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Heavy Industry

Btec Extended Diploma in Photography 2010

Cover Image: Bethany Shaw

Heavy Industry In the first year of their Photography course students were asked to create a personal response to the subject of ‘Heavy Industry’. Much of the activity centred on the busy industrial locality bordering Greasborough where they successfully explored a variety of themes including, infrastructure, legacy, architecture, even, health & safety. Many steered from a conventional approach, instead presenting images that communicated intrigue and through their narrative promoted a deeper enquiry of thought.

Connor Ward

Amanda Lunt

Craig Lee

Dariusz Szwedo

Emily Wise

Ewa Szczesna

Matthew Holmes

Gemma Wild

Heather Slack

Harriet Donohue

Katie Cantrell

Luciana Solini

Rebecca Goulty

Hannah Charlesworth

Shannon Simpson

Laura Skidmore

Tahla Senior

Thomas Norris

Chloe Woodhouse

Heavy Industry  

A photographic project exploring the subject of 'Heavy Industry'.

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