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Wednesday, 2 February

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Thursday, 5 May

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70 Ballajura Community College


Principles of Conduct The Principles of Conduct are all about developing your self-discipline and helping you to understand that you are the person responsible for your own behaviour. Please read through this Code so that you understand what to expect and what is expected of you in regard to conduct while at the College. In our daily work we strive to build a respectful, compassionate and resilient learning community in which we: » value each individual; » hold high expectations for all; » encourage curiosity; and » recognise our rights as well as our responsibilities in a safe, supportive and inclusive learning environment.

Rights (Expectations)

Responsibilities (Obligations)

I have the right to: » learn without being disrupted by others; » seek assistance and access support to help me make the appropriate decisions; » always be treated with respect and courtesy as a member of Ballajura Community College; and » a safe, clean and pleasant environment.

I have the responsibility to: » cooperate with others; » strive to be the best person I can be socially, emotionally and academically; » accept and value differences and treat others with respect and courtesy; and » contribute positively to the College environment, respecting property and resources.

Respectful behaviour is expected of all because it supports everything we do. Fighting, bullying and verbal abuse or harassment of other people is completely unacceptable. All members of the BCC community have a responsibility to make choices which assist them in supporting the Principles of Conduct. There are many people available to counsel and advise if you need support in resolving issues and identifying choices.

For reasons of safety and consideration for others remember the following: » Riding of bikes, scooters and skateboards around the grounds is dangerous. Storage areas on both campuses are allocated for these items. » Mobile phones (and other valuables such as iPods) are not encouraged at school. » Permission must be obtained from office when leaving school grounds. » Hats should not be worn indoors. » Dress code is required at all times. 2

Ballajura Community College

Good Standing Policy Policy The Good Standing Policy provides a framework and guidelines to assist staff and students in achieving and maintaining satisfactory standards of attendance, course participation, academic achievement and behaviour. Loss of Good Standing may lead to the review and/or suspension of a student’s enrolment.

What is Good Standing? All students commence the school year with Good Standing status. Maintaining Good Standing requires: » Satisfactory attendance, punctuality and Dress Code In accordance with the College BMiS Policy and Dress Code Policy students will adhere to the acceptable standards of attendance, punctuality and Dress Code. In accordance with the College Assessment Policy students must maintain an 80% attendance rate. » Completion of all course work and assessments In accordance with the College Assessment Policy and relevant Course Outlines students will complete the educational and assessment program for their study program. » Satisfactory behaviour In accordance with the College BMiS Policy students will adhere to the acceptable standards of behaviour.

Loss of Good Standing A student who loses Good Standing is ineligible to attend extracurricular activities and events (including College Ball, River Cruises, Semi-Formal, Dinner Dance) or to be a school representative. Good Standing is lost when a student: » is absent or late from a class without satisfactory explanation on 5 or more occasions » does not comply with Dress Code on 3 occasions in a term » does not complete 2 pieces of course work or assessments without satisfactory explanation » is suspended and/or breaches acceptable standards of behaviour

Reinstating Good Standing Good Standing may be reinstated a minimum of 4 weeks after: » all absences/lates are satisfactorily explained with a note from a parent/guardian » all missed work and/or assessments are completed » issues relating to suspension/ behavioural breaches are resolved in accordance with the College BMiS Policy. Ballajura Community College


About The College College Purpose: Creating Our Future Together The College's purpose is to provide a positive, caring and supportive environment that promotes life long learning and the Ballajura Community College's values of compassion, inspiration, enterprise and achievement through the pursuit of personal excellence.

Independent Public School

Academic Prerequisites Academic Excellence is a priority in teaching and learning at Ballajura Community College. Learning programs directly focus on the successful attainment of a WACE (WA Certificate of Education) at the completion of Year 12. A minimum standard of achievement is required by all students to progress to the next year level. » Years 10 and 11 - The minimum requirement is a C grade in English and at least C grades in 3 other courses. » Year 12 – To study at Year 12 level a student is required to have achieved a C Grade in English* and a C Grade average over a total of 3 subjects. Students may be required to repeat a year level in order to achieve the minimum standard for the following year. *English course changes may be negotiated to meet requirements.


Ballajura Community College

Attendance and Punctuality All absences for part or all of a day or for several days must be covered by a written explanation (slips are available on page 53, 55), telephone call, fax or email from your parent or guardian. Notes must be dated and state the reasons for the absence(s). They should be brought to College when you return. If absences remain unexplained homeroom teachers will post letters home.

Leaving the school grounds During the day, if you need to leave the College grounds you should supply a note of explanation signed by a parent/guardian to the homeroom teacher. At the designated time, the student should sign out at the office. This is essential for accuracy of records. No student is permitted to leave the College grounds without a written note from his/her parent/guardian and signing out at the front office (or Student Services – Senior School). Students have access to the School Canteen and Senior Cafe and will not be permitted to attend local shops at lunchtime.

Truancy (wagging) Truancy is illegal and students who truant are referred to the Swan District Education Office. Police patrols often return truanting students to school or to their parents at work. The Education Act requires that students must attend school daily until the end of the year in which they turn 17.

Lateness As a matter of courtesy to the teacher of each class we request that students make every effort to be at class on time. It is especially important at the beginning of the school day. Punctuality and regular attendance maximize the learning opportunities and environment for all. If a student arrives late to school he/she must sign in at the front office and get a late note. Students will not be admitted to class if they are late and do not have a late note. Students who are routinely absent or late may lose their Good Standing.

Personal property Please ensue all items of personal property are clearly marked with your name. you should not bring items of value such as I-pods computer games or large sums of money to the College. It is your responsibility to look after all your personal items. Valuables should not be left unattended. The College does not take any responsibility for these items.

Ballajura Community College


Dress Standards » The wearing of school uniform is a government requirement. It is not just a school initiative. » The College Uniform Shop is open : Wednesday: 8.15am to 9.15am

Thursday: 3.00pm to 5.30pm

» Students not complying with Dress Code may be asked to go home to change or to change into clothing supplied by Student Services. » Students who do not comply with the requirements of the Dress Code will lose their good standing and will be at risk of being excluded from College events.

Clothing Item


Not Acceptable

» White Polo with BCC logo (MS)(SS) » Ice Blue Polo with BCC logo (MS) » Navy Blue Polo with BCC logo (SS) » Authorised leavers’ polo shirts (for Year 12) » White or Navy long sleeved undershirts

» Polo shirts with non school logos » T-shirts, tank tops. » Long sleeved non school colour tops

» Plain Ink Navy only » Navy leggings or tights worn underneath skirts/shorts » Skirts/shorts must be of modest length » recommend no shorter than mid thigh

» Denim or lookalike denim » Stripes on shorts, pants » Board-shorts » Black leggings and Tights Leggings/ tights are not to be worn on their own.


» Plain navy blue school jacket/ hoodie with BCC logo. » Year 12 students may wear authorised BCC Leavers’ Jackets

» Non school colours or checked jackets » No different Logos » No Stripes » No Adornments/brand names eg. Nike, Puma, Everlast etc.


» Enclosed footwear is required all times » Closed shoes or sneakers.

» No Thongs » No Sandals » No Ugg boots » No Slippers

Polo Shirts School shirts MUST be worn under school jumpers

Pants / Shorts / Skirts

Hats/Beanies Physical Education


Ballajura Community College

Not allowed in classrooms » House T-Shirt » Ink navy shorts/skirt/track pants » Sports shoes

Mobile Phone Policy At BCC we have a mobile phone and communication related technology policy. This has been reproduced for you below. This policy is also displayed in all homerooms and other public places throughout the College. In other words there is no excuse for not following this policy.

Mobile Phone and Communication Related Technology Policy The importance of mobile phones, iPods and communication related technology to individuals is part of our everyday life. With all the benefits of this technology comes a whole new set of problems relating to individuals' rights, privacy and harassment. Ballajura Community College has established a straightforward policy for mobile phones that provides staff, students and parents with clear guidelines and instructions for the appropriate use of them during College hours. The intention of this is to minimize opportunities for negative consequences of mobile phone use at Ballajura Community College. Digital bullying is insidious and powerful and can have very serious consequences for those who are the subject of attack. Bullying is not tolerated at Ballajura Community College. The College has computers. We have telephones that all students can access in cases of need. No student has ever been denied access to a phone when required. The question to be asked is, "Why do students need a computer-connecting mobile phone at school?" - particularly one with photographic capabilities. Many schools are asking this question. Inconsiderate use of mobile phones can be intrusive and impact negatively upon the classroom. Some people point to the value of the technology as being "mobile". It is seen as a security device for times when one is out of ready contact with a telephone, or when a student/young person is not in a situation of supervision and assistance by an adult or older supervisor. College staff understand this, but with a mobile phone comes responsibility. At Ballajura Community College we are about developing a learning culture which promotes on-task concentration and focus. There is no place for students in class text-messaging their friends. There is no place for parents and friends phoning a student during class time. The role of parents in this education is vital.

Therefore please note: » Mobile phones and other communication related technology are not to be seen and are not to be heard in Middle School. Mobile communication is prohibited in the classroom for Senior School. » The use of MP3's, PDA's and other devices are to be treated like mobile phones in the classroom, they are not to be seen and are not to be heard. » Mobile phones and communication related technology will be confiscated if they are seen or heard. Parents will be requested to collect confiscated phones and devices from the office. Inappropriate content on devices will also result in confiscation. » The College takes no responsibility for the loss of mobile phones, and related technology. As well as formulating policies, we must engage in educating our students to value and protect each other. The role of parents and the community in this is vital.

Dr Steffan Silcox Headmaster Ballajura Community College


Contacts Who do I need to know? What do they do? Where can I find them? Homeroom Teacher:

Community Nurse:

HR This is the person to talk to about all that happens in the homeroom. Your homeroom teacher may also be able to help you with other matters.

Year Co-ordinator (YC) This person can help you if you are experiencing any problems that you have at the College or problems that may be affecting your ability to participate fully in the classroom.

Head of Dept This person is the leader of the whole team. Middle School – Year 7, 8, 9 Senior School – English, Mathematics, Science, Society and Environment, Access Whole School – Languages, Health and Physical Education, Visual and Performing Arts, digital Design, Hospitality and Living, Design and Technology, Business and Computing,

During class time you will need your teacher's permission to see the nurse. At recess and lunch you should only see the nurse if it is an emergency. The Health Centre is located in the Main Administration block.

School Psychologist: Your teacher, YC or Head of Department may refer you to this person for more help if you need it, or you can just call in to Student Services.

Administration: You must sign in and out here if you are late or you are going home early.

Liaison Officers:

Manager Student Services This person coordinates the Student Services Team. You may see them out and about at recess and lunchtimes. At other times you should see if your YC or Head of Department can help you first.

Library Not a bad place to go at lunchtimes if you are at a loose end. Also great for research, reading a novel or accessing books to take home. 8

Ballajura Community College

These people assist those students who have non-Australian backgrounds. Find them at Student Services.

Headmaster: This person is in charge of the whole College. Ask your teacher, YC or Head of Dept first if you need to speak to this person.


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