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December/January 2019-2020

A New Twist on Holiday Giving

A s the holiday season begins, we are inundated with a constant influx of marketing for the dream gift suggestions for your special someone. Marketing campaigns from huge companies pierce our collective consciousness with catchy slogans like “Every kids begins with K”, “Diamonds are forever”, “Maybe she was born with it”, “There are some things money can’t buy, for everything else there’s MasterCard”, “Just Do It”, “Because you’re worth it”.

I invite you to stop and think about the people you are gifting this year. Do they really want or need more stuff? Are there specific things they want?

If you aren’t sure, consider doing something different this year. In my family, we love the saying, “Experiences over things”. Can you have an experience with your loved ones and make a new memory, instead of buying another item that will be lost and forgotten in a house full of stuff? Go on a family outing or adventure. Plan a surprise day trip. Go see a local performance or show!

Buying for kids? Try purchasing an annual pass to fun places, like the aquarium, children’s museum, the zoo or Georgia State Parks. Or get gift cards to the movies,

bowling center or skating rink.

Buying for adults? Try choosing an experience they would love. You can get gift cards to a shooting range or driving experience. Know a couple who would love dinner and a movie? Give them gift cards and a babysitting voucher instead of a new shirt, candle or barbecue set.

The holidays can be extremely taxing for ladies. Often they are responsible for organizing the parties, planning the meals, buying and wrapping the gifts. Most women crave time to relax and restore. A spa gift certificate is perfect. She can schedule a massage, spa service or facial and get the much needed zen time to unwind and recharge.

Another idea is to contribute to a local charity as a Christmas gift. There are many programs that offer options to adopt a child or family for their holiday needs. Supply a meal, buy gifts for needy kids, volunteer together at a local nonprofit.

Keep the spirit alive in your heart this season with some of these ideas. Don’t let the pressure of the holidays cause stress. Relish in joy, create happy memories and

enjoy each moment!

Jennessa Sabella, LMT Owner of Bliss Mama Spa

Give her some rest and relaxation!



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