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Clinical Trials Leading To Advanced Treatments Over the last decade, India has made radical improvement and evolved in terms of medical science and other clinical treatments. This growth and expansion have encouraged Clinical trials and researches. As a result of which, India, today is becoming one of the most preferred destination for medical tourism and advanced clinical studies. Considering the chronic ailments that affect individuals today clinical trials and advanced medical studies help the medical professionals to arrive at better treatments and drug development processes.

According to “Booming Clinical Trials Market in India”, the pace of clinical trials and studies have increased over the past few years. As a result of which new treatment and modalities have also been discovered. It is not surprising that today, we have treatment for chronic ailments such as Cancer, that seemed impossible few decades back. Progressive medical studies have made it possible to detect critical diseases at the initial stage and treat it accordingly. One of the main reasons for this expansion is driven by the advent of industry sponsored trials. This apart, other aspects such as skilled professionals and reliable medical architecture also helps significantly to carry on clinical trials efficiently.

There are esteemed clinical research organization’s (CRO) in India that contributes in conducting clinical trials. These CRO’s have a strategic partnership with leading medical institutions and hospitals in the country. This association helps them to have access to detailed databases that comprises of several therapeutic verticals and other allied diagnostic and proprietary trials.

When it comes to clinical trials, the Phase I- IV trials are the much talked about ones and are conducted by India medical institutions and CRO’s with great precision. This apart, the CRO’s have their specialized research program that executes study patterns such as clinical pharmacology, clinical pharmacokinetic analysis, and other bio-analytical method development that is conducted by a team of expert research associates and clinical co-ordinators. Most CRO’s today have undertaken a 360 degree approach for conducting clinical trials that further offers certain benefits from a wide variety of services such as:

● Pharmacy Services that assures a strict adherence to GCP and other allied international regulatory requirements ●

Feasibility Studies

Clinical Trial Supplies & Management

Bio Statistics

Project Management

Clinical Monitoring

Volunteer Recruitment & Planning

Bio studies to form a core element of clinical trials and researches conducted by the CRO’s. This apart, extensive studies on bioavailability and bioequivalence are conducted in various centers in compliance with global regulatory policies, that are governed with great precision by effective quality assurance services.

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Clinical Trials Leading To Advanced Treatments