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Components of Medical and Phase I Studies The Indian medical sector along with the global medical sector has been in a constant state of innovation. In the past few years, medical institutions and organizations has been encouraging medical studies and researches to a great extent. The main objective was to come up with new drug development, new treatment techniques and diagnosis methods to alleviate ailments.

Importance of Medical Studies

Medical research and studies have been an inseparable part of the overall medical field. It helps to find answers to intriguing health questions and to overcome chronic diseases with efficient cures. Owing to this reason, various methods have been formulated to help medical professionals and aspiring medical students in their experiments and findings.

Apart from collecting rare and interesting medical facts, it is essential to keep an eye for supporting facts concerning unexplained and unresolved clinical phenomena. This total procedure includes interviewing key persons such as experts and senior medical surgeons, library work, analyzing the data collected and solutions and recommendations addressed to a particular set of audience for which the experiment or study had been conducted. Therefore, any kind of medical study or clinical research must assess the value addition that it holds for the patients.

Discussing on medical studying, a noteworthy branch that has gathered prominence over the past few years is the Phase 1 Study. Eminent clinical research organizations (CRO) specialize in this kind if study by providing state -of –the- art infrastructure as well as a team of healthy volunteers. It also includes the following:-


Single Ascending Dose studies

Multiple Ascending Dose studies

New Chemical Entities

Dose Escalating studies

Infrastructure and Phase I Studies

In most cases medical infrastructure has a profound role to play in Phase 1 and other medical studies. Indian CRO’s offer an expert group having ample medical know how and are supported by updated medical equipments. This apart, a team of well trained nursing staff is present to execute various kinds Clinical Pharmacology studies.

Most Indian CRO’s with their key strengths feature in the area of planning, designing and managing Clinical Trials. They are associated with clients that belong to national and international Pharmaceutical giants. The client portfolio includes innovators, generic pharmaceutical enterprises, biotechnology and medical device organizations to name a few. Their clinical research programs deploy innovative study designs in clinical pharmacology, medical writing, biometrics, Bioanalytical method development and Pharmacokinetic analysis. All these studies along with Phase 1 study is conducted by a team of experienced clinical coordinators and research associates.

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Components of Medical and Phase I Studies