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÷Ú¯‰Ó / Èχ¯◊ȉ ıȘ‰Ó Ì‰Ï Ò‡Ó

(‡Ï „«Ú)

They are still (not) fed up with the Israeli summer/with the noise



Are(n’t) you cold without a coat?

«Ï÷Ó ·Î¯ ÈÏ· «Ï ‰◊˜

(‡Ï ¯·Î)

It’s (no longer) hard for him without a car of his own

Exercise 13 1 all in the past tense – binyan pi-el 2 all in future tense binyan pa-al

Â”Ú middle letter  or È

3 all in future tense binyan hitpa-el 4 all in hif-il (various tenses)

Reading comprehension: Translation Jerusalem a. The Tower of David: 3,000 years ago, King David made Jerusalem into the national and religious centre of the people of Israel. Today the Tower is a museum which explains the history of Jerusalem through its various periods of government. b. The Knesset: the parliament of the State of Israel. In Israel there are 120 members of parliament – Jews, Arabs and Druze. c. The Western Wall: situated on Mount Moriah, which is called the Temple Mount in Israel. The Jews believe that it was where Abraham was about to scarifice Isaac. King Solomon built the First Temple there, and Herod the Second Temple, of which only the Western Wall remains today. d. Yad Va’shem: – the museum in memory of the Holocaust. Archives for research and documentation can also be found here. Also the avenue of trees to the memory of the righteous of the nations of the world. The name Yad Va’shem comes from Isaiah 56:5. e. The Dome of the Rock: This is the mosque with the famous golden dome that one always sees on pictures of Jerusalem. A holy place for the Muslims, also situated on Mount Moriah.

Colloquial hebrew  

Colloquial hebrew: Easy and enjoyable lessons in Hebrew

Colloquial hebrew  

Colloquial hebrew: Easy and enjoyable lessons in Hebrew