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Features of Clinical Laboratories A clinical laboratory is a medical pathology or microbiological laboratory

where medical

professionals can conduct tests on clinical specimens for obtaining important data about health of a patient, regarding treatment, diagnosis and disease prevention.

Clinical Laboratory Types

In different countries, there are two main kinds of clinical laboratories that process most medical specimens. First the Hospital laboratories are associated with a hospital, for conducting medical tests on patients. Second the Private laboratories mostly receive samples from insurance companies, general practitioners, health clinics and clinical research organizations for analysis. This is also termed as reference laboratories where there obscure and unusual tests are carried on. In case of extremely specialized tests, specimens generally are sent to research laboratory. It is cost-efficient if a specific laboratory specialized in rare tests, receiving specimens from other laboratories from other laboratories while sending away the ones that it cannot manage. These apart, other three kinds of clinical laboratories present in various countries are:-


Clinical pathology laboratories


Clinical microbiology laboratories


Clinical biochemistry laboratories

Features of Clinical Laboratories

In India eminent clinical research organizations possess their own clinical laboratories that act as a Central laboratory and are the base of numerous medical studies, such as Phase 1 Study. All the research activities here are approved by NABL and CAP. These laboratories form a crucial part of numerous testing programs with international and national labs to retain high quality controls.

Furthermore, eminent clinical laboratories are equipped with advanced state-of-the-art medical infrastructure and other logistic equipments. Apart from that, there are highly trained experienced medical professionals supported with Laboratory Information Management

Systems (LIMS) for transferring online data and guarantee quicker turn-around time with extraordinary levels of quality and consistency. Other clinical investigations that are carried on clinical laboratories include:-


Urine Analysis

Coagulation Studies


Clinical Pathology



Inflammatory/Immune markers

Infectious Disease Markers

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Tumor Markers

Lipid Profile

Liver Function Test

Anemia Profile

Renal Profile

Diabetic Profile


Capabilities for other kinds of medical tests

Since, clinical laboratories are the backbone of all medical studies, research, investigations and clinical trials it is essential to keep them well maintained and updated from time to time. Eminent CRO’s in India exercise extra caution to keep the clinical laboratories hygienic, updated and equipped with the latest medical equipments. In the recent past, the Government too has taken into consideration to develop the medical sector and the state of clinical laboratories.

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Features of Clinical Laboratories