard Bexar County Medical Society Alliance (Revised at the 1978 Convention, San Antonio)


Handbook and Directory 2016

Humbled by our Legacy; Hopeful for our Future As I consider the state of our organization--the Bexar County Medical Society Alliance--in the year 2016, I cannot help but be humbled. We are celebrating our 99th year, which means we all share a significant legacy. BCMSA was one of the first medical alliances established in the state of Texas, and happens to be one year older than the Texas Medical Association Alliance, which will celebrate its Centennial in 2018. We share a history with countless other medical families who have paved the way for us to grow in support of one another and in service to our local community.

Jennifer Lewis (r), 2016 President Lori Boies (l), 2017 President

In addition, I cannot help but be hopeful. We find ourselves in a rapidly changing world, as much in the healthcare industry as in our basic means of communication. But we are managing to adapt in order to implement our most basic values and purposes of bringing physician families into closer fellowship and engaging in benevolent, educational, health and civic endeavors for the overall enrichment of this community we call, “Home.� We are embracing electronic communications via email, Facebook and other social media and have gained new membership from a younger generation ready to contribute to the life of BCMSA. Please join me in using this directory to aid you in making connections with your fellow Alliance members. Take advantage of the momentum of social events as well as community service opportunities in order to find a more meaningful place in your organization, the BCMSA. Jennifer Lewis 2016 BCMSA President


2016 BCMS Alliance Calendar 2016 JANUARY

21 Board Meeting 23 BCMS/BCMSA Installation

FEBRUARY 11 20 23 25 29

Board Meeting General Membership Meeting Open House at new BCMS building Lunch Bunch Salvation Army Vaccination Clinic Book Club


9 10 22 28 30 31 31

Hard Hats for Little Heads, Serna Elementary Board Meeting Lunch Bunch Book Club Doctors’ Day, Reception at BCMS offices Lunch with the Littles, Young Families Coalition, Bigz’ Burger Joint Bee Wise Immunize, Women’s Shelter of Boerne


3 Hard Hats for Little Heads, Siclovia 14 Board Meeting 16 Sips and Dips, Home of Lori and Brian Boies 25 Book Club 27-30 ALL MED (TMAA Annual Conference) Dallas

MAY 12 13 19 26


Board Meeting General Membership Meeting Lunch and Fashion show at Julian Gold Lunch Bunch Lunch with the Littles

Handbook and Directory 2016 JUNE

1 BCMS New Member Welcome, UIW Sky Room 12-15 AMAA Annual Conference -- Chicago 21 Lunch Bunch – Tapatio Springs

SEPTEMBER 1 14 20 25 26 30

Board Meeting Bunco Night Lunch Bunch Hard Hats for Little Heads, Siclovia Book Club General Membership Meeting, home of Kathy Swift, Lunch and Speaker: Mayor Lila Cockrell Visit from TMAA President, Debbie Pitts

OCTOBER 13 TMA Alliance 2016 Regional Conference Corpus Christi 14-15 Bee Wise Immunize Event: Annual Meeting for Texas Association of Childcare Workers 29 TMA Physician Health and Wellness Workshop 29 Howl-O-Palooza 31 Book Club NOVEMBER

10 Joint 2016/2017 Board Meeting 17 Women in Medicine Celebration


2 General Membership Meeting, home of Karen Bagg


BCMSA Executive Committee 2016 Elected Officers President Jennifer Lewis President-Elect Lori Boies First VP Membership Jenny Shepherd Second VP Communications Danielle Henkes Third VP Programs Christy Hinchey Forth VP Civic and Philanthropic Becki Wortham Fifth VP Social Trupti Shah


Recording Secretary Carla Servin Ruiz Corresponding Secretary Janis Humphreys Treasurer Kelly King

Advisory Committee Rebecca Christopherson Past President Anne Foster Past President Rebecca Waller Past President

Appointed Parliamentarian Shirley Sanders

Handbook and Directory 2016

Our Heritage 99 years ago. . . BCMS Alliance Leads the Way On October 29, 1917, at the Menger Hotel, the Alliance to the Bexar County Medical Society was organized “to create fellowship among the families of physicians and to foster activities in benevolent, philanthropic, charitable and patriotic endeavors.” This group was composed largely of those doctors’ wives who met twice weekly to make surgical supplies for the Red Cross. Mrs. Frank Paschal, Sr., was hostess and elected Bexar’s first president. Mrs. E. H. Cary, Dallas, was present to assist in the organization. In May, 1918, in San Antonio, during the TMA annual session, 350 doctors’ wives organized the Alliance to the State Association, with the threefold purpose of “patriotism, philanthropy, and social.” Mrs. E. H. Cary was elected the first president. In May, 1922, in St. Louis, the Alliance to the AMA became a reality. Taken from The Anniversary History, 1918-1968, Mrs. Edward W. Coyle.

World War I – Supporting our Soldiers The catalyst which brought the physician wives together was the First World War. The pressing needs of the soldiers, “our Sammies,” on the front and the doctors tending to their injuries were aided by these women. They rolled bandages, knitted mufflers, and sewed surgical gowns. In the eloquently stated words of Mrs. Malone Duggan, “Women’s work is becoming more and more prominent, her field of usefulness has so broadened and scope is so great, that there appears to be no end to her power for good.” Very early on in the years of organization, emphasis was placed on serving the community with health and health education programs, promoting “acquaintances among doctors’ families,” and taking an active interest in legislative matters affecting medicine on both state and federal levels. Women’s suffrage was still in Congress in 1919, but the early Alliance demonstrated tremendous organizational skills and showed insight that women’s roles were changing forever.

Focusing on Children in the Jazz Age & Great Depression Following the war period, the Alliance made surgical dressings, baby layettes, and pneumonia jackets which were distributed to the poor in San Antonio by the Public Health Nurses. In one year, 40,000 dressings were made. In the 1930’s the Alliance assisted with a city wide survey of pre-school children in cooperation with a national program for child health and protection. A delegate was invited to attend meetings of a national movement at the White House conference in February 1931. An essay contest and May Day Health Pageant were conducted; awards for health and hygiene observance were part of the Alliance activities. Assistance was also given to the Bexar County Home for Girls and the Home for Boys, the Children’s Shelter, The Protestant Orphanage Hospital, and the Salvation Army Nursing Home. 


WWII through the “Me” Decade – Community Advocates Nurse recruitment became a necessary activity at the Alliance during WWII, as was helping the Red Cross. The medical library or “The Pill Box,” was a place for parties when soldiers came home on leave. Over the next 40 years, the Alliance strengthened and expanded its focus on bringing needed health care programs to the San Antonio community. Alliance members became active in medically related legislative issues. Programs on nutrition, safety, science fairs and health careers were successfully implemented. In 1979, one hundred twenty eighth graders participated in a one-day program to learn about skin care, proper nutrition, a healthy self-image, and teenage sexuality. That same year, the Alliance received a first place award for outstanding community services from the San Antonio Council of Presidents.

Building Relationships in the Age of the World Wide Web Twelve years later in 1992, we joined the state auxiliaries to focus on our youth with, “Healthier Youth 2000” and partnered with schools on a, “Drug- Free Graduation.” We reached across our southern border to aid impoverished pueblos outside of Mexico City with donated medical supplies and medical care. We addressed the AIDS crisis in San Antonio with a baby shower to help with supplies for children at the Providence Home. The Child Advocacy Committee continued a city wide effort to collect and donate bears to comfort “kids in crisis” in our emergency rooms and through our police officers. We continued to support the education of nurses with scholarships, and raised funds for medical research and student loans. We participated in current legislation at the local, state and federal levels and worked with Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse. Through the Domestic Violence Task Force, we researched ways to stop the violence that is so destructive to our society. Organ donation and breast cancer awareness were key efforts, with our Breast Cancer Bingo touted an award-winning program. The Alliance moved to our new offices in the newly remodeled BCMS Building on French Street. “Unity through the Power of Partnership,” was the focus as members attended the first joint BCMS/BCMSA installation ceremony. Medical friendships were forged through the Book Club, Playgroup, cooking classes and investment seminars. Partners in Practice—members working in their spouses’ medical office— met for Brown Bag Lunch seminars and were an especially cohesive group.

The New Millennium & Beyond The new millennium brought a renewed commitment to service leadership in Bexar County. As in past years, the Alliance raised awareness of community health concerns by focusing on childhood obesity through the CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child Health) program and city-wide blood and bone marrow donation drives to honor our doctors. Receiving grants from the Texas Medical Association Foundation, we brought vaccinations to hundreds of infants, children and adults through Be Wise Immunize health fairs and clinics and protected hundreds of little heads at out Hard Hats for Little Heads school events, bike rodeos and San Antonio’s city-wide Siclovia.


Handbook and Directory 2016 We’ve partnered with “Worth the Wait” abstinence-based school sex education program for students grades 6-9, provided hygiene and home safety kits to the Assistance League, administered vital immunizations to the homeless and battered in our community, collected toys for the Alamo Children’s Advocacy Center and baked cookies for the Ronald McDonald House. Diabetes education and August Heart Foundation heart defect screenings were also part of our community outreach. Our Scholarship Program continues to encourage and reward local students pursuing health careers at area universities with renewable scholarships. Creative funding of this has included Foundation Gala, Golf Tournament and Fundraising Tea. Our Bexar Alliance continues it’s very active legislative presence by locally distributing Judge Slate Cards and travelling to Austin on the First Tuesday of every month from February through May in legislative years to visit with state representatives and senators to help legislators better understand issues facing medicine. Lawsuit reform, the CHIP program and Medicaid are just a few of the issues we lobbied under the guidance of TEXPAC. TMAA awarded us the June Bratcher Award for Legislation. Alliance membership has grown to better reflect the changing physician family, with male spouses joining the traditionally female Alliance, physicians themselves joining to support the Alliance and 2013 saw the election of our first male Alliance president. Supporting physician families and building medical friendships has driven our evolving programs and social events. A Saturday Membership Celebration joined our Julian Gold Fashion Show honoring Past Presidents, Fall Luncheon and Holiday Brunch to round out our general meetings. A Heart to Heart-Medical Marriages event was held for physician couples as Sips & Dips and Culinary Capers Supper Club joined family picnics, dances and playgroups. A Junior Volunteer Council (JVC) was formed of high school students of BCMSA members, who serve our community at various events including Hard Hats for Little Heads at Siclovia and area schools and Be Wise Immunize clinics. This commitment to fostering volunteerism in our youth was recognized by the TMAA. Our newest, vital group is the Young Families Coalition which provides encouragement, fellowship and opportunities for service to our members with young children. Reaching out to residents and military families has grown this group into a thriving presence. Their Lunch with the Littles and Book Club are especially popular, and draw Alliance members of all ages. In May 2016, the Alliance joined the BCMS in moving their offices into the beautiful custom-built headquarters off Loop 1604 in Shavano Park. As we approach our centennial year, the Alliance is moving forward with great momentum to fully embrace our mission to “bring into closer fellowship and sympathy the families of the physicians comprising the Bexar County Medical Society and to engage in any benevolent, educational, health or patriotic undertaking.”


Bexar County Medical Society

4334 N. Loop 1604 West, San Antonio, TX 78231 Phone: (210) 301-4391 • Fax: (210) 301-4391 • www.bcms.org CEO-Executive Director Chief Operating Officer Director of Operations Credentialing Automobile Program Director Director of Membership & Special Events Mailing Service Director of Communications Chief Governmental Affairs Officer Chief Information Officer Development Director Circle of Friends

Stephen Fitzer Melody Newsom

301-4383 301-4363

Mary Jo Quinn Phil Hornbeak

582-6355 301-4367

Brissa Vela Brissa Vela Mike Thomas Mary Nava Al Ortiz

301-4371 301-4371 582-6399 301-4395 301-4385

August Trevino


2015 BCMS President James L. Humphreys, MD 2016 BCMS President Jayesh B. Shah, MD

Texas Medical Association Texas Medical Association Alliance

401 W. 15th Street Austin, TX 78701-1680 www.texmed.org / www.alliance.texmed.org Phone: (800) 880-1300 • Fax: (512) 370-1636 2015-2016 TMAA President Patty Loose 2016-2017 TMAA President Debbie Pitts BCMS Alliance Members Who Have Served as President for: American Medical Association Auxiliary

*Mrs. Frank N. Haggard, 1942-43

Texas Medical Association Alliance *Mrs. E.V. DePew, 1926-27 *Mrs. Frank N. Haggard, 1933-34 *Mrs. Scott C. Applewhite, 1940 *Mrs. Charles B. Alexander, 1945-46 *Mrs. Edward W. Coyle, 1953-54 *Mrs. Frank M. Posey, 1967-68 *Mrs. Brad Oxford (DeeDee) (now Mrs. Thomas Wolf), 1975-76 Mrs. Dale Wood (Mertie), 1995-96 12


Handbook and Directory 2016

Past Presidents Mrs. Frank Paschal* 1917-21 Mrs. J. A. Watts* 1921-22 Mrs. R. I. Dinwiddie* 1922-23 Mrs. J. H. Biggar* 1923-24 Mrs. W. H. Hargis* 1924-25 Mrs. T. M. Darbandt* 1925-26 Mrs. Ralph S. Jackson* 1926-27 Mrs. E. W. McCamish* 1927-28 Mrs. Frank W. Sorrell * 1928-29 Mrs. R. R. Ross* 1929-30 Mrs. Frank N. Haggard* 1930-31 Mrs. W. M. Barron* 1931-32 Mrs. Scott C. Applewhite* 1932-33 Mrs. W. J. Johnson* 1933-34 Mrs. H. O. Wyenken* 1934-35 Mrs. G. A. Grimland* 1935-36 Mrs. J. A. McIntash* 1936-37 Mrs. Raleigh Davis * 1937-38 Mrs. E. W. Coyle* 1938-39 Mrs. C. B. Alexander* 1939-40 Mrs. Max E. Johnson* 1940-41 Mrs. Charles A. Holshouser* 1941 Mrs. W. Wortham Maxwell* 1941-42 Mrs. John L. Pridgen* 1942-43 Mrs. R. H. Crockett* 1943-44 Mrs. J. R Nicholson* 1944-45 Mrs. Frank Steed* 1945-46 Mrs. Dan Russell* 1946-47 Mrs. Thomas Sharp (Dinah)* 1947-48 Mrs. B. H. Passmore* 1948-49 Mrs. M. A. Ramsdell * 1949-50 Mrs. Charles L. McGehee* 1950-51 Mrs. Herbert Hill* 1951-52 Mrs. S. Foster Moore Jr.* 1952-53 Mrs. John C. Parsons (Mrs. Phil Shaver) 1953-54 Mrs. J. Lewis Pipkin* 1954-55 Mrs. L. Bonham Jones (Velma)* (Mrs. Charles Finley) 1955-56 Mrs. Jack M. Partain (Kitten)* 1956-57 Mrs. A. O. Severance* 1957-58 Mrs. Nancy O. Diseker 1958-59 Mrs. Frank M. Posey, Jr.* 1959-60 Mrs. Edward P. Waller* 1960-61 Mrs. Earnest A. Maxwell* 1961-62 Mrs. Brad Oxford (Dee Dee)* (now Mrs. Thomas Wolf) 1962-63 Mrs. Ralp Munslow (Mary Frances)* 1963-64 Mrs. Phillip Day (Erna) 1964-65 Mrs. William M. Center (Wilma) (now Mrs F. A. Bass Jr.) 1965-66 Mrs. Paul Klinger (Marilyn)* 1966-67 Mrs. Cornelius H. Nau (Carolyn) 1967-68 Past Presidents (* Deceased)

Mrs. Bland H. Schwarting (Margie)* 1968-69 Mrs. Oliver H. Timmins (Joan)* (Mrs. Graham B. Milburn) 1969-70 Mrs. Eugene T. Standley* 1970-71 Mrs. Edward C. Held (Joan)* 1971-72 Mrs. Joseph F. Hocott* 1972-73 Mrs. Robert LePere (Vicki) 1973-74 Mrs. Milward Bayliss* 1974-75 Mrs. David M. Keedy* 1975-76 Mrs. Alvin Thaggard Jr.* 1976-77 Mrs. Forrest M. Smith Jr. (Betty) 1977-78 Mrs. Wendell E. McKiski (Betty)* (now Mrs. Robert G. McAbee II) 1978-79 Mrs. Everett P. Bratcher (June) 1979-80 Mrs. Raymond Harle (Dorothy) 1980-81 Mrs. Eleanor Parker 1981 Mrs. Robert C. Hardy (Fae) 1981-82 Mrs. Thomas G. Glass Jr. (Helen) 1982-83 Mrs. Charles L. Branch (Sylvia) 1983-84 Mrs. Carl H. Weber (Rosemary) 1984-85 Mrs. Gerhard Meyer (Felicitas) 1985-86 Mrs. Phillip Voltz (June)* 1986-87 Mrs. Dale Wood (Mertie) 1987-88 Mrs. Alonzo Drummond (Sandi) 1988-89 Mrs. Thomas S. Taylor (Anita) 1989-90 Mrs. Clif Barnhart (Kathy) 1990-91 Mrs. Otto Krueger (Aurelia) 1991-92 Mrs. Jose M. Benavides (Elizabeth) 1992-93 Mrs. William Fitch (Kay) 1993-94 Mrs. Albert Sanders (Shirley) 1994-95 Mrs. George Mimari (Maureen) 1995-96 Mrs. John Boldt (Veronica) 1996-97 Mrs. Roy Elizondo (Rosie) 1997-98 Mrs. Marvin Belasco (Peggy) 1998-99 Mrs. Paxton Smith (Day) 1999-2000 Mrs. Delbert Chumley (Louise) 2000-01 Mrs. Lloyd Youngblood (Edwina) 2002 Mrs. William Bradshaw (Julie) 2003 Mrs. Vernon Theis Jr. (Katrina) 2004 Mrs. Harry Schilling (Cheri) 2005 Mrs. John Nava (Magda) 2006 Ms. Anne Foster (Robert Luedecke) 2007 Mrs. Jay Ellis (Merrill) 2008 Mrs. J. J. Waller (Rebecca) 2009 Mrs. Bala Viswanathan (Hema) 2010 Mrs. Gilbert Ruiz (Linda) 2011 Mrs. Roberto Trevino (Lisa) 2012 Mr. Lee G. Robin  (Susan Portnoy Epner) 2013 Mrs. Kevin Comfort (Cindy) 2014 Mrs. Chad Christopherson (Rebecca) 2015


BCMSA Directory Specialty Key AI - Allergy & Immunology AM - Aerospace Medicine AN - Anesthesiology APM - Anesthesiology, Pain Medicine ATP - Pathology, Anatomic CD - Cardiovascular Disease CHN - Neurology, Child CRS - Colon & Rectal Surgery D - Dermatology DR - Radiology, Diagnostic EM - Emergency Medicine END - Endo, Diabetes & Metabolism FM - Family Medicine FOP - Pathology, Forensic FPG – Family Practice, Geriatric Medicine GE - Gastroenterology GP - General Practice GS - Surgery, General HO - Hematology/Oncology IC - Cardiology, Interventional ICE - Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology ID - Infectious Diseases IM - Internal Medicine IMG - Internal Medicine, Geriatrics MGP – Pathology, Molecular Genetic Pathology N - Neurology NEP - Nephrology NPM - Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine NS - Neurological Surgery OBG - Obstetrics and Gynecology OFA - Orthopedics, Foot and Ankle OM - Occupational Medicine ON - Oncology OP - Orthopedic, Pediatric OPH - Ophthalmology OR - Orthopedics ORS - Orthopedic Surgery OSM - Orthopedic Sports Medicine Surgery OTO - Otolaryngology P - Psychiatry PCC - Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine PCS - Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery PD - Pediatrics PDC - Pediatric Cardiology PDP - Pediatric Pulmonology PM - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation PMD - Pain Medicine PS - Plastic Surgery PTH - Pathology, Anatomical/Clinical R - Radiology RHU - Rheumatology RO - Radiation Oncology TRS – Surgery, Trauma TS - Surgery, Thoracic TSS - Surgery, Transplant U - Urology UM - Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine VIR - Interventional Radiology


ALVES, PATRICE , MD - IM (Tahira Palmer Alves, MD, NEP) Attn: Beverly Bragg 8401 Datapoint Dr Ste 401 San Antonio, TX 78229-5925 (210) 949-2208 ARAMBURU, PAMELA (Socrates B. Aramburu, MD, CD) 501 Tomahawk Trl San Antonio, TX 78232-3619 (210) 491-9363 ARKANGEL, JUDY (Carmelito Arkangel, Jr., MD, EM) 7220 Rolling Acres Trl Boerne, TX 78015-4023 (830) 981-2498 eagle315@gvtc.com ARREDONDO, KERA (Anthony Arredondo, DO, PD) 6418 Eckhert Rd #7205 San Antonio, TX 78240 (321) 289-2640 Keraobrien@gmail.com AZOUZ, RACHAEL (Vitali Azouz, MD, GS) 1991 Ganyard Akron, OH 44313-6021 (214) 282-9295 BABINSKI, ELIZABETH (Maciej Franciszek Babinski, MD, AN) 10427 Star Mica Boerne, TX 78006 (210) 724-5122 elizabeth7245@gmail.com BAGG, KAREN (Mark Raymond Bagg, MD, ORS) 338 Terrell Rd San Antonio, TX 78209-5918 (210) 838-0926 kbagg@satx.rr.com denotes Past President

Handbook and Directory 2016 BAIN, CARY (Walter M. Bain, MD, OTO) 418 Evans Ave San Antonio, TX 78209-3726 (210) 805-8378 (917) 751-2257 cbain@sbcglobal.net

BELASCO, PEGGY (Marvin Sam Belasco, MD, R) 207 E Mandalay Dr San Antonio, TX 78212-1741 (210) 828-2341

BAISDEN, RENA (Clinton Eugene Baisden, MD, TS) 11 Arnold Palmer San Antonio, TX 78257-1722 (210) 667-3635 renabaisden@gmail.com

BELL, RANDALL C., MD - PCC (Barbara Bell) 21 Spurs Ln Ste 230B Texas Center For Athletes San Antonio, TX 78240-1671 (210) 690-7400 randallbell@satx.rr.com

BANTA, GUY R. (Linda J. D. Banta, MD, D) 739 Sweetbrush San Antonio, TX 78258-4122 (210) 602-4020 guy.banta@aim.com BARKER, RHONDA (Michael Barker, MD, R) 8535 Silent Creek San Antonio, TX 78255-3532 (509) 868-9210 rhonda2225@yahoo.com

BENAVIDES, ELIZABETH (Jose Manuel Benavides, MD, FACP, IM) 7150 Oakridge Dr San Antonio, TX 78229-3612 (210) 344-7062 (210) 289-7003 jobenavides@satx.rr.com BERCHELMANN, CONNIE 124 W Arrowhead Dr San Antonio, TX 78228-2403 (210) 433-8766 (210) 827-0033 clberchelmann@earthlink.net

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BINDEWALD, MATTHEW G., MD PS (Seema Izfar, MD, CRS) 21 Orsinger Hl San Antonio, TX 78230-1500 (805) 698-1559

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BLOOD, MEAGHAN (Jamon Vickers Blood, DO, P) 9602 Hollow Bend San Antonio, TX 78250 (903) 360-5928 meaghanblood@gmail.com


BOGAEV, CHRISTOPHER AYERS, MD - NS (Roberta C. Bogaev, MD, FACC, FACP, CD) 1139 E. Sonterra Blvd., Ste. 301 San Antonio, TX 78258-4348 (210) 614-2453 cbogaev@att.net BOIES, LORI , PhD (Brian T. Boies, MD, AN) 12039 Indigo Bend San Antonio, TX 78230 (325) 212-6112 lnboies@gmail.com BOLDT, VERONICA (John Wesley Boldt, MD, OBG) 248 Canada Verde St San Antonio, TX 78232-1141 (210) 496-0463 (210) 274-7438 vlboldt@gmail.com BRANCH, SYLVIA 115 Westwood Way San Antonio, TX 78218-1717 (210) 655-8921 cbranch1@satx.rr.com BRATCHER, JUNE (Everett P. Bratcher, MD, GS) 205 Chattington Ct San Antonio, TX 78213-2611 (210) 344-6718 (210) 616-6646 BYRD, LINDSAY (Roy Byrd, MD, IM) 1023 Mount Eden Dr San Antonio, TX 78213-2225 (817) 793-6059 lbyrd1176@gmail.com CARCAMO, GERARDO ENRIQUE, MD – GS (Karen Maria Carcamo, MD, OBG) 414 Navarro St Ste 810 San Antonio, TX 78205-2577 (210) 220-1726 (210) 422-7236 gcarcamo@stxsurgeons.com


CASE, JENNIFER (Christopher L. Case, MD, PD) 3001 Graham Rd San Antonio, TX 78234-2671 (210) 836-8589 jennifer_m_case@yahoo.com CASTILLO, HILDA MARGARET (Ricardo Castillo, DO, FM) 24730 Bogey Rdg San Antonio, TX 78260-4806 (210) 378-6036 hcastle50@yahoo.com CERDA, OSCAR J., MD - FM (Leticia Arredondo-Cerda, MD, FM) 5410 Fredericksburg Rd Ste 112 San Antonio, TX 78229-3550 (210) 733-3008 cerjav@aol.com CHINTAPALLI, MEENA, MD, FAAP - PD (Kedar N. Chintapalli, MD, DR) 1314 E Sonterra Blvd Ste 5102 San Antonio, TX 78258-4289 (210) 490-8888 athruzpediatrics@gmail.com CHRISTOPHERSON, CHAD RICHARD, MD - CD (Rebecca Christopherson) 311 Camden St Ste 102 San Antonio, TX 78215-2003 (210) 281-9800 rebchad@sbcglobal.net CHRISTOPHERSON, REBECCA (Chad Richard Christopherson, MD, CD) 11323 Caliza Crest Boerne, TX 78006-8497 (210) 387-9544 rebeccachristopherson84@gmail.com

Handbook and Directory 2016 CHUMLEY, LOUISE (Delbert L. Chumley, MD, GE) 300 Cliffside Dr San Antonio, TX 78231-1512 (210) 492-9861 (210) 313-5716 dellchum300@yahoo.com

DAR, SEEMA A., MD, FACG - GE (Urfan A. Dar, MD, PMD) 19284 Stone Oak Pkwy Ste 102 San Antonio, TX 78258-3474 (210) 268-0124 seemadarmdpa@yahoo.com

COLABRESE, BRITTANY (Stephen Ernst , MD, OR) 10319 Country Bluff San Antonio, TX 78240-4408 (904) 252-8493 brittanycolabrese@gmail.com

DAR, URFAN A., MD - PMD (Seema A. Dar, MD, FACG, GE) 110 Stone Oak Loop Ste 103 San Antonio, TX 78258-3511 (210) 268-0129 udarmd@yahoo.com

COMFORT, CINDY 3606 Hunters Quail San Antonio, TX 78230-2052 (210) 602-0639 cindylcomfort@gmail.com

DeARMOND, LISA (Daniel T. DeArmond, MD, GS) 106 Painted Post Ln Shavano Park, TX 78231-1414 (210) 467-5910 (210) 247-8820 lisadearmond@me.com

CROUCH, DANEE (David Malcolm Crouch, MD, GS) 304 Happy Trl San Antonio, TX 78231-1432 (210) 492-7867 daneec@flash.net CURRY, MITCHELL R., MD - IM (Lysa L. Curry, MD, IM) 21 Spurs Ln Ste 230 San Antonio, TX 78240-1671 (210) 690-0202 DANIELS, STEVEN EUGENE, MD, CD (Geraldine Farias-Daniels, MD, P) 6800 IH 10 W Ste 350 San Antonio, TX 78201-2044 (210) 692-1414 sdaniels@heartdoctors.net DANNEMILLER, MARGUERITE 214 Village Cir San Antonio, TX 78232-2824 (210) 494-5434

DECHERD, CAROLINE (Michael E. Decherd, MD, PS) 7 Sheffield Park Dr San Antonio, TX 78209-8307 (214) 696-4400 (210) 313-2904 carolinedecherd@hotmail.com DICE, Y. GIA, MD - IM 8401 Datapoint Dr Ste 401 San Antonio, TX 78229-5925 (210) 949-2200 giadice7521@gmail.com DICKSON, DONNA E. (John Ervin Dickson, MD, IM) 325 E Sonterra Blvd Ste 200 San Antonio, TX 78258-4056 (210) 402-3069 DiMAIO, THERESA (Vincent J M DiMaio, MD, FOP) 10 Carriage Hills San Antonio, TX 78257-1204 (210) 865-5982 theresa.dimaio@yahoo.com


DOTSON, DEARL, MD - D (Mary Jo Dotson) 18540 Sigma Rd San Antonio, TX 78258-4274 (210) 490-4661 (210) 445-4653 dearl_dotson@yahoo.com

ELLIS, ALICIA (Steven Phillip Ellis, MD, N) 7214 Bridle Path San Antonio, TX 78214 (830) 377-5088 alis.ellis@yahoo.com

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DRAEGER, HILDA T., MD - RHU (David Draeger) 14615 San Pedro Ave Suite 105 One Medical Park San Antonio, TX 78232-4364 (210) 404-0020 dhdraeger@msn.com

FAULK, CATHERINE P.O. Box 60050 New Orleans, LA 70160-0050

DRUMMOND, SANDI (Alonzo J. Drummond, MD, GE) 23 Earl Grey San Antonio, TX 78259-2376 (210) 494-4492 skdrummond@sbcglobal.net EISENRICH, TARA (Jacob Eisenrich, MD, OPH) 1751 Babcock Rd #528 San Antonio, TX 78229 (409) 498-0594 taraeisenrich@gmail.com EL-KHOURY, TRACY 24106 Range Water San Antionio, TX 78261 (916) 600-4578 tbelkhoury@gmail.com ELLINGTON, KATE (Tyler G. Ellington, DO, IM) 6258 Cypress Cir San Antonio, TX 78240 (214) 500-1738 kate.rinehart@gmail.com


FEINSTEIN, GLEN I., MD - OBG (Anita Feinstein) 1139 E Sonterra Blvd Ste 260 San Antonio, TX 78258-4349 (210) 404-2800 livewell@satx.rr.com FITCH, KAY (William P. Fitch, III, MD, U) 21 Wolfeton Way San Antonio, TX 78218-6034 (210) 826-3851 (210) 827-0710 ekkfitch@yahoo.com FLORES, LISA R., MD - OBG 7950 Floyd Curl Dr Ste 400 San Antonio, TX 78229-3916 (210) 615-6505 lisa.r.diaz@gmail.com FOSTER, ANNE (Robert A. Luedecke, MD, AN) 15951 Reyes Rdg Helotes, TX 78023-5106 (210) 690-9456 (210) 219-9530 Gramfoster21@gmail.com

Handbook and Directory 2016 FRIDLINGTON, EMILY K., MD - IM (Justin E. Boatsman, MD, IM) 141 W Edgewood Place San Antonio, TX 78209-3702 (409) 739-1447 efridlington@gmail.com

GIPSON, KRISTA (Jordan Heath Gipson, MD, EM) 4931 Muddy Bay San Antonio, TX 78244-1693 (573) 864-3216 gipson.krista2011@gmail.com

FRIEDMAN, CARLY KAY (Duncan Aesctun Friedman, MD, OPH) 203 Oakleaf Dr San Antonio, TX 78209-2923 (205) 568-1915 friedman.carly@gmail.com

GONZABA, CHAVE (William Gonzaba, MD, FM) 9 Ironwood Rd San Antonio, TX 78212-2541 (210) 826-5217 chave@gonzabamgmt.com

GALINDO, KAYLA 7842 Galaway Bay San Antonio, TX 78240-5716 (915) 449-4722 galindok@uthscsa.edu

GORDON, PATRICIA (William W. Gordon, MD, OTO) 260 Geneseo Rd San Antonio, TX 78209-5900 (210) 824-1773 (210) 508-3943 gordonpat78209@gmail.com

GARCIA, CLARISSA (Juan Febres Valecillos, MD, GS) 6727 Terra Rye San Antonio, TX 78240 (210) 326-6718 clari14g@hotmail.com GARRISON, VALERIE (James R. Garrison, Jr., MD, TS) 2726 Sonata Park San Antonio, TX 78230-2901 (281) 960-5897 vhinojos78@yahoo.com GARZA, CARMEN T., MD - PD (Henrique Levcovitz, MD, PD) 4011 Sylvanoaks Dr San Antonio, TX 78229-4733 (210) 366-2587 (210) 846-5538 cgarza60@msn.com GARZA, MARTHA MARIE, MD OBG 3 Rogers Wood San Antonio, TX 78248-1621 (210) 614-3352

GRABOW, THOMAS WILLIAM, MD - OPH (Josephine B. Grabow, MD) PO Box 167 Helotes, TX 78023-0167 (210) 382-6217 helotx@mindspring.com GROWNEY, CAROL (James L. Growney, DO, AN) 111 Limestone Oak Shavano Park, TX 78230-5612 (210) 479-0826 (210) 813-3169 Cgrowney99@gmail.com GRUESBECK, CLAY, MD - FM 5245 Walzem Rd San Antonio, TX 78218-2122 (210) 670-2255 claygruesbeck@yahoo.com GUERRA, BEVERLY PURCELL (Fernando A. Guerra, MD, MPH, PD) 617 Ridgemont Ave San Antonio, TX 78209-2842 (210) 822-0752 bpurcellguerra@sawoman.com


GUERRERO, JUAN A., MD - GE (Andrea Alvarez-Eslava, MD, END) 15422 Fallow Ridge Dr San Antonio, TX 78248-1822 (210) 347-4310 guerrero_13@hotmail.com

HATCH, PAM (Mark William Hatch, MD, OTO) 434 Bentley Mnr San Antonio, TX 78249-2062 (210) 493-6789 (210) 274-8165 phatch@satx.rr.com

GUIRL, JENNIFER (Michael Joseph Guirl, MD, GE) 234 Blackjack Oak Shavano Park, TX 78230-5635 (210) 492-6448 (210) 365-4155

HEGG, MANDY (Ryan Hegg, MD, VIR) 8638 Huebner Rd. Apt 2432 San Antonio, TX 78240 (507) 358-7212

GUNN, SHELLY R., MD - MGP (Robert Gibson Gunn, III) 217 Westover Rd San Antonio, TX 78209-5651 (210) 828-1996 gunns@targeted-genomics.com

HENKES, DANIELLE (David Norman Henkes, MD, PTH) 215 Rockhill Dr San Antonio, TX 78209-2221 (210) 821-6838 (210) 857-8484 dhenkes4@gmail.com

GUNSBERG, ANNETTE, MD - PD (Paul B. Deschner, MD, FM) 540 Oak Centre Dr Ste 200 San Antonio, TX 78258-3937 (210) 403-2229 Lisa.daluz@stoneoakpediatrics.com

HENKES, DAVID NORMAN, MD – PTH (Danielle Henkes) Christus Santa Rosa Med Center Lab 2827 Babcock Rd San Antonio, TX 78229-4813 (210) 705-6465 (210) 393-6838 david.henkes@christushealth.org

HAMNER, III, LAWRENCE R., MD TS (Giselle M. Conlin, MD, AN) 4330 Medical Dr Ste 325 San Antonio, TX 78229-3389 (210) 615-7700 lrh3@aol.com

HENWOOD, ROBBIE , DDS, PhD (Beverley L. Henwood, MD, FM) 6315 Pickering Dr San Antonio, TX 78238-2338 (210) 520-4452

HARLE, BRIAN WAID, MD – OBG 7711 Louis Pasteur Dr Ste 200 San Antonio, TX 78229-3422 (210) 692-9500 (210) 827-7989 rleos@sevenoakswomens.com

HINCHEY, CHRISTY (John W. Hinchey, MD, OSM) 126 Normandy Ave San Antonio, TX 78209-4537 (210) 842-4656 christyahinchey@gmail.com

HARLE, RENEE (Mark Allan Harle, MD, AN) 17 Aspen Creek Dr San Antonio, TX 78248-2402 (210) 479-7661 remark723@yahoo.com

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Handbook and Directory 2016 HINCHEY, WILLIAM WOOLFORD, MD PTH (Joann Hinchey) 601 Canterbury Hill St San Antonio, TX 78209-2817 (210) 826-4701 wwhinch@aol.com HOLAHAN, JOSEPH RICHARD, MD HO (Lois Lester Bready, MD, AN) 4383 Medical Dr San Antonio, TX 78229-3307 (210) 593-5700 HOLLOWAY, TRAVIS L., MD - GS (Kathryn Swann Holloway, MD, OBG) 316 W Lullwood Ave San Antonio, TX 78212-2212 (210) 488-8069 t.laws.holloway@gmail.com HUEY, JUDITH C. (Dicky Huey, MD, N) 130 Grassmarket San Antonio, TX 78259-2265 (210) 872-4106 judyhuey@me.com HUMPHREYS, JANIS M. (James L. Humphreys, MD, PTH) 107 Rio Sedona Way Helotes, TX 78023-4492 (210) 297-3830 (210) 621-8983 janishumphreys@yahoo.com HUSAIN, REBECCA (Syed Adil Husain, MD, PCS) 7110 Bella Rose San Antonio, TX 78256-2121 (210) 846-2585 rebeccaphusain@yahoo.com JACOBSON, III, GRANT H. (Leah Hanselka Jacobson, MD, PD) 124 E Edgewood Pl San Antonio, TX 78209-3302 (210) 826-4173 (210) 643-1329 grant.jacobson@att.net

JEFFREYS, JR., CHARLES ALVA, MD - OBG (Patricia Gross Jeffreys, MD, PTH) 1200 Brooklyn Ave Ste 245 San Antonio, TX 78212-4828 (210) 271-0921 cald4499@yahoo.com JENEBY, THOMAS T., MD - PS 7272 Wurzbach Rd Ste 801 San Antonio, TX 78240-4803 (210) 270-8595 (210) 825-8679 tjeneby@yahoo.com JONES, HELEN (Robert N. Jones, MD, OPH) 2218 Briarwood Dr San Antonio, TX 78209-4258 (210) 828-4349 hndocjones@aol.com KALTER, KAREN (Steven Paul Kalter, MD, HO) 104 Saddletree Rd San Antonio, TX 78231-1541 (210) 492-6618 KANZ, CANDACE (Brian N. Kanz, MD, ORS) 8823 Feather Trl Helotes, TX 78023-4486 (210) 957-1392 (210) 885-7128 cckanz@gmail.com KHAN, TRACEY (Ray Hosein, MD, GS) 733 Eagle Pass North Salt Lake, UT 84054-2678 (210) 788-6425 trixytt@hotmail.com KING, KELLY (Ronald B. King, Jr., MD, AN) 15915 Mission Rdg San Antonio, TX 78232-2796 (832) 331-1471 faithrocks20@yahoo.com


KITTRELL, PAMELA 133 Lou Jon Cir San Antonio, TX 78213-3354 (210) 341-5302 pamkittrell@yahoo.com KOLI, MALATHI VIJAY, MD, LFAPA –P (Vijay N. Koli, MD, FPG) 14350 Northbrook Dr Ste 230 San Antonio, TX 78232-5011 (210) 490-1220 (210) 710-4221 mrskoli@gmail.com

LEWIS, JENNIFER (William Cannon Lewis, MD, CRS) 26 Worthsham Dr San Antonio, TX 78257-2604 (210) 305-9057 jennifer.hailey.lewis@gmail.com LYONS, ERIN (Travis D. Lyons, MD, IM) 2607 Caravan Cir San Antonio, TX 78258-4578 (713) 614-8337 uterinlyons@yahoo.com

KRAUSE, ISELA (Robert Krause, MD, R) 7235 Summer Way San Antonio, TX 78240-2460 (706) 766-5414 iseln22@gmail.com

MAKEY, COLLEEN (Ian Andrew Makey, MD, TS) 11903 Budapest San Antonio, TX 78230-2876 (617) 640-0095 colleenmakey@gmail.com

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MARLOWE, LYNDA 19 Trophy Rdg San Antonio, TX 78258-7714 (210) 497-7960 lsmarlowe27@gmail.com

LAWTON, JOANNE (Gary Paul Lawton, MD, PS) 2523 Winding View San Antonio, TX 78260-7257 (210) 821-5413 gplct@hotmail.com LE PERE, VICKY (Robert Harris Le Pere, MD, TS) 4001 N New Braunfels Ave Apt 1004 San Antonio, TX 78209-6345 (210) 824-1770 lepere152@yahoo.com LERMA, OFELIA (Alejandro Lerma, MD, FM) 24730 Glass Cyn San Antonio, TX 78260-3516 (210) 257-0560 (210) 997-6111 ofelia_lerma@hotmail.com


MARX, EMILY T., MD - RHU (Randall C. Marx, MD, ORS) 19272 Stone Oak Pkwy Ste 101 San Antonio, TX 78258-3372 (210) 265-8851 emilytriana@aol.com MAZLOUM, TRACY (Bassem W. Mazloum, MD, GE) 123 Brittany San Antonio, TX 78212-1721 (210) 930-7440 tracymazloum@sbcglobal.net MCCORD, ERIN (Tucker McCord, AN) 18515 Canoe Brook San Antonio, TX 78258 (505) 947-6804 eafmccord@gmail.com

Handbook and Directory 2016 MCQUEEN, KAREN C. 24810 Birdie Ridge San Antonio, TX 78260-7846 (210) 854-7888 kcmcqueen111@yahoo.com

NAEEM, MUHAMMAD, MD - GE (Lubna Naeem, MD, IM) 19284 Stone Oak Pkwy #102 San Antonio, TX 78258-3474 (210) 509-8888

MENCHACA, HARRIET (John A. Menchaca, MD, PD) 10410 Sunflower Ln San Antonio, TX 78213-1638 (817) 924-2182 (817) 233-2438 hwmwings@aol.com

NAU, CAROLYN (Cornelius H. Nau, MD, PD) 311 W Nottingham Dr., Apt 115 San Antonio, TX 78209-1887 (210) 822-5782

MENSCH, VICTORIA (Kenneth Samuel Mensch, MD, OR) 1718 Eagle Meadow San Antonio, TX 78248 (720) 219-6907 vkysela25@gmail.com MIMARI, MAUREEN (George Edward Mimari, MD, GS) 406 Cliffside Dr San Antonio, TX 78231-1513 (210) 492-4448 mdianam@aol.com MOLINA, RODOLFO, MD - RHU (Blanca Cantu Molina, MD, NPM) 4511 Horizon Hill Blvd Ste 150 San Antonio, TX 78229-2449 (210) 477-2626 molinarx@gmail.com MORELAND, KAREN (Justin Moreland, MD, AN) 12416 Abbey Park San Antonio, TX 78249-2793 (940) 300-5510 karenmoreland5@yahoo.com MUIR, TIFFANY (Mark T. Muir, MD, TRS) 144 Prairie Falcon Boerne, TX 78006-1949 (210) 464-1624 tiffmuir@gmail.com

NEILL, MARY LYNN (Lynn W. Neill, MD, AN) 303 Roseheart San Antonio, TX 78259-2387 (210) 451-0260 Dutchvzn1@aol.com NILSSON, LISA (Joel Barry Nilsson, MD, ORS) 29755 No Le Hace Dr Fair Oaks Ranch, TX 78015-4562 ORIHEL, DANA (Timothy Stewart Orihel, MD, AN) 107 Warbler Way San Antonio, TX 78231-1436 (210) 493-2938 (210) 602-2117 dorihel@sbcglobal.net PARKER, LUZ MARIA (Warren M. Parker, Jr., MD, AM) 2827 Barrel Oak St San Antonio, TX 78231-1702 PARSONS, MARY LESLIE (William Thomas Parsons, MD, D) 6 Braeburn Oaks San Antonio, TX 78248-1608 (210) 493-5373 PARTAIN, BRENDA L. (Robert A. Partain, III, MD, NS) 33 Longsford San Antonio, TX 78209-1814 (210) 824-8134 (210) 332-8932


PETERS, PATRICK H, JR. MD - IM 6547 Bandera Rd Ste C San Antonio, TX 78238-1434 (210) 521-7676 (210) 240-1220 ppeters856@aol.com PROFENNA, VIRGINIA (Leonardo C. Profenna, MD, UM) 15911 Ponderosa Pass Helotes, TX 78023-3691 (210) 637-9975 vprofenna@hotmail.com PRUITT, KIM (Alejandro Pruitt, MD, GE) 222 Blackjack Oak Shavano Park, TX 78230-5635 (210) 493-6109 kimlutzpt@yahoo.com PRUITT, MARY (Basil A. Pruitt, Jr., MD, GS) 402 Tidecrest Dr San Antonio, TX 78239-2517 (210) 655-4769 RATNER, JOAN 240 Branch Oak Way Shavano Park, TX 78230-5602 (210) 492-7371 jjratner@sbcglobal.net RATNER, VARDA (Adam V. Ratner, MD, R) 305 Happy Trl San Antonio, TX 78231-1439 (210) 493-0355 (210) 862-2326 varda@sbcglobal.net RAY, PAMELA, DDS (Michael A. Battista, MD, NPM) 11 Orsinger Hl San Antonio, TX 78230-1500 RAY, SIMONE (Nick Ray, DO, P) 9126 Maggie Court San Antonio, TX 78240 (469) 688-3950 s_messerschmidt@hotmail.com


REBOLLEDO, PEGGY (Jose Rafael Rebolledo, MD, PDC) 202 Bluffcrest San Antonio, TX 78216-1910 (210) 494-5126 jrebolledo@satx.rr.com REED-ALLRED, ERINN (Nathon Allred, MD, AN) 8226 Grissom Cir San Antonio, TX 78251-2829 (801) 935-0956 erinnc.allred@gmail.com REEVES, ALLISON (Steven Reeves, MD, PTH) 1215 Hollybrook Dr Longview, TX 75605-5045 (817) 992-8176 allisonreeves@gmail.com RETZLOFF, TROY R. (Jennifer S. Retzloff, MD, IM) 15546 Dawn Crst San Antonio, TX 78248-1340 (281) 859-6510 RICHARDSON, MICHELLE LE BLANC (Romie N. Richardson, DO, AM) 650 Ruidosa Downs Helotes, TX 78023-4619 (210) 451-8470 (832) 385-2962 ROBIN, LEE G. 601 Bellaire Dr., Apt. 215 Hurst, TX 76053-5934 (210) 669-8947 lee@nerdz.com ROBINSON, CYNTHIA (Douglas W. Robinson, Jr., MD, GS) 3 Paddington Way San Antonio, TX 78209-8300 (210) 829-0581 cynthia6@satx.rr.com

Handbook and Directory 2016 ROBINSON, CYNTHIA (Charles W. Robinson, Jr., MD, PTH) 7902 Woodridge Dr San Antonio, TX 78209-2226 (210) 828-1898 ccrobin@swbell.net

RUIZ, CARLA (Jose Manuel Ruiz, III, MD, OBG) 18 Devonwood San Antonio, TX 78257-1209 (210) 882-0106 cruiz1971@icloud.com

ROCKWOOD, CHARLES A., JR., MD - ORS 7703 Floyd Curl Dr Dept of Orthopaedics San Antonio, TX 78229-3901 (210) 567-5135 rockwood@uthscsa.edu

RUIZ, LINDA J. (Gilbert Manuel Ruiz, MD, OTO) 124 Fox Hall Cove San Antonio, TX 78213-2141 (210) 341-2838 (210) 415-1094 linda.j.ruiz@gmail.com

RODRIGUEZ, BRITTANY 5007 Kenton Trace San Antonio, TX 78240 (210) 529-0219 RODRIGUEZ, SUZANNE (Francisco J. Rodriguez, MD, P) 6609 Countess Adria St San Antonio, TX 78238-1510 (210) 684-0207 fjrmd@satx.rr.com ROMAN, MARY ANNE (Angel M. Roman, Jr., MD, PM) 10102 Oakland Rd San Antonio, TX 78240-1733 (210) 691-0804 (210) 422-5963 mar10102@aol.com

SANDERCOCK, DAVID JAMES, DO - FM (Sharon Kay Sandercock, MD, PD) 3338 Oakwell Ct Ste 107 San Antonio, TX 78218-3087 (210) 822-3646 (210) 669-7271 SANDERS, JOE LUCIEN, MD - DR 801 Beldell Ave Del Rio, TX 78842 (830) 775-8566 jlsdoc@aol.com SANDERS, SHIRLEY (Albert E. Sanders, MD, ORS) 12 Kensington Court San Antonio, Texas 78218 (210) 828-1128 (210) 288-9189 sjosanders@gmail.com

ROMO, THOMAS, JR., MD - GP 4707 Broadway St., Apt 140 San Antonio, TX 78209-6295 (210) 488-4825 tromojr@sbcglobal.net

SCHIFFER, JANICE (Brent Sigmund Schiffer, MD, PTH) 107 Shavano Dr San Antonio, TX 78231-1234 (210) 492-6577 bjschiffer@sbcglobal.net

ROSEN, MARCY, MD - OBG (Ameet Nagpal) 242 E Elmview Pl San Antonio, TX 78209-3808 (480) 221-3621 marcy.lynn@gmail.com

SCHILLING, CHERI (Harry Edward Schilling, MD, OTO) 31135 Post Oak Trl Fair Oaks Ranch, TX 78015-4122 (830) 981-8470 (210) 872-9104 schillin@gvtc.com


SHAH, NEHA (Jayesh B. Shah, MD, UM) 1614 Greystone Rdg San Antonio, TX 78258-4510 (210) 408-0117 (210) 289-5948 nshahpt@yahoo.com

SULAK, AUDREY (Kyle Sulak, DO, AN) 10302 Filly Valley San Antonio, TX 78254 (979) 324-4275 aesulak@gmail.com

SHAH, TRUPTI (Jaydeep S. Shah, MD, PD) 602 Bentley Mnr Shavano Park, TX 78249-2079 (210) 408-2874 (210) 387-7694 tshah@satx.rr.com

SWIFT, KATHY (Bernard T. Swift, Jr., DO, MPH, OM) 101 Winding Way Dr San Antonio, TX 78232-3627 (210) 410-3986 swift.kathy2@gmail.com

SHEPHERD, JENNIFER (John Milton Shepherd, MD, AN) 9210 Marymont Park San Antonio, TX 78217-3400 (210) 637-5575 (210) 378-6759 asquaredj@aol.com

TAYLOR, ANITA 4007 Shady Oak St San Antonio, TX 78229-4719 (210) 344-4377 (210) 861-3608 alt_horita@hotmail.com

SHETTY, POORNIMA (Ashwin Kumar Shetty, MD, DR) 120 Auburn Pl San Antonio, TX 78209-4722 (210) 493-7238 poshe25@aol.com SMITH, JILL (J. Marvin Smith, III, MD, TS) 204 Zambrano Rd San Antonio, TX 78209-5459 (210) 822-9449 SMOLENS, ELIZABETH (Peter Smolens, MD, NEP) 5922 Winding Ridge Dr San Antonio, TX 78239-2135 (210) 656-2597 SPJUTE, KAREN (Adam Spjute, AN) 15431 Gallant Bloom San Antonio, TX 78245 (559) 824-2879 karenspjute@gmail.com


TERPOLILLI, ROSEMARY (Ralph Nicholas Terpolilli, MD, EM) 68 Eton Green Cir San Antonio, TX 78257-1638 (210) 698-9024 (210) 246-2714 texasrose7@hotmail.com THOMPSON, CAROLE (Gregory W. Thompson, MD, D) 255 Limestone Creek Road San Antonio, TX 78232 (210) 602-6777 cthomp1822@yahoo.com TREVINO, LISA (Roberto Trevino, Jr., MD, IM) 1435 Whisper Mtn San Antonio, TX 78258-3205 (210) 497-5382 (210) 875-6365 lisatsr90@sbcglobal.net URBY, JR., RODOLFO M., MD - FM (Dolores Contreras-Urby, MD, PM) 9445 Rochelle Rd San Antonio, TX 78240-2732 (210) 241-6661 (210) 882-9382 rmoralesurby@gmail.com

Handbook and Directory 2016 VADAKEKALAM, SHINY 307 Bentley Manor San Antonio, TX 78249-2021 (210) 479-3210 (210) 373-2117 shinyvadak123@gmail.com

WAGNER, BARBARA (Clyde Walter Wagner, Jr., MD, IM) 10938 Whisper Ridge St San Antonio, TX 78230-3611 (210) 492-1779

VAN, THANH THI, MD - DR (Ari Halldorsson, MD, TS) 18107 Apache Springs Dr San Antonio, TX 78259-3605 tanyavan7@gmail.com

WALKER, MELISA (John Walker, MD, VIR) 3901 Heritage Hill Dr. San Antonio, TX 78247 (210) 844-7500 walker.melisa@gmail.com

VARDIMAN, TRACY BLANCHETTE (Arnold B. Vardiman, MD, NS) 301 Westover Rd San Antonio, TX 78209-5653 (210) 413-3776 tracyvardiman@sbcglobal.net VASSAR, JILL H. (George J. Vassar, MD, U) 709 Wiltshire Ave San Antonio, TX 78209-5439 (210) 804-2380 VELA, SANDRA E. (Jose Vela, MD, OM) 8731 River Trce San Antonio, TX 78255-9549 (956) 243-7401 sandraevela@gmail.com VISWANATHAN, HEMA (Bala S. Viswanathan, MD, GS) 2234 Estate View Dr San Antonio, TX 78260-2212 (830) 980-3033 (210) 274-8450 hemavish@gmail.com VOGEL, PAULA SUE, MD - D (Scott D. McLean, MD, MG) 2632 Broadway St Ste 401N San Antonio, TX 78215-1147 (210) 226-0040 Pvogel56@mac.com

WALLER, JR., J. J. , MD - EM (Rebecca Waller) 20715 Wind Springs San Antonio, TX 78258-7437 (210) 497-5564 (210) 378-8858 jwallerjr@satx.rr.com WALLER, REBECCA (J. J. Waller, Jr., MD, EM) 20715 Wind Springs San Antonio, TX 78258-7437 (210) 497-5564 (210) 378-8857 rebwal@satx.rr.com WEBER, ROSEMARY 13902 Flying W Trl Helotes, TX 78023-4277 (210) 695-8074 pvogel56@aol.com WEISS, DOROTHY JO (Robert Arthur Weiss, MD, IM) 701 W El Prado Dr San Antonio, TX 78212-1761 (210) 826-3833 djaw66@sbcglobal.net WHITE, DEBORAH (Randal Warren White, MD, CD) 1 Kinghurst San Antonio, TX 78248-1616 (210) 493-5548 rileys8@aol.com


WILSON, DOROTHEA DORLE (Frank Carroll Wilson, MD, R) 403 Deep Hollow Dr Boerne, TX 78006-9408 (830) 230-5332 (210) 890-0610 sauerkraut2010@yahoo.com

WRIGHT, GENIE (Francis H. Wright, Jr., MD, GS) 142 Kennedy Ave San Antonio, TX 78209-5246 (210) 692-8154 geniewrightjudge@gmail.com

WOLFF, SYLVIA (Hugh Lipman Wolff, MD, U) 7510 Forrestglen Dr San Antonio, TX 78209-2735 (210) 828-0826 sylviamwolff@gmail.com

YUN, CRISTAL (David Liang, AN) 8602 Cinnamon Creek Dr. #1404 San Antonio, TX 78240 (210) 845-4248 yuncristal@gmail.com

WORTHAM, BECKI (Barry Glen Wortham, MD, AN) 13660 Treasure Trail Dr San Antonio, TX 78232-3500 (210) 545-7603 (210) 710-3281 bwortham@satx.rr.com


denotes Past President

BCMSA Bylaws ARTICLE I – Name This organization shall be called Bexar County Medical Society Alliance. ARTICLE II – Purpose The purpose of this organization shall be to bring into closer fellowship and sympathy the families of the physicians comprising the Bexar County Medical Society and to engage in any benevolent, educational, health, or patriotic undertaking upon which the body may decide. ARTICLE III – Membership Members shall be Active, Honorary and Special. Membership shall be by invitations of the Membership Committee to all eligible. Section 1. Active Membership A. Active members shall be spouses of physicians who are, were, or are eligible to be members of the Bexar County Medical Society to include: 1. Spouses of active physicians. 2. Spouses of retired physicians. 3. Widows/widowers of physicians (who have not remarried outside the profession) 4. Spouses of interns, residents and medical students. 5. Spouses of honorary, inactive, or leave of absence members of Bexar County Medical Society. B. Active members shall also include: 1. Physicians in a good standing in the Bexar County Medical Society. 2. Spouses of retired or deceased physicians who were active members of a medical society accredited by the American Medical Association. Spouses of physicians or deceased physicians who are or were members of Bexar County Medical Society who reside in a county where there is no Alliance. 3. Active membership carries full privilege including committee work, voting privileges and eligibility to hold office. 4. An association member shall be a divorced non-physician member who has been in good standing at the time of divorce. The member remains an associate member until re-marriage to non-physicians or a lapse in membership. Section 2. Honorary Membership A. Honorary membership shall be conferred only by reason of exceptional service to the Alliance.


Handbook and Directory 2016 B. Honorary membership shall be conferred by the Alliance at a general meeting, on the recommendation of the Executive committee. C. An Honorary Member shall retain all rights of membership. The State and National dues shall be paid by the Honorary Member. Section 3. Special Membership Special membership shall be granted (with the approval of the Board of Directors) to those persons whose spouses are not members of Bexar County Medical Society but who are involved with society. 1. 1. Special Members may not hold office. 2. Special Members may serve on a committee. Section 4. Voting All members having paid the annual dues as shown by the Treasurer’s books shall be entitled to vote. ARTICLE IV – Dues Section 1. Annual dues shall be billed by October first and be payable by December 31st. Monies collected by Bexar County Medical Society Alliance for State and National dues shall conform to amounts established by State and National Alliances. Section 2. Bexar County Medical Society Alliance local dues are $35 with the exception of: 1. Spouses of Medical Students, Interns and Residents whose local dues are $7. 2. Honorary Members local dues are paid by the Alliance. 3. Widow/widowers or members 65 or older whose local dues are $25. Section 3 The newly elected Treasurer with the assistance of the current Treasurer shall be responsible for billing and collecting membership dues for the coming year. ARTICLE V – Officers Section 1. The Officers of this organization shall be: President, President-elect, five VicePresidents, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, and Parliamentarian, all whom shall be elected annually, except the President and Parliamentarian. The President-elect automatically becomes President at the


expiration of her or his term, of office as President-elect. That Parliamentarian shall be appointed by the President. Section 2. The term of office shall be for one year beginning January 1 and ending December 31. Section 3. – Duties of Officers A. President: Shall preside at all meetings of Alliance, Board of Directors, Executive Committee; approve all orders on the treasury and perform any other duties usually pertaining to the office. Shall appoint the chairmen of all committees except Nominating with the approval of the Executive Committee and shall be considered an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committees. B. President-Elect: Shall attend all meeting of the Alliance, Board of Directors, Executive Committee and other committees. C. Vice Presidents: Shall preside in their order at meetings in the temporary absence of the President. 1. First Vice-President shall chair the Membership Committee, supervise billing and collecting membership dues for the coming year and perform any other membership duties pertaining to the office. 2. Second Vice-President shall be Vice-president of Communications, coordinating all committees dealing with communications, web page and newsletter. 3. Third Vice-President shall chair the Program Committee and with the President shall plan the Programs. 4. Fourth Vice-President shall chair the Civic and Philanthropic Committee, coordinating activities of all civic and philanthropic committees. 5. Fifth Vice-President shall be Vice-President Social, coordinating all committees dealing with social events and special interest of the Alliance. 6. Recording Secretary shall keep all records of all meetings of the Alliance, Executive Committee and Board of Directors and have custody of all papers belonging to the Alliance. 7. Corresponding Secretary shall conduct correspondence of the Alliance and present to the body any communication received. 8. Treasurer shall collect all membership dues, deposit all funds into bank accounts, pay all bills and disburse funds with the approval of the President. Shall chair the Finance committee. 9. Parliamentarian shall decide all points of order when appealed to the chair or body. Section 4. No officers shall serve in the same capacity more than two years in succession.


Handbook and Directory 2016 ARTICLE VI – Committees Section 1. Standing Committees The Standing Committees shall be: Publicity, Historian, Auditor, Finance, Membership, AMA-ERF, Doctors’ Day, Hospitality, Legislative, Luncheon, Newsletter, Nominating, Physicians’ Benevolent Fund, TEXPAC, Yearbook, Scholarship, and Junior Volunteers. Additional Standing Committees may be created at the discretion of the President with the approval of the Executive Committee. Section 2. Finance Committee The Finance Committee shall be chaired by the Treasurer and consist of the President, the President-elect, the immediate past Treasurer, the Fourth VicePresident, the immediate Past President, and two members of the Board of Directors appointed by the President. This Committee shall prepare a budget for the current year and present it for approval at the first general meeting of the Alliance. Section 3. Scholarship Committee A. Purpose The purpose of the Committee shall be to give financial assistance to graduating high school students planning to enter nursing or a health-related field. B. Committee The Scholarship Committee shall be chaired by the immediate Past President of the Bexar County Medical Society Alliance and consist of the current Alliance President, the President-Elect, Fourth Vice President of Civic and Philanthropy, and five general members appointed by the Chairman. The five members should include (2) two Alliance Past Presidents, (1) one Alliance member serving on the Bexar County Medical Society Foundation Board (BCMSF), and two other Alliance members from the general membership. A Secretary-Treasurer shall be appointed by the Committee members. C. Duties of the Scholarship Committee The Scholarship Committee shall accept applications for scholarships from the Bexar County Scholastic Clearing House of the Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation. The Committee will review all applications and grant scholarships by March 31. D. Meetings A majority of the members of the Scholarship Committee shall constitute a quorum. All business of the Committee must be concurred with a majority of the members present.



Duties of Officers

Section 1. Duties of the Chairman a. To call all meetings of the Scholarship Committee b. To preside at all meetings of the Scholarship Committee c. To report the activities of the Scholarship Committee to the Alliance d. To obtain applications of students desiring a scholarship from the Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation e. To be responsible for having Scholarship Committee members review applications, with the possibility of interviews, and have members make decisions on recipients. Section 2. Duties of the Secretary-Treasurer a. To keep a record of the proceedings of each meeting b. To accept funds to the Bexar County Medical Society Foundation designated to the BCMS Alliance Scholarship Fund c. To keep a record of all financial transactions. F. Scholarship Fund The Scholarship Fund shall consist of contributions that shall be deposited in the special account of the BCMS Foundation. G. Scholarships The number and amount of the scholarships given shall be determined by the funds available over and above the original Endowment of the BCMS Alliance fund with the BCMS Foundation. Scholarships shall be awarded by a decision of the Scholarship Committee according to the amount available in the Scholarship Fund and the recipient’s needs and abilities. H.

Scholarship Recipient

Section 1. Criteria for a Scholarship Recipient a. Must be a resident of Bexar or an adjacent county b. Must attend a (4) four year college or university of higher learning or a diploma nursing program in Bexar County c. Must have a need for financial assistance d. Must have a sound moral character e. Must have above average grades and test scores that demonstrate college readiness Section 2. Conditions for Continuing Scholarship A scholarship recipient may reapply annually for an additional scholarship for up to (3) three consecutive years by submitting an application and official transcript to the Scholarship Committee no later than February 15. Section 3. Obligations of Scholarship Recipient The scholarship recipient is not obligated to repay any portion of this scholarship but may make a gift to the BCMSA Scholarship Fund.


Handbook and Directory 2016 Section 4. Advisory Committee The purpose of the Advisory Committee shall be to counsel and advise the President. The Advisory Committee shall consist of (3) three Past Presidents. The Chairman of the Committee shall be the immediate Past President. Two Past Presidents shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Committee. Section 5. Yearbook Chairman Working with the President and the Vice-Presidents of Membership and Programs, the Chairman shall be responsible for the printed Yearbook/Directory that shall be made available to each dues paying member of the BCMS Alliance. The Yearbook and mailing lists of officers, chairmen, and members shall be used only In connection with BCMS Alliance business. The BCMS Alliance mailing lists may not be given or sold to other organizations. . ARTICLE VII – Elections Section 1. Nominating Committee The Nominating Committee shall consist of seven members: Two members from the Board of Directors and four from the General Membership at large. The chair shall be the immediate Past President. Section 2. Election of Nominating Committee A. Prior to the December meeting or last yearly meeting and by written ballot, the Board of Directors shall elect two of its members to serve on the committee. Nominations shall be accepted from members of the Board of Directors. B. At the December meeting or last yearly meeting, nominations shall be made from the floor, of which five will be elected, the fifth being designated as alternate. C. Election of the Nominating Committee shall be by secret ballot and plurality will elect. Results of the election shall be reported at the same meeting. D. No member of the Nominating Committee shall serve two consecutive years with the exception of the Alternate, who, if not serving in the year elect, may be elected again to the subsequent committee. Section 3. Nominating Committee Meeting The Chairman of the Nominating Committee shall convene a meeting of all members of the committee prior to the September or October elections. If a member is unable to serve, the Alternate will be called to take their place. Nominees must be approved by a majority of the committee Section 4. Duties of Nominating Committee The Nominating Committee shall present a nominee for each office which shall be voted upon at the General Meeting in September or October. The


nominee for President-Elect must have previously served one year on the Executive Board of the Alliance. The committee must have the consent of each nominee before presenting her or his name for election. Section 5. Election When there is only one candidate for the office, the vote may be by voice. Section 6. Installation The Installation shall be done in conjunction with the BCMS Installation. Section 7. Vacancies Vacancies occurring in office shall be filled by the current Nominating Committee with approval of the Board of Directors. Should a vacancy occur in office of President during the last half of her or his term at office, this office shall be filled by the President-Elect who shall also serve the following year. ARTICLE VIII – Delegates The President shall appoint the delegates to the State Convention. ARTICLE IX – Board of Directors Section 1. Board of Directors A. The Board of Directors shall consist of the Executive Committee and Chairs of all Standing and Special Committee. B. The Board of Directors shall have the power to conduct routine business and present its recommendations at the general Alliance meetings. Section 2. Executive Committee A. The Executive Committee shall be composed of the elected officers, the Advisory Committee and the Parliamentarian. B. The Executive Committee shall transact only such business as arises between the general and called meetings of the Board of Directors. ARTICLE X – Meetings The Alliance shall meet for the transactions of business. Seven members shall constitute a quorum. ARTICLE XI – Amendments These Bylaws may be amended by two-thirds vote of all members present and voting at any general meeting, notice to amend having been given at the previous meeting. ARTICLE XII – Parliamentary Authority In all meetings of the Alliance, Robert’s Rule of Order Newly Revised shall be the authority on Parliamentary Law.


Handbook and Directory 2016 STANDING RULES 1. The Bexar County Medical Society Alliance shall meet at least four (4) times a year. 2. All meetings and social events shall be designated open functions for members and guests. 3. A sum, decided upon by the Finance Committee, shall be given each year to each of these State Funds: Student Loan, Physicians’ Benevolent Fund, and TMA Foundation. 4. In each category of membership required dues include Bexar County Medical Society Alliance (hereafter referred to as BCMSA) and Texas Medical Association Alliance (referred to as TMAA). Recommended dues are for the American Medical Association Alliance (referred to as AMAA). 5.

Dues are payable by December 31 of each year.


Active Member

(1) BCMSA/TMAA (local/state required) $85.00 (2) AMAA (optional) $50.00 Total (including optional) $135.00 Member 65 or older (1) BCMSA/TMAA (local/state required) $75.00 (2) AMAA (optional) $40.00 Total (including optional) $115.00 Widow/Widower (1) (2)

BCMSA/TMAA (local/state required) $35.00 AMAA (optional) $40.00 Total (including optional) $75.00

4. Medical Student’s Spouse, including optional Medical Student, Intern and Resident Physician Spouse

(1) (2) (3)


Honorary Members (See Bylaws, Article III, Section 2)

(1) (2) C.

BCMSA/TMAA (local/state required) $7.00 AMAA (optional) $10.00 Total (including optional) $17.00

BCMSA/TMAA (Honorary members pay state only) $50.00 AMAA (optional) $50.00 Total (including optional) $100.00

Special Member (see Bylaws, Article III, Section 3)

(1) BCMSA (local only) $35.00 Total $35.00


6. After July 1 of the current fiscal year, local membership dues for new memberships shall be one-half of the full dues. Full state dues must be paid. 7. At the close of the Alliance year at least $250 shall remain in all Alliance checking accounts. Any surplus shall be deposited to the General Fund in the Savings Account which shall used: A.

To underwrite any operational deficit.


To defray the cost of convention courtesies.

C. To underwrite funds approved by the Finance Committee for any purpose decided upon by the Board of Directors with approval of the general body. 8.

All expenditures of the Treasurer shall be made by check.

9. In addition to the budgeted amount, a gift to the Bexar County Medical Society Foundation (BCMSF) designated for the Alliance Scholarship Fund shall be given in case of the death of a member or spouse. 10.

Bexar County Medical Society Alliance Junior Volunteer Council (JVC)

A. Formation: A member proposed the BCMSA Junior Volunteer Council for the high school students of physicians in BCMS. It is under the Civic and Philanthropic Vice President in the Junior Volunteer Committee made up of a chairman and BCMSA members. We appointed student officers for the first year and will have them elect officers in subsequent years. BCMSA members act as advisors at the meetings and events and we encourage parent volunteer participation in our events. We are applying for certification for national volunteer service records for our events. We have a public and private board face book page that were set up by our students. We are making t-shirts designed by a student leader that we are solictating sponsorships to pay that they will wear at events. B. History: Founded in early 2014, the BCMSA JVC participated in the March 2014 Siclovia event with HHLH given out, June 2014 ACS Day Camp for children with cancer, and August 2014 San Antonio Metro Health Immunization Clinic event where we gave out helmets with HHLH. C. Mission statement: The goal of the Junior Volunteer Council is to create friendship, foster community relationships, create opportunities for community service, and develop leadership skills among the youth of the Bexar County Medical Society. 11. Any recommendations pertaining to the changing of the Bylaws and Standing Rules must be submitted to a committee chaired by the Parliamentarian.


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