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October 23, 2012 To Whom it may concern: It is my pleasure to introduce you Javier Müller Lamothe as his professor and supervisor at Ezquiaga Arquitectura, Sociedad y Territorio S.L. In this letter I would like to express my respect and appreciation for this bright young person, who brought outstanding contribution to the work of my group. Javier was one of the top students in my advanced Principles and Basis of City Planning course during the Spring of 2007 semester at Polytechnic University of Madrid. He worked almost two years as an intern (march2010-january2012) at the office I personally manage. I have the pleasure of knowing Javier both academic and professional and he not only has excellent knowledge of architecture and planning, but his spoken and written English is very good. He has the personal communication skills, leadership skills, strong capacity to manage a team that will prove valuable to his employer. As his professor, I could see that this was well evidenced in his coursework. Javier is motivated, takes the initiative, and will ask questions if he doesn’t understand something. Based on my assessment of Javier’s office work and my discussions with him about his future, he meets the criteria that I believe your company may be looking for, and Javier will reflect positively on any employer. Permit me to enumerate some of the exceptional qualities and achievements of this young architect: Javier has the analytical skills and creative intelligence, ambition, confidence, dedication, integrity, and love of learning that will enable him to meet successfully the work requirements at any worldwide company. He has developed and tested his true interest in architecture, design and planning through his academic choices. He brings to the table relevant work experience such as his years as an attorney at IFEMA in the international and external relations department. During this experience Javier told me that he followed international performance while he provided several assessment to clients of the visitors programs he leaded. His progress at Ezquiaga Arquitectura, Sociedad y Territorio S.L. reflects much thought and work to understand the keys underlying the urban planning. In addition, he is an active participant in office discussions and contributed positively to the collective company learning experience. Moreover, he is a very cooperative and productive person in team exercises and got along very well with fellow team members. Javier’s honors, impressive transcript of difficult and specialized courses, as well as his exceptional grade point average demonstrates that he enjoys and thrives on a challenge. With an Architechture & City Planning degree, he has the knowledge of the legal and economic concepts to apply to his potential professional work. His work experience highlights this young man’s outstanding and diverse achievements and his international and multicultural experience at Illinois Institute of Technology ( Chicago, IL) should serve him well. Javier is composed, outgoing, humble, reflective, amicable, personable, passionate, and hardworking. His character, maturity, academic record, and desire to succeed make him a very good candidate for any top companies department. He is committed to the highest level of academic and professional achievement and possesses some of the strongest potential that I have seen coming out of Polytechnic University of Madrid in my 20-year affiliation with the school. I highly recommend Javier Müller Lamothe for your consideration. Very truly yours,

Jose María Ezquiaga Domínguez Honorary Doctor of Architecture - Polytechnic University of Madrid Political Science and Sociology Graduate – Universidad Complutense de Madrid

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