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rechargeable tealights page 09 All prices include GST |


home ambience

replacementt cords & globes

salt lamps Our beautiful natural salt lamps from the Himalayas help to return Mother Nature’s healing and harmonising to your space. Many people are unaware of the health beneďŹ ts of salt lamps. Salt rock crystal is known for its ability to ionise the air. Negative ions are essential to our health and wellbeing. Highly polluted areas often have a low negative ion balance, which leads to a feeling of reduced health and wellbeing. Place a salt lamp in your space to enhance your wellbeing and experience an improvement in your overall health! All lamps come with Australian approved cord & globe.


Fairy 19cm $17.95

2-3kg 19cm $19.95

3-4kg 21cm $22.00

4-6kg 24cm $25.50

6-8kg 26cm $33.00

buy 1 get 1 FREE

Sunset 1.6kg 13cm $24.50

Lge Orb 4kg 17cm $44.00

Sml Egg 3.4kg 21cm $35.50

Lge Egg 3.5kg 26cm $55.00

Pyramid 4.5kg 19cm $55.00

Lotus 4kg 18cm $55.00

15 watt or 7 watt clear globes $2.00 each 10 watt coloured globes $3.00 each Cord (white/black) $12.50 each

8-10kg 28cm $43.00

10-12kg 29cm $75.00

12-14kg 34cm $86.00

14-16kg 37cm $89.00

16-18kg 39cm $99.00

18-20kg 39cm $130.00

20-25kg 41-43cm $140.00

buy 1 get 1 FREE

Aromatherapy 3.3kg 19cm $44.00

Large Elephant 6kg 21cm $49.00

Medium Elephant 3kg 17cm $40.00

Baby Elephant 2kg 15cm $30.00

25-35kg 43-45cm $150.00

buy 1 get 1 FREE

Tristan Turtle 3.5kg 13cm $40.00

Pussy Cat 3.5kg 15cm $40.00

Feng Shui Fish 3.6kg 22cm $40.00

All prices include GST |


Benefits Meditation/Yoga Deepens your meditation experience.


Studying Improves concentration.


Living rooms Creates an enhanced peace and relaxation.

original fire bowl


Office Place near a computer to clear electromagnetic smog and reduce user fatigue.


Feng Shui When placed in a strategic spot it enhances Chi energy.


angel tear drop

Allergy Sufferers Helps to clean the air naturally and helps you breathe easier.




frog on leaf


caged firebowl buy 1 get 50 % off th e 2nd

heart lamp

EXCLUSIVE $66.00 each


lion king

archangels buy 3 differ e angel nt s for the pr ice of 2

manifestation angel wooden base 6.5 x 6.5 x9 weight 3kg


salt balls st. michael

healing angel

st. uriel

wooden base 6.5 x 6.5 x9 weight 3kg

plastic feet 5x5x10 weight 3kg

wooden base 6.5 x 6.5 x9 weight 3kg

All prices include GST |



special gifts Special gifts for the special people in your life.

bright idea angels Bright Idea angels are stunning in homes or on bed side tables. Ideal house warming gift or just something angelic in your home.

glass nail ďŹ les



R $5.50


R $11.00


R $16.50

Size: 34.6cm x 10cm x 18.2cm

$19.95 Himalayan


A salt crystal lamp that plugs into a powerpoint great as a night light. Ideal for nurserys!

sold as a pair!

$14.95 $19.95

hand of hope This is the type of gift you give your best friend so that everytime she lights it she thinks of you and the strong friendship which is like an eternal ame. Some of us have the best girlfriends and we don’t celebrate the friendship enough! Size: 16cm x 9cm x 20cm

set of 2

newborn angels Babies are gifts from God put in our care and these hands are the gift for a new born. Sold as a pair they are delighful for any nursery. I love them so much we put them in our catalogue and being a God mother so many times gift ideas are sometimes hard.

$22.00 set of 4

crystal angels These darling crystal Angels are sold as a set of four and ideal to give one to each of your best friends, sisters or mothers. They are a Gem. Size: 10.2cm x 7.8cm x 20.5cm

sold as a! set

Size: 13.3cm x 8.8cm x 3cm


mesmerisers (hanging spirals) Hanging orb that when twirling gives an optical illusion. Available in purple or clear. Size: 12.3cm x 9.2cm x 25.2cm

All prices include GST |



great gift idea!

Hexagonal Salt Tealights $16.00


Heart Salt Tealight $12.00

Our beautiful tealight candle holders are available in a variety of colours and materials to suit any dec贸r.

hexagonal he exag xxa ag go ona nal nal


Rose Quartz Candle Holder $24.95

Lotus Salt Tealight $16.00

Natural Salt Tealights Tealight $8.80

Cone Salt Tealight $12.00

No naked flame! Ideal for the family home or work! Stop using real candles! Great as a night light!


our #1 sellingct! produ

Flickers are rechargeable affordable amber coloured tea lights. These Flickers recharge in 8 hours and run 10 hours straight.



set of 4 flickers

set of 12 flickers

Excellent for home or office use. Also comes with 4 free plastic tumblers!

Ideal for Restaurants, big homes and shops. Also comes with 12 free plastic tumblers!

Easy to use and recharge on a base. There is an on/off switch on the base of each candle as well.

talking photo album

• • • • • •

One touch play back and record 99 year memory! Records 12 seconds per page Batteries included Leather bound Fits 24/4 x 6 photos

Talking Memories are the ultimate in using technology to advance education for children and give a unique gift of love. The adorable photo album and photo frame are the ultimate interactive keepsake. Imagine the joy on a grandparent’s face when they receive an album full of photos accompanied by the voices of their grand-children. It might even bring a smile to your face as you browse the album years later and listen to your children’s voices as they once were.


All prices include GST |



affirmations Healing Affirmations are three-fold, and all three are required in order to Harvest the Precious Benefits of doing them. By seeing them in the home or work you can reap the full benefits of what they say and mean. The Three-Fold Healing Processes are: Think, See and Feel. You need to: 1 Think Positive Thoughts

Words available:

Dreams - 12cm x 40cm Believe - 12.5cm x 30cm Magic - 11cm x 25cm Love - 13cm x 25.5cm Angels - 11cm x 30cm Dream - 13cm x 35.5cm

2 Visualize Radiant, Positive Images

Abundance - 13cm x 48cm

3 Feel Positive, Sparkling Energy within you.

Welcome - 13cm x 41cm

We are strong believers in the Healing Power of Positive Thoughts and Positive Visualizations. Hope you enjoy these words as much as we did putting them together.


All of our Word Affirmations come in white so you can be creative and decorate them yourself to match your decor.

Happens - 10cm x 40cm

words in ! wood


rose quartz lamp Rose quartz is one of nature’s most desirable and beautiful varieties of quartz. The pink rose color is completely unique and unlike any other pink mineral species on earth! Rose quartz is the stone of the heart Chakra, and is not only full of love, beauty and peacefulness, but is also ‘an emotional balance’. Place a few rose quartz crystal lamps around your home to create a unique natural ambience.

$4.00 each each

heart shaped angel poo Solid Himalayan Salt carved love hearts.

$19.95 $19.95

angel poo kits

Place Poo on or in any container

Our angel poo (yes, you read correctly) DIY salt lamp kits contain 2kg Himalayan Salt Chunks, cord and globe. Makes a great house warming present. Use your own bowl or vase to create!

The rose quartz comes in it’s natural rough form with a hole drilled out in the center and a low voltage light inserted with an attached electric cord. Comes with cord and globe.

All prices include GST |



Translucent Selenite has a very ďŹ ne vibration and brings clarity of mind. Pure Selenite is a link to the light body, helping to anchor it in the earth vibration. Selenite is a calm stone that instills deep peace and is excellent for meditation or spiritual work. The purest translucent white Selenite has an ethereal quality and is said to inhabit the place between light and matter. An ancient stone, it is nevertheless one of the most powerful crystals for the new vibration on earth. A large piece of Selenite placed in the house ensures a peaceful atmosphere. All selenite lamps come with Australian approved a cord and globe.


selenite wands Selenite wands can be used to detach entities from your aura and prevent anything external from inuencing the mind. In Psychology, Selenite assists judgement and insight. Mentally, it clears confusion and aids in seeing the deeper picture. It brings about a conscious understanding of what has been occurring at the subconscious level. This is a powerful disperser and a stabilizer for erratic emotions. Size: 2.5cm x 16cm






$22.00 Size: 2cm x 13cm



selenite tealights Selenite tealights are beautiful in any home.

heart tealight


square tealight



replacement cords & globes

starry nights selenite chunks

te selenite sphere lamp

15 watt or 7 watt clear globes $2.00 each

2kg bag of selenite chunks comes with a cord and globe.

Comes with cord & globe.

10 watt coloured globes $3.00 each

Selenite Chunks can also be sold separately. Enquire for prices.


Cord (white/black) $12.50 each

lipstick Comes with cord & globe. 25-26cm high approx.

selenite lamps Our selenite lamps come from ancient sea beds in Morocco. Great for improving concentration or as a special decoration.

$24.95 9-12cm

15-20cm 22-30cm 31-40cm

w/batt & LED base

w/cord & globe

w/cord & globe

w/batt & globe





All lamps come with a cord & globe.

love chunks Our Selenite hearts are polished beautifully in Morroco and they are said to aid exibility, decision making, and clarity.

All prices include GST |


health s tester le b availa 0 $1.5h eac

There is an oil here for everyone’s taste! $19.95 each Easy Breathing Contains eucalyptus, spearmint, peppermint, tea tree & lemon.

lifestyle oils Smell angelic! Aromatherapy is just starting to be used to its full potential in Australia. Studies have proven aroma is a powerful influence in moods and peoples daily lives. Lifestyle Oils bring you an oil for every prosperous facet of your life. Life is for the living and we have some gorgeous oils pre blended to use in your new Aromasiser or Electric oil burner! 100% made in Australia for people who care about themselves and where they work. Use our 100% pure essential oils that have been lovingly blended and poured by Claire. Claire’s loving energy has ignited these oils and you will feel the benefits of their healing and grounding aspects.

Abundant Energy Contains sweet orange, spearmint, cinnamon & clove.

Jungle Safari Essence Contains rosemary, basil, lemon, cinnamon & sandalwood.

Clear Focus Contains basil, lemon, sweet orange & mandarin.

Life’s Passion Contains bergamot, true lavender, ylang ylang, mandarin, clary & sage.

Space Clearing Contains geranium, peppermint, true lavender & clove.

Snuggle to Sleep Contains true lavender, bergamot, mandarin, ylang ylang, sandalwood & patchouli.


electric oil/soy wax burner/vaporiser A beautiful electric aromatherapy oil vaporiser. Safer to use than a standard oil burner which uses a naked flame. This vaporiser maintains a steady temperature, with no worries and costs less than 2

cents a day to use. The other bonus is you can use soy melts, no mess or fuss. Great to use for meditation, in the bedroom, or the kid’s room.

dony’t pa $59t.a9il5 re


buy 3 get 50% off the 3rd

le lab i a av blue in ink! or p

No. 1 Aromatherapy Diffuser!


soaps aromasiser Simply set unit on a stable surface, take out cover as per instructions, fill with tap water 50ml approx, add 5-10 drops of Lifestyle Oil blends and place both covers back correctly. Then plug in adaptor and press ‘on’. Do not lean unit over while operating. To clean, empty water from the back side where you plug it in and wipe with a dry paper towel.

The Linen Co o presents prese sent n s the the be best st priced and easiest Sonic e to use Ul Ultra So nic ni ic Aroma Diffuser. user. u user Our Aromasisers are th the mostt convenient i i t and easy way to make any room smell beautiful in three seconds flat. This new technology replaces oil burners and any ceramic electric vaporisers. The Ultra Sonic cannot burn the oil, its function is to stream air infused with oil and water which has been broken up into millions of micron particles – creating a mist infused with essential oils.

Not only is the Aromasiser Aromasise a diffuser it is also a purifier, humidifier and mini night light. This is a great gift for fo someone who loves their home to smell fresh and s wonderful all the time. Use in conjunction with our lifestyle oils. Costs less than 20 cents a day. Safe for children’s rooms. 100% Australian approved electricals. Full instructions in box. We love this new line and hope you do to. We are here to help you create a warm loving environment for yourself.

Aromasiser avoids the hassle of: • Hot oily water

easy to use instructions

• Eliminates a naked flame and messy wax 1.

• Will not overheat or cause injury




• Includes 1 year guarantee • Lasts 4 hours until water is depleted • Safe, easy and reliable with auto shut off

1. Take off cover A then take out cover B

2. Fill tank with water (max 80ml)

3. Add 3-5 drops of essential oil to the water

4. Replace cover B, then cover A tightly

5. Plug in the power adaptor and press the power button

6. Do not lean the machine during operation

All prices include GST |


s net g a m ide! ins

ct dire the fromorter imp


Suitable for any chair. Magnificent for comfort! BUY 2 for only $55.00

Mag Magnetic Therapy Memory Foam Lumbar Pillow Mem How doe does magnetic therapy work?

koala k l k kush h Everyone needs support! Experience the newest innovation in sitting comfort with the Memory Foam Contour lumbar with Magnetic Therapy and Tourmaline. Now softer than ever before, the memory foam contour pillow offers soothing magnetic therapy large disc shaped 1500 gauss rated magnets, as well a lining of tourmaline, which aids in ionising. Regular Lumbar pillows only provide lower back support. Get the Lumbar Pillow that offers support and magnetic therapy!


Magnetic therapy is based on the premise that electrical activity exists in the body at all times, particularly as the heart beats or during bone production. This pillow is made from pressure sensitive NASA developed, Memory Foam, that conforms to the contours of your body, cradling the neck and head to relieve pressure. If you sit at a desk all day or drive a truck or car, you may find yourself slouching to alleviate lower back pain. A lumbar pillow may be just what you need. Great for


home, office, car and when travelling by boat or plane. • Includes a white, washable, zippered Terry Cloth cover for easy care • New softer, plusher feel • Large 20 cent piece disc shaped magnets made of 1500 gauss rated material • Helps alleviate pressure Each memory foam contour lumbar pillow comes with a removable, washable, zip-off cover.


Solay Salt Chunks Himalayan Salt Refills Himalayan salt is loaded with over 84 trace elements for the body. Great for cooking and you can taste the difference. Brings out a new flavour in your food. Himalayan Cooking Salt 250g refill bag $6.60 600g refill bag $7.00 1kg refill bag $9.00 3.5kg refill bag $35.00 Granular Himalayan Salt Crystals 250g refill bag $6.60 600g refill bag $7.00 1kg refill bag $9.00 3.5kg refill bag $35.00 Pepper 250g refill bag $8.80

Dissolve a pinch of salt into a litre of pure drinking water. Take a sip three times a day. This helps to detox the body. 600g $9.90 1kg $12.95 3.5kg $35.00





Ceramic Grinders Adjustable crushing action releases 100% pure unrefined natural himalayan salt or pure whole black peppercorns in your choice of grinder with a Italian designed ceramic mechanism. The grinder will not oxidise food or rust. The top lid prevents spillage.

Spa Salt A bath with Spa Salts will ease any skin irritations like rashes, eczema and psoriasis. Soak in a bath of 250g of Spa Salts for no longer than 30 minutes. Follow by drinking 2 litres of water.


Salt Soap Rub the salt soap bar on damp skin or soak in a salt soap bath every second day, for 20 minutes.

250g Spa Salt $6.60 600g Spa Salt $7.00 1kg Spa Salt $9.00

Ideal refills for Funky Monkey Salt Grinders!

3.5kg Spa Salt $35.00 10kg Spa Salt $90.00

All prices include GST |


pro unit


Dr Detox® Foot Spa’s Ion Cleanse for you to use at home or for a therapist. The Ion Cleanse machine from Dr Detox® is a system which generates and emits a stream of positive and negative Ions. Dr Detox® is a painfree, rapid and effective way to detox the body without having to take expensive tablets or spend weeks drinking nothing but juices. Simply by using our Dr Detox®, you may see a significant change in the colour of the water in the first half hour session.

What is a Detox Foot Spa? The Dr Detox Foot Spa is a gentle non-invasive therapy, which re-energises the body and helps support the body to detoxify naturally, helping restore your natural equilibrium and well being.

When the feet are placed in the water the interaction of the positive and negative ions re-energises, re-vitalises and supports the body’s innate ability to re-balance and achieve a higher state of well being.

During a foot detox spa treatment the Ion Cleanse unit delivers a small amount of low level, electrical current into the array (electrode), which results in a reaction between the array, the water and the Himalayan salt (added to help conductivity and increase the ionisation effect), to generate positively and negatively charged ions.

How does it work? In a healthy person, your body should have 80% negative electricity (usually known as negative ions) and 20% positive electricity (positive ions). But the human body is like a giant magnet that attracts and holds onto toxins. These toxins disrupt normal body functions creating an environment for disease.

$15.00 Dr Detox Liners. 50 per pack.



$19.95 Replacement Stainless Steel Arrays (Pack of 2). Each lasts 50 detoxes. Various array brands available.

Dr Detox Consumables Pack

$9.00 1kg Salt

0 mins

ur Ask yo tive enta repres e demo re for a f r home in you y! toda

10 mins

20 mins

30 mins min

Only salt & water have been added. What is the difference between the Home and Pro units? The Dr Detox Pro unit has 3 detox settings whereas the Dr Detox Home has the one setting for a gentle detox.

home unit


buy 1 % get 50 e off th 2nd

aussie wobbler Proper exercise is important in maintaining good physical and mental health. People in today’s age are often in bad health because of air pollution, over nutrition (oxygen consuming digestion) and lack of aerobic exercise. The Aussie Wobbler Massager is a device used to simulate the motion of a swimming fish helping to improve one’s health by providing one with a convenient and easy way of exercising everyday.

$122.00 • • • • • •

Model: el: Aussie Wobbler Rated Voltage: 200- 240v/50.60HZ l Consumer Power: 50W Timing: Switch 20 Mins Weight: 7kg Warranty: 6 Months


cover Made from Australian lambs wool. Sold separately

All prices include GST |


fashion Don’t pay $99 wholesale!

clip-in hair extensions High Quality Kanekalon Hair pieces at great prices! At our prices why not pick up a few sets in different colours to mix and match! You will feel instantly glamorous! You don’t need a perfect match on colour as toning is easy!

You can change your look in an instant with Premium Quality 100% Kanekalon Hair accessories. You can now have long beautiful hair instantly. No more bad hair days! You can up and go with our hair pieces, it is that easy to do! Ever wanted that movie star look but at a price you can afford? Our easy to use Clip In pieces are made from the finest quality Kanekalon Fibre Synthetic Hair. We use these over natural human hair because we believe that a persons energy remains in the hair even after it is cut and treated. Kanekalon Fibre performs the same way that normal hair does and looks great everytime. Kanekalon fibre is heat resistant and

ost our m us ro glamo ct! produ

our price


can withstand heat from 110-160 degrees celsius (230-320 farenheit). It is the very next best alternative to human hair extensions, as it looks and feels very real. Beautifully soft and shiny, and oh so easy to use. Our hair pieces can be clipped in and out in a matter of minutes and look 100% natural. Available in 5 colours and 4 fabulous styles! They do not fall out, the clip is like an Alligator! These are the Ultimate hair pieces. Fast, easy, reliable and stunning looking. Instantly transform your look and amaze your friends. Imagine the look on their face when they see you with gorgeous long beautifully thick, celebrity style hair!

Available colours:

easy clip-in 20




red brown

dark brown



before minx




All prices include GST |


st hotte ct u prod 11! 0 for 2

The Diamonds Our stunning Rockstar™ collection is affordable without compromising on quality, set in Platinumised Plated 930 Silver. Every woman deserves a beautiful ring and with Rockstars™ Diamond Simulants you can. Lustre and brilliance will not fade.

You can now buy a Rockstar™ diamond ring and have that holiday. Spoil yourself and still have money left over. Buy what clever girls buy and look glamorous.

Our Promise

Rockstars™ Diamond Simulants are exclusive premium quality Diamonds grown under sustainable conditions, which ensures it to function for you in exactly the same way as an earth mined diamond. It will dazzle you with its radiance, beguile you with its brilliance, keep everyone guessing and make you


“Rockstars™ Diamond Simulants that don’t cost the earth”

Settings Why Platinumised Plating? You can indulge in the look and feel of platinum without the pure platinum price. Platinumised is more durable than Rhodium-plated, the combination that makes up Platinumised Plating is Palladium and Rhodium both of which belong to the Platinum metal group. Combining these two metals together and coating your ring in several interlocking layers ensures that your ring is coated in a combination of Platinum hardness and Rhodium brightness, giving you a durable and lustrous finish to your ring. Why Not? Finally a diamond that is conflict free and you can afford them in abundance!!



We are committed to providing the best service we can. Rockstars™ W have all the lifetime wearability of natural diamonds. If any Rockstar™ ARRAN diamond gemstone ever fades, discolours, or becomes damaged a free replacement will be granted. Due care and respect of the ring needs to be taken into consideration. Rings cannot be worn in sport or rough lifestyles as this will damage the ring. If the ring is altered in any shape or form the warranty will become void this includes resizing. Platunumized Plating’s luster will not wear within 5 years compared to Rhodium plating which will wear within 6 -12 months.


feel like a million dollars without having to spend it.

The Linen Co. has a strong commitment to the environment. The green movement is in motion. The mining of diamonds is destructive to people, animals, mines and forests.

$132.00 $239.00






Stunning is another word for this beautiful desirable ring! Centre stone is round brilliant 1.25 carats .

This ring is a timeless beauty! The trinity of love. Three stones elegantly set. Centre stone Round Brilliant cut .75, 2 side stones round brilliant cut .25 carats. Total of 1.25 carats.

This is the most elegant ring we have! Longing is designed as the perfect ring for a woman who has everything! Princess cut stone of 1 carat 12 side stones of .03 in size. Total of 1.36 carats.

Rockstars Size Chart Place a ring that ďŹ ts you over the circles below, making sure the inside of the ring lines up with the outside utside of the circle.













I love my ring and it looks perfect. I gifted one to my Mum and she was ecstatic! A. Derks All prices include GST |

23 23

Amethyst Necklace

Citrine Necklace

Fluorite Necklace

Mixed Agate Necklace

Sunstone Necklace




necklaces & bracelets Amethyst has deep spiritual ties. It prevents psychic attacks, transmutes, puriďŹ es, cleanses and enhances clarity.

Beautiful jewellery for the beautiful women in your life. With a wide range of necklaces and pendants, we have jewellery to suit any occasion.

Citrine does not accumulate negative energy. It stimulates abundance, mental focus and endurance as well as balancing yin and yang energy. Good for family happiness and never needs cleansing. Fluorite increases your concentration and heighten your intuition. Helps maintain an unbiased impartiality when decisions need to be made. Fluorite lets you take a step back and see better.

Turquoise Strengthens the entire body. Aids in circulation, vitalises the body and can enhance peace of mind. Great for throat chakras. Mixed Agate Tones & strengthens the body and mind, imparts a sense of strength and courage, a powerful healer and is grounding but energising. Sunstone s thought to represent the sun bringing life & abundance, dissipates fear & stress and is used to clear and energise chakras, sunstone also encourages independence and originality. Lapis Lazuli Symbol of friendship, activates the thyroid gland and aids creativity, releases tension and anxiety, facilitates mental clarity & communication with the higher self & spirit guides. Black Agate helps you become the Master of your own fate. A good stone to repel negative energy surrounding other people


$9.95 Citrine Bracelet


Fluorite Bracelet

Sunstone Bracelet

Black Agate Bracelet

Red Coral Bracelet

Turquoise Bracelet

Lapis Lazuli Necklace

Black Agate Necklace

Rose Quartz Necklace

Red Coral Necklace

Tiger Eye Necklace

Jade Necklace

Turquoise Necklace


drops Rose quartz is a stone of warmth and love. It opens the heart to the beauty within and around us and helps us to forgive. As Amethyst is to the Spirit, so Rose Quartz is to the Heart. SelfAcceptance: Self Love, and enhances all forms of love. Jade has the ability to transform negative energy and is effective in dealing with anger and resentment. It helps with communication difficulties, and dissolves mental and emotional blockages.

Pearls symbolize the best within us. Honesty, Purity, Wisdom and Integrity. They remind us to walk with dignity. Have you ever seen a woman wearing pearls acting in an undignified manner? Pearls not only provide a mirror in which to see ourselves, but give us insight into how we

Magnetic Clasp

appear to others. Pearls can stimulate your femininity and help with self acceptance. They lift your spirits and make you feel calm and beautiful. When have you not felt ultra feminine when wearing pearls?

Durable Rubber

Close-up Pearl

Red Coral Assists a positive emotional outlook & expression, brings stability and balance to ones emotions. Beneficially influences heart, brain and circulatory system, bones and spine. Tiger Eye is an excellent grounding stone! It promotes balance and s trength to get you through difficult phases of life.




Champagne All prices include GST |


t guil free er h leat $39.95

papousse handbag Cream colour great jean bag for getting around with a casual look. Soft guilt free leather feel, SINGLE handle, pull in the sides to create a easy going look, internal zipped pocket and the bag is ZIPPED SHUT, This is our most easy going bag to have!

bags The Linen Co. has a new winter collection of handbags and purses and make up totes designed to carry a lifetime of personal treasured items. These bags are an Italian design approved and look great. We hope you love them as much as we did buying them!! They are made of guilt free leather. No animal has been harmed in their making process. The leather look in our bags is easy to clean and extremely durable!

ny buy a et g bag & ff 50% o d the 2stn ocks while t las


$39.95 $34.95

star studded handbag Warm chocolate in colour, when you want to impress this is the bag to have. Glam it up in this little beauty! Soft guilt free leather, double handles with silver studs - the look this winter, with an internal zipped pocket and zip fastened top of bag.

atlantis handbag Mediteranean blue in colour wonderful bag for books and beach wear. Messenger Bag Fabric zipped pocket in back of bag, front of bag and internal, also comes with a shoulder strap for that smart look!

Special buy one of each style of our bags and get a free organiser!

$14.95 $14.95

the abyss organiser

voted r t fo #1 gif n! wome

Ever looked into your hand bag and thought abyss! This lovely thoughtful organiser stops that abyss feeling. When your phone rings you will get it. When you need those keys they will be right at your ďŹ nger tips. When you need that lip gloss you will have it and look great too! Features sturdy sides that are non-collapsable. Size: 26cm x 15cm


purses High Quality purses, which can be coordinated with each season’s ready to wear fashions and colours. They can also be used as an evening clutch bag! Gorgeous colours that you will love to use. Ideal present for a girl who has everything! Fits 8 cards and has a photo area for pictures of your loved ones. Available in Black, Metal Pink, Red and Purple.


mini tote make-up bags Ideal for makeup or loose things in your bag. Great gift for your girlfriends. You will love our new and fun designs. They are for anyone who has lippy! Size: 20cm x 14cm B


Size: 19cm x 10cm



All prices include GST |



for ideal the kids &rley elde


food containers The Linen Co’s food containers make storing your food and leftovers easy! Made from 100% food grade materials, all our containers are great value. Microwave and dishwasher safe.

no burny ďŹ ngers These microwave/dishwasher safe containers feature a detachable handle to help with handling hot food. Great for soups! Set includes one large (1800ml), one medium (1000ml) and one small (500ml)


food buddies

lazy lunch boxes

Food buddies come set of four and are made from 100% food grade materials. Food buddies are air tight and will keep your food fresh for up to 5 days.

Make your lunch times that little bit more convenient nt with the lazy lunch box range. e. This set includes three lazy lunch unch boxes of different sizes to suit any appetite!

Set includes one extra large (19.8cm x 14.7cm x 10.6cm), one large (17.5cm x 12.5cm x 9.3cm), one medium (14.8cm x 10.6cm x 7.8cm) and one small (12.7cm x 9cm x 6.7cm)



.95 $49 in es stor

Set includes one large (16cm x 16cm x9.5cm), one medium (13cm x 13cm x 7.5cm) and 5cm). one small (10cm x 10cm x 5.5cm).

sachet kit 120ml

bottle kit 100ml




domestic bling home protection kit Domestic Bling™ Glass Cleaner and Glass & Ceramic Protectant is all you need to keep your home immaculately clean and radiant. Simply pre-clean the surface with Bling™ Domestic Cleaner before applying Bling™ Domestic Protectant to protect and increase cleanliness and hygiene and reduce cleaning time by 90%! Maintenance Contaminants and limescale are easily removed from ceramics or glass simply by rinsing with water. Moss and algae growth is reduced and bacteria cannot penetrate the treated surface. It is ideal for all hygiene sensitive areas such as nursing homes, hotels, guest houses, hospitals etc and all food storing and processing areas.

Time and effort spent on cleaning, as well as the use of additional cleaning agents, is reduced. • Application is easy! • Exceptional durability • Does not harm adjoining surfaces Use on any ceramic, enamel or glass surface, including: • • • • •

Splashbacks Tiles Bathrooms Internal shower screens Toilets

optical bling We all know the problems experienced through the misting up of Spectacles, Helmet Visors, Swimming and Diving Masks etc. That is not all, they are often the subject of intensive cleaning, fingerprints or grease marks that are difficult to remove. Not only is this annoying, but it can be dangerous in certain situations. Now there is an end to all of this! Perfect for spectacles and sunglasses, helmet visors, diving masks and ski glasses. • • • • • •

Resists dirt and dust Resists misting of glasses Suitable for all spectacle lenses Biologically degradable Environmentally friendly PH neutral

1 application lasts 5 years. Never scrub your shower again! All prices include GST |


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active The Linen Co. active range is for people who are always on the go and love to spend time in the outdoors. Are you tasty to mosquitoes? Do you hate having to smother yourself in smelly chemicals to prevent bites? If so our battery operated Mozzie Militia mosquito repeller is a must Mili have for you! hav This incredible little device is discreet, convenient, and highly effective in con keeping your personal space free kee from mosquitoes - without the use of harmful chemicals or bad odours. harm • Requires 1x AA Battery (Not Included) • Mozzie Militia is Sonic/ Ultrasonic type (5000-9000 Hz) • No chemicals / No pollution


Fill your water bottle with water from any source as long as it is not salt water. Lasts for over 300 refills. Excellent for travellers or people who work in remote locations. Store-bought bottled water isn’t just expensive. It contributes to overconsumption of tonnes of environmentally un-friendly plastic waste made from non-renewable fossil fuel resources. When these bottles are emptied, they become landfill - or garbage that ends up in waterways. Greenhouse gases are the by-product of manufacturing these disposable, store-bought plastic water bottles. So too are the carbon emissions from vehicles that transport these bottles to shops.

Colours available:

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Healing Green Luna Blue Mars Red Unicorn White Earth Latte/Tan


bath towel Size: 70cm x 140cm

Eco-Friendly Cultivation Bamboo requires very little attention when grown, and is typically cultivated without the use of herbicides or pesticides. Harvesting bamboo leaves the root of the plant alive, thereby preventing erosion. Naturally Anti-Microbal Textiles made from bamboo fibres resist the growth of bacteria, mildew, fungus and other microbes. This means that towels stay fresher for longer between washings. Highly Water Absorbent and Fast Drying Because of the structure of the individual bamboo fibres (long hollow tubes) bamboo textiles

are highly absorbent, and are fast drying. Bamboo towels absorb as much as three (3) times the water as a similar weight Cotton towel, and dry twice as fast. • Hypoallergenic • Machine wash on gentle cycle with cold water • Tumble dry on low heat • Wash with like colours • Do not use fabric softeners • Do not bleach • Occasionally, you might notice a few loose threads or enlarged loops. Simply trim these to the same level as the rest of the loops with sharp scissors to prevent your towel being damaged.

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sports towel Great for Yoga & Golf! Size: 40cm x 120cm


hand towel Size: 40cm x 80cm


facewasher Size: 35cm x 35cm

The softest towels on the planet and they stay that way even after washing! All prices include GST |





don’t pay $19.95




All soaps come shrink wrapped in plastc so you can see how yummy they look!





We still have Skin Lust & a lot of our old range. Contact us for more details.

soaps Warning our soaps are highly addictive, they sell so well and smell fabulous. Our Soap is hand crafted with care and infused with nature. The Linen Co. make all our handmade natural soaps in small batches. Every step is done by hand with care. This ensures better quality and a wonderful uniqueness to each bar. This natural soap is not only beautiful it also has great moisturizing properties as well. We have over nine blends of soap offering many moisturizing benefits. Our natural soap is chemical free; the ingredients are organic and all natural. There are no detergents, sulfates, alcohol, preservatives or surfactants; it is also vegan except for the Goats milk. The pure bar soap is hypo-allergenic. Our soap is biodegradable and it will not clog pores. We also use all natural colors. We use only the best herbs, botanicals, and spices in our soaps. We care about your health and the health of the planet. We never test on animals; we test all our products on ourselves before we sell it, it’s that natural and safe. No palm oil is used as all.


1. “V8 SuperSoap” gets you up and running on all 8! This is a stunning MEN’S SOAP RoseGeranium and Spearmint: An enriching soap combining the heady scents of rose geranium and spearmint essential oils. Organic Australian green, red, blue, pink and black clays are used to create colour, and cocoa butter and mango butter are added to nourish and moisturise the skin. Ingredients: Olive Oil (85%), Coconut Oil, Caster Oil, organic clays, butters and essential oils. MENTALLY UPLIFTING 2. “Skin Like Butter” Rose Geranium and Rosewood: This skin enriching soap is especially designed for aging skin, using rosewood and rose geranium essential oils for their skin rejuvenation properties. The soap is rich in organic red clay which also has a replenishing and rejuvenating effect on aging skin. Cocoa butter and mango butter are added for moisture and nourishment. Ingredients: Olive Oil (85%), Coconut Oil, Caster Oil, organic clays, butters and essential oils. 3. “Stress Less” Orange and vetiver: This is a calming soap rich in sweet orange and vetiver essential

oils. Vetiver is particularly stress reducing. It is enriched with organic yellow clay and paprika essence and loaded with butters to moisturise and revitalise your skin. It is a moist and enticing soap and is a real stress buster. Ingredients: Olive Oil (85%), Coconut Oil, Caster Oil, organic clays, butters and essential oils. 4. “Golden Delicious” Patchouli, mandarin, orange, lime, rose geranium and rosewood with a touch of lavender and vetiver. This is a soap for a larrikin, bright and inviting, but with a heart of goodness. It is excellent for skin conditions and mind conditions. It is bountiful in minerally enriching organic clays; red, blue, black and green and vibrant with paprika natural colour. Cocoa butter and mango butter moisturise and nourish your skin. Ingredients: Olive Oil (85%), Coconut Oil, Caster Oil, organic clays, butters and essential oils. 5. Scent of an Angel Sweet orange, rosewood, patchouli, mandarin and rose geranium: This is a beautifully appealing soap designed for the traditional and romantic at heart. As a gift it suggests exactly that. It is the giving of love. This is a moisture rich soap with

a subtle perfume, excellent for the skin, heart and mind. It is enriched with mango and cocoa butters and red clay. Ingredients: Olive Oil (85%), Coconut Oil, Caster Oil, organic clays, butters and essential oils. 6. Men in Uniform Lemon, lime, mandarin, orange and a touch of vetiver. This is our real Aussie soap. Australian citrus oils and Australian organic clays, yellow and green, create this wild bush soap. If you love the energising impact of fresh and strong citrus oils first thing in the morning then this is the one for you. It is very uplifting, moisturising and enriching and you couldn’t help but feel patriotic and loyal. Ingredients: Olive Oil (85%), Coconut Oil, Caster Oil, organic clays, butters (cocoa and mango) and essential oils. 7. Purple Minx Lavender True: There are so many varieties of lavender and this one is beautiful. This soap is designed for real sexy lavender lovers. Can we duplicate that gorgeous rich purple colour again? Probably not! Australian organic clays of red, blue, black, natural gardenia colouring and alkanet root contribute towards this stunning soap creation, but just because it is too

good, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be used abundantly. It is created especially to moisturise and enrich your skin with butters and mineral clays. Ingredients: Olive Oil (85%), Coconut Oil, Caster Oil, organic clays, butters (cocoa and mango) and essential oils. 8. Skin Secret The CRYSTAL SALT SOAP. How long is it since you washed with real soap? Do you even know what real soap smells and feels like? Well this is as pure as it can get. 100% pure extra virgin olive oil and Himalayan salt bring you this magnificent soap. There is something beautiful about the pure smell of olive oil soap. This soap is a special treat for your skin and if you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergic dry skin conditions this may be your secret. It is ours! The salt benefits oily, acne prone skin and provides mineral enrichment while the purity of extra virgin olive oil is nonallergenic. This soap is perfect as a facial cleanser. Help yourself! Save your skin! Now you know our secret! Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Himalayan salt. 9. Whiffy Woofs Lets not forget man’s best friend. Specially formulated for dogs and puppies.

t Oli t Ingredients: Olive Oil Oil, C Coconutt Oil Oil, C Castor Oil, Beeswax, Scented with Tea-Tree Oil. Skin Lust Zingy, zesty, and uplifting. Rich in lemon oils and a real favourite of lemon lovers. Deeply cleansing. Ingredients: Olive Oil 90%, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Beeswax, Himalayan Salt, Ground Lemon Verbena leaves, Clay, Lemongrass, Lemon Ti Tree, Lemon Eucalyptus and Tangerine Essential Oils. Lye and rain water. Clean Bean Rosemary and Lavender are among the most healing of essential oils. Ingredients: Olive Oil 90%, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Beeswax, Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Mud, Essential Oils of Rosemary and Lavender. Lye and rain water. Pussy Galore Timeless and tantalising, rose. Essential oils of Rose Geranium and Rosewood, spiced with Black Pepper oil. Ingredients: Olive Oil 90%, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Beeswax, Himalayan Salt, Ground rose leaves, Clay, Rose Geranium, Rosewood and Black Pepper Essential Oils. Lye and rain water. 007 Shaving Soap The richer oil in the Shave Bar will lubricate,

t t and dh ki and d relieve li protect heall your skin razor rash. Ingredients: Cedarwood rosemary, sandalwood, olive oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, mineral salts, Bentonite clay, cedarwood essential oil & rosemary essential oil. The Funky Monkey A fine textured goat’s milk, castile soap, enriched with chai spices. Ingredients: Olive Oil 90%, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Honey, Himalayan Salt, Cocoa, Chai Tea and Essential Oils of Coriander, Cinnamon, Clove, Palmarosa, Nutmeg. Lye, Rainwater and Goats milk. Zen An uplifting and refreshing goats milk, castile soap. Ingredients: Olive Oil 90%, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Beeswax, Himalayan Salt, Green Tea, Spearmint and Peppermint Essential Oils. Lye, Rainwater and Goat’s ‘Milk. i-soap For the techno head who has everything! Ingredients: Olive Oil 90%, Coconut Oil, Caster Oil, Beeswax, Himalayan Salt, Ground Rose Petals, Clay, Rose Geranium, Peru Balsam, Cinnamon and Frankincense Essential Oils. Lye and Rainwater and Goat’s milk.

Ski ll ! Skin H Harmony – B Bestt S Seller! This is it! Plain extra virgin olive oil, Pure Apricot kernel oil soap unperfumed designed for VERY sensitive skins rich in Himalayan salts. Designed to release the healing properties of Himalayan salt on the skin. Babies can use this or even bigger babies! No essentials oils this is a true virginal soap. Virgin This is unscented soap for people with ultra sensitive skin or women going through Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy. It has the wonderful Rose Hip Oil with Olive Oil coconut and palm Apricot Kernal. This is a very caring soap for your skin. Rainforest Revenge This is a wonderful revitalising blend. Ginger, Tea Tree Oil Poppy Seeds Lemon, Lemon Eucalyptus. Very fresh soap! Me Tarzan You Jane This is a unisex soap and smells divine. Enriched with Geranium, Rose Wood, Sandlewood Palmarosa oil, Lemon, Lime, Orange and Rosehip oil. Just a beautiful soap to have in your shower. Scrummy!

All prices include GST |


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