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Š We Are Not Alone, 2007/2009

In 1990, Dr Rick Strassman, then Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of New Mexico’s School of Medicine, clinically tested the effects of the DMT molecule on 60 human subjects. The results were surprising and very challenging to conventional medical explanations of consciousness.

After analysing the results Strassman wrote. "There are feelings of extraordinary joy, timelessness, and a certainty that what we experience is 'more real than real'...a knowledge that consciousness continues after death; a deep understanding of the basic unity of all phenomena; and a sense of wisdom or love pervading all existence."

Dr Strassman didn’t consider the subjects were hallucinating or dreaming. Instead, he was forced to posit that DMT had simply tuned their brains to another ‘channel’, beyond everyday normal. Subjects met and spoke with similar entities, in similar settings, to a degree that gave him little choice but to accept their stories.

Strassman wrote: "It may be that I have such a hard time with these stories because they challenge the prevailing world view, and my own. Our modern approach to reality relies upon waking consciousness, and its extensions of tools and instruments, as the only ways of knowing. ‌� And ...

“In contrast, indigenous cultures are in regular contact with denizens of the invisible landscape and have no problems with straddling both worlds. Often they do this with the aid of psychedelic plants.� Strassman is referring to the practices of native Shamans who use DMT to enter trance states.

Dr Strassman wrote ‘The Spirit Molecule’ to explain his findings to all of us outside medicine. See The Swiss anthropologist, Jeremy Narby, also wrote ‘The Cosmic Serpent’ to present his findings on the ability of shamans to ‘travel’ to non-material realms and bring back knowledge.

Unlike Rick Strassman, who was a detached observer, Narby actually entered DMT induced trance states under the guidance of several shamans. So Narby’s record is of first-hand encounters; with fluorescent serpents who spoke to him without words and convinced him of their great love and wisdom.

Another researcher to test DMT first-hand (under experienced guidance) is Graham Hancock. tural Hancock’s extensive research and experiences suggest that the ancient teachers of humankind were/are often non-material beings, i.e. ‌ We are NOT alone.

It’s hard to deny that Shamans do learn cures and receive advice while in trance states. Some 74% of the plant-based drugs known to modern science were originally discovered by native people. To this day, major pharmaceutical corporations continue to scour the jungles of the Amazon for indigenous remedies.

Jeremy Narby notes that without the trance-gained knowledge of Shamans: â€œâ€Ś biotechnicians would be reduced to testing blindly the medicinal properties of the world's estimated 250,000 plant speciesâ€?. Without the knowledge given to us via trance states humans would live sicker, shorter, lives.

The knowledge that Shamans have gained by switching off channel normal and entering another plane is very sophisticated. Narby writes that it is inconceivable that native people stumbled upon it by chance. Shamans don’t ever claim to have discovered the remedies. They say they were given to them by spirits.

Amazonian Shamans derive DMT from a brew made of plant leaves and roots. Narby describes the process in ‘The Cosmic Serpent’. The harmine and tetrahydroharmine alkaloids in ayahuasca reverse the effect of the neuronal enzyme monoamine oxidase (MAO) and also facilitate the accumulation of 5-HT amines that would otherwise be metabolised by MAO. Continued …

Due to the blocking action of the active molecules from the ayahuasca vine, DMT is allowed to circulate in the bloodstream and enter the brain. Chemist, J.C. Callaway, has described this process as, "one of the most sophisticated drug delivery systems in existence�.

The secrets of the muscle relaxant curare, as told to Shamans by their spirit helpers, are just as complex.

But what exactly is DMT?

Dr Rick Strassman makes the following points about DMT. • N N-dimethyltryptamine occurs naturally in our bodies. • It’s an hallucinogen, and one of the few substances permitted to cross the blood-brain barrier. • The greatest concentrations of DMT in our blood occur at birth and at death.

Strassman puzzles over why we have DMT in our bodies. He concludes that the Ancients might be right and that DMT is, after all, a Spirit Molecule. DMT is produced by the Pineal gland which the Ancients termed the ‘3rd eye’ and the gateway by which the soul enters and departs the physical body.

Dr Strassman also speculates that DMT chemistry might be the means by which Shamans and others can ‘switch channels’ and commune with non-material beings. However, due to the discovery of the psychic procedure termed Consciousness Field Kinesiology – CFK – speculation isn’t necessary.

In 1986 Dr David Hawkins published the results of his 20 yrs of research into CFK, in his book, Power Vs Force. See: Since then it has become possible to test the truth of theories about DMT and Shamanism. There is more information about CFK in ‘The Choice’ topic.

Of course, there are many people who doubt the veracity of Hawkins discoveries. However: • Ancient writings from the Vedic accounts of a previous ‘Golden Age’ ascribe similar psychic powers to human beings then. • Science is now discovering evidence of external information fields, which can explain CFK.

The results of Rick Strassman’s study of DMT’s effects on human subjects bear out the notion that the brain is nothing but a receiver/transmitter. And that the information programs of the mind are external to the physical body. We can access ‘other channels’ by several means; dreams, trances, DMT, and CFK.

What’s the point of this stuff?

In 1971, two brothers, Terence and Dennis McKenna, went to the Amazon to investigate the shamanic usage of trances and altered states of consciousness. They wanted to know if there really was an ‘invisible landscape’ and, if so, what was in it. Terence McKenna found out, and it changed his life.

During an extended trypatimine trance a strange insectoid intelligence gently directed Terence to study the King Wen sequence of the I Ching, an ancient Chinese divinatory tool, It said that he would discover that time is fractal and cyclical. Amazingly that’s what Terence then discovered in the King Wen!

This is the King Wen sequence of the I Ching. It’s pretty hard to see what the insectoid being said is in there, eh?

The King Wen is the oldest preserved human abstract sequence. It is at least 3,000 years old, and possibly more ancient. The I Ching, from which the King Wen sequence stems, was earlier called the Chou I and seems to have originated in northwest China. But it could have come from an even earlier civilization, and be of non-Chinese origin.

The King Wen sequence has been studied by mathematicians for thousands of years. Nobody had ever discerned the mathematical intention of the pattern it contains, let alone what it means. Terence McKenna did both these things. He learned that “time will end” in December, 2012. Yes, that’s what the Mayan Long Count also says.

The Mayan civilization flourished in Meso-America between 300 CE and 900 CE. However several million Mayan descendants survive today in Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. As we near the end of the Long Count the Mayan belief system is still very much alive.

The Maya use three main calendars (along with 17 others). • The sacred Tzolkin comprises a 260 day vibrational cycle. • The Long Count is based on a 360 day celestial cycle. • The Haab has a solar cycle of 365 days.

The Long Count calendar contains 13 cycles of 144,000 days each. (If you’ve read ‘The Choice’ topic you’ll realise that 144 is the grid harmonic of the speed of light.) Thus the Long Count covers some 5,125 solar years, known as a World Age. This began on August 12, 3114 BC and will end on December 21, 2012.

Both the Aztec and Cherokee calendars are nearly identical to the Mayan Long Count. The Hopi calendar is also similar. They say that we are now almost at the end of the Fourth World, and that the Fifth World will start soon. (Ages might be variously termed 4th th, or 5 but the present age ends in December, 2012.)

According to the Vedas we are presently living in an iron/clay age. During this time humans are mostly incapable of understanding anything but gross material reality (which is an illusion we carry). The CFK calibrations of human consciousness, worldwide, bear this out. More than 80% of humanity is below the 200 level.

Various sceptics find fault with the Time Wave Zero model. However the acid test of TWZ is whether it actually does identify historical periods and events of high novelty. In this regard Terence McKenna’s demonstrations of the model, along with the tests of many other users of the TWZ software, have been convincing.

In the Time Wave Zero model peaks in the graph are periods of relative stability while troughs or valleys represent occasions of what McKenna termed novelty. He initially anchored the model in time by using the first atomic bomb in August 1945 – that was something new that changed the world forever. It was ‘novel’.

The novelty valleys in the graph will contain many different forms of change. A dip in the graph represents a time of general discontinuity. The old ideas or technologies give way to new ones at these points in the cycle. Since time is fractal the patterns of novelty repeat at various scales. This happens more quickly as the end date approaches.

McKenna’s time wave accurately captures historical novelties.

Due to the fractal nature of TWZ exact historical resonances can be determined using a software program that calculates the wave. Anyone with basic computer skills and a PC can do this. You don’t have to be a scientist or an historian. You can go back millions of years, or focus only on the past decade.

This is the Time Wave Zero pattern for the 9/11 WTC attack of 2001.

This is the TWZ pattern for the invasion of Poland 1 Sept 1939.

The 9/11 attack was in resonance with the start of WWII – the Nazi invasion of Poland. It isn’t that the same events recur. It is more that similar events happen according to the rise and fall of the time wave. Mark Twain said, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes.”

A series of events precedes the 2012 convergence and end date. Scientists are observing changes in the Earth and in the Solar System as the cycle draws to a close. The media tends not to relate these signs to the pattern of the Time Wave, but many other people do see the connections.

The prophecy of Quetzalcoatl, known as the Thirteen Heavens and Nine Hells, ended on August 16, 1987 and the Harmonic Convergence began on August 17 of that year. The prophecy stated that following the ninth hell, humanity would know and experience an unprecedented New Age of Peace.

This cycle shift-point had a personal significance for me.

I don’t draw attention to my own consciousness level for reasons of achievement or pride. But because I happened to ‘cross 540’ on the Hawkins Scale at that particular time. In fact the overall level of consciousness of humanity rose at that point; it will do so several more times as 2012 approaches.

The end of a World Cycle on 21 December, 2012 won’t be the end of the world. But it will be a point of amazing novelty, and a rare opportunity for humanity to evolve. However, nothing is guaranteed in terms of the fate of individuals. Only that a cosmic gate will open then for those who are ready.

But surely time flows forever. It’s just that the mice get quicker and quicker.

Western science now understands that time is not necessarily linear or constant. It is relative. Nor is time external to the events in which we experience it. Instead of our experiences being instances in time, time is actually in each instant. Think of the frames in a movie, each giving an impression of time.

Without change there is no time. Without energy there is no change. Time is really energy – vibration and it’s related to light. In fact time is light, is energy, is change. Moreover, time is cyclical, and fractal. This isn’t fiction it’s 21st century science.

When there is more change, time seems to pass more quickly. Records from 11th century England show that the price of corn went unchanged for some 300 years. Contrast this with the pace of living today and you begin to appreciate the point about time reflecting change. The mice seem quicker now!

But that’s not science.

It’s what we experience. Ultimately, science has to explain that, and it has to fit in many new facts that are being discovered on a daily basis. Art Bell coined the term ‘The Quickening’ to describe the rising sense of change in our world. Terence McKenna discovered the basis of that quickening.

We experience patterns of change that repeat themselves. These patterns are fractal or self-similar. Within these patterns periods of relative stability alternate with others of great novelty or change. Eleventh century England was slow and predictable. Present-day Britain is quick and increasingly novel.

Based on insights given to Terence by a higher-level ‘Teacher’, who existed in the invisible landscape, the McKenna brothers uncovered a fractal wave function hidden within the King Wen sequence. The originators of the I Ching seem to have known of these recurring patterns within the cycles of time.

People still use the I Ching as a divinatory tool today. It might not predict exactly what will happen, but its users claim that it does differentiate between stable and opportunistic periods ahead. Periods of change and novelty are to be treated with caution. An old Chinese curse is, “May you live in interesting times�.

It is the nature of the wave of time, or Time Wave Zero as McKenna terms it, that events are compressed as the end date is approached. The quickening we are now experiencing is exactly what the patterns of TWZ suggest. According to the Maya the cycle began in 3114 BC and will end in 2012 CE – less than 3 years away.

How could all this be possible and I’ve never heard of it? Where was Foxtel?

The German chemist and mathematician, Dr Peter Plichta, has shown that time is a property of four-dimensional space, and is a pure inversion of energy. Plichta has clearly demonstrated that: “A finite space is three-dimensional (to the power of 3) and an infinite space is four-dimensional (to the power of 4)�.

I don’t do formulas.

Equations are just symbolic representations of ideas. Here are some of the ideas that Plichta’s work contains. “Something is either material and countable, or it disappears and dissolves. It then spreads out into infinity as a wave phenomenon, just as a number is a realisation of a quantity and its reciprocal value is a diminution towards eternity”.

Other ideas are: “The relationship that emerges involves a connection showing energy and reciprocal time as pure four-dimensional inversion”. “Substance is in fact inextricably linked to the space that holds the substance, and the effect of energy is similarly connected to time”.

And: “The reversal of an infinite fourdimensional space produces … an expression for matter which is physically linked to mass. The infinity of space will then exist reciprocally as points of matter”. This doesn’t imply that matter actually exists. The medium and the vibrations in it give an illusion of matter.

Importantly: “..Einstein’s equation not only connects the three most important physical dimensions which we can perceive with our senses (matter, energy and quantity), but also the reverse of these dimensions (space, time and numerical sequence). These inversions are accessible to us through our ability to conceptualise”.

Then Plichta notes something profound. “The interface between the finity of observation and the infinite realm of the imagination is the human mind�. This is what the Mystics have been telling us for thousands of years. Now a scientist, who is far from being a Mystic, is telling us the same truth!

He’s telling us that we can ‘see’, or experience as reality, whatever we can imagine. The universe ultimately comes down to waves and thought forms. And, although we don’t now use it, we have the power to create our own reality with our minds. In the times of Atlantis, legends say, people used such powers.

Peter Plichta worked largely alone, and always independently of the science establishment. This was also the case with the New Zealand UFO and energy grid researcher, Captain Bruce Cathie. He observed UFOs while in command of various aircraft, researched the UFOs tracks, discovered a pattern, etc ‌‌

Bruce Cathie eventually achieved: • The formulation of a unified field equation (as sought by Einstein) • Proof that time is light • Evidence and definition of an energy grid already in operation on our planet • Accurate predictions of atomic test firings, … and more.

However the truly amazing thing about Cathie is that having uncovered so many secrets about free energy, UFOs, and atomic weapons, he’s still independent, and he’s still alive. See Let’s understand his core discovery, about light and time.

First note that:

Several important facts stem from Cathie’s unified equation. 1. Everything is LIGHT. As Einstein said, “There is no matter”. We only see ‘matter’ when the vibrational range is sufficiently low for this to happen. Raise the frequency and the ‘matter’ will disappear – just as UFOs can. Underneath, matter is light.

2. There is no limit on light speed. Einstein’s paradox was that as the speed of light is approached mass increases infinitely. But since mass is now shown to be light this problem is avoided. If the frequency of ‘matter’ is raised sufficiently it can travel on a higher plane, where light also speeds up. Again, UFOs can do this.

3. Cathie shows that light travels in a spiral path, as pulsing spheres of pure energy. Since everything is ultimately light, this is also how time travels. Thus time is not a linear flow, it travels in cycles and spirals according to the plane of vibrational existence involved. This isn’t easy to grasp but it’s so.

Astonishingly as it might be to many people, these facts about light and time were known and recorded by earlier civilizations on this planet. Examples of this knowledge come from the ancient Hindu Vedas, and from the teachings of Hermes (in ancient Egypt, and transported to Greece).

Those Ancients knew a thing or two.

For centuries Western science has chosen to ignore the wisdom stored in ancient myths, legends and axioms. But it can no longer do so. New discoveries are confirming ancient truths. Science is moving into realms of the metaphysical. Reductionism is giving way to holistic ways of knowing. God is back in the labs.

Using CFK to calibrate facts and theories against the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness can be very instructive. The cut-in point for truth is 200 on the scale. At 500 reason begins to lose its dominance and the Divine enters into truth; with or without proof. At 500, truth goes beyond reason.

Brilliant as they are, the discoveries of Einstein, Plichta, and Cathie, regarding time, mainly calibrate from the high 400s to mid 500s on the Hawkins Scale. On the other hand CFK tells us that the work of the McKenna brothers on the King Wen Sequence and Time Wave Zero calibrates far higher; in the range of Divine truth.

But UFOs don’t exist do they?

Bruce Cathie discovered the Earth’s Energy Grid, which is artificially configured, by recording all known UFO tracks in New Zealand. In Europe another researcher, Aime’ Michel, discovered similar evenly spaced tracklines there. Michel’s average spacing was 54.43 km. Cathie showed that the precise distance is 55.5955 km, or 30 nautical miles.

In other words the Earth Energy Grid used by UFOs is an observed phenomenon. There are 720 latitude lines and 720 longitude lines making up the grid. Bruce Cathie sells software on his website that projects the energy grid onto any area of the globe. There are valid sightings of UFOs using the tracks all over the world.

The following map of UFO sightings is not from Cathie’s software. It is from another group that studies the UFO phenomenon. The map shows the great extent to which UFO sightings occur. Another map for the Americas, particularly the USA, is even denser with plots (but it’s not shown here).

Asia Pacific area. We are not alone.

A Disclosure Project is working globally to have governments admit the existence and extent of extraterrestrial visitations. The main website is: The Australian website is:

But the 2012 Convergence isn’t about UFOs, some of which are friendly and others of which are decidedly unfriendly. The end of the Fourth World is about us. It’s about our future as a species and whether we are ready to evolve or not. See ‘The Choice’ topic for more information.

The End Think on it all and remember

We are not alone

Lothar Viridis

About Time  

Presentation on the nature of time and the galactic convergence of 2012