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AUSTRALIAN SECURITIES AND INVESTMENTS COMMISSION (ASIC) MONEY SMART Development of overarching CALD communication strategy Script writing of 10 money management topics Translation into 14 languages Focus testing of in-language scripts Audio production of 16 languages for web & radio Graphic design of disk artwork Large scale disk duplication Nation-wide media planning & distribution

BANK OF MELBOURNE CHINESE NEW YEAR CALENDAR Graphic Design Stock image sourcing Urgent project – completed within 24 hour turnaround

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BEYONDBLUE GUIDE FOR CARERS Copy writing & development of 36 page booklet Translation into six languages

Living with and supporting portting ssomeone with blem m is llikely to affect a mental health problem

In som some situations, carers may experience finan financial difficulty as they might:

Individual and culturally h th hat person, as well as your relationship with that her people. relationships with other sensitive graphic design rupte ed. Routines can Family life might be disr disrupted. ome etimes without you gradually change, sometimes realising it.

Culturally specific sourcing of stock photography

not able to work full-time

be paying for medical expenses

be helping the person financially.

Relationships may become one-sided, as the person with depression may only be able to focus on their own problems.

“I rarely see a friend or a anyt anything thing … ple over o I don’t really invite peop people that much because of it.””

“I love my husband, we’ve been married for many years, but these things are The reactions you get et fr from rom friends and playing havoc on our marriage.” urprise or hurt you family members mayy su surprise you. se th hey don’t under unders This may be because they understand If your relationship has changed, at it means, or what depression/anxiety, wha what remember that this is mainly due to hrou ugh. Often the ugh you may be going through. they fear Cá chthe person’s illness. If the person gets ething wrong. wrong that they may say something ămtreatment and recovers, the right bӏ c thech sócto improve. hӭsituation “People … just wouldn’t ’t sayy anything any an ny nyth ng t is likely t â rҫm bҧn th m th dn’t know kno now what because they just wouldn’t ân q cҧm ҫn c to say.” uý /lo ó




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Desktop publishing – 3 page tabloid newspaper, high res PDF for print & web suitable PDF Translation into 16 languages

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ge mstn per cheq o k i n ë e li ue A e b M stra ls u uit Au vere n o ub on den | Nieuws s d d i sacwhtig rhe Pole | Gem en st van inkrijk Zeke ralië en e r. Kon t l e V e n a n sS ene ci e st pro Pensio eke n Au : ijd mnmer voor nJsunei ditslnoute u In s m n e u a g t a P, er en ellen k, M bb




COMING EVENTS TRANSLATIONS Weekly announcements from Yarra News will be broadcast in several languages on local radio 3CR 855AM and 3ZZZ 92.3FM




ARABIC <DUUD1HZVVΓέ΍Ϊλ΍ϦϣΕΎϧϼϋ΍ΚΑϢΘϴγ Γέ΍Ϊλ΍ϦϣΕΎϧϼϋ΍ΚΑϢΘϴγ ΍ΎϳήϴΘϳέ·ΕϮλΞϣΎϧήΑήΒϋϩάϫ ϲϓϲϋ΍ΫϹ΍ΎϳήϴΘϳέ·ΕϮλΞϣΎϧήΑήΒϋϩάϫ ϋˬ˱ΎΣΎΒλ7ΔϋΎδϟ΍ϦϣϦϴϨΛϻ΍ ΔϋΎδϟ΍ϦϣϦϴϨΛϻ΍ ΩΩήΘϟ΍ϰϠϋˬ &5$0

Usefull Council C Contact Numbers General enquiries: 9205 5555 9 After Hours Emergency: 9205 5555 TTY: TT phone 133 677 then ask for 03 9205 5555 Facsimile mile: 8417 6666 Email: Webs ebsite:


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NO 6


JULY 2011




ᘜૼ‫ݽ‬ञ࿕ぜ ؑਙࢌ‫ܘڇإ‬Ժၲ୶ՠ‫܂‬Δ‫ڜ‬ᇘ‫୴ࣹڍޓ‬ᕴ๠෻ࢮ݃දΔࡳཚ堚ൿ‫੅ܮ‬ᑷ ࣹ୴ᕴ๠෻ࢮ݃දΔࡳཚ堚ൿ‫੅ܮ‬ᑷ រ໱ࢬΔጐၦ྇֟‫ه‬ඵࣹ୴ᕴࢬ൅ࠐऱଅᙠΖ‫ڣװ‬Δؑਙࢌᙄࠃ୉Εؑਙ ऱଅᙠΖ‫ڣװ‬Δؑਙࢌᙄࠃ୉Εؑਙ ,QQHUVSDFH‫֗א‬ <DUUD +HDOWKʼ‫<ڇ‬DUUD ʳ ‫ڣ‬Δؑਙࢌ‫ڇ‬5LFKPRQGࡉ ଡᄅऱࣹ୴ <DUUDؑऱࣹ୴ᕴ๠෻ࢮ݃ද᜔ᑇሒࠩԱଡΖૉ ෻ࢮ݃ද᜔ᑇሒࠩԱଡΖૉ <DUUDࣹؑ୴ᕴ๠෻ᑷᒵΚΖᓮ࿯ᑷᒵ ᒵΚ Ζᓮ࿯ᑷᒵ ՛ழփ‫گ‬ႃࣹ୴ᕴΖ‫ڶ‬ᣂᇡൣΔᓮፖؑਙࢌᜤ࿮Δሽ ᇡൣΔᓮፖؑਙࢌᜤ࿮Δሽ Ζ

If you would d like information in about the content of Yarra Ne ews and your language is not listed ted above, a you can contact an interpreter on n 9280 1940.

CITY OF YARRA YARRA NEWS Monthly local news service, both radio and press materials Translation into four languages Desktop publishing into .eps format for printed newsletters Audio production into .wav format for radio broadcasting Distribution to media

Hãy loҥi ҥi b bӓ mӑi rҳc rӕi cӫa viӋc lҳp p ÿһt ÿ mӝt ÿҫu sen tҳm hiӋu quҧ vӅ nѭӟc Hãy ÿӇ Ӈ chúng tôi làm viӋc ho quý vӏ. này cho MiӉn phí Showerhead Exchange PLUS CITY WEST WATER REPLACEMENT SHOWERHEAD PROGRAM Production of artwork for a brochure and post card Translation into Vietnamese Desktop publishing into print ready PDF format

COUNTRY FIRE AUTHORITY (CFA) ANNUAL FIRE CAMPAIGN Ongoing CALD communication advice and strategy 34 languages Desktop publishing of brochures, fact sheets & post cards Audio recording for radio campaign Engagement and provision of community spokespersons


ϝΎϔσϷ΍ ϊϣ ϞϤόϟ΍ ϞΠγ κΤϓ Working with Children en Check

ΔϣΎϋ ΕΎϣϮϠόϣ Δϗέϭ

ˮκΤϔϟ΍ ΍άϬΑ ΩϮμϘϤϟ΍ Ύϣ ˮκΤ Δϣϼγ ϰϠϋ υΎϔΤϟ΍ ϲϓ ΓΪϋΎδϤϠϟ ΪϋΎδϤϠϟ ϢϢ͉Ϥμ˵ μϣ˵ Workin Working with Children (WWC) Check ϝΎϔσϷ΍ ϊϣ ϞϤόϟ΍ ϞΠγ κΤϓ ͋ Ϊϗ Ϧϳάϟ΍ αΎϨϟ΍ ϊϨϣ ϰϟ· ϑΪϬϳ ϮϮϫϭ ˬ2006 ϡΎϋ ϲϓ ΎϳέϮΘϜϓ ϲϓ κΤϔϟΎΑ ϞϤόϟ΍ ΃ΪΑ Ϊϗϭ .ϝΎϔσϷ΍ ϰϠϋ ˱΍ήτΧ ϥϮϠϜθϳ .ϢϬόϣ ϞϤόϟ΍ Ϧϣ ϝΎϔσϷ΍ Δϣϼγ ϞΠγ κΤϓ ˯΍ήΟϹ ϡΪϘΘϟ΍ ϢϬϨϣ ΐϠτΘϳ ΔϨ͉Ϩϴόϣ Δτθϧ΃ ϭ΃ Ϧ ϬΟ ϭ΃ ˬΕΎϣΪΨΑ ϞμΘϳ ΎϤϴϓ ϞϤόϠϟ ϥϮϋϮτΘϳ ϭ΃ ϥϮϠϤόϳ Ϧϳάϟ΍ ιΎΨηϷ΍ ϦϛΎϣ΃ ϭ΃ ˬΕΎϬΟ ϋ ΔϴϠϴμϔΗ ΕΎϣϮϠόϣ ήϓϮΘΗ .ϲ .ϲϧϭήΘϜϟϻ΍ ϊϗϮϤϟ΍ ϲϓ ΔΟέΪ˵ ΪϤ˵ ϟ΍ ϦϬϬϤ˶ ϟ΍ ΔϤ΋ ΔϤ΋Ύϗ ϊΟ΍έ .WWC Check ϝΎϔσϷ΍ ϊϣ ϞϤόϟ΍ Ε΍˯΍ήΟ΍ϭ WWC Check Ϧϋ Ϣϗήϟ΍ ϰϠϋ ΕΎϣϮϠόϤϟ΍ ςΨΑ ϝΎμΗϻΎΑ ϦϜϤϳ ϭ΃ Department off Justice ϝΪόϟ΍ Γέ΍ίϮ μΗϻΎΑ ΎϬϴϠϋ ϝϮμΤϟ΍ Ϧ Γέ΍ίϮϟ ϲϧϭήΘϜϟϻ΍ ϊϗϮϤϟ΍ ϰϠϋ ΐϠτϟ΍ ϢϳΪϘΗ .1300 652 879

DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE WORKING WITH CHILDREN CHECK Development of strategy for CALD community members

ˮΔσ ˮΔσήθϟ΍ ϯΪϟ ϲ΋ΎϨΠϟ΍ ϞΠδϟ΍ κΤϓϭ WWC Check ϦϴΑ ϑϼΘΧϻ΍ Ϯϫ Ύϣ ϡ΍ ϡ΍Ϯϋ΃ ΍Ϯϋ΃ ΔΔδϤΧ ΓΪϤϟ ϱήδϳϭ ΔϨ͉ϴόϣ ΕΎϔϟΎΨϣ έΎΒΘϋϻ΍ έΎΒΘϋ ϲϓ άΧ΄ϳ WWC Check κΤϓ ϥΈ ϥΈϓ ˬΔσήθϟ΍ ϯΪϟ ϲ΋ΎϨΠϟ΍ ϞΠδϟ΍ κΤϓ ϑϼΨΑ ΕΎϬΟ Δ ϣ ΕΎϬ ΔϴϨϬϣ ΎϬΟ Δϳ΃΃ ϯΪϟ ˬΔϴϛϮϠγ ΕΎϔϟΎΨϣ ϭ΃ ΓΪϳΪΟ ΕΎϔϟΎΨϣ ΎϔϟΎ Δϳ΃ Ϧϣ Ϊϛ΄ΘϠϟ ΕΎϗΎτΒϟ΍ ϮϠϣΎΣ κΤϓ ήϤΘδϳ ˬΓήΘϔϟ΍ ϩάϫ ϝϼΧϭ .(ϪπϘϧ ϢΘϳ Ϣϟ Ύϣ) 2005 200 05 ϡΎό ϡΎ ϡΎόϟ όϟ ΔϴΤμ ΔϴΤμϟ΍ ϦϬϤ˶ ϟ΍ ϞϴΠδΗ ϥϮϧΎϗ ΐΟϮϤΑ ϤΑ έΩΎλ Ύλ VCAT ΎϳέϮΘϜϔΑ Δϳέ΍ΩϹ΍ϭ Δϳέ ΔϴϧΪϤϟ΍ ΔϤϜΤϤϟ΍ Ϧϣ ΔϠλ ϭΫ έ΍ήϗ ϱ΃ ϭ΃ ˬΔμΘΨϣ .Health Professions Registrations Act 2005 .ΎϬόϣ ωϮτΘΗ ϲΘϟ ϲΘϟ΍΍ ΔϤψϨϤϟ΍ ϭ΃ Ϛ ϚϠϤϋ ΔϬΟ ήϴϴϐΘΑ ϡϮϘΗ ΎϣΪϨϋ ΪϳΪΟ WWC Check ˯΍ήΟ· ϚϨϣ ΐϠτ˵ϳ ϻ

Translation into 34 languages

Δσήθϟ΍ ϯΪϟ ϲ΋ΎϨΠϟ΍ κΤϓ ΖϳήΟ΃ Ϯϟϭ ϰΘΣ WWC Check ˯΍ήΟϻ ϡΪϘΘϟ΍ ϚϨϣ ˱ΎΑϮϠτϣ Ϟψϳ Ϊϗϭ ΎϨΠϟ ϨΠϟϟ΍ ϞΠδϟ΍ κΤ

Desktop publishing of artwork for fact sheets and talking book In-language audio production for talking book Graphic design of disks and visual component of talking book Mass duplication of talking book disks

Working with Children Check | P1

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DIABETES AUSTRALIA HEALTHY EATING GUIDE Development of CALD communication strategy Translation into five languages In-language desktop publishing of 44 page booklet Print and web ready PDF format

EASTLINK EASTLINK NEWS Translation into Chinese and Vietnamese Desktop publishing of newsletter Web suitable format

ᒵᐅ ᒵᐅձџоġ ௃᚞Ѵ߳ᓎ ௃᚞Ѵ߳ᓎġ ӱӻЍ ਌ӱӻЍ

MEDIBANK PRESS ADVERTISEMENTS & FACT SHEETS Strategic CALD communication advice Translated into Chinese and Vietnamese Desktop publishing

Medibank嬻Ἀ⛐怠㑯ᾅ晒㗪炻䞍忻冒⶙⍣䚳Members’ ⛐怠 㗪⎗ẍ Choice㍸ὃ侭㗪⎗ẍ⽆柵⢾ᾅ晒㊧⚆⣂⮹ˤἈ⎗ẍ怠㑯ġ ˣ85 ㊧⚆55%ˣ70%ˣ85%ㆾ100%#ˤ䛇䘬⯙忁湥䯉╖ˤ

ӣਢȂԃ‫ݎ‬ձӵ2011ԑ10Т31РϞࠉᗊີᚂ ձӵ ᓎȂ ଱Ѕ᚞Ѵ߳ᓎȂձ஠ᕕுΙএТջາȂ‫ٮ‬иџ σഋӋ о‫ޢ‬௥ҧ፜σഋӋ᚞Ѵ߳ᓎ໶Ҭ*‫ޟ‬፫пȄ

ᒵᐅձ‫ޟ‬୊ஶ‫ܚ‬঄‫߳ޟ‬ᓎȄġ ϬЈ൷፜ᘲ។‫ܖ‬मႫ132 331Ȅ # ⮵㕤ᶵ崭忶⸜⹎旸柵䘬⎰屯㟤柵⢾ᾅ晒ˤ⎗傥㚱䫱῁㛇ˤ᷎朆㇨㚱⋨➇悥㚱Members’ rs’ Choice㍸ὃ侭ȸġ婳⎹ㆹᾹ㞍娊娛ねˤ Choice㍸ 军⮹㍸⇵㓗Ẁ * ⮵㕤䌚⼿㕘㚫⒉屯㟤䘬㕘㚫⒉ˤ⽭枰⛐≈ℍ㗪姕䩳䚜㍍㈋㫦᷎ᶼ㓗Ẁ椾㚰屣䓐炻ㆾ军⮹㍸⇵㓗Ẁ6ᾳ㚰ˤ⃵昌柵⢾ᾅ晒䘬2ᾳ㚰␴6ᾳ㚰䫱 ᶵ⊭㊔姒⭊ ῁㛇ˤṵ㚱℞⬫䫱῁㛇炻⊭㊔⍇㚱䕦䕭䘬12ᾳ㚰䫱῁㛇ẍ⍲㝸ṃ䈁䥹㚵⊁䘬䫱῁㛇ˤᶵ⊭㊔姒⭊‍⹟ᾅ晒ˣⶍἄ䯥嫱‍⹟ᾅ晒ˣ㴟⢾⬠䓇 ‍⹟ᾅ晒炷OSHC炸ẍ⍲㓹嬟干ᾅ晒ˤᶵ⎗冯℞⬫ảỽ⃒よᶨ崟ἧ䓐ˤġ Medibank䥩Ṣ㚱旸℔⎠ ABN 47 080 890 259

Graphic Design Print and web ready formats produced Distribution to ethnic media outlets

ROAR DIGITAL; PETER MAC LUNG CANCER DVD Revoiced existing 60 minute English language DVD Produced timed audio files in six languages other than English Two individual talent used per language

STATE EMERGENCY SERVICE (SES) BECOME A VOLUNTEER CALD communication strategy Translation into nine languages Desktop publishing of DL brochures, posters, press ads and media releases Audio production of radio advertisements Community consultations to promote volunteering opportunities

TEQUILA; EA GAMES BATTLEFIELD 3 ELECTRONIC DIRECT MAIL Production of in-language content for international electronic direct mail campaign Translation into Japanese, Korean and Traditional Chinese Desktop publishing of translated content into .html format



2'5ä$9$1-(6,*851267,1$â,+ä(/-(=1,ý.,+3267$-$ 7$-$ Developed CALD communication strategy posjetite]RYLWH Targeting 15 languages

Desktop publishing of media releases, press and radio advertising, posters and web content Media planning and negotiated PR support Distribution of collateral Engagement of community spokespersons Organised campaign launch with CALD community leaders

VICTORIAN RACING CLUB INTERNATIONAL MELBOURNE CUP CARNIVAL Production of in-language brochures and ticketing Translation into Chinese, Japanese and Korean For use with print and web


11 MCKEON ROAD MITCHAM VIC 3132 PHONE +61 3 9879 6234

LOTE Marketing Portfolio 2012  
LOTE Marketing Portfolio 2012  

LOTE Marketing is a multicultural communications agency to help organisation connect and reach audiences in multicultural communities. This...