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EDITOR: Gabby Anderson


Blast from the Past:

Remember all those nameless songs that come on ran Here’s a list of 10 songs from the 2000’s you

“Shake It” Metro Station

“Stereo Hearts (feat. Adam Levine) Gym Class Heroes

“My First Kiss (feat. Ke$ha)” 3OH!3

“Billionaire (feat. Bruno Mars)” Travie McCoy

Listeners debate best platform for music streaming What’s better: Apple Music or Spotify?

There has always been a huge debate between Apple Music and Spotify and which one is better. In my opinion, Apple Music tops Spotify any day of the week. Apple Music has many advantages over Spotify like more access to controls through siri (if you have an iphone), over 70 million songs, and being able to follow and connect with friends. Apple Music is a music and video streaming service that was made in 2015 by Apple INC. Apple Music includes 24/7 internet radio stations which can be listened to in over 200 countries. It has public playlists or you can make personalized onesm, too. Apple Music subscribers can create profiles and share their music with others as well as view others music. One of the reasons I personally like Apple Music so much is its ability to seamlessly play on all my Apple devices. I have all my personal playlists accessible on my phone, laptop, and ipod. This makes Apple Music a much better, convenient option for me. Apple Music is also a fairly affordable option at only $9.99 a month for a single membership or $14.99 for a family membership with up to six members. All these variables make for a well-rounded, seamless music streaming service and, in my opinion, the best one on the market. It’s hard to beat all the benefits that Apple Music offers at its inexpensive price. If you are on the fence between apple music and Spotify I would definitely recommend Apple Music.

Music is a big part of our lives. I always listen to music when I’m on my phone, cleaning my room, doing homework etc. Some of my friends use apple music and say it’s great, but for me, I prefer spotify. Spotify is a free music streaming service that offers a premium option which you have to pay for. The first thing I like about the app is the Daily Mixes. Depending on what kind of music you listen to and how much you listen to it, Spotify will make personalized playlists with songs you listen to or songs similar to them about every two days. Sometimes Daily Mixes will let you pick a song to listen to or other times you are forced to shuffle. Spotify has over 50 million different songs and seven hundred thousand podcasts (businessofapps). Spotify also has playlists named “This is”. “This is” will take an artist you listen to or one they think you would like to listen to and put together a playlist of strictly their music. This is a good feature, because it saves you time by making a playlist with an artist you may already like. One of my favorite features on the app is called “favorites”. The app allows you to favorite any song and it automatically adds them to a playlist. When you like a song it is more likely to pop up when listening to music and will be found more in your daily mixes. Spotify already has playlists made for almost every genre and decade. You can even follow your friends on Spotify and listen to their playlists. The premium version of spotify gives you unlimited skips, no ads, and you can pick the songs you want to listen to. Spotify is the best option for me because I like the personalized playlists and it is easy to use.


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Music from 2000’s people forgot

ndomly, and you happen to know everyword somehow? u’ll likely know, but have forgotten all about.

“Airplanes (feat. Hayley Williams)” “Break Your Heart (feat. Ludacris)” B.o.B Taio Cruz

Music Genres What music genre do teens like best?

40% Alternative 21% Country Graphic by: Gabby Anderson

Pop 26% Rap 13%

“Wherever You Will Go” The Calling

“Down (feat. Lil Wayne)” Jay Sean

Music proves beneficial for work enviorment

At one point during our school career, whether it was in middle school or high school, we have heard at least one teacher say “music is distracting during a working environment.” Are they right or are they wrong? That’s the question. Although this topic is heavily debated, the benefits outweigh the costs. According to an article “The Science of Music and Productivity” (zapier.com), during a study of workers who choose to work with music or in silence, there was an increase in mood, quality of work, and an overall happier experience in workers who choose to work with music. Jobs for students are the assignments they get daily, when music is played in the background either at home or in the classroom, classmates tend to focus on our assignments more when listening to music. On the other hand, businessinsider.com stated that “your performance on intellectual tasks (think reading or writing) suffers considerably when you listen to music”. Some students don’t have issues with listening to music while writing or reading, but at times some do struggle with that because they can’t concentrate on both things at once. Again, this is a very back and forth topic with lots of pros and cons therefore it resonates differently for everyone. Teachers have a point about it being distracting, but they’re just thinking about the students who do get distracted. But, they should consider the fact that lots of kids do get motivated when listening to their favorite music and that it does help them a lot in the end.

Social Media’s Effect

On Mental Health


EDITOR: Gabby Anderson


Are You Addicted?

Students share opinions on social media

PRO Social media and the internet makes what seemed impossible, possible in ways that people years ago would have never seen. There are new ways to share information and for people to work together against a common enemy. The internet as a whole has an abundance of information for those who want to better themselves. Apps like Instagram and Tik Tok make it possible for small businesses to reach people they wouldn’t normally reach. The videos reach people based on what they have already liked on their “for you” page. Customers are able to have a more personal connection with the business when they follow them. This also helps people with ambition get ahead in their business without having to find investors and pay for marketing. Some people will say that these technologies make people incapable of having human interaction, but while technology hasn’t helped the issue, people have always had a hard time talking to people. Today, when so many people get easily offended, it is hard for someone to work out a good conversation. Also another argument is that it is too much information for the youth of today but in an ever-changing world shouldn’t they be prepared? Before the invention of trains, people may have thought that kids should be held back because of their travel limitations. Technology can be used as a tool as long as it is not used too much that it becomes a crutch. Overall, social media and technology is not a necessity but more of a tool for people to use in modern day life. People can communicate, learn, and train harder than they could before. What everyone thought was impossible like a cure for cancer or world peace can be achieved if everyone everywhere works together. Social media is the first step in making that possible.

CON Social media, tele communications systems, computers and the internet at large have been a disaster for the human race. While these technologies have, in a literal sense, made communications across large distances easier, the main effect of social media and the internet is two generations of lost souls, isolation, and a general feeling of discontent. There have been, as previously mentioned, two generations now having grown up with the internet. What a great idea in the first place: to take two generations of children, their brains not even fully matured yet, who don’t yet have the levelheadedness to understand all of the ideas that they see, and to give them unrestricted access to a device with the capacity to bring them an unprecedented amount of information and communications from anonymous individuals all over the world! What a great idea! Surely, there is no way for this to go wrong! These children will, of course, use social media and the internet only for educational purposes and social media to connect with their family and friends in a good, wholesome manner. Most people are finally understanding that communication over the internet is no replacement for a real-life conversation. Communication on the internet is fake, it is plastic, it is an eternal churn of pointless small talk, and it is insufferable. It is a cruel mockery of the kind of connection that real human beings can make when they meet in person. Anybody who has attempted to make a friend online understands this. This is not to mention the cyberbullying, the petty drama, the proliferation of various addictions, and so much more that happens on social media. The internet was not a positive development for the human race. I have seen the best minds of my generation ruined by the internet, and I’m sick of it.


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Social Media makes big effect on teenagers mental health Today most people, teens especially, stare at phone screens all day watching likes and comments, judging everything they post. We often don’t think twice about these things as they are common and normal in today’s society. But how are they really affecting young adults’ developing brains, their confidence? their self esteem? How does social media really impact our mental health? According to an article by McLean, “The platforms are designed to be addictive and are associated with anxiety, depression, and even physical ailments.” (mcleanhospital.org) Along with those harmful effects, social media almost always paints a false narrative of things and creates unrealistic beauty standards, not just for young women but for everyone. Scrolling through instagram or facebook and seeing so called “perfectly” shaped people all day who are size smalls and have hourglass figures is completely unrealistic and probably edited. We see posts of people smiling and seeming on top of the world but in reality that’s only a tiny fraction of their lives and is entirely misleading. These lies that social media feeds to impressionable teens causes body image issues and negative comparing thoughts constantly. An article from King University Online says, “87percent of women and 65percent of men compare their bodies to images they consume on social and traditional media. In that comparison, a stunning 50 percent of women and 37 percent of men compare their bodies unfavorably.” (online.king.edu) With the many negative and positive effects social media has on our mental health, it’s not easy to say if you should continue to use it. It is, however, easy to say that whether you find it good or bad, our mental health is hugely impacted by social media whether we like it or not and it’s important to be aware of how it’s affecting you.

Social Media has big impact in news There are currently 3.96 billion people using social media, with more and more joining every day. Social media has changed how the world operates. We have the ability to get instant news right on our cell phones. This can be positive or negative. Social media can quickly keep the public informed about what is happening around us, but sometimes news on social media can be contradictory and misleading, which is why we have to know how to validate information and check for fake news.

How much time do teens spend on social media everyday? 2%

Less than 30 minutes

1-3 hours


Of students who answered the poll said they spent at least 4 to 6 hours on social media every day.




4-6 hours

more Graphic by: Gabby Anderson



EDITOR: Mandy Petkovich

Animated proves superior to live action

One of the newest ideas that has been going through the film industry is live action movies based on animated classics. Disney has really taken part in this idea, remaking classics such as “Aladdin,” “The Lion King,” and “Beauty and the Beast.” What looked to be like a way to take a classic movie that was already well-loved and put a twist on it, really did not live up to the standards that everyone hoped for. Live action remakes are usually not very good and should not be made anymore. When thinking about having these films reimagined for the newer generations people were excited, until they saw what happened to them. What you would imagine would be an opportunity to take a well loved story and bring it to life, usually ends up

bringing heartbreak. These remakes take away from the magic of the original. People go in with high expectations and are disappointed with the lack of accuracy toward the original film. Taking away characters from the plot or even certain scenes that made the movie amazing leave fans in disappointment. And when it comes to any Disney remake, taking away the songs that made the movie iconic really ruins the magic of the film. These characteristics of the movie that people thoroughly enjoy and look forward to are stripped from them and it takes away from everything that the movie was. Live action remakes should stop being made with the carelessness that they are. Though there are a few exceptions, most of the time they do not live up to the standards people expect them too and take away from the original film. Until these issues are addressed and fixed in future movies, they should be halted all together.


Fan Fav What’s the best Disney Movie?

42% said Lemonade Mouth

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vorites What’s the best Movie Snack?

70% said Popcorn


Book-inspired movies take over Forrest Gump- Starring Tom Hanks, this Academy Award-winning film was actually based on the book Forrest Gump released in 1986 by Winston Groom. This movie follows Forrest Gump as he retells stories of his life from his childhood to his time at war. The classic film was based off of a bestselling book. Hidden Figures- This movie based off the works of three women working for NASA was originally a novel by Margot Lee Shetterly that came out only a year before in 2016. Starring Janelle Monáe, Taraji P. Henson, and Octavia Spencer, this film told the story of empowerment and strength the first black women working for NASA went through. Mean Girls- This iconic 2004 movie starring Lindsay Lohan was inspired by a self-help book for parents by Rosalind Wiseman called Queen Bees & Wannabes. Tina Fey found her inspiration for this film straight from this book and it became one of the most well known movies of its time. Jurassic Park- This series of films produced by Steven Spielburg is actually based on a 1990 novel by Michael Crichton. These series of seven movies ranging from 1993 to the newest release coming out in 2022 were based on only two released novels.


EDITOR: Alexia Barton


Most anticipated books of 2021

Young Adult book recommendations


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1 that people can’t wait to read

Memorable books that shaped this generation

OPINION: Lack of diversity in media proves harmful towards young audience

Diversity within entertainment, as a whole, is just as important as accurate representations of the world in which we live. If

entertainment doesn’t represent the intended audiences of our state, country, and world, it is unappealing to the population that is underrepresented. Popular stories throughout American history, especially prior to the twentieth century, only highlight a small minority of this country. Popular authors, including F. Scott Fitzgerald, Henry David Thoreau and Jane Austin tell stories of white, class-variant, typically straight, neurotypical, cisgender American families and

individuals while holding on to age-old traditions throughout the text. The majority of this country, however, is not reflective of the families and individuals of which are usually written. Diversity is specifically important within children’s books where young, bright faces explore fictional or nonfictional characters that look like them, talk like them, or act like them. According to the Cooperative Children’s Book Center, out of all children’s books published in

2018, 50 percent of characters were white, 10 percent African American, 7 percent Asian American, 5 percent Latinix, and 1 percent Native American. The other 27 percent of characters were animals. Children of color in America are exposed to more characters that are animals than characters that look like them.


EDITOR: Alexia Barton


TikTok stirs controversy Tap each phone to read students opinions on TikTok

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Social Media stars continue to influence young followers Click the influencer to learn more about how they gained their success

“But what is grief, if not love perservering?” ~ Vision

“A Family is forever. We could never truly leave each other even if we tried .” ~Wanda Maximoff

‘WandaVision’ proves to be a hit amongst Marvel fans

WandaVision will go down in history as one of the best TV shows to ever exist. WandaVision follows Wanda Maximoff and The Vision after the events of Avengers Endgame. There are nine episodes in total, but the first 7 episodes start out with Wanda and Vision in different sitcom eras where not all is as it

seems. The show goes from funny and witty, to eerie and dark in a matter of seconds. With all the episodes, (even in the comedy parts) there is a sense that something is off about the world that Wanda and Vision find themselves in. Wanda is often accompanied by her friend Agnes, the nosy neighbor. People from outside the sitcom

life also tend to make their way into WestView. As the story progresses, all of Wanda’s traumas are manifested into the idyllic sitcom world that Wanda and Vision live in. WandaVision explores Wanda’s grief and what it means to experience tragic loss in your life, and how such heavy grief can affect your life. WandaVision also explores Wanda coming to terms with who she is, and

how who she is makes her the most powerful being in the MCU. WandaVision also shows Wanda and Vision’s family life through 5 different sitcom eras, and present day. The show perfectly captures what family truly means to Wanda, and how her love for her family ties into the world she finds herself in.

Netflix and Disney+ provide must-sees for viewers

Whether you are a Disney + or Netflix user, you should be excited for many new releases. Both of these streaming platforms have new shows coming out. Netflix is releasing new seasons of their most popular shows along with new shows

and movies. Disney + has many new shows that people are raving over. One of Netflix’s most popular shows is “Good Girls.” The third season of this Comedy-drama was recently released in February of this year. The series is about a group of moms doing what they need to do for

their children. When desperate for money, they end up holding up a local grocery store. Things start to spiral out of control making them get in even more trouble. This series is easy to get hooked on. Netflix also released an original, “Ginny and Georgia”. This teenage drama-filled show was also released

this February. The show follows a family with a complicated dynamic. Georgia is a single mother with two kids who moves around a lot. Ginny is a confused, moody teenager who explores friendships and relationships in yet another new town. The show is your average drama, but the plot is addicting.

What streaming service is best for you? Streaming services take over cable TV

Streaming services are larger than ever now in 2021 with the average family’s cable bill being about $100 a month (Move.org). Streaming services are for anyone and are easy to use for all ages. Some of the best and most popular streaming services include Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and HBO Max. With Netflix having 200 million users, it also has around 15,000 entertainment options, according to Cnet.com and Compareittech.com. According to

Business Insider Netflix has three different plans for their users. With plans costing $8.99, $13.99, and $17.99. The most expensive plan, also known as the premium plan, offers multiple users on the same account on four different devices (bussinessinsier.com). Hulu is another large streaming service, with about 30.4 million users (statista.com). This is not nearly as many as Netflix, but Hulu does offer something Netflix does not. Hulu offers a live TV option that

can not be found on Netflix. Hulu offers four plans for its users, each costing $6, $12, $65, and $71 each a month. The most expensive option offers viewers their Premium Plan and a live TV option. Launching in 2019, Disney+ is one of the newer streaming services. Disney+ has about 100million subscribers with big name titles like “The Mandalorian” and “Soul” (businessinsider. com). Disney+ along with Hulu offers three different plans. On March 26, some of the plans are going up in price. The plans will be these prices on March 26, the monthly subscription will be $8,

the annual subscription will be $80 a year, The Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN bundle at $13 a month, or an ad free version of the bundle for $19 a month (businessinsider.com). HBO Max is the newest service on our list. Launching in 2020, the streaming service has 17. 2 million subscribers (denofgreek.com) (cnbc.com). HBO Max has over 2,000 movies and tv shows (collider. com). Unlike the others, HBO Max has only one plan costing $14.99 a month (tomsguide. com). Each streaming service is different, and it’s completely up to the viewers to pick for themselves the best option for them.


EDITOR: Brady Cicero


Spill the Tea

Sony, Disney fight for Spiderman Movie their movies and Sony got a cut of it because Spiderman was still their property. It worked well for both sides until the agreement ended in 2019 (Washington Post). In short, the two companies no longer want to share after Spiderman Far From Whether you are a hard core Marvel fanatic Home. Sony tried to sell the movie rights or enjoy a superhero movie here and there, of Spiderman for $10 billion. Disney said what you maybe didn’t know is: there has been no and almost killed off the partnership a rivalry stewing for almost a decade now. as a whole before seeing that the fans of The major companies Sony and Disney have the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) been fighting over the rights to Spiderman were not happy. So, the two went on to make since Disney bought Marvel in 2009. a new deal in 2019 that would save the movies It started when Disney started producing and keep the partnership intact. Sony got movies for the marvel series but ran into an everything they wanted out of this new deal obstacle when trying to do the big-ensemble while Disney got the short end of the stick. films without all the players. Some of Marvel’s big Not too long after this, new deal rumors hitters were in fact owned by other companies. started spreading that Disney still wanted to buy Sony and Disney then came to a shared the rights to Spiderman but for half of what Sony custody agreement over Spiderman. Sony would wanted or even less. The kicker here is that do the solo spiderman movies with Marvel there are rumors of Sony being bought getting a cut for the publicity they bring the by Apple which means that Disney franchise. In turn Marvel got to use him in would get the rights for free anyway.

Johney Depp removed from big films after court Johnny Depp has been playing the very beloved character Jack Sparrow, from “Pirates of The Caribbean” for 14 years now, but now after the court case with his ex-wife, Amber Heard, things are uncertain. It seems as though Disney had cut ties with him when the original film’s screenwriter, Stuart Beattie, implied that they will not be bringing him back for any future roles. “I think he’s had a great run,” Beattie stated for the media. Another role that Depp will not be returning to is “Fantastic Beasts.” According to Deadline, “Depp was asked by Warner Bros to withdraw from the role after he came out on the losing end of an ugly legal battle.” Actor Mads Mikkelson is confirmed to be replacing him for the character antagonist Grindelwald in the upcoming “Fantastic Beasts” movies. He was said to be the top choice to replace Depp. Depp had only been filming on set for one day when this agreement was made about his leave on the up-coming movie. Though he is still receiving his full pay of $16 million, he will not be a part of the movie.

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Britney Spears drama causes uproar Recently, a documentary about pop star Britney Spears was released on the streaming service Hulu entitled “Framing Britney Spears.” The documentary informs us of the conservatorship that Britney’s dad, Jamie Spears, has over her and the effect it has; with him having this conservatorship, it means Britney can not make her own decisions. The conservatorship was granted over to her father after her very public breakdown in 2007, when she appeared in public with a shaved head and smashed a car window. According to Brittney, the reason she shaved her head was because she was “tired of people touching me.” Her father would later send her to a psychiatric hospital, and catalyzed her divorce from Kevin Ferderline where he gained custody of their two children. These situations have further led fans to further believe that their theories that something wasn’t right were probably true. The hashtag #FreeBritney was started by a fan page who disagreed with the legal agreement

of her dad having charge over her. The hashtag has been trending for years and is used to help fight the courts in their decision to keep Britney under the conservatorship. Many protests have started where Britney supporters are marching for her to be free as well as many Celebrities such as Bette Midler, Miley Cyrus and more are standing up on social media and using their platform to express their feelings on the situation and help to end this abuse. Many celebrities such as Justin Timberlake (a previous exboyfriend) and Diane Sawyer have given Britney some hate on her situation and have received a lot of backlash. Recently Timberlake has taken to twitter to form an Apology for his previous actions since the documentary has come out. Britney Spears is still under her father’s conservatorship, but there is a petition to help get Jamie Lynn Spears, her younger sister to take her fathers place as a stable conservator over Britney.

Olivia Rodrigo, Sabrina Carpenter cause stir

Sabrina Carpenter’s new single “Skin” dropped on Jan. 28. “Skin” is believed to be in response to Olivia Rodrigo’s song “Driver’s License”. The drama started amongst the disney channel stars on January 8 when Rodrigo released “Driver’s License.” Fans believe that this song was about her heartbreak with Carpenter’s current boyfriend Joshua Bassett. When Carpenter released skin several days later, fans analyzed the words, connecting it to Rodrigo’s record breaking hit. Carpenter wrote, “Maybe ‘blonde’ was the only rhyme.” This seems to match up with Rodrigo’s lyric, “You’re probably with that blonde girl/ The one who always made me doubt.” “You been tellin’ your side/ So I’ll be tellin’ mine”, sang Carpenter. Rodrigo has told her side of the story in “Driver’s License”, so fans believe that Carpenter wrote “Skin” to tell her side. The bridge of “Skin” seems to reference the title of Rodrigo’s “Driver’s License.” “Don’t drive yourself insane,” Carpenter wrote. This could be, yet another, connection to Rodrigo’s hit. Carpenter tried to shut down the claims made about her new song on social media. “The song is not calling out one single person. Some lines address a specific situation, while other lines address plenty of other experiences I’ve had this past year,” said Carpenter in an Instagram post made after the release of her song. Fans ignored this statement, still believing the songs are connected. Rodrigo, Basset, and Carpenter have all either been on or are currently on a hit Disney show. Because of this, some people are skeptical that the drama is a publicity stunt for Disney. Many rumors have been spread surrounding the release of “Skin” and “Driver’s License” but nobody knows what Carpenter’s and Rodrigo’s true intentions were in writing it.

In the past few years, there has been a rise in popularity towards the online, competitive gaming community. eSports, or electronic sports, is a group of organized leagues where people can compete against each other in games such as “Counter-Strike,” “League of Legends,” “Fortnite,” and “Overwatch. In 2020 alone, eSports made a profit of 1.1 billion dollars which is a vast improvement compared to the 950 million made in the previous year. This year, eSports has had several major events take place around the world. One of the most popular is the FIFAe Club World Cup that took place in February with each zone awarding cash prizes of up to $75,000. The RLCS Season X - Winter North American Major was held in February with a cash prize of $100,000. The competition was for the game Rocket League and has separate competitions for each season.

‘Fortnite’ has died Once popular video game loses audience

Games will always come and go, however, one game that was the biggest in the world for nearly two years may finally be dying down. “Fortnite” at its peak had over 75 million active players within one month. The game, however, in more recent months has been declining massively in popularity with only five million active players. This number is still very large compared to many other games in similar genres. The massive hype around “Fortnite” was originally due to its simple gameplay that was easy to understand but still had elements of RNG (random number generating), which made the game feel different each time you’d play. But now many of the game’s long time casual players have been leaving the game due to the changes in how people play the game. They will commonly say that every game feels the same and will often play for very little time before they get tired of it and eventually stop playing. These things have all led to the game having less and less players over the past few months. “Fortnite” is still by far one of the most popular games right now because of it being free and easy to get into; however, much of the more serious player base has moved on to other games. This means that many of the biggest streamers and content creators have left the game without anybody to introduce new players to it.

Explore ‘Genshin Impact’: Quest Game Genshin Impact is an open-world game free to play on mobile devices, PC, and it is playable on PlayStation as well. The game contains many different side quests alongside its complex storyline. You start the game off as one of two siblings but are soon separated from each other by an unknown being. Throughout the game, you travel across Teyvat, the main world in the game, in search of your sibling. On the way, you meet

different characters and assist them in quests. The game even has a manga, or comic, that you can read that covers

the storylines. Monroe High alumnus, Chloe McLeod, plays Genshin Impact and she talked about how she enjoys the freedom the game offers. “I like that there are so many different things to do,” said McLeod. “If you want to explore the map you can, or if you want to do quests you can. Basically you can do whatever you want.” McLeod said that she plays it

frequently and learns about how to improve her characters. “I would probably call myself sorta serious about Genshin since I plate it every day,” said McLeod. “I’ve watched some Youtube videos and read articles about certain builds but only for a couple characters.” Junior Emma Germeroth also plays Genshin Impact and said she enjoys the main story and the details of the game. “My favorite part of the game is without a doubt the storyline. It’s crazy how well written the plot is, and how every character has their own developed storyline that you as the main character get to discover

while on your own journey,” said Germeroth. “Also, the visual and auditory components of the game are stunning, like the artistic style of the characters and the scenery are so well done.” Germeroth said that she first heard of the game through ads and because her friends had talked about it. “A couple months ago I was seeing a lot of ads for it on youtube and other platforms, but I didn’t pay much mind to it,” said Germeroth, “but then my friends kept bringing up how much fun it was and I eventually caved and downloaded it myself.”



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Lotus Leaf explores everything entertaining in this 38-page edition with interactive hyperlinks. From what's streaming to the latest music a...

LL Entertainment Issue 2021  

Lotus Leaf explores everything entertaining in this 38-page edition with interactive hyperlinks. From what's streaming to the latest music a...

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