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when peoplehear theword “night” they can assumedark and gloomy. When they hear “bright” they can assumesun and happiness. Bright Night explores themix of both moods in different and/or samephotographs.

Somephotographs won’t bevery apparent and straight forward with its meaning. Some photographs will includeobjects that makethe

Oneday your lifewill flash beforeyour eyes. Makesure its worth watching.

If you wait to do everything until you'resureit's right, you'll probably never do much of anything.

Your lifelies beforeyou likea path of driven snow, becareful how you tread it causeevery step will show.

It's fun to drift aimlessly for a while, but eventually we all need to focus on thehorizon, set a goal, and then sail toward it.

"Trust is a difficult thing, whether it's finding the right peopleto trust... Or trusting theright peoplewill do the wrong thing. But trusting your heart is riskiest thing of ALL.."

I’vehesitated before, but not this time.

Bright Night  
Bright Night  

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