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7 Facts About Curtain Cleaning Which Never Miss

1. Prevent Dust and Debris


A curtain is also used to prevent dust and debris from entering the house; it is thus no wonder to find that curtains are some of the dirtiest household items at home.

2. Curtain Cleaning Importances By Cleaner


Cleaning curtains can be done at home by inviting specialized cleaners to come and clean the curtains, by machine or hand wash at home or by taking the curtain to the dry cleaners. Irrespective of the mode of curtain cleaning services there are certain steps that will have to be taken to ensure the curtain cleaning exercise is successful.

3. Curtain in Machine Washing


Curtains made from cotton, nylon or polyester can most likely be machine-washed without issue.

1. Spot treat any stains with a stain remover, gently rubbing it in with an old toothbrush 2. Wash curtains in cold water on the delicate cycle, using a mild cold-water detergent intended for delicate fabrics 3. Tumble dry on low heat, and then re-hang while still just barely damp

4. Choosing Window Treatments


Dark curtains will show more dust, while light or white curtains may look dingy sooner.


Add a liner to curtains to help protect against sun damage.

5. Taking Care Of The Curtain Rings


Curtain cleaning cannot be complete without taking care of the curtain rings. These rings can be boiled in vinegar if they are a tad rusty; it gives them back that newish shine. Some soap can be used on curtain rods that are looking old and are not running as well; they will get their smooth run back.

6. Use Vacuum Cleaner To Remove Dirt


You can use the dusting attachment on the vacuum cleaner to vacuum curtains and remove dirt and loose particles from time to time. This curtain cleaning method is especially appropriate if the curtains are not very dirty but just had some little accumulation of dirt.

7. After Wash Fast Dry By Air Dryer


After washing in a bathtub, the curtains can be tossed into a dryer for that fast drying. Add some fabric softener to the air dry setting and give the curtains some thirty minutes to completely dry. In half an hour's time you shall have some very fresh smelling and new look curtains at home



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7 facts about curtain cleaning which never miss  
7 facts about curtain cleaning which never miss  

This Presentation have 7 facts related to curtain cleaning which give some ideas about how curtain cleaning done without professional cleane...