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Clinical Laboratories – Backbone of the Indian CRO’s In the recent past medical researches and trials in India have increased significantly. Therefore, today the requirement is to modernize the clinical laboratories and equip them with modern, advanced infrastructure and other innovative medical equipments. The medical professional makes use of a clinical laboratory for studying and analyzing cells and other body fluids. Simultaneously, other processes for instance detecting bacteria, parasites and other allied microorganisms, medical tests to assess the drug levels present in blood and the like are also conducted here. Not only this, they also examine the how the patient responds to a specific treatment offered. Hence, we see that a clinical laboratory is the very base on which essential disease diagnosis, treatment and drug development is conducted. Most CRO’s in India have well equipped clinical laboratories that have state-of-the-art infrastructure that helps in clinical trials, regulatory services and other essential research work. In addition to that, the medical professionals are always backed by high end technology that comprises using the Laboratory Information Management System for every kind of online data sharing. This further assures lesser turnaround times and a high level of quality and consistency. Apart from this few other things that are carried on in a clinical laboratory comprise the samples that are prepared and assessed by the expert clinical technologists. It is used to research on the cells and spot any kind of cell complexities and abnormalities in a patient’s body. High-end medical equipments, such a microscope, cell counters and the like are used by the medical professionals. At the same time, there are other innovative computerized instruments that too are used, in order to assess the medical procedures. Eminent CRO’s in India have their own central laboratories that assist in conducting numerous investigations and various medical procedures. Selected few are listed below:




Urine Analysis

Capabilities for other tests

A clinical laboratory helps the medical students their studies with which they are able to arrive at and introduce scientific medical theories, analogies and drug development processes. One of the noteworthy one would be the Phase 1 studies. Click here for more on clinical research organization

Clinical Laboratories – Backbone of the Indian CRO’s