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Our Continuing Mission to Pray for Women’s Empowerment Week One (1-7 March) Mobilize: Ask friends, family and church members to join in the month of prayer. Use our hashtags on social media– #WISE31DOP and #WISEWOMENPRAY. Week Two (8-14 March) Advocate: Speak out for women’s rights; download the WISE Women Empowerment Resource List at Week Three (15-21 March) Serve: Volunteer with an organization that supports Women’s Empowerment or host a special event that provides others the opportunity to share their support.


ach year we come before the Lord en masse to pray for vulnerable women and girls, individuals who are victims of burnings, honor killings, female genocide, child marriage, and denial of their human right to work and be educated. During March, Women’s History Month, we encourage you to participate in the following actions to support justice and equality for women who are oppressed and need us to stand for them.

Week Five (29-31 March) Partner: Promote partnerships for gender equality through “friendraising.” And share a resource that will help promote Lott Carey’s work in Women’s Empowerment.


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PRAYER By Dr. David Emmanuel Goatley Executive Secretary-Treasurer


erving in the Global South opens me to new lessons of faith. Many of us who live in the Global North (e.g., North America and Western Europe) sometimes assume that we must have certain resources in order to minister faithfully. I am reminded of the time I visited an interior area in Guyana where people used canoes to travel the river. There were kid-size canoes that young children would paddle up the river, mid-size canoes that a couple of adults might use and family-size canoes where mom, dad and several children would travel together. Because the river was the “road,” people would paddle up to a dock and walk directly into the church. No van needed there! On my first visit to Malawi nearly 30 years ago, I was stunned to learn that people would walk for miles to worship together at church. The people were singing with joy and volume when my team arrived. They sat on wooden benches with no backs. We had to use candles for light as the sun set during the service. Afterward, people used lanterns to light their paths back home for their journey of several miles. No car needed there. Then, there was the community that called on the church to pray for a woman who was deathly ill. A missionary from North America was in the community, and they invited him to pray with them. He expressed some hesitation before accompanying the group because he thought that the woman should be taken to a physician. None was accessible to this community. The woman made a temporary recovery but relapsed. They called on the community to pray again, but this time they omitted the missionary. The woman made a full recovery this time. Afterward, the missionary asked why he was not included in the second prayer gathering for healing. The local elders told him that he was omitted because he did not have faith. Some believe in the practice of prayer. Others, however, believe in the power of prayer. Because we believe in the power of prayer, we invite you, your family, your friends, and your church to join us in praying for women’s empowerment. As you pray the prayers written by sisters from around the world, you will be informed and inspired to believe. Let us pray. Believing in power, David Emmanuel Goatley

Lott Carey Herald/Spring 2018

Prayer Changes Things “Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere.” (Ephesians 6:18 NLT)


s we embark on a renewed, united and concentrated prayer effort seeking the good health, safety, general wellbeing, empowerment, and advancement of women and children around the world, we must remain mindful of II Corinthians 10:3-5 (NIV): “For though we live in this world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” Lott Carey Women in Service Everywhere (WISE) is seeking worldwide, daily participation in this prayer initiative during the 31 days of March 2018. You may do this individually, or join us as often as you can on our 6 a.m. ET prayer call March 1 through 31. We encourage you to do this again with your local organization or small group any month, or months, in which the Holy Spirit leads you to do so. We anticipate positive change and are excited about the testimonies we will hear following our unified prayers. We have this confidence because Jesus said in John 10:10 (KJV): “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” WISE is claiming that abundant life for women and children around the world. Thank you for supporting this endeavor. Carol W. Mohamed, President Lott Carey Women in Service Everywhere (WISE)

Pray and Act Lott Carey’s Global Prayer Network welcomes your time, talent and resources. Here’s how you can be an active part: • Participate in Prayer: Join us for daily, 10-minute prayer session beginning at 6 a.m. ET, March 1, 2018. Dial 712-770-4010, then enter Access Code: 423651 to join the call; or pray the prayers daily in your personal or family prayer time. • Organize for Women’s Empowerment: Host an event to provide others the opportunity to pray and share their support. • Advocate for Women’s Empowerment: Speak out for women’s rights. Share our Women’s Empowerment material with others at church, by email, and on social media. • Take Action: Volunteer with an organization that supports Women’s Empowerment. • Share a Gift: Give a special financial gift to Lott Carey WISE to support Women’s Empowerment. Donations are accepted online at or you may use the envelope conveniently attached to this magazine to mail your gift. 3

Day 1 Psalm 3:1-8

Women-led Households


lmighty God, creator of all humanity, we come to you as your loved children fully cognizant of our context and identity as women who lead households. Dear God, we express our gratitude to you because you listen, look at, and care for us just as you do with others in our society. You know, from where you sit, that women-led households are considered incomplete families. Our children are mocked and laughed at when we fail to provide for the essentials of life. Thank you, God, for seeing our tears, hearing our cries in the night, and knowing our daily sufferings due to the burdens that we carry in providing for our families. You are aware of our isolation and inadequate integration into society. We know deep in our hearts that you hold us in your palm and continue to hear our joys and pains. You answer our prayers that are before you. We all are equal, irrespective of our social standing. We pray that our societies that perceive us as failures will transform and see us as valuable assets. Strengthen our faith when we experience stigmatization and exclusion. We look forward to the day when we shall experience the overflow of love as we sit at the table with your other children. May misery not continue to be our portion! Our prayer is that you grant joy, courage, and wisdom to raise and nurture our children across boundaries that divide and promote environments of justice, mutual learning and respect of all human beings. God, see and hear the cries of women-led households as they eke out livings. 4

Open doors for us to find meaningful sources of livelihoods. Deliver us from the ills of poverty, marginalization, isolation, squalor, fear and anxiety of the unknown. Empower the households and their leadership. May we experience divine health, protection and provision in the midst of human-made and natural disasters as well as other vagaries of life. Let our households embrace historical moments of hope and grace over and against the demons of depression, stress, despair and hopelessness—recognizing that we, of course, as women have feelings and therefore are prone to have a sense of fear. Help us, God, not to let go of the lifeline and string of hope that sustains us and gives us energy to face tomorrow. God, may we in our weakness, humble states, and meager economic activities find favor with you. Let your kindness, peace and justice not depart from us. Endow us with the wisdom and courage to raise and nurture our boys and girls with respect, dignity, and the value of a common humanity. On our journey of life, provide us solace and companions for solidarity as you continue to hold our hands up in order that we can become vessels of honor to you and agents of change in our families, churches, and the wider society. Dr. Agnes Abuom Moderator World Council of Churches Central Committee Nairobi, Kenya Lott Carey Herald/Spring 2018

Day 2 Australia: Psalm 5:1-3

Day 3 Bahamas: Psalm 6:6-10


ear Heavenly Father, thank You for protecting the Aboriginal women and girls of Australia. Lord, there is so much trauma and heartbreak happening across Australia. These mothers and daughters are hurting as they face the death of loved ones through suicide, domestic violence and the ongoing abuse of drugs and alcohol. Heavenly Father, these women also face racism that is still prevalent across Australia. Lord, please break the chains of darkness that continue to hold our women in bondage spiritually, physically and emotionally. They need to hear of Your great and wonderful love for them and the gift of salvation. We pray for our Aboriginal women in Christian leadership with their husbands that they will be given wisdom and grace to continue their vital work for You. Father, the harvest is ready, ripe to pick but with few laborers in the fields. Our leaders and pastors are tired and weary from the overload. We pray for help and support. Lord, we pray for the state of Victoria that continues to make laws to stop the influence of Christianity in our schools. We pray against the local government’s anti-Christian stance to wipe out our beliefs and values. We pray for peace and safety in Aboriginal communities large and small. Amen. Francine Riches Melbourne Indigenous Church Fellowship Melbourne, Australia


ather God, we worship and adore you in the name of Jesus the Christ. You are the most high God. We acknowledge that there is no God like you. You are God alone. You are worthy to receive all of the glory, all of the honor and all of the praise! Your word declares that when we, your people who are called by your name, humble ourselves, pray, seek your face, and turn from our wicked ways, then you will hear from heaven. You will forgive our sin and heal our land. So, we confess that we have strayed and have turned to the gods of this world. We have abandoned you, O God, and we have fallen in love with this unrighteous world’s system. We repent, and we are thankful that you have forgiven us and have cleansed us from all unrighteousness. Father, we bless your name because you have always been our help and our place of refuge. We are especially grateful that you kept our nation, the Bahamas, and its people safe from the ravages of hurricane Irma during this past summer. Even though we suffered loss of infrastructure and economic deprivation, your grace and mercy brought us through. Thank you that the life of every man, woman, boy, and girl was protected from harm, danger, and deadly diseases during the floods and the rain. Thank you for the testimony of your word that the righteous are never forsaken and their seed never begs for bread. You have always stood by our side. You have always been our guide. So, we decree and we declare that we are a blessed nation whose God is the Lord. We pray for our national leaders, both political and spiritual. Cause them to desire wisdom and understanding that comes from God. For the men and women who daily work to defend our nation and to uphold its laws, we ask that they trust in you. For unless you keep us, all of their labor is in vain. We are forever grateful for all that you have done and all that you continue to do for us, in Jesus Christ. Amen. Evangelist Vanessa Campbell Judaea Baptist Church Nassau, The Bahamas

Lott Carey Herald/Spring 2018


Day 4 Psalm 9:13-14

Child Marriage


od our Father, we give thanks for your immeasurable, unconditional, and transforming love that is so great that individuals around the world are fully committed to following You, doing what is just, loving mercy, and walking humbly before You. We thank You, Lord, for your wondrous love. We lay before you the cares of young girls who are impacted by the system of child marriages. We know that each girl is beautifully designed by you for your purpose. Lord, we pray for relief upon their hearts so that they do not lose hope and faith in you. We ask for your transforming love and redemption to touch the hearts of those who have accepted child marriages as a social norm. Convict their spirits and reveal to them the emotional and physical harm that they have caused. Let them feel great discomfort until their hearts are fully transformed by your love. Lord, we ask you to watch over the recovery efforts of these young girls and strengthen the advocates who are working diligently to bring these young girls to safety. We pray for programs and educational opportunities that will build awareness and bring an end to these tragedies so that no more girls have to endure this suffering. We praise you, O God, for the young girls who have been released from this bondage, and we pray that even more are granted freedom in days to come. Father, watch over these beautiful girls and cause them to have great comfort in knowing that you have them in the palm of your hand, you are in control of this entire situation, and that you love them more than they could ever fathom. We lift up these beautiful young girls to you, Father. In Jesus’ merciful name, we pray, Amen. Rev. Amanda L. Haines President Baptist World Alliance Youth Department Youth Pastor & Administrator Shiloh Baptist Church, Norfolk, Virginia 6

Lott Carey Herald/Spring 2018

Day 5 Brazil: Psalm10:12-14


ear God of Life, creator of the world and of all who inhabit it, whose ears are always open to our cry, we humbly address you today to give thanks and to intercede. We give thanks because you, Lord, made human beings in your image and likeness and saw that it was very good. Thank you! Therefore, we thank you for the women in the narratives of the Holy Scriptures who inspire us to assert your will that there be no distinction of persons and that all men and women have the right to life and life in abundance. We remember Sarah, Leah, Rachel, Hagar, Tamar, Rahab, Jael, Micah, Judith, Ruth, Naomi, the muse of the Song of Songs, the Marys and the many women with names and without names who are still witnesses to the love of the God of Life, and who are unconditionally committed to the dignity of human beings. In this spirit, we thank You, Lord, for all those women who today, especially in Latin America, continue their daily struggle for respect and human dignity. We also intercede for them to stand firm on their journey, unrestrained, in the certainty that you, Lord and God of Life, walk with them. We pray for indigenous women who only want to live in peace on the land that belongs to them and cultivate their traditions in favor of future generations. Give them strength and courage, Lord! We pray for women who inhabit the big cities and their peripheries who expect to receive a living wage for their work and have the right to live their life with freedom. Give them strength and courage, Lord! We pray for The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo in Argentina who represent all mothers who daily lose their children due to violence practiced by governments. Give them strength and courage, Lord. May this strength and courage, Lord, be a source of inspiration and encouragement for all of us, today, wherever we are, in our projects, dreams and purposes. Amen!

Day 6 Canada: Psalm 16:7-8


racious God, thank you for your love and endless mercy. Thank you for providing for us and keeping us thus far. We look to you now, in this time of violence, seeking care and protection for the women in our midst. Our throats are parched from crying out. So many of our girls have been taken. Our sisters are being preyed upon and trapped in human trafficking rings. They are missing from our eyes but, Lord, you see them. There is nothing that escapes your eye. Nothing is too hard for you. You are able, O God, to set them free. You are the God of liberty and salvation. Deliver our sisters and daughters, we pray. Release them from the tyranny of those that seek to dehumanize, demoralize, and destroy. Give hope and a sense of your presence to those who feel forsaken. Change the hearts of evil ones that do violence. Transform them to hearts that reflect your love and mercy. Help us, as your children, to be light in this darkness. Give us firm footing in this overwhelming tide. Embolden us with the courage to not only denounce these ills but to call our leaders to account, demanding action and policies that protect those who are the most vulnerable in our society. Strengthen us to be agents of change, standing on your truth and proclaiming your transforming word. Hear our prayers, O Lord. Hold us close and ease our pain. Dry our tears. Help us, even in our trials, to trust in you. In all these matters, loving God, grant us your perfect peace. In the matchless name of Jesus, we pray. Amen. Dr. Rhonda Y. Britton Senior Pastor Cornwallis Street Baptist Church Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Professor Magali do Nascimento Cunha Methodist Church SĂŁo Bernardo do Campo, Brazil

Lott Carey Herald/Spring 2018


Day 7 Chile: Psalm 17:6-8


ather God, giver of life and all good things, we humble ourselves before you and thank you for the many blessings in our lives. We thank you for each new day and new opportunity to draw closer to you and to share with others the good news of Jesus Christ. We come before you today with the women and girls of Chile on our hearts. Women have won many rights and victories there over the years with many gains coming since Chile became a democracy in 1990. Chile has even seen women move into political power. Yet thousands of our sisters there still struggle against spousal abuse. Nearly half of the women in Chile suffer physical or psychological abuse from a spouse. Chilean women in great numbers still experience gender inequality, income disparity in the workforce and fewer educational opportunities especially for those who are poor or live in more remote areas of the country. The state of women’s health is also precarious. Not enough is spent on preventative services, such as cervical cancer screening, and testing for sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/ AIDS. Although Chile historically is a country of many religions and faith traditions, the number of Chilean people who say that religion is important to them continues to fall. Lord, we pray for a refreshing of the Holy Spirit. We ask on behalf of our sisters in Chile that you continue to be a way-maker for those who suffer oppression from the powerful. Show them your love, Lord, and bring them your peace. Turn their abusers into advocates. In the perfect name of Jesus. Amen. Geri Coleman Tucker Contributing Writer Lott Carey Herald

Day 8 Dominica: Psalm 23:4-6


ur Father and our God, we humbly come into your presence with thanksgiving in our hearts for having such a friend as you, for you are touched by our infirmities. We say thank you. We praise your name. We hallow your name, O Mighty God. We place you at the highest place. We thank you for this beautiful island called Dominica. Thank you for the many lives that were spared during Hurricane Maria, for the homes protected, for the many persons who have come to our aid and for the support we have had in so many different ways. Lord, we bring before you those who have lost their loved ones—the grieving mum, dad, friends and family. We ask that your peace will cover them. We ask you to provide for those who have lost their homes, possessions and sources of income. We trust your word that tells us that you will supply all our needs. We pray for those who have migrated to other islands, especially our youth and children, to attend school. Guide them, protect them and meet their needs. We know that our children are vulnerable. Father, please set a hedge around them. We come against the spirit of abuse of our children. We rebuke all evil and ills against them in Jesus’ name. Continue to look down upon our island, Lord. Bless the government as it continues to seek assistance in the way forward for our country. We pray that our crops will grow in abundance and that we will have a mighty harvest. We pray for greater investments to be made in our country that will enrich our land and not bring it down. We bring our spiritual leaders before you and ask for your continued guidance. Give them wisdom and direction. We pray for a spirit of repentance to hover over Dominica so that people will turn their hearts and minds toward you, Father. Father, we bless your mighty name, and we believe your promises to be Yes and Amen. You have promised to give us the desires of our hearts. So, Father, seal this prayer with your blood. In Jesus’ name. Amen. Mona Deravariere Caribbean Baptist Women’s Union Roseau, Dominica


Lott Carey Herald/Spring 2018

Day 9 Ethiopia: Psalm 25:15-17


eavenly Father, thank you for the privilege of being your children. Thank you for the honor you bestow on us to come before you and present ourselves to you. You are a loving, gracious and compassionate God. Father we pray for the women of Ethiopia. Dear God, let every woman feel the power of your presence. May she know that she is valued, treasured, and wanted. May the women of Ethiopia see themselves the way you see them, full of potential and possibilities. We pray for transformation of their minds so that they may pursue all that they can achieve through you. We pray for the doors of opportunity to open so they may pull themselves and their families out of poverty, hopelessness, and despair. May they know with certainty that their voices matter, that you see their broken hearts and you are there to mend and heal them. We pray that they may have the courage to stand up for themselves and lead in whatever situations they are in. We pray that they may be free from the bondage of oppression. We pray for wisdom and strength to walk away from situations and things that are damaging, harassing, and holding them back. We pray that their spirits will be lifted and filled with confidence. Lord we pray that they will know that you love them and have plans and purpose for their lives. We pray for the young girls that are buried with housework, carrying loads more than their little hearts, bodies, and minds can carry. Help them to see that they are overcomers. We pray that they become resourceful with what is around them in order to change their lives for the better. We pray that the men in their lives will see their worth and treat them with dignity and respect. We pray for the government, law enforcement, and officials to protect them and not to work against them. Take away fear, intimidation and worthlessness. Replace them with hope, strength and power. We love and honor you, Father. Thank you for the hope we have in your word. In your son’s name. Amen.

Day 10 Ghana: Psalm 31:1-5


ur Gracious Lord and Master, we thank and praise you for your love, goodness and mercy toward us your children. We are forever grateful to you for our salvation and the victory of the cross. Hallelujah to your Holy Name. Father, we come before you today with the Vestal Virgins/Trokosi (meaning; wives of the gods) of Ghana. Father, this practice of sending virgins (women and children) of ages six years and above to shrines to atone for the sins of a family or to avert calamities from families has enslaved women and girls for ages. Jesus, you died to set us free from every bondage. Therefore, Father, it is our prayer that you deliver these women and girls from this slavery, from this infringement upon their basic human rights, and from the physical, mental and sexual abuse they are going through. We continue to pray for the mothers whose children are forcibly taken away as wives/slaves to the shrines. Please console them. We pray that the perpetrators of this cultural practice will come to the saving knowledge of you. We pray and thank you for the Christians and NGOs that you have raised in this country to fight the injustice in this cultural practice. Grant us all the needed resources to train and reintegrate the freed women and girls into their communities. Finally, give us the courage to speak and act against injustice for those who cannot speak for themselves. For your dear name’s sake we pray. Amen. Philomena Wiredu National Desk Director Women’s Missionary Union Accra, Ghana

Helen Mesfin Host and Executive Producer Helen Show on EBS TV McLean, Virginia

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Lott Carey Herald/Spring 2018


Day 11 Psalm 34:1-7

Gender Discrimination


ur God, most holy, most worthy, and most sovereign creator of all that is good and perfect, in humble submission we lift this special prayer that you breathe anew your breath in the lives of women who face discrimination throughout the world. So many people—male and female—live with the idea that women are less than equal to men in worth and work. We pray for equity in value, opportunities and compensation for women wherever they live and labor. We especially pray today for the lives and ministries of women clergy all over the world who rely on your Holy Word to order their steps. We pray for these servants of yours who, minute by minute, answer to the call of Luke 4:18 and Matthew 25:40. God, it is because of your breadth of protection, vision, provision, courage, and encouragement that clergy women sisters are able to breathe new life into others and into otherwise dead situations. Selah! But, God, too often we also fall short, not knowing when to seek rest, respite, and the recharging power that only you can give. Too often we are so engaged in reacting to those who seek to do harm to the least of these your children, that we forget to engage you in the ways that most release your power unto us. God, too often we give over to habits of incremental self-destruction that put at risk our health, our families, our well-being—spiritual, emotional, financial and otherwise—leaving us wounded vessels drowning in our callings and aspirations. Selah! God, our Fatherly Mother and Motherly Father, we turn to you, seek forgiveness from you, and petition you for the healing habits of restorative self-care that you have ordained so that we may continue to build and witness in your name. And, God, most of all, as you touch us, touch those we have been called to serve. Breathe in them and on them a new joy, the undimming light of your glory and promise. And, may we continue to follow that same light in service to you and the world that you created and called into being. Amen. Rev. Dr. Iva E. Carruthers General Secretary Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference Chicago, Illinois


Lott Carey Herald/Spring 2018

Lott Carey Herald/Spring 2018


Day 12 Grenada: Psalm 34:17-18


ur Heavenly Father, we come humbly into your presence to ask that you rain down joy and relief in the lives of women in the tri-island state of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique who are suffering at the hand of their abusers. Our fervent prayer, Lord, is for the healing of our land, so that we can triumph over the scourge of abuse and violence perpetrated against our women and young girls. As mothers and grandmothers who have been influenced by the power, strength and devotion of God-fearing women, we can testify that you love our land and that you have blessed us with riches untold. These are evident in the kindness we show to our neighbors and even strangers to our island paradise. Lord, among the nations of the world, we are taking our rightful place as beacons of light as we celebrate upstanding women leaders in all spheres who—through their genuine love for you, care for their respective communities and steadfastness to the values that we hold dear—would ultimately guide our nation forward. Lord, give them guidance in the legislature so that they can protect the vulnerable among us. Lord, let us continue to rely on you and trust your word for healing and blessings. We believe, Lord, that as your Son was wounded for our transgressions and bruised for our iniquities, we can rest assured that by his stripes we are and will be healed. Permit us then to claim this truth for our women and our nation, in Jesus’ precious and holy name. Amen. Yolande Y. Smith Deputy Consul General Consulate General of Grenada Miami, Florida

Day 13 Guyana: Psalm 35:7-10


ost Holy and righteous God, we acknowledge you as the one, true, living God who is sovereign over Guyana and all the earth. You are a merciful God who renews your mercy for us every morning, and you reveal your great love toward us every day. We humbly come to you making supplication and petitions for the women and girls of this our nation, Guyana, and all the nations of the earth. Loving God, we pray for the release of your Holy presence in our lives to effect strength, self-worth, and stability despite the challenges we face. Rescue us, O Lord, from evil people. Protect us from violence, all forms of abuse, and every situation that threatens our lives. Restore us, O God Almighty. Make your face to shine upon us that we may experience deliverance. We pray for the families of women and girls who lost their lives as a result of abuse. May your sweet presence comfort them and draw them closer to you so that they may discover the depth of your love. Lord Jesus, help us to be the daughters, mothers, and wives that will be role models for tomorrow’s generation. Help us to seek you, surrender to you, and serve you, so that we will bring honor and glory to your name. Thank you for hearing and answering our prayers. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen. Ernella Garner Vice President, Women in God’s Service (WINGS) Guyana Missionary Baptist Church – Lott Carey Long Creek Baptist Church Long Creek, Guyana


Lott Carey Herald/Spring 2018

Day 15 India: Psalm 46:1-3


Day 14 Haiti: Psalm 44:1-3


eavenly Father, with grateful hearts, we lift up the nation of Haiti to you. We combine our faith, believing that you hear our prayer and that you are faithful to respond. Father, we ask you to heal the nation of Haiti. Restore your divine order within this nation. We pray, Heavenly Father, that only your plans and purpose will prosper in this land. We especially pray that every woman and every young girl in this nation will live in the light of your Holy Spirit. Father, let every suffering woman be plucked out of darkness, bondage, fear and abuse and be delivered to your light of love and salvation. We thank you in advance for your promises to prosper and not to harm, to give hope and a future. We claim these promises over the lives of every woman, young and old in Haiti. Lord, we thank you, for you are good and your love endures forever. Amen.

ear God, defender of the weak and the fatherless, you uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed, delivering them from the hand of the wicked. You created this great universe with such love and sensitivity. Today, on bended knee, we seek your divine protection for the women of our country. Each succeeding day brings news of yet another instance of abuse and senseless murder for the most insignificant of reasons. Women are molested in the most brutal of ways. One woman is thrown out of the marital home for having borne a female infant, another for having attempted to deal with a spouse who spends all his earnings on alcohol without a care for the deprivation faced by his family, a third for not bringing adequate dowry. The motivations are numerous and impossible to understand. The weak are defenseless within their homes. Cases of forced incest are reported almost every day. Grandfathers, fathers, brothers, uncles compel women to participate in these horrific acts. Mothers are compelled to turn a blind eye. Working women are targeted while on their way home. Women are unsafe at their workplaces, preyed upon by bosses and other male staff. Families are left distraught and the victims live with the trauma for the rest of their lives. It has been said: “Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed.” (Isaiah 1:17) We humbly beseech you to protect women from all harm at home or at work. Be with the housewives who are attempting to keep the home fires burning and providing for their families. Help us Lord so that those in power ruling the land and we, the citizens, are guided by you to bring about a change by not being passive onlookers but becoming proactive and knowing that you, our Lord and Saviour, are “our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” (Psalm 46:1) Mrs. Dorothy Ann Tressler Chairman and Director Somerville Schools Lott Carey Baptist Mission New Delhi, India

Linotte Joseph Founder Mission of Grace International Carries, Haiti

Lott Carey Herald/Spring 2018


Day 16 Italy: Psalm 54:1-2


oly Spirit, come and breathe in us life in abundance. May your Word be our light. Warm our hearts with your gentle care. Give us new eyes so that we can see signs of your mercy, eyes able to see the invisible. Let all of us remember your promise and trust your faithfulness when we are tired and discouraged, when the future is uncertain and we face, day after day, the experience of closed doors. We, Italian women, live in a country full of beauty and—for many, but not for all— also a place of abundance. You said you came to bring joy to our lives. We often have more than what we need. Thank you, Lord, for your mercy! Help us to share what we have. But there are many women who are suffering. For them we pray. We pray for the mothers who assist their children facing serious illness. Be with them, Lord. Give them hope and strength. Give them a smile to encourage their children. Give them wisdom to make the right decisions. Give

them someone who can share their burden. We pray for the women who suffer loneliness and the frailty of old age. Let them find comfort in friendship, in sisterhood, in prayer, in gentleness around them. May your holy presence help them grow spiritually in the consciousness of your coming kingdom. May they forgive and be forgiven. We pray for women who are in this country as asylum seekers. May they find understanding when they tell their stories as victims of war, of rape, of human trafficking. May they find caring people who will help them to look at life with some hope again. May they recover from their traumas and encounter human attitudes in the authorities and civil servants who examine their cases. In Jesus’ name, Amen. Pastor Anna Maffei Chiesa Cristiana Evangelica Battista di Milano (Baptist Evangelical Christian Church of Milan) Milan, Italy

HOPE MISSIONARY DAY 2018 Saturday, September 29, 2018 (Online registration begins February 15) The Sanctuary 5300 Crain Hwy. Upper Marlboro, MD Cost: $20 per person, including continental breakfast, lunch and T-shirt. Call Tonga Peterson at 301-429-3300 to volunteer or for more information.


Lott Carey Herald/Spring 2018

Day 17 Jamaica: Psalm 55:16-18


oving and generous God, we thank you for our country Jamaica and for the fact that there is so much that we can celebrate and thank you for. Yet Lord, in the midst of that which we celebrate, we must confess and admit that in some ways we are a troubled people. We bring before you, in particular, the women of Jamaica experiencing gender-based violence. We are troubled by this reality because it distorts your creation and will for our lives. Your word declares that we are created in your image and likeness, you have endowed each of us with dignity, yet we inflict violence upon each other and undermine the dignity of the other in the process. We pray for the liberation of women who are experiencing gender-based violence— abused, exploited, devalued, and even dehumanized. We intercede for those who feel trapped even as they live daily in a vicious cycle of violence—preyed upon by partners, family members, and even strangers—and whose cries often fall upon deaf ears, whose words are silenced by ugly threats, and for

whom there seems to be no justice. Lord, we ask that you will make a way of escape through avenues of empowerment, so that these women can experience life without the trauma of violence. Indeed Lord, we pray for their healing, of body, mind, and soul. Help them to know and be assured that you care and they can be made whole again. Renew in them a reason for living and being and cause them to know that they can place their trust and confidence in you. Compassionate God, your special interest in the oppressed and downtrodden has been demonstrated through the ages and so we trust you completely. Thank you for hearing our prayers. Amen. Rev. Merlyn Hyde-Riley Associate General Secretary Jamaica Baptist Union Kingston, Jamaica

Lott Carey Spring Missions Conference March 22-23, 2018 Mount Olive Baptist Church 6600 Old Centreville Road, Centreville, VA

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Day 18 Psalm: 56:1-3

Gender-based Violence


od of righteous anger, enduring mercy, and abounding love, in this extraordinary moment— when women are boldly stepping out of the imprisoning shadows of shame, stigma, and fear to tell their stories of gender-based violence and sexual harassment—we cry out for our sisters, mothers, and daughters whose voices are still being strangled by the grip of sexism, racism, classism, corruption, and marginalization. Hear and respond to our lamentations for women and girls of every age, culture, religion, and nation who are senselessly dying at the hands of their abusers, rapists, relatives, and human-traffickers. We dispute and denounce all wicked paradigms that subjugate and deny females their rightful dignity and respect as precious human beings, created in your image, and


filled with your divine essence. Hear and respond to our petitions for justice, O God, and convict those in positions of authority to wisely enact and enforce ethical policies and laws that will interrupt and eradicate misogynistic traditions and practices; that will protect and empower victims of gender-based violence; and that will bring their perpetrators to justice. We intercede on behalf of those who have lost the hope of ever experiencing the fullness of joy, the comfort of healthy relationships, the fortitude of strong self-esteem, and the restful solace of your peace; and we speak resurrecting life to their decimated confidence, relations, faith, and dreams. Hear and respond to our prayers for safe spaces, discerning ears, effective resources, restorative care, and holistic healing, so that survivors continue to boldly rise up as bea-

cons of light and agents of change for those who are still ensnared in the murky and secretive cycles of abuse and gender-based violence. In the name of Jesus, we pray for your compassion, protection, and liberation of our sisters, mothers, and daughters. Amen. TaNikka Sheppard President Baptist Women of North America Director of Life Development and Communications New Salem Missionary Baptist Church Columbus, Ohio

Lott Carey Herald/Spring 2018

Lott Carey Herald/Spring 2018


Day 19 Kenya: Psalm 57:1-5


ur Lord God Almighty, in the name of Jesus Christ, we give you thanks and praise for who you are, not just what you do. You are Immanuel: God with us; and yet God above all. We are grateful, Father, that in your grace you elected us to be your own. You gave us Jesus Christ to redeem us from sin. Enable us, Lord, to keep alert with all perseverance. Though things are difficult, we will still hope in you. We know that you can do all things and that no purpose of yours can be thwarted. Your purpose stands, O God, as we endeavor to continue being your vessels of honor. Forgive us, Lord, where we have erred with our limited knowledge and wayward assumptions. Help us to fit into your divine grand scheme of things. Lord, please grant us your grace and peace. May we experience you, Lord, afresh through your word and our interactions with one another. May we learn to be more sensitive and helpful to each other. Inspire us to leave our numerous comfort zones, challenge the systems, and improve the status quo in order to make life more fulfilling for each other. May our limitations draw us to you, our limitless God, knowing well that you remain enthroned and in control amid our joys and struggles. Even as we have let our requests be made known to you, God, not our will but yours be done. In your time and grace, through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Amen. Rev. Dawn Gikandi Presbyterian Church of East Africa Nairobi, Kenya

Day 20 Liberia: Psalm 61:1-3


ternal God, gracious Father, merciful God, you are the one who speaks today, and no one has the authority to challenge. Thank you for being God in every situation that we find ourselves in. This day, we stand in awe of you as we say holy are you God; worthy is your name; we worship your majesty because you are an awesome God. Merciful Father, we seek your mercy because we have fallen short in our thoughts, words and deeds. Search us O God, and where there are iniquities, we pray for cleansing in accordance with your word “that if we confess our sins, you are faithful and just to forgive us.” Our Father, we appreciate you today because that promise is still being fulfilled even in our day. Father God, we know and confess that we, as women, have not been living up to our responsibilities or expectations in our homes and society. We pray that you redeem us even as we desire to be the light in this dark world; to be hope to someone in this world that seems hopeless. As the nation of Liberia transitions from one democratically elected government to another, in your redemption we pray for women who will stand up for the truth; women who will strive to be the people that you have called them to be; women who will be true reflections of Christ in and out of their homes; women who will be role models for the next generation of women by their living. May we be the Naomi, the Ruth, and the Deborah in the lives of those we encounter. May the way in which we live our lives draw someone closer to you and bring you glory and honor. In Jesus’ name. Amen. Rev. Monen Jacquelynn Duoe Music Minister Effort Baptist Church Monrovia, Liberia


Lott Carey Herald/Spring 2018

Day 21 Malawi: Psalm 64:1-10


e praise God for the people of Malawi, who share what they have with each other despite high levels of poverty in the country. We pray for those in leadership to lead with love, mutual accountability, justice, and with commitment to the common good so that corruption can end and the government resources can be shared equally among the people of Malawi and neighbors who have come to seek refuge in Malawi. We thank God for vibrant expressions of faith in God especially among the youth who fill the churches and are actively involved. We pray that their morality is informed by faith in God so that biblical principles rather than secularism, especially through social media, be their ethical basis. We thank God for the few churches that have accepted the inclusion of women in the leadership of the church and have also opened their theological institutions to include women who have received God’s call to ordination. We pray for more churches to recognize God’s call on women to the ordained ministry and to give opportunities to such women to receive theological education. We are grateful to God for laws that protect girls and women in Malawi. In

Lott Carey Herald/Spring 2018

particular, we thank God for the marriage age law which has been moved from 15 to 18. We praise God that girls can stay longer in school and, when educated, they can make informed decisions for their own lives, families, and the country. We thank God also for the gender-just nationality laws that allow both men and women to pass their Malawian nationality to their children. We also pray that the government and churches that provide formal education will invest in making schools safe for girls and provide accessible sanitation so that menstruating girls are able to go to school with dignity during their menstrual cycles. We thank God for the spirit of valuing family life in the country. We pray against sexual and gender-based violence at home, in places of worship and in the society. In particular we pray for the girls and women who work as maids in the homes and mostly suffer from sexual and physical abuse from their employers and family members. We pray against the rape of girls in the name of coming of age cultural practices and the rape of widows as part of cultural widowhood cleansing. We pray for courage for girls and women to report sexual- and gender-based violence and for a functional legal system that protects the survivors.

We pray for the process of gender socialisation of boys and men through media, religion and schools, so that nurturing, accountable, loving and mutually respecting masculinities are upheld instead of hegemonic and violent ones. We thank God that the rate of new HIV infection and AIDS-related deaths have reduced. We pray for appropriate sex education in homes, churches and schools. We pray against stigma and discrimination toward girls and women who disclose their status. We pray that mother-to-child transmission of HIV will come to an end through appropriate information and medication. We thank God that Malawi is going to have presidential elections in 2019. We pray for the spirit of justice, transparency, and peace to govern the process and event of these elections. We offer these prayers in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen. Dr. Isabel Apawo Phiri Deputy General Secretary: Public Witness and Diakonia World Council of Churches Geneva, Switzerland


Day 22 Mozambique: Psalm 69:1-3


ear Loving God, we pray, today, for women in Mozambique. So many women are victims of violence in our country. We especially suffer from domestic violence. When we are victimized, however, we have no means to hire lawyers to defend us in the courts. Even the few who can find resources to be represented in court find that the justice system is affected by corruption. It seems that we have no place to turn on earth. So we turn to you for your loving care and relief. Lord, we ask you to help stop domestic violence directed at female family members. Lord, we ask you to help our government protect victims of domestic violence. Lord we ask for a justice system to function on behalf of women who are victims of violence. Lord we ask for resources for women to be empowered economically. Lord we ask for help to end teenage pregnancies. The situation of so many women in Mozambique is desperate. Passionately, Lord, we ask for your help. Felizarda Antonio Beira Baptist Church Beira, Mozambique


Lott Carey Herald/Spring 2018

Lott Carey Herald/Spring 2018


Day 24 Philippines: Psalm 103:6


ighty and All-Powerful God, we thank you on behalf of the women of Nigeria for being a loving and all-knowing father. We are grateful that you not only know but understand their pain and can bring peace to their troubled hearts. Dear God, we see the many ways you have moved powerfully in the country and in the lives of the Nigerian women and girls in recent months. Many of the girls kidnapped more than three years ago by the militant group Boko Haram were finally freed after years of forced servitude, rape and abuse. For that we give you praise. But many more have been taken over the years and their lives have been devastated by the violence they have endured. We are troubled for those who continue to struggle against the traditions, practices, violence and ignorance that plague so many women and young girls in this country. For them, life can be hard even from the moment they take their first breath. It can be a lifelong struggle to get access to adequate healthcare and the rates of infant and maternal mortality remain among the highest in the world. Often the girls of Nigeria who are eager to attend school and complete their education must do so in the face of potential abduction, rape and abuse from those who don’t see a need for them to receive formal instruction. In parts of the country, some girls are still forced into early marriages—often dooming them to a life of abuse and economic scarcity. Lord, we pray that you will empower and protect our girls and women. Keep them safe from abuse and heinous treatments such as genital mutilation. We ask that you intervene on behalf of widows, who are sometimes mistreated and taken advantage of by their late husbands’ families. Too many widows live with their children in poverty and loneliness with little help from the community or from relatives. Help all those who have suffered at the hands of evildoers come to know that you are a healer. When their hope and faith fail, Lord give them strength.

eavenly Father, God of all good things and giver of life, you have blessed the people of the Philippines with a country whose natural beauty and climate attract visitors from around the world. You have amplified the work of those who have fought to improve the lives of women and move them toward gender equality in the country. There has been much progress over the years, for which we are grateful. Yet, O God, the women and children of the Philippines still cry out for your help because gender-based violence against women, especially in marriages, remains a pervasive problem. Nearly one-quarter of women say they have experienced physical, emotional or sexual violence. The numbers are even higher among poor and indigenous women and those who live in rural areas. Lord, we ask you for their deliverance. We pray for those women and girls who end up in the Philippines’ sex tourism industry. By some estimates, there are 500,000 to 800,000 sex workers in this country—many of whom are children. Women who become pregnant and the children they bear are often abandoned by the men, who many times are foreigners who return to their home countries and families with little thought of the victims they leave behind. Filipino children abandoned by their Korean fathers has become such a problem that the South Korean government has recently gotten involved to try to mitigate the problem. An estimated 10,000 to 30,000 Korean-Filipino children, known as Kopinos, have been abandoned by their fathers and ostracized in their communities. Their mothers are often impoverished women who have no way to contact the fathers, but need their help with child support, jobs and educational costs. Somehow, Lord, we ask that you place these families in your special care. We asked that these men who perpetrate these wrongs be turned from abusers to advocates, from doers of evil to lovers of God. We do not seek retribution but redemption for them. In the matchless name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

Eno Ebong Director of the Women’s Ministry Lott Carey Baptist Churches of Nigeria

Geri Coleman Tucker Contributing Writer Lott Carey Herald

Day 23 Nigeria: Psalm 70:1-3



Lott Carey Herald/Spring 2018

121st Lott Carey Annual Session

ATLANTA, GEORGIA August 12-16, 2018

Registration opens February 15, 2018


June 23-28, 2018

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Day 25 Psalm 109:26-31

Human Trafficking


lmighty God, Lover and Liberator of all people. We lift our voices in behalf of the women who live with the horror of human trafficking. Our hearts cry out to you as they are transported to unknown places to be exploited and abused because of greed and profit. Our hearts are grieved and our spirits saddened by the blatant disregard of their dignity and rights. We cry out together against the degrading practice of human


Lott Carey Herald/Spring 2018

trafficking. We cry out for every woman who is vulnerable to being trafficked because each is in a desperate situation due to poverty, war, natural disasters, homelessness and other situations of risk. We pray for safety and protection—spirit, soul and body. Soften the hearts of their traffickers and bring them to justice. Endow us with courage to work to end the demand for human trafficking and increase justice for our brothers and sisters. God of justice and compassion, who hears the cries of the faithful, hear our prayer on behalf of women here and around the world who are trapped by the snare of enslavement. Grant them release that they may live the lives of freedom that you intend for all of your children. We pray, in the name of the Jesus—the One who came to set the captives free—for:

Lott Carey Herald/Spring 2018

• Prevention. That women, children and men would be protected and spared from the perpetrators of trafficking. • Freedom. That people living in slavery would be found and liberated physically, spiritually and mentally. • Advocacy. That we will demand just laws concerning sex slavery and slave labor. • Wisdom. That we will not pay for goods and services provided by people who are enslaved. Rev. Dr. Gina M. Stewart, Pastor Christ Missionary Baptist Church Memphis, Tennessee Second Vice President, Lott Carey



Lott Carey Herald/Spring 2018

Day 26 South Africa: Psalm 119:81-86


ur Father, who art in Heaven, father of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, we come before your throne of grace because you are gracious, Lord. We come before your throne of mercy because you are a merciful God. We come before you to pray for the thousands of old women and young and little girls who are being abused physically, emotionally, psychologically, socially, and financially in South Africa. They are abused in their homes, schools, workplaces, and communities. We pray that the current rise in femicide (the killing of women and girls because they are female) should stop in the name of Jesus. We pray, Lord Jesus, that your spirit stays with young girls from ages 15-24 in South Africa who are being infected with HIV at a rate of 2,000 per week. We pray for young girls living in the rural areas of South Africa that are being married to older men by their parents because of poverty. Let the parents realize that children are a gift from you and not a commodity to be sold for a few cows. We pray for the emancipation of women in South Africa that they be empowered to take care of themselves and their children. Let them also receive you as their Lord and Saviour and know that even in their suffering at the hands of cruel and abusive men you will free them from their pain. Lord Jesus, we pray that you will turn the hearts of the exploiters from the way of evil so that they may understand the damage they are causing. May they repent and be saved. We know that you have the power to heal all women and children who have been hurt in body, mind, and spirit by those who betrayed the trust placed in them. Now, Lord Jesus, we pray that you will open our ears, our eyes, and our hearts. Make us more aware, outreaching, and supportive to people in abusive situations, so that they won’t feel alone and will know that someone cares. Let us love them as you have loved us. May your salvation reach them like a blazing torch so that they can see that you are the light in their lives. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Rev. Emma Mabidilala National Treasurer Baptist Convention of South Africa Pretoria, South Africa Lott Carey Herald/Spring 2018


Day 27 Sweden: Psalm 120:1-2


ear God, while Sweden is relatively secular and has a high population of atheists, we are far from an irreligious country. Religion still plays a ritual and cultural role; and immigration is changing the religious landscape to become more diverse and complex. We need your presence and power to live faithfully and justly in our communities, our country, and our world. God in your grace, hear our prayer! Dear God, grant that our light will shine where we are, so that we can share the life and the hope you have given us. God in your grace, hear our prayer! Dear God, we know that you are with us day and night, and never fail to greet us each new day. But I’m struggling with many questions in my life: What is most meaningful in my life? How do I experience God? Can I trust God? God in your grace, hear our prayer! Dear God, you know what I need. Give me strength, balance, calmness, serenity. God in your grace, hear our prayer! Dear God, fill me with your love, give me your wisdom and strength. Help me to receive love, to live it, and to pass it on. God in your grace, hear our prayer! Dear God, be with me every day. Amen. Marianne Ejdersten, Director of Communication World Council of Churches Swedish Lutheran Church Geneva, Switzerland

Day 28 Tanzania: Psalm 123:1-4


ear Heavenly Father, I pray for the little girls that are brought into the city with the hope of getting an education and a better life with a family, only to discover that these opportunities do not exist at all. Instead they are treated like slaves. Some of these girls who are brought from villages and forced to work as house help are as young as 10-years-old. These precious children don’t have a clue about city life. They may not have seen a house built with cement and concrete or tile floors. All they know is their mud huts and rural environments. When they come into the city, they wake up at 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning to start their chores—cleaning homes, washing clothes, and getting the children ready for school. They literally become mothers to kids who could range in age from two to eight. They are even abused by the children for whom they care. These little kids mistreat them verbally, taunt them, and call them names. Their work continues till 9 or 10 o’clock at night. When they make the slightest error, they are verbally and physically abused. Sometimes, they are even sexually abused. Then they do not get paid the little wages that they were promised. When these girls tire, they run away from these homes and often end up with a pimp or worse. Father, protect these girls from cruelty and abuse. They hope for education and vocational training that is denied to them. Please open doors and provide for their well-being and advancement. Free them from this vicious cycle. Help them start a new era where their children will live with hope and a bright future. Thank you, Jesus, for loving these precious ones. Watch out for them. Zebby Wheelock Missionary Tanzania


Lott Carey Herald/Spring 2018

Day 30 USA: Psalm 142:1-7


eavenly Father, we thank you for guiding and guarding us through the years. We come with adoration, anticipation and praise as we petition you on behalf of women and girls in the United States endeavoring to reach and touch lives around the world. We praise, glorify and magnify

Day 29 Uganda: Psalm:130:5-6


ear Heavenly Father, you are a loving father, who sought us before we sought you, who loved us before we loved you, who knew us before we knew you, and who has helped us get where we are. We humble ourselves before you and repent of all our sins. We petition you on behalf of your beloved daughters who are abandoned, abused, and vulnerable to the calamities of this world. Lord, we come as broken vessels. You, alone, are our potter. You, alone, are able to mend the broken walls of humanity. You, alone, are God of all flesh. Nothing is impossible with you. Lord, we pray that your unfailing loving hand will touch abandoned women, abused women, and all other women who are going through difficult circumstances that cause them to shed tears. Lord, have mercy upon your daughters. Heal all who are abused by parents, families, husbands, and masters. Uphold and direct the steps of the abandoned, and provide for their needs. Lord, don’t let them fall prey to prostitution, lies, drunkenness, theft, drug addiction, or anything that doesn’t glorify your name. Deliver them from hurtful and painful circumstances. Let your mercy prevail in their lives. Rescue them. May your Holy Spirit light their ways to know Jesus Christ, who is the source of all joy and salvation. We come against every spiritual power of darkness that targets women and young girls. We render them powerless and void. Destroy every spiritual task master assigned to frustrate marriages and to turn husbands to be wild and bitter. We ask it all in Jesus’ name. Amen.

your name. God, grant us the wisdom to enlist, educate and empower women and girls. Help us to be beacons shining in the darkness of this world. Humbly, we ask you to enable us to be impactful forces at home and abroad, for we are the salt of the earth. Lord, help us to let our lights so shine that women and girls will come forth with a thirst for wisdom; and empowerment to successfully navigate in this world. Give women and girls of the United States a “want-to” attitude and a spirit to engage faithfully in your work. Help us to provide women and girls with empowering channels of resources for spiritual, parental, social and vocational education. Father, give us the integrity to model servant leadership that we may be able to say as Paul said to the Church at Philippi in Philippians 4:9, “Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do; and the God of peace shall be with you.” Thank you in advance for hearing our prayer, in the Name of Jesus, we pray. Amen. Dr. Frances C. Worthey First Vice President Senior Women’s Missionary Union National Baptist Convention of American International, Inc. Waco, Texas

Pastor Mari Kathungu C3 Church Katwe & Kasese, Uganda

Lott Carey Herald/Spring 2018


Day 31 Zimbabwe: Psalm 29:11


ur Almighty Father, who is in heaven, we thank you for the opportunity to come to you and pray for the women and girls in Zimbabwe for they face numerous problems and challenges. Lord Jesus Christ, women and girls are facing abuse in various ways in Zimbabwe. They face sexual exploitation by false prophets. If, for example, a woman seeks help from these false prophets because of sterile conditions, they are told to lie down, and the prophet applies lotion on private parts and inserts his manhood to apply the lotion to her womb. Lord help us! Our Lord Jesus Christ, the girl child in Zimbabwe is suffering from poverty that stands between her and her dreams. Dear Almighty, girls in far removed areas often live under difficult conditions. For most rural girls, it is almost impossible to overcome some traditions which hinder them from furthering their education. Almighty God, women and girls should be liberated from cultural attitudes and practices that treat women as less than human. They are disregarded and disrespected and are not included in decisions made about their own bodies. God, female children in Zimbabwe face the challenges of early child marriage, prostitution, and drug abuse. They engage in prostitution as a result of poverty. They are exposed to HIV and AIDS because of beliefs that if an infected man has sex with a virgin, he will be cured of AIDS. Our God, we pray for your intervention for women who are physically abused in their marriages. Most do not have voices to speak. They stay in their abusive situations because of pressure from relatives, church members, and societal views. God, some of our women have been lured by human traffickers. They are promised heaven on earth and then end up in brothels in foreign countries. Almighty God, women and girl children need your help for relief and futures with hope. Hear our prayers, O God. Amen. Loveness Mutizwa Monomotapa Baptist Church Zimbabwe Theological Seminary Gweru, Zimbabwe


Lott Carey Herald/Spring 2018

Lott Carey Herald/Spring 2018



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