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Bottle Brothers - On the road Camera : Canon AE1 Š Louis David Najar 2010 All pictures in this book where proudly taken on film. I would like to thank all the people that encourage me in my photographic work, and in general aspects of life. Like everything I do, I dedicate this to the memory of my brother Roberto. You are greatly missed.

On a thursday morning of July 2010, a few friends get together around Bastille, at Motori Italiani scooter shop. They only share one thing in common : their rides. The point of this expedition is to go from Paris to a little village near Lyon and to come back (alive). It's gonna be one long trip, made of 4 full days of small roads, forests, bugs, engine problems, exhaust changes and booze. Here is the photographic diary of 1122 cool Kilometers on the road.

Bottle Brothers - On the road  

More than 1000 Kilometers on vintage Vespas, through the roads of France