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LOTS of Green Fall Collection 2007

LOTS looks at sustainable development as a complex and farreaching concept that covers the environmental perspective but also includes social, ethical, health and community-building aspects. Looking at today’s environmental situation, the laudable ambition to work for sustainable development can easily turn into a feeling of hopelessness - not least for designers who work close to industrial production and the very core of the increasing environmental load. In our collection LOTS of Green, we have limited our scope to “negative environmental impact,� in an attempt to make the concept of sustainable development more tangible and manageable. We have then localised both global and local behaviour patterns that continue to underpin negative trends and finally developed a number of product solutions to break these patterns. LOTS of Green aims at drawing attention to behaviour that perpetuates problems, but we also want to show that there are products and solutions that can contribute to change and improvement. //LOTS

September 2007

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URBAN GARDEN A great deal of the food we buy has travelled far and wide before reaching our supermarkets. Inspired by urban cultivation in Cuba, LOTS has developed a greenhouse - Urban Garden - for urban dwellers. The greenhouses, partly made of recycled plastics, are available in different sizes for different situations. The large floor version rests on wheels and can be moved from room to room or out onto a patio. A smaller version, intended for a window sill or the kitchen worktop, can be used as a window box during the summer. Lit-up hotbeds for indoor use prolong the growing season and allow for increased self-subsistency, thereby reducing our dependence on often unnecessary transportation of food from far away.

Urban Garden

Urban Garden



Solaris provides new, environmentally friendly opportunities to light up parks, gardens or streets. As a part of our efforts to switch over to renewable sources of energy, LOTS has developed outdoor lighting powered by solar cells and shaped into paving slabs made of impact-resistant glass that can also withstand large changes in temperature. The slabs are charged during the day and stay lit throughout the dark hours.

As they are powered by rechargeable batteries there is no need for cables. The paving slabs are intended for garden and park environments or as elements in asphalted or paved street surfaces. Due to their texture, the slabs also serve as guiding surfaces for the visually impaired. Solaris comes in different sizes, adapted to be combined with other standard format materials.



The rapid changes in fashion and short trend cycles of our time leave behind vast numbers of products characterised by short-sighted design efforts - a consumerism culture that leads to constantly growing rubbish mountains. In collaboration with Lappset Sweden LOTS has developed two park benches - Neo and Paus - based on a classic and timeless artistic idiom that can be enjoyed for several generations. The task was twofold: to develop a sustainable and accessible product that would easily blend into different contexts and to fill a gap in the Lappset Sweden product range. The benches are manufactured in Sweden from recyclable materials; cast aluminium entirely from recycled products and wood.

Neo Client: Lappset Sweden

Paus Client: Lappset Sweden

Paus Client: Lappset Sweden


According to Article 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the..

..“States parties recognise the right of the child to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts.�

URBAN PICNIC With the Convention of the Rights of the Child and urban densification as our points of departure, LOTS heads a project on the living environment for children in urban settings. LOTS acts as project leader, pedagogue and tutor and the project is carried out in collaboration with the Röhsska Museum, the School of Design and Crafts, the Polhem upper secondary school and the Murbräckan nursery school in Göteborg. The objective is to listen to and apply children’s ideas about change and improvement. The project results in an exhibition on experiences perceived with all our senses, giving adults an opportunity to get an understanding of the dreams and visions of our children. Urban Picnic is a relay project in which a preschool class, with the aid by a designer, formulates and presents ideas and wishes to upper secondary school students. These students are then asked to turn the children’s wishes into models, sketches and images. The final stage of the relay is the presentation of the result by students from the School of Deisgn and Crafts to an audience at the Röhsska Museum - 13 different projects on the “Urban Picnic” theme; playground equipment, different types of packaging, seating sculptures and wellington boots, among others.

Children from Murbräckan Nursery, GÜteborg, in crative workshops.

Students from the Polhem upper secondary school in Gรถteborg turn the childrens wishes to sketches and models.

Students from the School of Deisgn and Crafts, Gรถteborg, make the final exhibition at Rรถhsska Design Museum with guidance from LOTS.

The result of the Urban Picnic project - the exhibition at Rรถhsska Design Museum.

LOTS of Green  
LOTS of Green  

Fall collection 2007