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Kampeerboerderij De Zandkamp Zandkampweg 21 3853 PN Ermelo Click here -


Website: Phone: +31 (0) 341 55 39 32

Winter IYM is hosted here every year!

Find more pictures here:


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– 16:00h

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17:00 hiphol a irpor h on t Thur sday, Make SURE to be on time, otherwise 6th you’ll have to arrange your own travel!

Take notice when booking flights! Train travel is available for anybody who cannot make it to the meetingpoint, however a SINGLE fare costs 12,90E.

By plane:

-  We recommend flying to Schiphol Airport, since the meetingpoint is there. -  Other lowbudget airports are Eindhoven / Rotterdam&The Hague / Maastricht

By train:

-  Meetingpoint: Take the train to Schiphol Airport and walk to the meetingpoint. -  To Campsite: Trainstation is Ermelo. Somebody will be there to pick you up, it’s a 5min walk to the campsite form the trainstation. -  Please remember that traintravel in the Netherlands is quite expensive!

By car:

- Directions: Kampeerboerderij De Zandkamp, Zandkampweg 21, 3853 PN Ermelo - There will be enough parking space for all of you. Be there around 18:00h on Thursday.

Here is a small list of what to bring: •  Sleeping Bag – Very Imporant •  Warm Clothes – It’s the Netherlands •  Indoor Shoes •  Bath Towel and Hygiene Products •  A pen and a notebook •  Money for the campshop and a T-shirt! The design will be reveiled on Facebook! •  Costume for the Theme Party! •  A staff present J J J





If you are under 21


Travel Without an Adult Leader

To all participants -

If you are over 21



Adult Legal Information Form

Health Form

Click on the form’s name to download it

Transfer the money to CISV, The Netherlands


Book your trip! Flights, Car, Bikes, etc

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d 2 - ww.cisv.n


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this‌ Communication’s Team

There will also be a Communication Team! The Communication Team will be in charge of staying in touch with the outsideworld through a Twitte.. Challenges with other weekends and writing a blogpost for EJB blog. Interested? Write to

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Look at this awesome design Jď Š

YOU WANT A T-SHIRT? JUST ASK Request y our tshirt by sending an email with your size to njr@nl.cis

Im Paulina, Im 21, I’m from Luxembourg and I love travelling, food and horses! I study in England in my second year and I love it; England is so much fun! I can't wait to meet you all because WWW is going to be awesome!

I’m Beatrice, and I’m studying to become a doctor, I’m in l o ve w i t h a l l d i f f e re n t nationalities, I love Grey's Anatomy, I have a strong interest in the Middle East, I’m living in Rotterdam and only been to one CISV camp ( S E M I N A R C A N A DA 2012 ). Love to meet ya'all, really looking forward to a crazy weekend!

Hi everyone! My name is Claar, I’m 21 and I study history in Amsterdam and I’m really looking forward to WWW! Now some interesting facts: in Dutch my name means ‘ready’, and yes people make a lot of jokes about that, I can eat chocolate all day (if you still need a staff present…), and I’ve been to three (yes, three) villages from CISV in the Netherlands (as a participant, JC and staff). Looking forward to meet you all!

My name is Folef and I use to be the Dutch NJR. You may know me EJBM/IJBC/BNL or something else. I am studying Business Engineering in Utrecht and enjoying the great life of being a student. WWW 2014 will be the BEST weekend of your life and we will have a great time together. Looking forward to have lots of fun with you all guys!!

My name is Menso and I'm 25 years old. I'm studying to become a doctor in Leiden. My cisv history is village, Jc, seminar, Jb NL comittee, NJR, IYM staff, village staff, EJBM 2010 Organization/staff. Although I was there when Www was made up, I've never been to one before so excited for my first one (and yes i do feel old saying that). See you all soon.

Hi guys, my name is Joao and I'll (also) be one of the facilitators here! The ones who know me, know that I find it hard to awake up in the mornig (but I do, because we all should!!) but I'll stay with you all night long! Ahah, just joking. (something, you’ll find out, I also do a lot). I'm really looking toward to some great activities with you!! See you in a month!

Hello there, I’m Ryan, currently one of the senior members of the European Junior Branch Team. I am 22 years old and I have just returned to my home city of Leeds after studying for three years in Newcastle at University. I completed my degree in Psychology in the summer after writing my 25 page final dissertation and getting a very average mark. Right now I work for a manufacturing company in customer service which is extremely exciting (NOT), however I am planning to move on and find something interested soon. I have been involved in CISV since I was 11 working with many different people and in many different roles over the years which has taught me so much. I am super excited for my fourth Wild West Weekend which is promising to be the best so far! See you all soon!

Hi I’m Louis, current Junior NJR of the Netherlands! I’m 19 years old, living in Barcelona and working as an English teacher and studying to finish school. I’ve been active in JB since my seminar camp in 2011 in Latvia, great memories! I play field hockey and I love photography and… food. Fun facts: I never wear the same socks twice. I have my a waking up ritual including a lot of snoozing. Without my lenses I am practically blind. I love finding new music. For the last years I’ve shaved my head just before summer and for instance haven’t gotten a haircut in … six months :o embarrassing! See you guysss soon xx


Take this number with you. It’s the person you will call if you get lost on the arrival. 00 31 629202225 Claar Muller


Take this number with you. It’s the person you will call in case on an emergency. 00 31 630512124 Beatrice Meijer

If you have any question, don’t hesitate. Contact The Home Staff The Content Staff

WWW infopack 2  
WWW infopack 2  

Wild West Weekend 2014 The Netherlands Infopack 2 T-shirts, theme party and much more!