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Vol 1.01 February 2017

Love, Food & Loving Food Feature Article by Mona Zutshi Opubor

Spot of the Month


Dating in Lagos Speed, Taboo & Recycling Crowds


NO W !

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Founded in the early 90’s, BOTTLES Bar and Grill has long established itself as a proudly Lagosian social hotspot. The first and original Tex-Mex culinary experience in Lagos, Bottles serves a mouth-watering range of sumptuous dishes and signature cocktails such as its famous margaritas. With its causal, friendly and warm ambience it’s no wonder Bottles has maintained its legacy over the years as the number one go to place when in Lagos!


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FRONT PAGE IMAGE Lucia Ahmad Photography FLOWERS Flowershop

Dear Readers,

WELCOME to the first ever issue of the

magazine! I am so excited to launch the Lost in Lagos Magazine, which has been a project I have been wanting to do for many years and feel this is the right time! As the founder of, the premier guide to Lagos, I know that Lagos has grown tremendously over the past few years and will continue to do so. We want to continue to be part of the growth of this cosmopolitan city and share with Lagosians and visitors alike all the amazing developments happening within the lifestyle scene. The magazine will cover all aspects of Lagos life with interviews, articles, events and more. Our first issue’s theme is Love and rightly so. Not just because it’s the month of LOVE, but simply because We Love Lagos! I fell in Love with Lagos when I first came to Lagos nine years ago. We just want to keep the love going! I want to take this time to also introduce our Editor-In-Chief, Olamide Udoma-Ejorh. She will be taking good care of the magazine and making sure there is a lot of love put into each issue. #LostinLagos #DiscoverLagos #ExperienceLagos Love, T annaz Bahnam Founder of Lost in Lagos/Lost in a City



LOST IN LAGOS Vol 1.1 February 2017 PUBLISHED BY Lost In A City EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Olamide Udoma-Ejorh EDITOR Mona Zutshi Opubor DESIGN NJ Africa CONTRIBUTORS Anthony Shishler, Iheoma Obibi, Aderonke Adebanjo, Chuka Ejorh, Mona Zutshi Opubor SALES INQUIRIES


the love issue

A bit about the Product of the Month:

Every month we'll be reviewing some really cool products that you can find in Lagos. These products will be anything from a tasty meal to a scoop of delicious ice cream, from a piece of furniture to a cute designer wallet. We are sourcing local businesses, shops and designers so we can tell you about what’s new and what’s hot in Lagos. This month we have tried a variety of products that would be great gifts for the one you love during the month of love. If you have a product you want us to test, let us know and we will try to get our hands on it so you know if it is right for you.


What is better than jewellery?

Okay maybe food, but jewellery is a great gift and Pandora has put together a collection of rings, bracelets, necklaces and charms perfect for this month of love. Having looked at the collection we fell in love with the Forever Love bracelet with the added two-tone Love You Forever dangle charm and the Love Script charm. The charms are crafted from sterling silver and decorated with 14k gold hearts. The bracelet is cute yet still sophisticated. It is beautiful gift for yourself or for a loved one.


Did you know you could get Nigerian-made chocolate?

Well, yes you can. Sokolad is just that. Sokolad’s mission is to introduce you to the world of real chocolate combined with selected herbs, fruits and spices. The unique chocolate bars are yum. The chocolate is smooth and the hint of fruits and nuts brings a little crunch and texture to the chocolate. It is obvious the founders love chocolate and understand what we want when we bite into a chocolate bar. Forget about any New Year’s resolution diets. It’s the month of love and Sokolad chocolate is worth it.


This is for the men!

Yes, men deserve gifts too and not just because of Valentine's Day. Eco Pantry Skincare produces and sells skincare products with natural Eco-friendly ingredients. Their product range for men include oils and balms. One of our friends tried the Minty Sandalwood beard balm, and he said it was cool, literally. He mentioned that even after 30 minutes he could still feel the cooling effect. The moisturising beard balm has all the good oils from the beard oil plus cocoa butter, shea butter and organic beeswax.

A bit about me: I am a young, 30-something lady who loves Lagos and trying new things. From restaurants and exotic food, to experiencing new places and cities, I love new new! Having new businesses and companies pop up in Lagos on a daily basis makes Lagos exciting, and a fantastic place to live, work and play.


the love issue columnist Mona Zutshi Opubor

Love, Food & Loving Food I’m an Indian-American

Love is my husband sitting

No matter what I accomplish in life, they will always wring their hands that I don’t consume yogurt after each meal. To them, yogurt is love. By rejecting it, I could not possibly be happy.

Love is when he tells me I’m

Unlike my parents, I grew up in the U.S. and as a child coveted pizza, ice cream, and burgers. These were rare and forbidden treats because my mom cooked Kashmiri food each night. I dreamed of the day I could eat copious amounts of American food. I couldn’t wait to escape the tyranny of my parents’ house, the oppressive scent of spices that lingered in the air.

woman who has lived with her Nigerian husband and children in Lagos for over five years. I was nervous to leave the U.S. but my love for my husband gave me the courage I needed to come.

down to help our child with a math problem. It’s when he allows me to embrace him on our daily walk even though all the passersby giggle about his clingy oyinbo wife.

Now I’m happy in Nigeria. Our family loves it here. We have no plans to leave.

gorgeous despite the gray hairs, the reading glasses, and the sagging skin I didn’t have when we met. Love is cooking my husband fish after receiving double knee surgery. It’s lurching around the kitchen on crutches for the joy of seeing him enjoy his favourite meal from his wife’s hands.

Nigeria isn’t my only love, however. I love many of the topics Lost in Lagos Magazine will delve into in this, our inaugural issue, and the subsequent ones to follow. I love trying new restaurants in Lagos. I love spas. I love to cook and bake. I even love to grocery shop! As this is the love-themed issue of Lost in Lagos Magazine, let’s turn our attention to love. According to the dictionary, love is “an intense feeling of deep affection.” Six words can’t capture the essence of love, though. For me, love is waking from a dead sleep to find a sick child at the foot of my bed then spending the rest of the night by his side as he burns with fever.

Love is my fretful parents emerging from Murtala Mohammed Airport on their first visit to Nigeria and beaming at the sight of me. Love is when my son hugs my daughter whose heart thrums with that particular brand of pain teenagers must endure. Love is when my daughter

verbally eviscerates a bully tormenting her brother.


What is love to you?

For me, it manifests itself in a willingness to be of service to my loved ones, to go beyond my limitations when they are in need. I’m certain the moments where you feel love are different than mine yet they share the same soul nourishing qualities. For many of us, love and food are intertwined. Imagine your baby self, suckling at your mother’s breast. Mama is soft and warm. You hear her heartbeat and smell her scent as you did when you were in utero. She gazes into your eyes and smiles. And in her sweet, creamy milk you taste hints of the food she has eaten recently. Scientists say that the flavors a mother has ingested can be present in her milk up to eight hours later. It’s only natural therefore that we develop a preference for foods from our culture, that when we eat these dishes the same feelings of serenity envelop us as they did when we were safe in our mother’s arms. My parents were born and raised in Kashmir, the northern-most state of India, where yogurt is a very big deal.

Then a funny thing happened. I went to University 200 miles away and was homesick. I longed for my mother’s cooking. I finally had unlimited access to Western dishes but all I wanted were my ancestral foods. My notions of comfort food morphed when I left my parents’ house. Over the years that followed, I learned to cook Kashmiri food and continue cooking it for my family to this day. When my eldest daughter was three, she had dinner at a friend’s house. Although she ate yogurt, chicken nuggets, and several pieces of string cheese, she woke up in the middle of the night demanding a proper meal. Dinner to her meant jasmine rice, spinach infused with ginger and chili powder, and lamb in milky gravy. She couldn’t conceive of anything else. In 2011, our family moved from New Jersey to Nigeria. This shift brought further changes to the foods we associate with love.

Now I feel content on the weekends when I sit down to a plate of plantains, white rice, and goat with fiery tomato stew. When my family eats at our favorite Nigerian restaurant, we relax. We feel safe. We feel happy. Most of all, we feel loved. Love takes different forms. I never would have guessed I’d live out my days in Lagos and relish life here. I never would have imagined Nigerian food would become a source of comfort. But I’m not surprised. Love for my husband brought me to Nigeria. Love for my family has allowed me to remain, even thrive. It’s natural that this love would infuse my life in Lagos until even the crunch of chin chin, a plate of small chops at a celebration or a tender piece of suya stirs up feelings of acceptance, fulfillment, and joy.

Mona Zutshi Opubor is an Indian-American and Nigerian short story author and memoirist. Follow her on Instagram @mopals5


the love issue written by Olamide Udoma-Ejorh

Shiro There is a palatial feel about Shiro. When you enter the restaurant you get a sense that an ancient royal emperor and his queens resided within the grand space. Fragments of their existence are evident in the carved walls and gigantic statues that stand tall protecting the space. However, this story is simply a figment of one's imagination. Shiro is in fact a restaurant by the Atlantic Ocean in Victoria Island but this does not take away its mystique. It is a meeting place of two worlds, the ancient palace of lovers and a modern sophisticated restaurant. The three story restaurant is made that much bigger with its high bamboo clad ceiling, sultry red lanterns, and waterfalls, all presided over by the queen with her necklace of amber glass drops. If you come for drinks or in a small group you can sit at the booths separated by ruby red glass drop curtains made just for Shiro. This type of precision and attention to detail is also reflected in the carefully crafted menu and food. With a focus of Japanese cuisine, Shiro also encompasses a pan Asian menu.


There is a range of options when it comes to picking an appetizer, from sushi to dim sum and spring rolls to lamb chops. The Vietnamese Caramelised Basa Fish was cooked to perfection. It literally comes apart in your mouth. The marinade has the right amount of sweet and chilli.

The Sashimi Platter is not just pretty but delicious. The colourful display includes tuna, salmon, prawns, spicy tuna, and hamachi served on ice. You may find yourself not doing much but taking pictures of this platter but you have to eat the sashimi because they taste as good as they look.

A not so common starter is the lamb chops. Normally a main dish, at Shiro this has been designed as a starter. The portion is perfect! The lamb chops are served with raw papaya salad and sweet potato mash and marinated with miso and orange. The lamb chops are char grilled and still tender on the inside.

The main dishes also have that glam factor (#foodporn). The Beef in Basket is a great example. It looks like an overflowing basket of goodness. The flavours were rich and the green and red peppers added some colour to the generally dark dish. The prawn curry has all the flavours of a red Thai curry. So if you like Thai food this is one for you. The consistency is perfect and the prawns are not too soft. This was paired nicely with the egg fried rice.

With Shiro being a japanese word, meaning castle or white, it is no surprise the sushi is a highlight. All makis are served in banana leaves but the content in the different rolls are unique. The Miso Black Cod Maki is a great combination of miso, sake and cod. The Torched Lobster Maki with truffle oil, cucumber and sesame seeds brings together a sophisticated mix of ingredients that are delicious. The crispy spicy Avocado Maki is crunchy and fresh and a great vegetarian option. Shiro has even brought in some Nigerian flavours with the Beef Suya Maki. It is a spicy twist to a traditional maki complimented by the spicy mayo on the top. The sushi rice gives it a wholesome finish.

Dessert is usually every sweet tooth’s favourite part of a meal. At Shiro dessert is not just for sweets. Their dessert are decadent but health conscious. The Chocolate Cherry Bomb is a dark chocolate and sour cherry mousse sitting on a bed of chocolate cake. The cherries on the side are satori sauce glaze. And sitting inside the mousse are surprises of more glazed cherries. The mousse is rich and dense with a cherry aftertaste. The Mandarin Chocolate Cake is a two layer cake of dark chocolate and a fluffy almond flour sponge cake. When biting into the cake you are unsure if the mandarin flavour is in the chocolate or in the cake. The combination is divine.


As well as the food at Shiro, the drinks are noteworthy. The cocktails stay on theme as a pan-Asian restaurant. The mocktails are refreshing and a great start to an evening. The Watermelon Roll Over contains star anise, cinnamon and watermelon. Simply put it is sweet and pretty. Same can be said about The Mint Zing, which has apple and mint. For later on in the evening the Green Apple Martini or the Grilled Teriyaki Pineapple Punch can be your night cap. Green Apple Martini is what it says on the box, It is fresh apple and martini served in a short martini glass. The Grilled Teriyaki Pineapple Punch is garnished with a grilled pineapple slice and there is a unique cherry avour within the white rum. Water Corporation Road, Eti-Osa, Lagos t: 08050464099

09 An Interview with Iheoma Obibi

Intimate Pleasures Desires of the Heart is fast becoming one of the biggest sex-positive adult online stores in Nigeria. The brand is not limited to selling adult toys. They also speak at bridal showers, hen and stag event and address groups of adolescents on responsible sexual behaviour. The creative director Iheoma Obibi, a life experienced Counsellor, spoke to us about how sex therapy found her and how important what she does is in a city like Lagos.

How did you get into the business of sex therapy? My business evolved from my work with women in international development. We would resolve many issues with women but there would always be a "but" when they would want to speak with me privately and ask questions or generally ask about improving or resolving an intimacy issue with their current sexual partner. I realised early on that our restricted sexual and reproductive health education meant that women were entering relationships with no concept of sexual desire for themselves as human beings. Also because I was coming from such a background it was not hard to begin to think through what I could possibly do in this area. My business called to me. I did not have to search too far. I was already doing it before I realised it was a business. What are the most common questions you get asked by couples? The most common question from couples is about sexual satisfaction and the possibility of having a longer and bigger sexual organ for the men. Whilst the women would like their partners to engage them in better foreplay and other forms of foreplay. How important are toys in a relationship? Toys are very important in any relationship especially for those suffering any medical condition for which their medication begins to affect their libido, such as high blood pressure or epilepsy. Also, for those relationships in which there is a history of erectile dysfunction, learning how to use toys to ease the pressure and add excitement can be a good way to ensure you are both working together to make your intimacy work for you. For those in long distance relationships, this is critical in keeping one faithful and honest until your partner returns. Do you find that there are a lot of people who are curious about your products but are also shy? Very much so! People are curious and even when they order, the fear of being caught or of anyone learning what they have purchased means that sometimes, it's almost a cloak and dagger situation to make the delivery. Fake names, fake addresses and total fear makes it very difficult but constantly reassuring the customer that unless you disclose what’s inside the package, we will not. Why do you think sex is a taboo subject in Lagos? Sex is a taboo subject all over the world and not just in Lagos. We are much more aware of it because it is one of those concerns in which religious and cultural norms dictate policy and governance. We need a better sexual and reproductive health policy which will encourage better sex education for everyone. In other places this is not the norm. Cultural and religious factors are not encouraged or allowed to deter sexual and reproductive health awareness campaigns targeting various constituencies.

You can find out more about Intimate Pleasures Desires of the Heart at, Twitter: @naijadesires, and Instagram: @naijadesires or you can call 8686 480 0818.


the love issue

An Interview with Aderonke Adebanjo

Dating in Lagos:


& Recycling Crowds Aderonke Adebanjo is fondly called the Love Activist and Love Doctor. You may all know her as a multimedia broadcaster (radio, television, online) but she is also the creator of The Love Chest, a buzzing platform for sharing and discussing love and relationships. We caught up with her to hear more about the Love Chest, Speed dating and get an insight on the ups and downs of dating in Lagos.

Tell us about the Love Chest?

The Love Chest is a platform I created a few years ago to share my thoughts and observations on love and relationships. I started it off by writing articles and I have now expanded it to include podcasts, events such as Speed Dating, merchandise, and my TV show of the same name. I call it Africa's 1# Resource for love and relationships!

What is speed dating like in Lagos?

Hmm. I like this question because the answer is multifaceted. So Speed Dating is still a relatively new concept in Lagos and I'll say the women are warming up to it much faster than the gentlemen. I think the main reason for this is that the average Lagos man doesn't think he needs "help" finding love, period (I've actually heard guys say this). So the idea of attending an event such as Speed Dating seems a bit unnecessary for many of them. The other interesting thing is that some guys would prefer if they could see pictures of the ladies attending before they sign up! Like seriously? Whatever happened to taking a chance on love! Lol. One guy even suggested I call it something other than Speed Dating so men don't feel like you're helping them find love. So in a nutshell, I'd say Speed Dating in Lagos is picking up but it isn't quite there yet. There's certainly a cultural influence in there somewhere and maybe over time the men will warm up to it or hey, we'll just have to call the Nigerian version of Speed Dating something else. Lol.

How difficult is it to date within the cultural expectations in Lagos e.g. men and women living with parents till they are married...?

Culture definitely puts a spin on dating here! That's for sure. And it can make it interesting and slightly complicated. I've heard of grown women who have had to cut dates short because of their curfew. Like what??? You're over 25! Lol. But the truth is as long as you're "under your parents' roof," you have to abide by their rules regardless of your age and sometimes that means you have a curfew. I would imagine then that this might keep guys away and therefore make it difficult for ladies to properly date. And then you've got the fact that it's kind of taboo in our culture for a single woman to live alone so it makes you wonder what a girl's to do given that in the midst of all of this, she's still being bombarded with questions and pressure about when she's getting married!! How is she supposed to get married when her curfew keeps men away and she can't live alone! Sigh.

Where are the best places to meet people?

I think this would depend largely on your interests but more importantly, your willingness to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Lagos is always buzzing with activity and there seems to never be a dull moment. But if you aren't deliberate about where you go and the events you attend, you might end up recycling the same crowd and hardly meeting any new people. This tends to happen quite a bit to the point where events become predictable and you know the exact crowd that's going to be there. We like to say Lagos is small but it's also very big so in a quest to meet new people it's important to change things up often. And in terms of actual spots, I'd say there are many lounges, artsy events, gyms, cafes, music events, Churches, and other places to pick from. You can find out more about Aderonke and the Love Chest by sending an email to and following @TheLoveChest on Instagram


the love issue



the love issue

Healthy Aphrodisiac Foods to Spark Romance

Banana and Avocado Smoothie Both banana and avocado are known to have some effects on people’s sexual desires. The banana is a phallus shaped fruit but that is not why it is labeled an aphrodisiac. Banana has Vitamin B and potassium which both increase energy levels. It also has an enzyme called bromelain, which causes increased testosterone production in men. Banana isn’t the only fruit that looks slightly sexual, Catholic priests in Spain found the avocado fruit hanging in pairs on trees overtly sexual and in fact they banned it. But the true quality of avocadoes is its richness in folic acid, vitamin B6 and potassium. These are all great immune system boosters. By blending these fruits together you get a quick and healthy drink that will give you a pick me up in the morning or whenever you feel the need to get your partner excited.


Red Wine and Chili Chocolate

These two will definitely get your blood flowing southward. The health benefits of red wine may help your libido. The presence of resveratrol, a polyphenol, which is a plant-based chemical compound, in this deep red drink leads to a healthy heart. This all has to do with the antioxidant properties of resveratrol that helps the circulatory system function better.



Pairing chocolate with red wine might just give you that extra hint of desire. Cacao contains all the good stuff, phenylethylamine (PEA), anandamide and tryptophan. PEA and anandamide are both feel good chemicals that release dopamine in the pleasure centres of the brain. Tryptophan like the others promote a sense of well-being and relaxation through the neurotransmitter serotonin. And let’s not forget the chilis in chocolate. I know adding chili may not be everyone’s favourite addition to chocolate, but it is healthy (chili is usually paired with dark chocolate, so only small amounts of sugar are added) and gives you the sweetness you desire without your eating too much. A pinch of chili pepper can increase your heart rate, raise your body temperature and make your lips plump up and ready to be kissed. You do not have to make this from scratch. You can purchase chili chocolate from Lindt at most supermarkets

Try these healthy aphrodisiacs with bae and see if they really work Honey Glazed Salmon

3 4 5

Honey’s aphrodisiac qualities are twofold. Firstly some say honey gives you a natural sugar rush and that’s what makes it the ideal daily aphrodisiac. Others say its mineral content increases sexual desire. Honey is a great source of boron, which helps the body use and mobilise estrogen, the female sex hormone. Studies have also shown that this mineral also enhanced testosterone levels, the hormone that promotes sex drive in both women and men. Glazing a salmon steak with power-packed honey promises to get you in the mood. Salmon is an excellent source of protein for stamina and it is loaded with omega- 3 fatty acids that elevate your mood by elevating the serotonin levels.

Turmeric Chai Latte

Chai Latte is a great alternative to coffee but with less caffeine so you can still go to sleep after all the excitement with your partner. Chai latte has a variety of spices including cinnamon, cloves and ginger all used to increase libido. We added turmeric for that extra punch. Turmeric contains antioxidants, phytonutrients and lots of B vitamins making you feel more energetic and up for it. You do not have to look too far for a cup of chai latte. TKup Chai Latte is an easy to make mix that tastes great.

Almond Ice Cream So this may not be the healthiest option but it definitely is the sweetest and yet it still packs in all the ingredients for an aphrodisiac. Almonds contain omega- 3 fats which are good for the production of testosterone, reproduction, fertiity and a healthy libidio. By creating an ice cream from these healthy nuts we are increasing the sexy factor. It’s like whipped cream but better! If you are feeling adventurous why not try making some almond ice cream at home. Don’t fret, if it goes wrong you can head to Hans and Rene for one or maybe three scoops of some delicious ice cream.


the love issue written by Atim Ukoh

Personal Bio: Atim Ukoh is the Creative Director of Afrolems, an African Food Blog. She trained at the University of Toronto as a Digital Enterprise Management Specialist and received a Masters in Social Entrepreneurship at Hult International Business School in San Francisco. She has successfully managed the food blog for over 8 years and received recognition from media outlets like CNN, Buzz Feed, Ventures Africa, Punch Newspapers and a host of others. She worked with an international social enterprise that focuses on combating counterfeit drugs globally in Boston and currently consults with them in Nigeria. Brand Bio: Afrolems is an African food blog with a specialization in Nigerian Food. Our main focus is to stylize African food so it can be internationalized. We aim to educate our followers with kitchen tips, cooking know-hows and interesting recipes from all over Africa and just modifications of recipes from other cultures. We also like to play with foreign recipes as well.

Plantain Cookies INGREDIENTS 1 finger of ripe Plantain 1 Egg 1/2 cup of All Purpose Flour 1 1/4 cup of Oat Flour 1/8 cup of Sugar 1/4 teaspoon of Cinnamon Powder (Optional)

1/2 cup of Milk 1 Tablespoon of Vegetable Oil 1/4 cup of Raisins (optional) 1/4 cup of Chocolate Pieces (optional) .

DIRECTIONS Peel and mash the plantain and set aside. . Whisk the egg with the milk, oil and sugar and set aside. In a blender or food processor, combine the mashed plantain and egg mixture and blend till properly combined. Pour the mix into a bowl and sprinkle the cinnamon powder. Slowly add the all purpose flour till completely incorporated and not lumpy. Then slowly add the oat flour until everything is combined and thick. Heat up your oven to 350 F (175C) On a greased pan or parchment paper, oil up your spoon and scoop the mix onto the pan and flatten it. Add your raisins and chocolate pieces and place in the oven to bake. Bake for about 25-20 minutes and bring out to cool. Serve your plantain cookies with tea or any beverage of choice.


the love issue

MEXICAN TUNA STEAK, SWEET RED PEPPERS & AVOCADO SALSA INGREDIENTS For Red Peppers 3 tablespoon coconut oil or ghee 1 medium red onion 1 medium red pepper (capsicum/bell pepper) 1 teaspoon sweet paprika 1 teaspoon cumin powder A good pinch of red chill flakes 1 large garlic clove 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar For Tuna Steaks 1 tablespoon macadamia oil or coconut oil 1 tablespoon butter or ghee 1 teaspoon coriander seeds (coriander seeds powder can also be used) 2 tuna steaks (about 150 g each, 1cm thick), sourced with sustainability in mind 1 lime A pinch of sea salt & black pepper For Avocado 1 large, ripe avocado 2 tablespoon chopped fresh coriander (cilantro) Some lime juice, about half a lime A little pinch of sea salt .

DIRECTIONS Wash and pat dry the tuna steaks, sprinkle with a little sea salt, black pepper and a drizzle of olive oil on both sides. Set aside to come to room temperature.

Mix through and cook for a further 5-7 minutes until softened and slightly browned. Remove to a plate or use a different frying pan for tuna steaks.

Heat four tablespoons of coconut oil in a frying pan to medium hot but not sizzling. Add sliced onion and red peppers, cover with a lid and cook for 5 minutes, stirring a couple of times.

Grind coriander seeds in a mortar and pestle or use coriander seeds powder instead. Heat up macadamia oil and butter to sizzling hot. Add coriander seeds and the zest from one lime to the frying pan.

Add paprika, cumin, garlic, apple cider vinegar, a good pinch of salt, chili flakes, and about two tablespoons of water.

Stir with the butter and oil, allowing them to infuse the flavors. Keeping the heat high, add tuna steaks and turn the heat down to medium.

Drizzle with juice from half a lime and cook for two minutes on each side (more if you like it well done and less if you it’s super fresh and you like it rare). Use a spoon to bathe the steaks in the buttery, lime sauce they’re cooking in. Meanwhile, chop avocado and fresh coriander and season with a little sea salt and the remaining lime juice, about one tablespoon. Assemble some of the red peppers on the serving plates. Place the tuna steaks and top with avocado salsa and more red peppers. Squeeze extra lime juice and drizzle with a little extra virgin olive oil just before serving.


the love issue written by Anthony Shishler

Have you ever socialized in a nightclub or attended a meeting at a convention centre? Have you stayed in a hotel, flown on a plane, or eaten at a restaurant? If so, you have experienced the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry is a broad group of businesses that provides services to guests. The industry is focused on the satisfaction of guests and providing specific experiences for them. The hospitality industry is a multi billion-dollar industry that has three major segments but is not limited to that. The only limitation of revenue streams in hospitality is the limits of one’s imagination.


The accommodations area is the most common hospitality sector. It includes hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, and any other lodging businesses. The next area of the hospitality industry is food and beverage. This includes restaurants, fast food chains and any establishment that provides food and beverage. The last area of the hospitality industry is the travel and tourism sector. Sometimes the hospitality industry relies on discretionary income and free time. Sometimes it is restricted by corporate budgets and time frames. While there are many different aspects of this industry, they share one common focus, which is the guest. Whether your need for hospitality stems from necessity or leisure, your satisfaction is our primary responsibility.

Providing a high level of customer service is critical since the services provided are not always necessities. For example, the electric company does not always have to provide excellent service because their customers are still going to pay them. The customers must have electricity, whereas going to a hotel or buying an airplane ticket is not always a necessity. We people in the hospitality industry know that you could have chosen to spend your money doing something else, yet you chose us. The hospitality industry constantly innovates. It possesses the ability to surprise, to reinvent itself and to seize opportunities enabled by technology, design, marketing, gastronomy, fashion, culture and architecture. We must evolve in order to offer new and exciting experiences to our guests. The ability to seize fantasies and make them a reality is laudable.

Anthony Shishler Managing Director Fahrenheit Hospitality Ltd.


In hospitality, reinventing also means bringing down barriers to include the latest original and hybrid concepts in the sphere of commercial accommodation, thus widening the array of services available to guests. What distinguishes the hotel and hospitality industry from other types of accommodation, alternative and shared, is the human dimension. It is a combination of a product and the people who give it a soul. People and product, the dynamic duo. Concepts launched with a marketing buzz highlight the importance of this duo, whether in sophisticated palaces, personalized boutique hotels, trendy business hotels, or even hostels. These concepts enable interactions between sta and customers, the hotel and its environment, and among guests themselves

Guests appreciate a warm welcome. They relish the attention and gratitude they are given. It does not matter if they are far from home. Somehow in a hospitality set up, magic will be added to the mix. The experiences of the guests will automatically improve. In the end, a home away from home is where we all aspire to be. We in the hospitality industry entice our guests to leave the comforts of their ordinary environments to come and indulge in the opulence of our visions and products. I absolutely do love the hospitality industry. To me, it’s an intricate, intertwined dance that the provider and guest perform with openness and emotion.

It is no coincidence that hotel lobbies and public spaces have been redesigned to foster exchange and connection, incidentally leading to business opportunities and additional revenue. And this, this particular aspect of hospitality, is perhaps my favorite: the hotel pulses and throbs with life as people come and go, connecting in one way or another, and money is made at the end of it all. It is said that the most important things a human being needs are care and love. With care and love provided, an all-round physical, spiritual, and mental state of permanent well-being can exist. The hospitality industry taps into the innermost, unspoken needs of humanity by providing varying degrees of care and love.


the love issue written by Sekemi Braithwaite

Nok Culture Sekemi Braithwaite tries Nok by Alara as an alternative Valentine's restaurant and discovers unpredictable meals and surprising ingredients.

‘’It's certainly the perfect spot for that out of the box date and somehow, being alone there doesn’t make you uncomfortable.’’ I’d been meaning to try out Nok by Alara for a while but for some reason, I still hadn't been yet. Maybe I was waiting for a special occasion. Valentine’s Day is a special day for a lot of people. It’s a day to show appreciation, affection and friendship to a loved one usually by treating them to something unique or cliche depending on what they’d prefer. Dining alone at a fancy restaurant in Lagos is rare but as an ode to love and romance, I decided to go on a night out. Being single, food is my first love so why not go out to eat alone and enjoy the experience? Nok is an interesting addition to the restaurant scene in Lagos. I love that they didn't go with the typical cuisine fine dining restaurants in Lagos tend to drift to, and instead decided to focus on making local food with a twist. Nok features West African food paired with ingredients you would never expect. It's certainly the perfect spot for that out of the box date and somehow, being alone there doesn’t make you uncomfortable. It’s as if the owner has asked the diner, “Do you think you’ve seen it all with Nigerian food?” and responded, “No, you haven’t.” At least I think that’s what she would have said. For my main dish I went with the Chicken Piri Piri with sautéed Ugwu. While the chicken had been marinated perfectly and was very tender, the sautéed ugwu was extremely salty and I only managed to have a few bites. At N4000 this main didn't automatically come with a side so after it arrived, I had to place another order and wait for the sides to arrive. I ordered the Jollof rice and Kelewele. The Jollof rice was very basic, lacking any kind of flavour and the ginger in the Kelewele overpowered the taste of everything else, including the plantain.


As an appetiser, I decided to try the sautéed snails. They'd been seasoned very well and were extremely succulent. Tip: If you decide to go there on a date, you can get away with ordering this because the snails are diced into little pieces so your date definitely won't be judging you for uncouth eating. Choosing a cocktail took me a while but I finally settled on the Oyinbo Naija. Why? The name intrigued me and I've also heard that one of the ingredients, Tigernut, is an aphrodisiac, so in the spirit of love, why not?

It’s definitely one of the better restaurants in Lagos and I really did enjoy the unpredictability of my meal. Just don't be too adventurous with your dessert and cocktail choices. Also ensure that your visit isn’t more than a few days before or after your salary gets paid, otherwise you might need to rely on instant noodles for a few weeks. As a heads up, their lunch menu is a lot more affordable so if you're a fan of sandwiches, Nok is a good spot for that.

It wasn't my favourite cocktail and I wouldn't order it again but it wasn't awful. I ordered a second cocktail, The Lagosian, and that was extremely yummy! Sweet tasting and to complement Valentine's Day, it's accompanied with a strawberry which you and a partner could possibly share, Lady and Tramp-style. For dessert, I chose the Chocolate Tart with Salted Caramel and Baobab Ice Cream. The consistency was off, and it had an intensely bitter aftertaste. The Baobab Ice Cream was quite poor. I'm inclined to think baobab just shouldn't be an ice cream flavour. So dessert wasn't my favourite but everything else worked well. The Nok ambience was impeccable. Romantic lighting, eclectic pictures, I loved everything about it. It’s a perfect date spot for couples but the vibe certainly wouldn’t put you off going there by yourself. Yes, my night didn’t end with a candlelit proposal or a goodnight kiss from a handsome suitor but the alternative vibe and unusual food worked for me and I did enjoy some hanky-panky with my cocktail straw.

12A Akin Olugbade St, Victoria Island, Lagos t: 09085614815

Sekemi is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh and the Nigerian Law School. She is freakishly obsessed with Harry Potter and even more so with clean hands. She is the Founder of Shay’s Treats, a natural skin care company focused on providing something for everybody but she writes, reads and watches TV shows in her spare time. She also spends her working hours daydreaming about her first love – FOOD.


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Valentine’s Day is upon us and most of us are looking for the best spots to have brunch, breakfast or dinner with that special someone.

My Coffee

1 2

is a quaint and cozy little coffee shop great for a quick mid-day meet up with your spouse over coffee and freshly baked goodies. Best for a coffee date

Sky Restaurant

is on the rooftop of Eko Hotel & Suites. At night the restaurant has a beautiful view of Victoria Island. You feel like you're on top of the world. Dining with a live piano playing in the background gives it a romantic ambiance. It's the perfect spot for a quiet date night with your spouse this Valentine's Day. Best for the perfect view


Orchid House


is a beautiful Thai restaurant in Apapa. The food is affordable and the setting is cheerful. If you decide to sit outdoors, you are in for a treat. The garden is cute and it is the perfect spot for Sunday lunch with your loved one. Best for cheap and cheerful


is a high end, trendy and sophisticated African themed restaurant that serves African food with a twist. The outer space is playful and relaxed while indoors is chilled and romantic. If you are looking to go somewhere a bit different from the norm with your date this Valentine’s, you should try Nok. Best for alternative dining


is a monochromatic restaurant with an intercontinental menu. It's the place to be if you want to be seen! We recommend it for a dinner date or an evening by the pool with your date. Best place to be seen



We’ve come up with a list of 10 of our favourite spots in Lagos for the perfect date, in no particular order. Try one or all of these and let us know what you think by writing a review on

6 7

Culinary Academy


is a chic and intimate romantic spot in Ikoyi that is comprised of just a few tables. Perfect for a quiet and cozy dinner with your loved one. Best for a romantic date

Bungalow Restaurant

(Ikeja) is brand new fun space on the Mainland. Their huge Teppanyaki space is great for a fun and entertaining date, especially when the chef puts on a show over the Teppanyaki grill. Portions are large so perfect for sharing. Best for an entertaining date

Craft Gourmet

s an open kitchen restaurant and we love the chic Parisian feel. Customer service is great and the food is delicious. This is a must for a lunch date. Best for a lunch date



Bistro 7

is a nice, cozy restaurant in the heart of Victoria Island known for it's breakfast and brunch options. It is a nice spot to have a lazy Sunday morning breakfast with great eggs Benedict and pancakes. Best for a brunch date


is a quiet & intimate space. If you are looking for a night under the stars, you can find this at Metisse. And while the lights in the ceiling sparkle, the self playing piano serenades you with sweet jazz and blues. Enjoy a delicious Asian-Fusion gourmet meal in a hidden spot. Best for an intimate date


the love issue

Your Body is a Temple Chuka Ejorh and his wife headed to Body Temple Spa and told us about their experience. I am not that type of guy that goes for massages, facials or grooming in general. I do everything at home, and I think I do a good job. My wife is similar to me, though she does like going for facials once in a while. Despite our lack of enthusiasm for heading outside the four walls of our bathroom to explore the world of relaxation I thought it might be a nice idea to treat ourselves to a massage. Me not knowing where to start in regards to good spas in Lagos, I asked around for recommendations and I was directed each time to Body Temple Spa in Victoria Island Body Temple Spa is a quaint spa with a variety of services from massages, to facials to treatments that make you feel rejuvenated. All products used at the spa are organic and are made from the purest of oils. It is located on Younis Bashorun Street, Victoria Island and they have a number of couple rooms so I thought this would be a great spa to head to with my wife. When we arrived the staff and owner were really nice and very professional. Even though we were very late, over 30 minutes, they gave us the time to relax before the massage. We had to forfeit the full massage due to our tardiness but we loved every minute of the experience. In this city, where everyday you are faced with traffic and a workload that sees you working past working hours, this evening out was welcomed with open arms.

As soon as we walked in we were transformed to a space removed from the Lagos hustle and bustle. The spa is an eclectic space. It is a little too colourful for me but I am sure the ladies will like the cute and playful atmosphere. The walls are filled with 3D butterflies, and there are colourful vases with pompom looking flowers cascading out, and Arabic light fixtures dropping from the ceiling. There are lots of colours splashed around and at the waiting area there was a lemony aroma which was quite refreshing. It was not too clinical looking and that gave it a fun and relaxing feel.

Overall, I liked the couple’s massage and the experience at Body Temple. My wife probably enjoyed it more because of the ambience and the design of the space. It was fun and it was good to have gone with my wife because we could chat through the experience (not during the massage of course) and exchange looks and laughs. This may become something I do more often.

Chuka Ejorh is the CEO and Founder of Blink Studios Ltd, a post production company

The rooms also have the playful feel but with a touch of exotic. We found flower petals on the massage beds and the foot spas. The massage oils were on full display at the back of the room. I liked this because the labels sitting in front of the bottles explained what the different oils were and for our massage the massage therapists used lavender. We had the deep tissue massage. And it was deep. The pressure was good and I heard all those cracks in those tense muscle areas. It was definitely relaxing because at some point I must have fallen asleep. When I woke up, it was all over. I asked my wife if she enjoyed her massage and she said, “We should do this more often.”. I guess that’s a thumbs up from her. She did however have a small comment about the noise coming from outside during her massage. I guess that distracted her at times and she was unable to fully relax.

82A, Younis Bashorun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos t: 07068779977

After the massage we were offered tea (ginger or green) but we had to refuse because we had to shoot off back home.



the love issue

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the love issue


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Flashback to the time we went canoeing in Epe



the love issue

Compelling images highlighting Lagos

About the Photographer Jumoke Sanwo is an Artist out of Lagos. She uses Photography, Text and Video-Art as her means of expression. A graduate of English Studies from the Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria, she continues to push the envelope with her unique take on the lifestyle of Africans with projects that celebrate the rich cultural diversity within the continent. Her works addresses aesthetic concerns as well as concerns on identity and mobility.


the love issue

The American Physical Therapy and Wellness Center Mind, Body & soul t: 08130280496

Block 10, Plot 9 Banana island Rd Ikoyi

20% off all Massages and new-patient consultations for Physical therapy.

Freshly Ground Coffee co. t: 0803053502

This is a Love Month so Buy one Burger and get one free.

t: 012772700- 25 ext.6197,6192,6099

t: 09099768524 08091007532

t: 0802 303 6608

10% off discount for our special Bridal MakeUp for all LostInLagos Readers


the love issue


Bistro 7

HSE Gourmet

Freshly Ground Coffee

Gourmet bistro serving breakfast, brunch, lunch, dessert, and dinner. Bistro 7 also offers catering, private parties and coffees along with amazing cocktails and wine.

HSE Gourmet Cuisine is dedicated to providing a truly unique dining experience to its clients. They cater to food lovers with a highly refined palate, taking into consideration their specific needs as they understand that no two clients are the same.

Freshly Ground is a symbiosis of great food, speciality coffee & great ambience. It's a place to relax and feel at home with food made fresh and to precision.

273b Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos t: 09051392482, 08144509088

Utopia The Utopia is an art deco style restaurant with a simple dinner and dance concept. But at the heart of Utopia is the snazzy bar. The diverse menu has all the favourite dishes one would want on a menu. 11b Goriola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos t: 08144155878, 09072002000

Just Jules Just Jules is a Lagos-based business specializing in scented candles, tea lights and wax melts. Our products are made in Nigeria with natural soy wax. t: 08083356849

Proflex Gym If you’re looking for a hardcore gym, Proflex is your place. We have a dedicated room for spinning and yoga, a squash court and a huge selection of classes. No. 20/24 Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Island, Lagos t: 017407361, 014618898

Barazahi Barazahi is a spa and fitness center with Yoga and Pilates classes, a juice bar and guest rooms. You have no reason to leave for the whole day. 25

No. 12, Fola Osibo Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos t: 012915256, 08137895911

AD by Agbani Darego AD by Agbani Darego retail brand embraces a luxurious and chic aesthetic that’s affordable with cuts and styles flattering to a range of body types and silhouettes. 6b Fola Osibo Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos t: 08170802404

Omu Resort Looking for a place to treat family, friends and staff? Look no further than Omu Resort with its zoo, amusement rides, go-karts, quads, wax museum and more. 1 Omu Resort Drive, Bogije Town t: 08142812406

Plot 2, Block 82 Emma Abimbola Cole, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos t: 07030318829, 08182124915

Pinceto Pinceto is the home boutique store that brings style into either your home or into the lives of friends or loved ones by choosing them a furnishing, accessory or gift. Shop E9 & E10, Ikota Shopping Complex, VGC, Lagos t: 08057090020

Val’s Dance Studio The Dance Studio a legacy to the eponymous Valentine Aneke in honour of his memory & passion for dance. We teach Latin, Ballroom, Salsa, Hip-Hop, Creative Ballet and Music in splendidly furnished studios.

17b Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos t: 08030535027

Anais Kale Anaïs Kale is a Contemporary Children’s Furniture and Lifestyle Company set up by two moms who found themselves in need of stylish and affordable kids furniture. We are based in Lagos and proud to say, most of our products are sourced and made locally in Nigeria. t: 08091022593 Instagram @anaiskale

Smokey Bones Restaurant Smokey Bones Nigeria provides you with an exotic environment to savour the most amazing intercontinental and local meals in Lagos. The meals range from American delicacies to the local, staple foods. No 8b Fabac Close, off Ayorinde Street. Behind Mobile House, Victoria Island, Lagos t: 08026095962

Noji Art A premium lifestyle company bringing you an array of beautiful, elegant products like silk scarves, scatter cushions, men's pocket squares & more. We celebrate the African woman and the beauty of the earth in our unique designs. 08187950095, 08023467220

To list your businesses email

Plot 62, Block 5 (The Red Gate), Theophilus Orji Street, Off Fola Osibo Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos

Breathe Studio At Breathe Studio services are geared towards all age groups, from children to adults and appropriate for all levels of physical fitness. Whether you are an extreme fitness buff or looking to start an exercise program, there is something that will meet your fitness needs.


33 Grace Anjous Drive, Lekki Phase 1, Lekki, Lagos t: 08036737525

Scratch and Social A trendy nail boutique with spa services and a full service bar offering you a unique experience. 26b Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos t: 08098510066, 019054805

Dreamworld Africana The Theme of the Park is “Great and Historic African” experiences. We hope to be the most exciting place to visit in Africa, offering the entire family a day full of fun, leisure and adventure with exciting scenes from Africa. KM 20, Lekki-Ajah Expressway, Lekki , Lagos t: 08022226585, 08028398421

RCI Document Solutions Ltd Call us for a free consultancy on how we can improve your office efficiency, reduce costs and improve Business performance with our range of Print Management and Document Management products & services 123 Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba, Lagos t: 08028487194


R44 Klapmuts , South Africa *+27 21 875 5363 *

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