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St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School Diary & Information Handbook

Name _________________ Class ____ 35 Sutherland St, Port Hedland WA 6721 PO Box 700 Port Hedland WA 6721 Telephone: 9173 2162 Fax: 9173 2877 Email:

Vision Statement St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School is a multi-cultural school where our community strives to provide a secure environment for the spiritual, moral, social, emotional and intellectual development of each student. We endeavour to create an atmosphere of openness, mutual respect and loyalty within the school community.

2011 Term Dates Term Term Term Term

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Wednesday 2 February Thursday 5 May Monday 25 July Monday 17 October

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Tuesday 19 April Friday 8 July Friday 30 September Wednesday 14 December

Please check quarterly Term Planners for confirmation of Pupil Free Days.

School Hours School commences at 8.25am and is dismissed at 2.35pm. Recess is from 10.20am - 10.40am. Lunch is from 12.20pm - 12.55pm. Children are asked to arrive at school after 8.10am and prior to 8.25am. Kindy: Morning sessions commence at 8.25am - 11.15am.

Dismissal At 2.35pm, children who travel by bus are supervised by a teacher and a teacher assistant and escorted to the bus when it arrives. Parents may pick children up from outside their classrooms or children will be directed to your car in the pick up/drop off zone. Children are asked to wait on the steps outside the Year Two classroom until a teacher escorts them down to the yellow pole. Once a teacher is in position children may walk down to this area. Then two cars come forward and the children are placed in the cars, they move off and the next two cars filter in and so the procedure continues. If you are leaving your vehicle, please park in a parking bay. Do not leave your vehicle in the pick up/drop off zone.

Bus Service A bus service operates in Port and South Hedland. Detailed bus schedules are available from the school office. Children are expected to behave appropriately on the buses. Parents will be advised of poor behaviour by students which may lead to suspension from travelling on the bus. Students must sit with a sibling. Seat belts must be worn on the bus. A bus fare is applicable for this service.

School Board The School Board is responsible for assisting the Principal with the financial management of the school. The Board helps the school fulfil its educational responsibilities and ensures that policies and practices are in accordance with Diocesan guidelines. Membership is by election early in Term Four. The elections take place at the School AGM. St Cecilia’s Inner Front Cover

Cyclone Information Cyclone Watch/Warning • Children to attend school as normal. Blue Alert School will remain open. If the school is to close, this information will be broadcast between 6:30pm and 6:45pm, and between 6:30am and 6:45am on NW Radio (frequency 1026AM and 91.7FM) and ABC Radio (frequency 603AM). The closure advice will be repeated each morning and evening until the decision to re-open the school is made. All information and updated reports relating to warnings and school closures are issued on the radio. Keep yourself informed and please do not ring the school. • •

Before your child goes to school, make specific arrangements to have him/her picked up from school should a Yellow Alert be declared during the school day. Ensure that your child knows what these arrangements are.

  Yellow Alert When a yellow alert is likely to be declared the following school day, school will not open – children will remain at home.  

If a yellow alert is called during a school day, students can be collected from individual classrooms. Please ensure your child’s name is marked off the class list. Students who normally catch a school bus home will be sent home on the bus as soon as the buses arrive after the Yellow Alert has been called.

  Red Alert • All community members are expected to remain indoors and stay tuned to the local radio broadcast until the Red Alert has been called off.   AFTER THE CYCLONE It is a safety requirement that schools are not reopened until the school site has been inspected and declared safe. Each morning after the cyclone, information will be provided on the radio as to whether our school will open at the usual time. This information will remain current for the whole day. For example, if the school is declared closed at 6:30am it will not open at all during that day, even if conditions improve. Every endeavour will be made to ensure schools are made safe and reopened as soon as possible.  

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ST CECILIA’S SCHOOL PRAYER   Dear Lord Jesus, Thank you for the gift of life. Help us to be good today to other people and to ourselves. Please help St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School be the best it can be, and please bless our homes at Wedgefield, Port and South Hedland. Thank you for being with us always. St Cecilia, pray for us. Amen

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Diary & Information Handbook Name _________________ Class ____ 35 Sutherland St, Port Hedland WA 6721 PO Box 700 Port Hedland WA 6721 Te...