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Advanced Biometrics Services Provided By CRO’s Medical Science and technology has been joining hands for a while now to come up with advanced devices and treatment methods. On the similar line, biometrics technology has been present for a long time since the time of a standard finger scanner. This technology has been extremely useful in the healthcare and security and surveillance industry. However, there has been a much of the progress biometrics system in the last decade.

The eye sensor controlled wheel chair is perhaps one of the innovative developments that has taken place in this field some time back. To explain in simple terms, this chair is programmed to move automatically in a specific direction with the help of an eyeball movement detection sensor. Though there are numerous medical discoveries that are being made in this vertical, today eminent medical institutions and organizations a are expanding and experimenting with their Biometrics service portfolio.

Biometric Services Provided By Indian CRO’s

In the recent past, well known Indian Clinical Research Organization has come up with their specialized Biometrics department and a team of expert professionals that help in clinical trial and other relevant medical studies. All these are conducted within the CRO’s bio clinical laboratory and the services offered are used by other medical research, diagnostics, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies.

Eminent CRO’s sometimes acts dedicated partner for the success of their client’s clinical development program. For this their

specialized Biometrics team works towards speeding up the regulatory

submission process and minimize timelines by innovative thinking. The Biometrics service portfolio includes the following:-

Database Programming

CRF Design (paper & electronic)

CRF Annotation

Database Programming

Validation Checks

Metadata Repository Management

Data Management

Data Acquisition

Data Reconciliation

Discrepancy Management

Medical Coding (MeDRA & WHODD)

Database Lock

Data Extraction for Reporting

Pharmacokinetic & Pharmacodynamic Studies

Sampling Point Estimation

Technical Document Review

PK/PD Query Resolution

PK/PD Subject Matter Expert

Pharmacokinetic support across study engagement

PK/PD Reporting

SDMS Data Extraction

PK Data Analysis

PK Summary Reporting



Sample size estimation

Trial Design Inputs

Statistical Analysis Plan

Statistical Analysis

Biostatistics Subject Matter Expert

Statistical Reporting

TLF Programming

CDISC Data Mapping (SDTM & Adam)

Clinical Data Repository

Pooled Data Analysis & Reporting

Safety (ADR) Reporting

Patient Profiles & Data Cleaning Reporting

Today Biometrics technology is taking a great leap and making path breaking discoveries and has the capacity to be helpful to people with total paralysis. Furthermore, it is also useful for testing sponsors and medical students. The testing sponsors can secure the benefits of the credentialled program by retaining the integrity of the testing procedure.

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Advanced Biometrics Services Provided By CRO’s