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Active Valve Train

Expanding Combustion Knowledge Our background, education, work experience and exposure to technologies often results in us being trained to a way of thinking so thoroughly, that we’re sometimes unable to think differently to give us the cutting edge we need. It’s that 'thinking outside the box' phrase we’ve come to hear and loath. Breaking out of that proverbial box requires courage, innovation and investment. In the engine design world, it’s a paradigm shift in thinking which leads the exploring engineer into engine combustion strategies which are possible with the use of a variable valve train system, in particular, our Lotus Active Vallve Train (AVT) system. But, it’s not just about seeing data from a different angle. It’s about access to new and previously unavailable data, this is what makes the difference. It’s a dream world of a valve control system operating in


real time and adjusting individual valves according to the demands of the ECU. A world where the physical link between the crankshaft and the valves is completely decoupled, thus enabling the opening of valves at every stroke to run as a two-stroke or as a conventional four-stroke operation, and even to venture into six-stroke and eight-stroke combustion. Multiple exhaust valve events become a reality and a whole spectrum of new combustion strategies becomes possible. With over 30 Lotus AVT systems now sold worldwide, it’s important that we take note of global market trends and client feedback as we forge ahead into a strong legislatively‑driven world of emissions control and fuel economy. The research departments of major OEMs, research institutes and universities

Lotus proActive Magazine - Spring 2014  

Lotus Engineering's quarterly automotive industry magazine

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