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Term Dates – 2008 Commences


Term 1

Tuesday, 29th January

Friday, 4th April

Term 2

Monday, 14th April

Friday, 27th June

Term 3

Monday, 14th July

Friday, 19th September Friday, 12th December

Term 4

Monday, 6th October

Friday, 28 November (Yr 10) Friday, 21 November (Yr 11) Friday, 14 November (Yr 12)

Exam Blocks Term 1

24 – 28 March

Term 2

16 – 20 June

Term 3

8 – 12 September

Term 4

Yr 10 — (17 – 21 November) Yr 11 & 12 — (10 – 14 November)

Front cover designed by Jacob Ditchman, Year 11 Visual Art Student. Permission granted for the use in the reproduction of this diary. Inner Front Cover — Riverside Christian College

College Prayer Heavenly Father we give you thanks and exalt your Holy Name. We remember the wonderful things you have done for us and we seek to live lives that honour you and bless those around us. We proclaim your greatness for you are mighty and compassionate and watch over everything we do. Help us to be faithful and obey your commands. Father may we be a help and not a hindrance to others. May we be a blessing and not a curse. May we encourage each other in our faith so that we may know you more, love you more and serve you more. We thank you for the abilities you have given to us. Bless us as we seek to work hard and develop them so that we may rejoice in the way you made us, serve others, and honour you in all that we do. Father, bless our College and fill it with love, wisdom, joy and understanding. Bless the students, families, and staff and may all who come to Riverside experience your salvation and strength to take their place in this world and to take this world for you. For the glory of your Name. Amen

Riverside Christian College — Inner Back Cover

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Exam Blocks Term Dates – 2008 Term 4 Yr 10 — (17 – 21 November) Yr 11 & 12 — (10 – 14 November) Friday, 12th December Friday, 28 Novembe...

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