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Battlefield 4 Battlefield 4 (commonly abbreviated as BF4) happens to be an upcoming first-person shooter video game brought to life by DICE and published by Electronic Arts. The video game, the 13th installment within the franchise, may be a sequel to 2011's Battlefield 3. The video game is anticipated to be released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and next-gen consoles. In July 2012, Battlefield 4 was announced when EA advertised on Origin client that individuals who pre-ordered Medal of Honor: Warfighter would receive early accessibility to battlefield 4 wiki beta. Campaign In Battlefield 4's single-player campaign, the participant controls "Recker", a member of Tombstone squad. His teammates include: squad leader SSgt. Dunn, second-in-command "Irish", and combat medic "Pac". The Gameplay Reveal trailer shows excerpts with the mission "Fishing in Baku", which follows Tombstone's efforts to leave from an urban location with vital intelligence and another soldier named "Hanna" asking Recker if he will back her up. Development Electronic Arts president Frank Gibeau confirmed send out intention to discharge a sequel after a keynote in the University of California where he explained "There will be a battlefield 4 wiki ".Afterwards, an EA spokesperson told IGN: "Frank was speaking broadly in regards to the Battlefield brand - a brandname that EA is deeply captivated with together with a fan community that EA is dedicated to." About the eve of Battlefield 3's launch, DICE told Eurogamer it had been the Swedish studio's hope that this would sooner or later get the chance to make battlefield 4 wiki. "This is like the beginning now," executive producer Patrick Bach said. "It's exciting. The main Frostbite 2 thing has started out a big landscape prior to us therefore we can achieve everything we want.

Battlefield 4  

brand - a brandname that EA is deeply captivated with together with a fan community that EA is

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