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Lotus introduces ‘Safe & Sound’ Hybrid

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In order to generate the engine noise, recordings of a suitable donor engine were made and analysed to establish the dominant frequencies at different engine speeds. These frequencies are then entered into the synthesis controller in the form of a ‘voice’ which outputs the sound through an amplifier and on to the loudspeakers. Further fine tuning is achieved through varying the output volume dependent on throttle position to replicate that of a conventional powertrain setup. The resulting ‘Safe & Sound’ Hybrid demonstrator vehicle clearly demonstrates the benefits of Lotus sound synthesis technology in improving pedestrian safety. It has however raised further opportunities of what such a system can offer and exactly the best way to implement them. One potential avenue for future research is defining the optimum sound to emanate from the vehicle. For this project, the most effective noise was the sound of an engine, as it is recognisable as the sound of a moving vehicle.

But with the increasing popularity of electric and hybrid vehicles, maybe different synthesised sounds could be the best compromise between providing a warning to pedestrians whilst minimising unnecessary noise in urban environments. Similarly, it has already created debate within Lotus as to whether the vehicle, when stationary but ‘running’, should be synthesising external sound. There is no technical issue either way, it just comes down to what is deemed the best balance between giving prior warning of a vehicle that might imminently move and minimising noise levels from stationary vehicles. What is certain is that the system has great potential to address one of the issues facing hybrids and EVs and is yet another novel application of Lotus’ active control expertise. Source: Matthew Reed, Lotus Engineering

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