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Mission Statement Emmaus College, a Christ-centered community, provides a caring and supportive environment that enables students to develop their full potential in all areas of life.

The College Aims The College aims to: » Give witness to Catholic belief, liturgy and community » Establish a Christian atmosphere that fosters self-worth and respect for others » Provide an effective and dynamic learning environment » Demand excellence in professional practice and in the provision of learning experience » Complement the work of parents in the formation of their children

Emmaus College Prayer Lord, Our Heavenly Father, We ask You to bestow Your blessing on this school. Give to all who work here a true love of knowledge, especially help us to know Christ. May the spirit of loyalty and devotion bind us closely together, so that we may learn to love all that is true and honest, and be of service to all. We ask this through Christ Our Lord, Amen.

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Emmaus College

Houses of Emmaus College The names given to our four Houses have been chosen to provide us with a continuing link to the history of education at our Vermont South and Burwood Campuses before the establishment of Emmaus College in 1980.

Chavoin Chavoin College was the name of the girls’ College which operated on the Burwood Campus prior to 1980. Chavoin College was conducted by the Marist sisters, and Jeanne Marie Chavoin was the founder of this Order of nuns. Living during the time of the French Revolution, Jeanne Marie, was the daughter of the village tailor, and loved meeting people in her father’s shop where she developed an open, friendly and outgoing attitude towards people. At an early age, she was drawn to a life of prayer, and was invited to join existing religious congregations. However, Jeanne Marie, had no desire to live a monastic life. She had a great devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, and would go to the Church to pray for long periods at a time, especially when she was deciding her vocation. Jeanne Marie developed an awareness of the needs of others in religious knowledge, education and social life. She was attracted to a newly-formed society of Mary (the Marist movement) and gathered around her a group of sisters to teach, initially throughout France, and then in many other countries.

More St. Thomas More College was the name of the boys’ College which was established on our Vermont South Campus in 1968. The College was conducted by the Christian Brothers. Saint Thomas More was born in London in 1478. He is recognized as great English author, statesman and scholar. His life is tied up with the life of King Henry the Eighth. As the Lord Chancellor of England, Thomas disagreed with Henry the Eighth on the matter of ending his marriage so that he could marry another. The King made himself the head of the English Church, and Thomas was asked to declare Henry as having greater power than the Pope. Thomas refused, and after a year in prison was executed.

Rice Edmund Rice, the founder of the Christian Brothers, was born in Ireland in 1762. He received a good education, and took over the shipping business of his uncle. After the death of his wife, he became concerned for the futures of poor Irish Catholics. He sold his business and began a night school for boys living around the wharves. Joined by others, Edmund found a religious order to educate poor boys. He soon had 30 Christian Brothers educating boys free of charge in a number of Irish towns. At the time of Edmund’s death, Christian Brothers were educating boys in Ireland, England and Australia. Edmund had a spirituality that was strong and practical; he was forever caring for the poor.

Colin John Claude Colin was born in the South of France during a period of war and revolution. He was left an orphan at the age of seven. John Claude Colin went to a minor seminary as he wanted to become a priest. While in the seminary, John Claude and some of his companions came up with the idea of founding a society bearing the name of Mary and whose members were to be called Marists. Father Colin was to be the founder of this congregation. After Rome had approved the new organization, its members took a responsibility for the missions in countries of the South Pacific. For John Claude Colin the basic principle of preaching, pastoral work, education and writing was to work quietly among people with the minimum of fuss and pretence and to fit in with them as much as possible. Emmaus College


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Student Planner 2011 Mission Statement The College Aims Lord, Our Heavenly Father, We ask You to bestow Your blessing on this school. Give t...