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Chisholm School Song CHORUS: We are Chisholm Catholic College, We will live, live Christ’s challenge. VERSE 1: We are sons and daughters of a heritage, Born to us from long ago, From our saintly Caroline Chisholm, Migrant daughters friend.

Chisholm College Prayer

VERSE 2: We are bush doctor Flynn… …and teacher of the poor, Landscape artist of forty thousand years, We are Parer, martyr to his cause, The Stradbroke Island poet.


VERSE 3: To live like these, we will endlessly strive, To live, live Christ’s challenge, To celebrate our life as Christ would have us do, Throughout our schooling years.

Dear God, As we come together, in a spirit of goodwill and self-sacrifice, we ask that our words and actions be a reflection of the Spirit amongst us. Lead us to an understanding of your will, just as you guided Caroline Chisholm to achieve great things in your name. Guide us to live Christ’s challenge and to raise a College to your glory. Amen

Chisholm Catholic College