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SOCIAL AXIS   Reduce  digital  gap   Defini,on  

Defini4on: Internet  will  help  the  person  from  the  slum  who  comes  to  the  club,  to  have  access  to   finance  and  money  to  develop  their  ac4vity  and  connect  them  with  the  good  people.  A  person   from  the  firm,  like  a  HR  employee,  will  be  there  as  an  advisor,  to  help  them  doing  their  research   and   define   what   they   want   to   do,   a   kind   of   orienta4on   helper.   So   we   are   here   to   guide   them   in   the   development   of   the   idea   and   the   research   for   funds.   We   teach   them   the   existence   of   microfinance.  


-­‐  Teach  them  to  use  internet  in  order  to   develop  an  economic  ac4vity.   -­‐    Teach  them  to  use  internet  in  order  to   have  access  to  microcredit.   -­‐    Measure  if  those  people  really  get  out   of  poverty.   Benefits  

-­‐ Thanks  to  the  advisor,  the  person  who  wants  to   develop  an  economic  ac4vity  is  able  to  evolve  by   herself,  now  that  she  has  the  keys  of  the  project   and  the  microcredit  existence  in  her  hands.     -­‐  It  improves  people’s  lives  through  technology   and  access  to  ICT  and  microcredit  and  give  those   people  economic  independance   -­‐  It  might  develop  an  ac4vity  with  an  advantage  for   the  people  from  the  slums  and  for  the  ICT  cluster    

Related GRI  indicators  :  SO1   Illustra,on   Tata  Steel  has  reduced  its  energy  consump4on  by   36%  by  applying  a  twelve-­‐year  plan  to  save   energy.   According  to  Enerco  Energy  Solu4ons  LLP,  Nearly   25,000  MW  can  be  saved  in  India  by  Energy   Efficiency  and  Energy  Conserva4on  Measures  -­‐  in   Industries  alone.  

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