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Live Project Training in Trivandrum Lotzindia

offers live project training in Asp.Net, PHP, MySQL, and SEO for

Designers and Developers who are just approaching web development as well as software development field for the first time.

PHP Training in Trivandrum Among the various institutions in Trivandrum, Lotzindia gives more emphasis to practical training so that students get a wider knowledge in the respective field.

Introductory course teaches the basic of good PHP programming practices from the ground up. The exclusive 2 month tutorial-style course covers a variety of topics related to PHP Development. Attendees will be challenged with real-world examples during the course of the class.

This course includes lots of practical application-building exercises and covers the following topics: ∑

PHP Basics

Strings and String Functions

Basic Arithmetic

Conditions and Loops

Arrays and Array Functions

Processing Form Submissions

Beginning Security, Validation, and Escaping

Cookies, Sessions, and Includes

User Defined Functions

Beginning Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

Connecting to and Using MySQL Databases

SEO Training in Trivandrum In the world of modern technology, internet has an important role. Internet marketing strategies are changing day by day. Choosing search engine optimization (SEO) as your career is a wise option to play your part in internet marketing world.

Lotzindia offers Internet Marketing course which makes gives you a deep knowledge about what is SEO, search engine marketing techniques, social media marketing, introduction to web analytics and many more. Be a part of best seo training kerala To know more about the course details, Call us now: +91 96 33 96 1339, +91 471 30 222 80 Drop an email: Visit: find us on

Live Project Training in Trivandrum  

Lotzindia, Trivandrum providing professional training with live projects. Join seo training in trivandrum kerala.

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