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Louis Ang

Personal Portfolio

1 DArch Portfolio 2 BArch Portfolio 3 Cross-cultural experiences 4 Curriculum Vitae


DArch Portfolio 2003-2006

Year 1 Primer Project

Year 3 Final Project

Year 1 Final Project

Year 2 Final Project

July 2003 saw the start of my Diploma in Architecture (DArch) course in Singapore Polytechnic. The curriculum included Architectural Design Studio, Environmental science, Material science, History & Theory of Architecture and Computer Aided Design & Presentation.

The Phenomenal Body July 2003 Group Project A primer project that explores the experiences of the human senses. Together with a team of 5 other students, I was mainly involved in the conceptual and construction stage. Year 1 Primer Project

Worn on the head of the stroller, mirrors on the prototype create disillusions of the environment. What seemingly seems in front of the stroller now appears at the back. The mind questions itself about the conventional images previously formed in its memory.

Course & Career Guidance Clubhouse Jan 2004 – May 2004 Students of the course and career club identify this space as one that speaks their vision aloud. The theme of guidance is felt as one progresses through the directive and flowing elements of the clubhouse. Year 1 Final Project

Situated at an important node of a key circulation spine along the campus, this clubhouse acts as a continuing flow to the circulation. Aiming to draw in as many students into the clubhouse, the concept truly facilitates this objective of the club.

First Storey Plan


Experimental Living Spaces Jun 2004 – Apr 2005 An experimental living space designed for photographers.

Year 2 Project

The concept anchors on an experiential journey through the program starting from the main entrance and ending at a vantage point with a breathtaking view towards the adjacent Singapore River. Throughout the journey, the emotions of photographers are evoked by framed views and senses are in constant dialogue with the building materials. Living units are arranged among 6 slender blocks, each having an individualised darkroom. An open air as well as a covered gallery allows the residents to exhibit their works and promotes healthy exchange of photography skills.

Design Singapore Headquaters Jun 2005 – Feb 2006

Year 3 Project

The design for Design Singapore Council’s (DSC) headquaters set out to intergrate the vision of the DesignSingapore Initiative into the building. The vision of the initiative is to establish Singapore as Asia’s leading centre for design excellence, and to develop both a vibrant design services cluster and culture. The design concept seeks to incorporate 3 foci of the vision, that is – Design Excellence, Vibrant Design Service Cluster & Leading International Design Hub.

Physical Models

CPG Consultants Pte. Ltd. Nov 2004 – Dec 2004 Though my brief stint with CPG Consultants lasted only one and a half month, it provided me a peek into the architectural world in practice.

Industrial Training Program ( ITP )

I was assigned to a design competition team during this period. The competition was introduced to allow firms to vie for a contract slated for residential purposes in India. I had the privilege to contribute my ideas during the conceptual stage. Along with my education in DArch and competency in presentation software usage, I played an important role in presenting the spaces and technical data. Meeting tight deadlines was also an integral experience as a member of the team. The team was delighted to win the contract.

In 2009, I decided to bring my formal education in Architecture to the next level. I believe this decision will set myself for more opportunities in the architectural field. This led me to pursue the BArch degree in National University of Singapore (NUS). Eventually, I hope to move on to the MArch program.

2 BArch Portfolio 2009-present

Year 2 Project 1

Year 2 Project 3

Year 3 Project 1

Year 3 Project 3

Year 4 Project 1

BArch Graduating Project

Materiality & Construction – Bamboo Aug 2009 – Sep 2009 Studio Project Film and photography often represent human interaction literally. For instance, they showcase the behaviour and interaction of human beings as to how they react with each other through a direct reflection of their own body language.

Year 2 Project 1

As an alternative track, the studio sought to create a language for human interaction. The proposed design for the structure is intended as a ‘voice’ that communicates the presence of human interaction within it. The posture of collective bamboo strips at tranquil rest or at various intensities of movement, suggest to passersby about the human interaction within the structure. The structure, in a more intimate sense, seeks to express the intangibility of human inter-personal relationships. On the other hand, the proposed design is also intended to protect the material honesty of bamboo. Joints, weaving and strips make up the basic elements of the structure. These elements ensure that the bamboo is given space to express its distinctive nature of versatile flexibility.

Youth Hostel Jan 2010 – Feb 2010 Conceived from the morphology of an eagle’s humerus bone, the design intent seeks to mimic the structural solutions offered by nature. The solution is found by integrating structure with envelope as one seamless entity. This is done by multiplying the scale of the eagle’s humerus bone such that the users of the youth hostel can experience the spatial qualities of the structure. Year 2 Project 3

Struts in the bone are translated into columns that hold up the organic envelope of the whole structure. Functional spaces are inspired by the air sacs found in parts of the bone, which cater for main accommodation spaces. The whole structure is designed to float on the sea, demonstrating the peculiar purposes that accompany the lightness and movement of the eagle’s bone. In all, this design is unlike the conventional perception of a typical youth hostel, as its organic form and structural solutions are derived by means of biomimicry.


Year 2 Project 3


Year 2 Project 3

Laundromat Aug 2010 – Sep 2010 Group Project The brief for this project was for the design of a laundromat that in unlike the conventional. Research was done to integrate the latest technology in laundry washing as well as strategies to harness energy from the existing site. The design intention incorporates cutting edge technology in laundry washing, and makes use of materials from the adjacent railway as a means of reusing. Year 3 Project 1

Year 2 Project 3

Year 2 Project 3

Year 2 Project 3

Year 2 Project 3

Year 2 Project 3

Year 2 Project 3

Year 2 Project 3

Year 2 Project 3

Year 2 Project 3

Year 2 Project 3

Medical Tourism Centre – Bridges@dempsey Jan 2011 – Apr 2011

Year 3 Project 3

Bridges@dempsey seeks to be the place where orthopedic patients identify methaphorically as their ‘bridge towards healing’. As the site along Dempsey Road is inclined, the strategy of using bridges to connect and link platforms of various height is adopted. Holding the design together are bridges that not only serve as functional linkages, but also as a catalyst for an experiential journey from arrival and through to various volumes, and bringing patients within close proximity of the lush of natural greenery existing on site.

Year 2 Project 3

Incremental Housing: Cooperative Village in Batam Aug 2011 – Nov 2011

Year 4 Project 1

The site is situated in southwestern Batam. It is currently a clear ground of about 200 by 200m, consisting of several houses and farmlands. The context of the site includes a KSB district, shipyard industries and mangroves. The design intent is to introduce an incremental housing development capitalizing on the existing road as an income source and providing alternative livelihood through collective farming. The proposal will include public amenities such as a school, mosque, collective storage as well as a cooperative. Prospective residents can choose to expand their homes either horizontally or vertical, thereby doubling the habitable floor area to cater to changing needs, or rent out as an additional source of income.

Nalanda University Masterplan Jan 2012 – Apr 2012 Nalanda University in Bihar, a state in eastern India, is intended to be the modern-day revival of the fifth-century university of the same name. Then one of the world’s greatest seats of learning and the nexus of Buddhist scholarship, it was destroyed in the 12th century by an invasion by foreigners.

BArch Graduating Project

This semester long project saw a studio effort to conceptualise and draw up a masterplan for the buildings to be constructed on the new site, which at about 182ha is one-and-half times the area occupied by NUS. The studio tutor for this project, Prof Tay Kheng Soon, guided the studio to integrate the concept of “rubanisation” as a model for Nalanda. Rubanisation, a portmanteau of “rural” and “urbanization”, erases the distinction between rural and urban areas. The campus boasts a network of high-tech farming settlements that are symbiotic with one another and for the curriculum to incorporate the themes of farming and nature into conventional tertiary disciplines like historical studies and philosophy.

3 Cross-cultural Experiences

Chiang Rai, Thailand

Kunming, China

My love for traveling and interacting with people of other cultures has taken me to several countries around the region. Among my most fruitful experiences are times spent in Chiang Rai and Kunming.

Chiang Rai, Thailand Jun 2004 My visit to this rural area in Thailand was indeed a humbling experience.

Chiang Rai, Thailand

Through my interactions with locals, my horizon was inevitably broadened. I came to realise my narrow-mindedness in focusing on myself instead of others around me. Before the trip, I had the idea I would have a lot to offer to the locals since I come from an urban city. I was wrong. Instead, these people taught me contentment and humility.

Kunming, China Apr 2005 – May 2005 This trip saw me organising 2 Summer camps for tertiary and primary school students there. In the camp, I had the opportunity to encourage them in their spoken English through games and lessons.

Kunming, China

The Chinese students have inspired me in the way their passion burn for the things that interest them. Their warm hospitality changed my initial biased perception of the Chinese I held before the trip. Invaluable friends were made and some are still in regular contact with me. Brief exchanges over the e-mail gradually helped me have a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture. Another priceless experience gained.

4 Curriculum Vitae

Fusing both my love for architecture and people in less developed places, I hold strongly and hope to develop the idea of architecture for the people. I yearn not to create a name for myself, but to use my skills to benefit the common people. Architecture that reaches out to needy. Architecture with a compassion.

Curriculum Vitae Personal Details Full Name: Ang Ronghui Louis Nationality: Singaporean Marital Status: Single E-mail: CAREER OBJECTIVE To attain a high level of professionalism in the built environment and contribute significantly to communities through a personable, creative and vibrant architectural firm.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND May 2012 till present

Masters in Architecture (Design)

May 2012

Bachelor in Arts (Architecture), National University of Singapore

July 2006

Diploma in Architecture (with Merit), Singapore Polytechnic 12 Distinctions in Architectural Design Studio, History & Theory of Architecture, Environmental Science, Computer-Aided Design & Presentation and Communication Skills A in Industrial Training Programme High Credits in Materials & Architectural Technology, Architectural Practice and Film & Narrative

Mar 1998

GCE ‘O’ Level Certificate, St Gabriel’s Secondary School Distinction in Elementary Mathematics As in Additional Mathematics and English Language

WORK EXPERIENCE Sep 2007 to Jun 2009

Full time staff, Draughtsperson, Assisted principal architect in design of A&A works for institutional buildings (SADA, government schools, fire stations) Assisted in design of private homes Aided and prepared compliance drawings to submission authorities

Apr 2006 to Jul 2007

1 Year Contract, Full Time Youth Worker, Poly Ministry, Singapore Youth for Christ Headed & planned in event projects Led Singapore Polytechnic & Nanyang Polytechnic ministries Team player for various project committees Designed event brochures

Nov 2003 to Dec 2003

Industrial Attachment, Architectural Assistant, Institutional Division, CPG Consultants Pte Ltd Assisted in conceptualising design of residential unit design competition Prepared presentation aids

ACHIEVEMENTS Awarded BCA-S A Chua Built Environment Undergraduate Scholarship, 2012 Awarded 4th Prize in 5th International Architectural Olympiad Competition, 2009 Awarded the Singapore Institute of Architects Medal, 2005/2006 Awarded the Hunter Douglas Prize, 2005/2006 Awarded the Board of Architects Prize, 2005/2006 Awarded the Model Student Award, 2006 Awarded CCA grade of A with Merit, 2006 Represented Singapore Polytechnic at Poly Form 2005/2006 Awarded the Director’s Honour Roll Award, 2004/2005 Awarded the School of Design & the Environment Prize, 2004 & 2005 Shortlisted as finalist in ICI Dulux Mural Design & Painting Competition, 2003

ACHIEVEMENTS (continued) Appointed President, Air Rifle Club, Catholic JC, 1999 Chaired meetings with committee and members Planning training sessions for members Coached members in shooting techniques

Represented School in National Air Rifle Competition, 1999 Led school team as captain

Attained rank of Staff Sergeant in NCC, 1998 Completed Outward Bound Course, Singapore, 1997 Awarded 1st in Art, 1995 & 1996

CAPABILITIES Technical Skills Drafting architectural drawings Developing conceptual ideas into workable building designs Organising information for presentations Presenting design ideas and proposal Computer Knowledge Using AutoCad software Using Adobe Photoshop software Using Google Sketchup software Using Rhinoceros 3d modeling software Using Microstation software Using Autodesk 3D Max Design software Using computer programs such as MS Word, MS Excel and MS Power Point Languages English – written and spoken proficiently Chinese – written and spoken INTERESTS Sketching, Architectural Modeling, Reading, Swimming, Beach Volleyball, Cycling, Interacting with people

Architecture Portfolio  

A compilation of my academic works and a little more about myself.

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