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Aromasiser Diffuser $49.95 each

The Linen Co Australia presents the best priced and easiest to use Ultra Sonic Aroma Diffuser. Our Aromasisers are a most convenient and easy way to make any room smell beautiful in three seconds flat! This new technology replaces oil burners and any type of ceramic electric vapouriser. The Ultra Sonic does not burn oil - its function is to stream air infused with oil and water which has been broken up into millions of micron particles - creating a mist infused with essential oils. Not only is the Aromasiser a diffuser, it is also a purifier, humidifier and mini night light! This is a great gift for someone who loves their home to smell fresh and wonderful all the time. Safe, easy and reliable with auto shut off. Why not use in conjunction with our lifestyle oils? The Diffuser costs less than 20 cents a day to run. Safe for children’s rooms. 100% Australian approved electrical components. Full instructions included in box. Simply set diffuser on a stable surface, take out cover as per instructions, fill with tap water 50ml approx, add 5-10 drops of Lifestyle Oil blends and place both covers back correctly. Then plug in adaptor and press on. Do not lean unit over while operating. To clean, empty water from the back side where you plug it in and wipe with a dry paper towel. Aromasiser avoids the hassle of hot, oily water, eliminates the use of naked flames and messy wax. Will not overheat or cause injury. Includes a 1 year guarantee. Lasts approximately 4 hours until water is depleted.

We love this line and hope you do to! Help create a warm loving environment for your home or office and yourself!

Lotus Bird Vitality

Lotus Bird - Aromasiser Diffuser  
Lotus Bird - Aromasiser Diffuser  

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