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What Now? Facing Facing 2012 2012 with with hope hope and and purpose purpose

Š We Are Not Alone, 2008/2009

‘The Mousetrap’ is the longest running West End play, having been performed continuously since 1952.

Nobody expects that performances of The Mousetrap will continue forever. We all know that it will close someday, the stage scenery will be dismantled and something else performed instead. However most people expect the performance of life as we know it on Earth to continue without end. Is that reasonable?

The end of time has been predicted before but hasn’t happened as forecast. That doesn’t mean that it never will.

There are many reasons to consider the 21st December, 2012, to be not only the end of the Mayan Long Count calendar but also the end of a spiraling cycle of time itself. It isn’t only the Maya who predict this date but many other sources and cultures as well.

The Aztec, Cherokee and Hopi calendars and beliefs are close to those of the Maya. Shamans of Peru say we are approaching the Pacha Cuti, which means, literally ‘the world turned upside down’. They say it will happen in the year 2012 .

The predictions don’t foretell the end of the world, just the conclusion of a Great Cycle of time. However the geological record tells us that such endings have been cataclysmic in the past. See the ‘Signs’ topic for information about the evidence of past cataclysms on Earth.

The belief in an end date is crosscultural. Pope Leo IX reportedly wrote in 1514: "I will not see the end of the world, nor will you my brethren, for its time is long in the future, 500 years hence."Â

Then there’s the fractal time pattern found hidden within the King Wen sequence of the ancient I Ching divinatory system. Scholars searched for meaning in the King Wen sequence for 3,000 years. The McKenna brothers found the answer after Terence contacted another channel of consciousness, while in an induced trance.

Terence McKenna learned that time is fractal and cyclical, and that there is a pattern hidden in the King Wen sequence, which he and his brother went on to discover. It turned out that the end of the cycle encoded in the oldest known abstract sequence in the world is 21 December, 2012. See the ‘About Time’ topic.

Of course, the use of hallucinogenic substances to contact beings in other realms of consciousness is a leap too far for many conventionally educated Westerners. They simply can’t believe it. Yet Time Wave Zero software built on the pattern in the King Wen does correctly identify points of novelty in human history.

The work of Dr David Hawkins in identifying and researching a kinesiological interface to human consciousness – a natural psychic procedure that is testable and repeatable – provides a way to evaluate the truth of Terence McKenna’s Time Wave Zero. On this basis TWZ tests as profoundly true.

While the Consciousness Field Kinesiology (CFK) technique provides an invaluable means of discriminating between truth and falsehood it is unlikely to be widely accepted by the time 2012 arrives. Most people are conditioned to believe in a material existence and their five senses constantly reinforce this illusion.

It’s all too mythical and esoteric!

Besides the many confirmatory legends and calendars, etc, there is now hard scientific evidence that points to 21 December, 2012 as a unique astronomical event – and the inevitable end of the long running play ‘Life On Earth’. We don’t need to rely on prophecies or ancient calendars, the evidence is already to hand.

Science uses opaque language. “The GPS locations and survey field-of view data of some four million rock carvings at petroglyph sites world-wide is allowing the visual reconstruction of a subgigaampere auroral Z-pinch column whose plasma flow was bent inward towards the south polar axis, subsequently flowing around the Earth. This data is analyzed by means of two and three dimensional satellite and aerial orthophotography with side looking radar sets allowing near ground level to vertical inspection of allterrain views from each site.�

Presented in 2006 the paper containing the quotation refers to a study that mapped rock art images from around the world to a computer simulation of a past event that involved characteristic plasma effects at the poles – much like the aurora but far higher in energy. Remarkably, the art matches what people should have seen!

The rock art is correct down to the number of strands of plasma appearing in the sky at the time. “The reconstruction figure shows the incoming 56 current sheath with two pinches (egg-shaped plasmoids) approximately 300,000 km from Earth. Closer in, the 56 currents have merged to 28. Two 'bonnet' petroglyphs from the plethora of such at the Columbia River Gorge, found at the same locations as the 'Stonehenge' variety petroglyphs are also shown.� M.G. Peratt; A.L. Peratt, Plasma Science, 2006. ICOPS 2006. IEEE Conference Record - Abstracts.

Modern science is saying that the rock art of ancient survivors of a cataclysmic event accurately describes what they would have seen from their particular locations.

Petroglyphs are pictures carved on rock, they date back more than 50,000 years and many could represent the experiences of shamans who communicated with supernatural teachers while in states of trance. Between 12,000 BC and 2,000 BC the petroglyphs are more abstract. These are the subject of Anthony Peratt’s analysis.

Scientists are far from unanimous about when Earth suffered a ‘doomsday’ event that was captured by survivors in rock art. Some think it was about 15,800 BC others think it was within the past 12,500 years. But scientists now widely agree on the evidence that a cataclysmic event really happened and will do so again.

For some decades the Sun was suspected of being the source of devastating blasts of energy that have left glass artifacts on Earth and the Moon. However, it is now understood that it is energy from outside the heilopause that causes the Sun to flare up and eject plasma equivalent to that of a nova event.

The source of the devastating energy is now known to be the centre of our galaxy. For many years scientists thought that the gamma ray bursts they were measuring came from the galaxy we live in. However it is now known that the sources measured were in other galaxies billions of light-years distant.

It was with considerable concern that scientists who first measured a 1997 burst of gamma rays from a distant source realised that if it had originated locally, in our own galaxy, it would have delivered 100,000 times the lethal dose of radiation – extinguishing every life form exposed to it.

In 1998 scientists measured, another 5 minute gamma ray burst that was in the constellation of Aquila, a mere 20,000 light years away from Earth. This confirmed that galaxies periodically give off massive bursts of radiation, and raised the spectre of such an event arising locally.

“Before Aquila, scientists just feared exploding stars – novas and supernovas. Now things are different. It’s like living in a ghetto and fearing drive-by shootings and random bullets. Then one day you learn that there’s a nuclear bomb down the street, waiting to explode” ….… Dan Eden

The crucial question for science became; ‘when will our galaxy next produce a life destroying burst of energy?’ The evidence now points to the answer to that question being; 21 December, 2012.

There are ominous changes in our galaxy and our Sun. Physicists have discovered very high energy gamma rays originating from the equator of the Milky Way. At 3.5 trillion electron volts the median energies are 3,500 times the mass energy of a proton.

Despite no recordings of any recent galactic explosions the amount of cosmic dust streaming into the heliopause (or solar atmosphere) has risen threefold since the last solar maximum of 2001. The Sun usually blocks out cosmic dust but it has stopped doing so. The dust is now streaming in from the galactic centre.

Dr Paul Laviolette has posited that large amounts of cosmic dust were also present in our solar system at the time of the earlier ‘doomsday’ event. Cores from polar ice that date to that time and are concurrent with similar deposits found on the Moon – often melted to glass – vindicate his theory. Now the cosmic dust is building up again.

LaViolette’s ‘superwave’ theory envisages that there are cyclical explosions of energy from the centre of the galaxy. These spread outward and cause stars in their path to erupt. The superwave drags cosmic dust along with it as it enters the heliopause and causes the Sun to ‘flash’ in a massive ejection of energy.

Astronomers have been counting and tracking sunspot activity since the invention of the telescope. It is a fact that four of the five strongest solar cycles have occurred in the past fifty years. The prediction for the next cycle, expected in 2011, is for a ‘major’ flare up.

According to NASA scientists solar cycle 24, "looks like its going to be one of the most intense cycles since record-keeping began almost 400 years ago."

Scientists now consider it likely that the process that will lead to the next devastating blast of radiation to threaten life on Earth is already underway in the Sun. March, 2008, saw major eruptions in the equatorial region. Perhaps we now know why the Maya didn’t bother to calculate any dates beyond the end of the Long Count in December, 2012.

The date of the next solar maximum is astronomically known. On 21 December, 2012: The ecliptic of our solar system will intersect with the galactic plane or equator. Our earth will also be precisely aligned with the energy centre of the galaxy.

“By some amazing coincidence, not only will we be intersecting with the Galactic Equator, but we will be doing this precisely aligned with the centre of the Galaxy where there is maximum mass. More mass means more gravity. More gravity means more influence from those braycentres in our Sun. that means exponential increases in solar disruptions – all coinciding on the same day.” …. Dan Eden

This comment was posted re Dan Eden’s article on “What makes 2012 significant is that it coincides with the alignment of the centre of the Milky Way galaxy, our sun, earth, and the large planets. If it were not for this fact I would say that 2012 was just another Y2K hoax. But the astronomy makes it believable.”

Indeed it does. We should heed the facts.

Another fact is that the magnetic poles of the Sun and the Earth are presently stable, following a north to south flip by the Sun in 2001. The Sun switches poles every 11 years and it will go out of balance with the Earth’s polar state at the time of the 2012 December Solstice. A reactionary pole shift on Earth could have cataclysmic outcomes.

We’re all doomed then. Nothing can save us from 2012.

That is absolutely not true, nobody is doomed. It only seems that way from a materialist, biochemical universe, perspective. The Maya knew, and their descendants still affirm, that 2012 marks the end of a cycle of time. Beyond the cataclysm there is promise of a new Golden Age on Earth – free from suffering and war.

The notion of a better life beyond a cataclysm on Earth is a common theme in almost all spiritual and religious teachings, no matter what the culture. It isn’t only the Maya who say so. The Mayan contribution was to use an astonishing knowledge of astronomy and cosmology to produce a calendar that tells us when it will all happen.

But I’m going to burn. I won’t be golden I’ll be charcoal.

David Wilcock is a researcher and author at the forefront of what I term evidence based spirituality. Wilcock writes this about the blast of energy that will envelop the Earth in 2012. “It will look like fire, but it’s really conscious energy.”

Again, facts rather than myths and legends, bear out the notion of emanations of consciousness from the Galactic Centre. The story of the discovery of the radiation signature of the Galactic Centre as it passes overhead is remarkable. Even more so is the evidence that it influences our extrasensory perception.

In 1931 Karl Jansky, working at the Bell Laboratories in New Jersey, first recorded “a steady hiss of unknown origin� coming from space.

Jansky noted that the signals peaked every 24 hours and 56 minutes, which is the length of a sidereal day (time in relation to the stars rather than the Sun). In 1933 he published his findings that the signals came from the Galactic Centre and peaked each day as it passed overhead – 4 minutes later on each occasion.

Because Local Sidereal Time (LST) has a cycle of 23 hours and 56 minutes it moves backwards in relation to solar time – 4 minutes a day, two hours a month, and one day a year. There is an LST clock at this link: o/Java/Local Sidereal Time Clock.htm

You can use an LST clock to determine when the Galactic Centre is overhead at your location. This is important because an increase in our powers of extra sensory perception (ESP) has been shown to correlate with the time of 13.30 LST. Yes this is ‘far out’ but it’s factual science not superstition or myth.

In 1997 a physicist from the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory at Palo Alto, California – James Spottiswoode – published evidence of a startling correlation between the accuracy of ESP tests (a subject in one locked room knowing what another in a room some miles away was looking at) and the time of observation.

This is the abstract of his paper.

Although Spottiswoode’s findings don’t directly support David Wilcok’s assertion that what will seem like fire in 2012 will really be pure consciousness they do identify the Galactic Centre with psychic power. It seems that the GC boosts our ESP every time it passes overhead. If we so choose we can use this fact to help others.

But I can’t do ESP or telepathy.

Everything is connected to the field of consciousness and, at some level, is capable of ESP. Validated experimental work by the scientist and author Rupert Sheldrake makes this very clear. In fact, although humans have lost their awareness of ESP powers and telepathy, cats, dogs, horses, and the like still use them day to day.

Not all humans have lost their metaphysical links and psychic powers. David Hawkins has shown tens of thousands how to connect to the field of consciousness through a simple muscle test procedure, and authentic mediums such as Carla Rueckert have channeled vital information from entities in higher planes of existence.

The link to the L/L Research site (Carla Rueckert’s) is: There you’ll find the ‘Law Of One’ material as well as other insights gained via psychic connections.

Spare me from hoaxers. How do I know this stuff is real?

There are two ways to authenticate The Law Of One. 1. Use the CFK procedure to validate the truth of the material – it tests in the range of Divine Truth. 2. Analyse the material for inconsistencies – liars always trip themselves up, the more they say the easier it is to catch them out. But the Law Of One is entirely consistent.

Ra communicated complex scientific, philosophical, and spiritual information during hundreds of sessions spread over a number of years yet its consistency is flawless and it never contradicts itself from one session to any other. Neither Elkins or anybody else has been able to discover a single inconsistency in the millions of words voiced by Ra.

In the introduction to The Law Of One Don Elkins, physicist turned metaphysical researcher, writes: "It seems to me that the presently accepted scientific paradigm is less than adequate. It is my opinion that our present natural philosophy is a very special case of a much more general case yet to be unveiled. ... After assimilating several million words of alleged extraterrestrial communication, it is also my opinion that this book and the subsequent volumes of the Ra material contain the most useful information I have ever discovered."

Why does The Law Of One matter? Because in it the Ra entity states that our world will come to an end in about 2012, and that those who are ready will then ascend to a 4th density existence on this planet. Those who don’t make the cut will be transported to another world, which is still 3rd density, where they will resume their spiritual lessons.

While we are very used to our biochemical bodies in the 3rd density world we were born into we are more than flesh and blood – we are spirit. CFK tests of two statements make this clear.

“I am a body” = Not Yes “I have a body” = Yes

The Ra material, and much other spiritual teaching from around the world and down the ages, makes it clear that all fear – of death or whatever – is an illusion. We won’t need our bodies to be as physical in the next, 4th density, phase of our evolution. Although we will be able to assume denser physical form when we wish.

It’s a LOT to take in all at once.

Yes, it is. That’s why there are so many frames in this presentation before we get to the key question:

What Now? Because unless we understand and believe what 2012 is about we won’t even begin to answer that question positively and for the wider good.

Once we accept that the play called ‘Life On Earth’ will end in a few years time all our values must change. Nothing means what it used to. • What good is money then? • What about superannuation and our plans for retirement? • What of our career path?

• Will ‘peak oil’ matter? • Or global warming? • Is paying off the mortgage important any more? • Should we even turn up for work tomorrow? These and other questions are part of the ‘What Now?’ realisation of what looms ahead in 2012.

Initial reactions to gaining belief in the the approaching end of a ‘Grand Cycle’ of time are often defensive. • Governments and corporations with the necessary funds secretly build underground shelters. • Scientists gather and store genetic material; as in the new underground ‘Seed Bank’ (Norway).

• Secrecy reigns, signs of a coming cataclysm are attributed to ‘global warming’, or the tooth fairy - anything but the truth is media fodder. • Despite the fact that it is useless in the face of gamma ray blasts people scramble to amass money – perhaps hoping to ‘buy’ security closer to the event.

Alternatively, those of a religious or spiritual disposition might seek to prepare themselves for what they will often imagine to be death. • Prayers of atonement are offered or ‘insights’ are sought in metaphysical material; on the web or elsewhere. • There might be renewed efforts to convert and ‘save’ others.

In a Taker culture, - one which is oriented to Service to Self (STS) and ‘looking after number one’there might not be too much concern about the fate of others who also face what is, seemingly, certain death. Meanwhile the vast majority of humanity struggle with the increasing pace and madness of ‘the Quickening’.

The Quickening, is the name given by the radio talk show host Art Bell to the noticeable ‘speeding up’ of the pace of living on this planet. “Every night I’ve had to watch the news and dissect what’s going on in our world to prepare for this program. And in that 13 years, unmistakably socially, politically, environmentally, you name it, in every one of those areas of human endeavour, things are beginning to accelerate.” …. Art Bell

And it isn’t just a speeding up that’s happening, the degree of novelty in our lives is also increasing exponentially. In a 1997 interview on the Art Bell Show Terence McKenna said: “Any large scale or small scale process can be looked at as a dynamic struggle between two qualities which I call habit and novelty.”

He described habit as repetition of established patterns, while novelty is “chance-taking, the exploratory, the new, the never-before-seen.� Novelty was particularly evident in technology in the 20th century. Here are just a few examples of technologies that post-date 1900. - powered flight, - fax machines,

- moving pictures, - the atom bomb, - radar, - television, - heart transplants, - computers, - cell phones, - the internet, - microwave ovens, - DNA fingerprinting, - video games,

- space flight, - interstate highways, - digital watches, - singing greeting cards, - electric guitars, - washing machines, - vacuum cleaners, - genetically engineered vaccines, - barcodes, - cruise control, - anti-lock brakes,

- turn signals, - ballpoint pens, - air conditioning, - teflon, - velcro, - fibreglass, - satellites and space probes, - genetically modified crops, - shopping malls, - surfboards, - zippers, ‌. etc

Each decade since 1900 saw more and more technical novelty. The growth has been exponential. My father was born before the age of powered flight, yet I grew up to fly recreationally, while astronauts went to the Moon and space probes left our solar system. My mother cooked on a wood-fired stove. She boiled up washing in a copper tub and used a scrubbing board and mechanical wringer.

A technological quickening is well accepted by many mainstream scientists. In 1993, Vernor Vinge, then Professor of Computer Science at San Diego University, first proposed the notion of a technological singularity – a point at which everything that can be known will be known.

Many mainstream scientists and technologists think that the singularity is looming just ahead. One line of reasoning is that while the first scientific and technological renaissance occupied a time span of some 300 years, it is not unreasonable to expect the next to take place within as little as 300 months – or 25 yrs.

If we assume that the starting point corresponds to the introduction of the World Wide Web (not the Internet) in 1989, we are presently close to the end of the 25 year period required to reach the singularity. There is a group of scientists and technologists on the west coast of the US that argues strongly for the technological singularity theory of Vernor Vinge. They call themselves "The 2014 Club".

As far back as 1996, Gregory S. Paul and Earl D. Cox wrote a book titled, Beyond Humanity – Cyber Evolution and Future Minds. As the title suggests, Paul and Cox foresee a near-future world in which machines are so intelligent that human laws and ethics will have to be modified to accommodate the rights of these non-biological creatures.

Here’s an interesting table from Paul and Cox.

On the Art Bell show Terence McKenna said: “I’m saying that this process of novelty is now moving so quickly that within our own lifetimes it is going to accelerate essentially to such an intensity that we will experience more novelty in a few weeks or days than we’ve previously experienced in the whole life of the cosmos.”

McKenna wasn’t simply positing a technological speed up, he was drawing on insights from the code within the King Wen sequence of the I Ching. He said: “A lot of people have noticed the ‘time is speeding up’ phenomenon, but they tend to give credit to science or media or something like that. What I’m saying is that this is built into the laws of physics.”

Paul and Cox allude to the strangeness of the quickening in terms similar to my own comparisons with my life and that of my parents. They talk of going from covered wagons to the space age in a single generation. There’s an excerpt on the next frame.

Many people will relate to this type of experience.

And, yes, it is strange.

Our lives and our societies are going to get even stranger and, in due course (two years from now?) they’re going to be absolutely terrifying for people who aren’t prepared for what happens and who won’t know what to do about it. There is a real need to help people by lessening the trauma ahead.

What sort of trauma?

Well, the cataclysm itself will be hugely traumatic for those who don’t understand it. But it will only be short, and at the very end of the quickening. The other source of trauma will be the increasing build up of events and behaviours that are so out of the ordinary that they scare the wits out of people – NOVELTY.

Terence McKenna managed to correctly locate the spiral Time Wave in history using uniquely novel events, such as the first atomic bomb attack at Hiroshima on 6 August 1945. He found that the one and only point at which habit will be zero and novelty will be infinite is the solstice of 21 December 2012.

But in the months, days, and hours before that event habit will be very hard to find. There will be enough novelty happening as to drive people crazy. The growing uncertainty is already making many feel insecure and vulnerable. It seems that everything we’ve learnt and ‘known’ is being overturned by a tsunami of change.

Into the 1980s international trade was controlled through tariffs, and effective borders existed between countries. Today, trillions of dollars of goods and services flow unimpeded across the internet without national governments being able to control or tax such trade. The new economy is global, and it’s uncontrolled.

To be sure, there are cycles in markets and in the past some shrewd people have made money from this knowledge. However the cycles are compressing as time spirals down to the ‘plug hole’ of the 2012 end date. The combination of uncontrollable global markets and the speeding up of novelty will have serious repercussions.

Nothing works in ordered or ethical patterns anymore. In 2008 we saw the early results of financial institutions gambling in unregulated markets using highly risky instruments - Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs) and Credit Default Swaps (CDSs). In 2009 subprime CDOs led to massive write offs; the $45 trillion CDS market has still to collapse.

The fact is that everyone in banking knew these secretive instruments were risky, but they continued to trade them because their bonuses depended on it. Everyone focused on their bonuses and forgot about prudence and their obligation to shareholders and customers. Much more of this sort of thing is ahead in the next few years.

It won’t actually matter that people loose their retirement nest eggs and homes but they won’t see that, and it will drive them frantic. They’ll expect the problems to be fixed, if only for their children’s sakes, but they won’t be. Policies and programs can only work in conditions of habit - there won’t be sufficient order or stability for that.

In the final years of the Quickening we can expect that trust will be lost, fear and anger will abound, and hope will become a distant memory. But it doesn’t have to be like that at all. A great deal can be done to help and guide folk through the turmoil that will lead to the 2012 solstice. Here’s a model …

I call this simple model of STO action ‘Heart Help’ because it works with the green ray energies of the 4th, or heart, chakra. See the Service to Others (STO) topic regarding the chakras. The model’s essence is a threestep, self reinforcing, process to help ourselves and others break out of the Quickening.

The three steps are: 1. CALM 2. CENTRE 3. HELP OTHERS Like many things this process is easier to describe than do. But it can be learnt and perfected by anyone with a level of consciousness (LOC) of 200 or more on the Hawkins scale.

CALM: The first step is crucial, it is about breaking out of the spiral of the quickening and achieving a calm, and powerful, mental state. Our mind must be calm in order to access the collective field of consciousness that we are immersed in. The heart chakra is active in this process.

CENTRE: Serenity opens the gate to choice of consciousness level. Once you are CALM you can choose where to position your centre of attraction in the field of consciousness. There are difficult gates on the path to ascension. Wise souls centre a little beyond the next gate they have to traverse.

HELP OTHERS: From a position of spiritual and metaphysical power, whatever the level you’ve achieved, this step translates into action to help others. Service to others (STO) is the choice we have been presented with, in many lives, for 75,000 years. It’s time to make the choice.

Helping others isn’t about setting up relief centres and soup kitchens, although those might be good things to do as well. In the model, ‘HELPING OTHERS’ implies help in breaking out of the downward spiral of the Quickening and finding the path to ascension. Here’s the diagram again. ….

Three strands of help assist others to find the path. 1. KINDNESS 2. KNOWLEDGE 3. KINSHIP OF THE SPIRIT The first two strands reinforce calmness and assist centring. The third strand removes separation and leads directly to ascension.

KINDNESS: If we wish to help others it is vital that we spend the rest of our biochemical existence being kind to them – without pause and without exception. Giving kindness elicits the green ray energy attractor – the heart chakra. It strengthens and calms both ourselves and those we help.

There will be an escalating need for kindness and compassion in the final stages of the quickening, when people will be stressed to breaking point by the waves of novelty engulfing them.

‘The more you give the more you get’. Being kind to others has a reinforcing effect on our own state of mind and level of CALMNESS.

KNOWLEDGE: Making spiritual, metaphysical, and scientific knowledge available to people during the stress of the quickening helps to banish fear and reinforce CALMNESS. There is no contradiction in associating spiritual knowledge with scientific knowledge, as they are rapidly converging.

By the time the singularity is reached, and everything that can be known is known, there will be no difference remaining between the spiritual understanding and that of scientists. Helping others by providing knowledge should not be for profit, nor should it be forced on people. We should make the truth available to those who want it.

Knowledge has a wonderful property, it can never be traded and kept scarce, as tangible goods are. Knowledge can only be shared and multiplied. Attempts to sell knowledge invariably result in more people having it. Mental knowledge and experience are the only things we can take with us when we ascend to another plane of existence.

Facilitating the wide sharing of advanced spiritual and scientific knowledge during the quickening can help to strengthen and calm others, as well as ourselves. The WWW is a quick and easy way to share and spread knowledge of evidence based spirituality. How do we distinguish truth from fiction? Simple, we use CFK to test levels of truth.

KINSHIP OF THE SPIRIT: As used here kinship is wider than filial, tribal, or ethnic ties. It’s a bond with the entire community of life. This kinship ends the separation that developed during some 10,000 years of humanity’s pursuit of a self-serving ethos and ‘might is right’ attitudes on this planet.

Kinship of the Spirit involves the knowledge, however gained, of the illusory nature of biochemical existence and the underlying soullevel connection between all things. Helping others with kindness and knowledge during the quickening reduces the illusion of separation and assists them to find the path to ascension – a true gift indeed.

Wide application of the ‘Heart Help’ model, and similar approaches, can ensure that people the world over will gain full benefit of the inflow of conscious energy before and during the 2012 event. Kinship between those who adopt a Service To Others ethos during this time will be vital in banishing fear and maximising hope on this planet.

Okay, but don’t expect me to talk about this stuff publicly.

FEAR isn’t only about poverty, violence, sickness, and the like. Most people also fear that they might appear foolish – fear of ridicule and loss of respect is everywhere in our society. We conform because we fear the consequences of not being ‘normal’.

It’s time to banish that fear.

SPEAK OUT NOW: It’s time to speak out about the quickening and the approach of the galactic alignment on 21 December, 2012. We need to do this without fear of any consequences to ourselves or our ‘acceptance’ in a world that’s being driven crazy by increasing novelty.

If we don’t speak out, and also reach out to others with the three strands of Kindness, Knowledge, and Kinship of the Spirit, we will be giving in to FEAR and failing both ourselves and the community of life. Please speak out without fear. The future of humanity could depend on your Heart Help.

The End Think on it all and remember

We are not alone Lothar Viridis

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