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Urban Regeneration Spring & Summer Trends



Urban Regeneration Spring & Summer Trends

As we are entering a new age driven by the power of technology, politics and science the decisions we make and what we choose to buy can be affected by these factors. Also however with the emerging social mood or engagement, emotions and nostalgia are creating a renaissance. Customers are searching for more meaning and a sense of familiarity in the things they purchase. The city man is about being modern and embracing technology to go forward he also has real emotions towards how he looks and likes to go back to his roots and reconsider the approach to creating newness. Revisiting the skills, crafts and techniques of the past and combining them with the technical innovations of the present combines every emotion the city man is going to feel towards his new 2012 wardrobe. The whole idea is to find harmony between yesterday and today.

Urban Regeneration - 2012


Contents Treasure Trend Info Mood Board Key Pieces Colour.Material Palette A Modern Structure Info Mood Board Key Pieces Colour.Material Palette Synchronised Symmetry Info Mood Board Key Pieces Colour.Material Palette Armoury Info Mood Board Key Pieces Colour.Material Palette


Urban Regeneration - 2012

Treasure Trend Spring & Summer Trends

This trend emphasises the build up, the journey and the space around us coming up with new individual key pieces that will last a lifetime. It follows the idea of being able to pass garments on through generation therefore giving them more personal meaning. The dates of disposable fashion are gradually fading and casual looks are taking a back seat. It’s now the time for people to tell stories through their clothing and create journeys. The word on the street is that the younger man wants to create a sophisticated gentlemen’s look, tailoring and craftsmanship are the key elements that will shine through. Taking inspiration from two generations back and looking into the life of their Grandpa. Due to the recent financial difficulties men want consistent value in their clothing and garments that are characterised by quality, longevity, sustainability and significance. Key pieces being tweed blazers broke down brogues and beat up briefcases. This trend also follows in line with recycling and recovering of goods resulting in an all round great trend that is shore to take off.



Urban Regeneration - 2012


Key Pieces



Key Words Longevity



Heritage Prestige Quality Cultured Enviroment Educated Generation Tradition


Colour/Material Palette Green Fields Tweed

Herringbone Two Tone Tweed

Multi Purple Tinsel Stiching Tweed

Cream Leather


Pantone Colour DS 131 - 1U

Pantone Colour DS 20 - 2U

Pantone Colour 350 C Pantone Colour 262 C

Pantone Colour 732 C



A Modern Structure Spring & Summer Trends

A modern structure celebrates the innovative and creation of new architectural design through the means of fashion garments and clothing. It seems that more and more imaginative architecture is been constructed all over the world creating beautiful skylines and original art pieces. The biggest inspiration came from Dubai’s up and coming city creation, from the outlines of the buildings all the way to the perpendicular patterns on the window structures. Also looking at architecture in the big cities, New York, Japan and Shanghai. For the architectural trend, fabrics are used to create both hard and round lines to come out with oversize proportions, exaggerated angles and swooshy layers. The key is to display strong silhouettes with the emphasis being on structure shape and form, this can be done through major pleats, folds, layering and surface texture. These architectural designs are transformed into the clothing through lines, texture, geometrical patterns and structure. So in Spring/Summer 2012 expect to be seeing graphical prints, line print patterns, intense technical cuts and fresh new colour palettes.



Gentleman’s Geometrical World




Key Pieces



Key Words Architectural Structural Proportion Exaggerated Patterned print Angled Dimension 21

Perspective Geometric 22

Material/Colour Palette Pantone 426 C

Pantone Cool Grey 4 C

Pantone 2728 C


David Hicks geometric print

Hemera Origami Patterm

Origami Fabric





Synchronised Symmetry Spring & Summer Trends

3D television is at the front line of technology at the moment and is the main inspiration for this trend. Taking ideas from the three dimensional graphics into patterned clothing producing cutting edge individual garments. The geek glasses will be substituted with 3D glasses so the patterns created on the clothing can be seen three dimensionally. Three dimensional fashion photography would also look great screen printed onto T-shirts. The inspiration will come from out of space, technic visions. This fashion fury is going to keep up with the trend of 3D televisions being in people’s homes and making it all about the glasses being the next key trend not only to see what’s on the screens but being able to see cool furnistic, inventive patterns on peoples clothing. So expect to be seeing new inventive patterns, a bright colour palette and ingenious 3D glasses in different shapes colour and sizes.




Key Pieces



Key Words Technology Inventive Digital Space Patterns Shapes Dimensional Photographic 33

Futurisitic Illusion 34

Material/Colour Palette Pantone 2728 C

Pantone Red 032 C

Pantone 559 C

Pantone 426 C 35

3D Chain Mail

3D Gold Print

Graphic Laser Print



Armoury Spring & Summer Trends

Post recession the armoury trend offers men structured garments made from recycled metals, plastics, fabrics and other sustainable materials to embrace a mans physical shape. Styles based on the durable and dependable. Man on the street wants to have an enhanced feeling of masculinity and experience an escape from the every day working lifestyle. This trend takes inspiration from century armour as well as modern design from films such as Transformers. Detail such as metal chaining and embellishment are used on shoulders neck and chest areas giving the new trend dramatic effects and garment detailing. Expect to be seeing garments, which have, shoulder padding and muscular built filling, as well as actual made armour body pieces. Its theatre meets fashion. The armour style clothing is going to be a driven trend for spring/summer 2012 as the military look keeps modifying and transforming inspiration coming from German officer over coats from the second world war to the metal chain mail suits that were worn under suits of armour. Movies were a heavy influence for this trend with features for shoulder decoration as inspiration from The Crow including gothic ripped trousers, black boots and metallic body combat suits. The city man is going to love the attention to detail and the creativity he can generate with this trend.




Key Pieces



Key Words











Material/Colour Palette Pantone Cool Grey 4 C

Pantone Warm Grey 8 C

Pantone 470 C


Pantone 7499 C

Pantone 418 C

Pantone 5615 C

Pantone 652 C


Conclusion Now that you have seen all the menswear trends for 2012, we hope you choose wisely as to which look will suit you best. For a more casual look I’d go with the Treasure trend as you can dress it down with a pair of chinos or a pullover and if you are wanting to make a show stopping statement at a party go with the Armoury trend as you can go as far as you want with the look. Remeber the city guy is all about looking educated, inventive and dramatic. These are all corresponded around Urban Regeneration!



Bibliography Treasure Trend Pocket Watch - Glasses on chain - Bowler hat - Granddad Cardigan - Tweed Jacket - s1600/Brian+Godbold.jpg Bow tie man - s800/streetfashion21.jpg White brogues - Braces - nick02%255B1%255D.jpg Vintage briefcase - Postcard – Bowler hat – Old man – Old men group – Man on street – Brogues – Briefcase on the street – Man in tweed – Bow tie – Glasses – Central park man – Green tweed man – Bike and basket – Navy bow tie – Matthew corin – Suitcase –


A Modern Structure Gauken spiral tower – Dubai1 – Modern architecture 1 – Glass building – Geometric fashion 1 – Geo man 1 – Shanghai Skyline - Grey building - Block building - s400/New+modern+and+unique+architecture+building3.jpg Silver building - Dubai tower -*rItPHkc99qT9qSu8rfLdgIohFE0KesMK22EUt6Ect Upul5ii-aVYwuMAGjj9H3JRGTWnlUT-866jlJ6/ModeGakuenSpiralTowers2.jpg Architectural bridge - Tower grid - Building on shoulders - Origami metal - Grey scale building - jpg Geometric ties - Marwood%2Bhanging%2Bties.jpg Geometric print 1 -,1258471296,3/stockphoto-pattern-raster-background-41092342.jpg Geometric ceiling - V stripes on the runway - RUNWAY/00230m.jpg Geometric man bag - s400/GOLD_front_zoom.jpg Geo on the runway - Geometric shape - S660/geometric%2Bportal%2B2%2Bmini.jpg Geometric ceiling - Geometric tattoo - jpg%253Fw%253D740%2526h%253D493 Geometric wall - Geometric trainers - Geometric jumper - file:///Users/Guest/Desktop/nicolasandjuan7.jpg 50

Geometric cardi - Geometric headpiece - Geometric square patterns - Silver ring - Earring - Jewellery set - Geo square pink/white - Synchronized Symmetry 3D catwalk ideas - 3D t-shirt - 3D girl - paolla-rahmeier1.jpg 3D tiger - 3D nasa - 3D glasses - optical illusion - Green optical illusion - 3D grey cubes - ticalIllusions.jpg glasses girl - IMG_2616.jpg fashion photraphy - Man in bronze leotard - Man in space jump suit - s1600/00450m.jpg 3D poster of girl flicking leg - rabbit hair girl 3D - s1600/KRTL+Collective+jacquesdequekerangel2.jpg 3D guy head - 3D blur space - 3D Grid print - 3D black and white pins - naked girl - 51

Armoury leopard print under armour runway - nKi8GDCkKso/konradparolss11embercqc01.jpg gold nuggets - MichaelLoh.jpg armour ring - armour article - bc4cd13.jpg chain mail man - gold lion chain mail - s400/pelt.jpg armour breastplate ancient leather jacket runway - chainmail black vest - chanel tin man - gold helmet - gold chain mail -


Urban Regeneration  

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