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Chris Keldo Pop-Up Kitchen Branding I designed a brand for my roommate, who is a culinary student bringing bright colors (fruits and vegetables) and the legibility of the logo to be recognized from any angle along with designing his Pop-Up Kitchen Noceur. The goal was to keep the logo very minimalistic, clean, and professional. The pieces I created were kept cohesive for positive marketing purposes.

Psychotherapist Branding The design constraints consisted of pastel colors, a butterfly insignia, and a path. This was for a client of mine who has just opened her own therapy practice and requested a cohesive branding for her logo and business card. Finding someone so passionate about her field made this project a special one, knowing that by helping her I’m also helping many others.

Sartoria di Anna e Gianni My main internship project was to build a website for a realtor who had a few listings and didn’t want to use third party sites to help clients book. Being the most challenging piece I have worked on, I learned to adapt, create, and construct work for real clients with real businesses. Along with the website the client asked for a guest manual to go along with her properties.


Pizzi Instruments 35th Anniversary Design

35th Anniversary Design


During my summer internship, Pizzi Instruments who creates Instruments and solutions for civil and geotechnical engineering applications, asked for a logo design for their 35th anniversary. Pizzi requested no specifications, just for it to match their existing logo and branding. Though my design was not the final choice, it was a great experience with much lessons to learn as a designer.

Restaurant Business Card Cloud59 was my home away from home when studying abroad. Using existing branding, I designed business cards for this restaurant but also the owner of the restaurant, keeping the same aesthetics but personalizing the card more towards his style.

Personal Menu This menu was the first time I decided to really design something for myself. The purpose of this menu was to show gratitude towards my parents for all the help I received while abroad. Making it as personal as it was, helped me capture the essence of my passion through my work. The menu featured text hierarchy, fluid layout structures, and cohesive color coordination.

Bad Sons Brewery Website Redesign Our assignment was to choose a real business on which you will model a website redesign or create one completely from your imagination. This project will allow us to build on our understanding and application of foundation. We constructed a mobile first, one page website that consisted of several sections. I chose to redesign a brewing company located in my home town, creating a smooth, cohesive, and prioritized layout.

Zion National Forest Brochure Zion National Forest is a beautiful state park in Utah. Using our own photography, and information from their website, we were assigned to construct a tri-fold brochure for the organization of our choice.
We were accountable for the following during the project: You will be responsible for creating a tri-fold brochure for an existing event or organization, using our own, original photography and images

Louis Cutaneo  

Sophomore Portfolio

Louis Cutaneo  

Sophomore Portfolio