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Possible ways to improve my music video when filming-new concepts. After publishing my draft music video and gaining feedback, I decided that I was unhappy with the pace, visuals and opportunity for audience interest in the current product. Due to this, I have since brainstormed ways that I could make my video more aesthetic, professional and more able to keep the audience interested. Below are some music videos I have since researched and the ideas they have provided me with for the rest of my own video. -Ben Howard/ Esmerelda I came across this music video a few years ago, I find the video visually pleasing as the sea water creates dynamic shots which link to the pace of the song. My songs pace is also slower than usual and due to this, I believe the composition of a shot of the sea would suit the pace of my video. The way that these shots of the sea are edited are clever as they make use of both speeding up and slowing down the original shot without appearing out of place or creating an un natural atmosphere. This is because the shot is of something natural; this technique is effective when it comes to making the visuals match the speed of the song as well as creating a more dynamic look through editing the shots backwards. I would like to make use of natural scenes in the filming of my music video due to the link it has to purity which is appropriate for my stripped back emotional song as well as being attractive to look at and less mundane due to the way the shots are manipulated in the editing process and the fact that the focus on such a simple thing is rarely appreciated in everyday life. The sea is therefore a possible location for the rest of my video. The video also makes use of simple elements such as smoke (0:47), as well as the sea, this shot is slowed down which causes an extended focus upon the smoke, creating another aesthetically pleasing shot. Also in this shot, the singer of the song is subtly introduced, I take inspiration from this factor as it means there is more of a focus on the visual elements of the shot rather than the video being solely based around introducing the character. In my current draft, there is a huge focus on the character who plays the singer of the song and this can appear tedious, therefore, I plan to introduce my character more subtly in a less blatant way by including minimalist and simple shots of her in order to ensure that when she is filmed there is a larger focus on her but this is not too prevalent throughout the whole video. The black and white filter used throughout the video is also something that I find interesting. This is because it creates a specific atmosphere which is arguably bleak but with an element of seeming stripped back linking to the natural element I want to introduce. My song is an emotionally stripped back, melancholy, monotone seeming song and because of this I would like to experiment with a black and white filter to link this atmosphere to the atmosphere created by the visuals. Things that Esmerelda/Ben Howard has inspired me to include in my final music video: -Black and white filter to link to the atmosphere -Shots of nature and natural elements such as the ocean and smoke -A more subtle way of introducing my character -Ways of editing my music video in order to create dynamic shots

-Ben Howard/Keep your head up Another one of Ben Howards music videos, for “keep your head up� also makes use of simple things and manipulates them through focused shots to create an aesthetically pleasing scene. For example, the first shot of the view is of some bubbles and this creates the same focused, stripped back but less dramatic effect as the shot of the ocean in Esmerelda. This therefore, introduces to me another possibility of what I shoot when trying to change the focus of my video onto the visuals. The lyrics of my song focus largely around light, therefore, in order to subtly link the lyrics to the visuals together I would like to use shots which focus around light and the beauty is creates. This can be seen in this video at (0:45), and therefore provides me with inspiration. Things that Keep your head up/Ben Howard has inspired me to include in my final video: -Shots focused around light, especially light shining through the trees as this links even further to nature.

Daughter/ How Daughters music video for “how� cleverly creates an interesting start through using totally still establishing shots by them being aesthetically pleasing and just the right length to coincide with the instrumentals. This creates a stripped back atmosphere which links to the emotional lyrics of her song, therefore considering that my song is similarly emotional, I take influence from this and plan to include a few establishing shots like this of different locations that I come to film in.

Kodaline/All I want Although the rest of this video does not provide any inspiration towards how I would like to create my video, there is one shot which inspires me to extend. This is a shot of a puddle at (4:05), this quick shot appears to draw the video back to nature and creates a simple attractive shot as well as establishing a factor in the rest of the narrative such as the weather. I would like to use a shot like this but make it longer so that it is less sublte, it would be useful as it would link to the shot of the sun and other shots of light as these all then include a link back to the natural world. To make this shot more interesting I could develop water droplets in the puddle through rain or dropping water on it. Another element of this shot that I find interesting is the fact that the camera seems to be placed on the floor, the effect of this is that it seems as though the world is going on past the camera, which would link to the loneliness suggested through the lyrics of my song Things Kodaline/ All I want has influenced me to include in my video: -A shot of a puddle, with water droplets to extend the water and nature imagery. -The possibility of placing the camera on the ground- this technique could also make for stiller shots when filming feet walking which I have so far had an issue with.

Possible ways to improve my music video when filming  
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