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Volume 1 | issue VIi

CONTRIBUTORs editor in chief & layout designer Angela Wu co-editors Natalie Chyi Shae Wu photographers Erica Coburn Stefanie De Lorenzo Eva Patikian Francesca Secolonovo

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Contents // Maria Kaffa Gillian Woods Lauren Lepore Savannah Daras Our Heartlines by Eva Patikian Jay Kane & Thomas Hobbs Cari Ann Wayman Grace Adams Where Soul Meets Body by Stefanie De Lorenzo Stefan Yambao Playlist: Sunday Mornings Lydia Greenaway Eduardo Acierno Marina Refur Earth, Fire, Lust and Desire by Erica Coburn Diana Lemieux Lauren Kristin Young Hearts by Francesca Secolonova Martin Hernandez Lucy Turner Staff Picks

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*Cover Page Photo by Lydia Greenaway

Maria Kaffa

18 years // C y p r u s

h t t p : / / w w w . f l ic k r . c o m / p h oto s / 7 3 8 0 4 6 5 @ N 0 4 /


Issue VII //

LOST FREEDOM: How old are you and where are you from? MARIA KAFFA: I’m 18 going on 19 in October, and I’m from Cyprus. LF: When did you first begin taking photos? How has your work changed since then? MK: I first began taking photos when I was about 14. My dad had just bought our family’s first dslr and I was enchanted by it. So I just experimented a lot, took photos of e-v-e-r-yt-h-i-n-g and just enjoyed myself. I find that my work has become so much more personal since I first started engaging with the medium, shifting from its conceptual foundation to a more multi-layered personal approach. It’s made me understand myself a lot more. LF: What do you try to express through your artwork? Would you say your photography has a certain style to it? MK: Through my artwork, I try to come to a clearer understanding of who I am. I’ve struggled a lot with my identity and thankfully, creating photos is something that soothes my anxiety, so you get to see big parts of myself and smaller parts that even I didn’t know existed. I wouldn’t necessarily attach a certain style to my photos. They tend to vary depending on what I’m shooting. I just try to have fun with it and try new things every time.

LF: Who or what inspires you? MK: Noah Kalina’s work is astounding; I find his approach to be so intriguing and unique. Elizabeth Weinberg and Steve Skafte on flickr are also big favourites of mine. I love how Steve captures the melancholy and nostalgia that his surroundings trigger; on the other hand, Elizabeth’s photos are so full of life. Seeing her photos brings me joy. LF: If you could photograph anyone, dead or alive, who would it be? MK: Ahh, I could tell you a thousand people! I would’ve loved to have photographed Heath Ledger. He was such a bright light.



23 Years // c a n a d a h t t p : / / w w w . f l ic k r . c o m / p h oto s / gi l ly fac e

Issue VII //





h t t p : / / w w w . f l ic k r . c o m / p h oto s / l au r e n l e p o r e /

17 years //

Lauren Lepore

Issue VII //


Photography is a way to capture memories before they fade.

Issue VII //


Issue VII //


S ava n n a h D a r a s 23 years //


h t t p : / / w w w . s ava n n a h d a r a s . c o m /

LOST FREEDOM: How old are you and where are you from? SAVANNAH DARAS: I am 23 and I live in Maine. LF: When did you first begin taking photos? How has your work changed since then? SD: Technically I have been taking photos since I was very young. As a child and teenager I was always the one with the camera. But I started considering photography as more of a serious thought around 2006, when I purchased my first digital camera. It was only about $70 and very very basic, but it was my baby and it really helped me learn a lot about working with what you have. I believe that my work has evolved and developed more of a style, as opposed to when I first started I was experimenting with everything trying to find what I enjoyed the most. Although when I look back on my old work it still feels very familiar and makes me feel really happy.

Issue VII //


LF: How does photography impact your daily life? SD: Photography impacts my daily life because I am constantly taking photos, whether they are cell phone photos or more planned out conceptual work with my camera. I love to document everything. Despite my ability to remember most details about my life, photography truly helps with that, as I look back at a certain image and remember everything about that moment. So I hope that one day when I am unable to remember the small details about my life on my own, these images will assist me in venturing back in time.

LF: What do you try to express through your work? SD: Articulating my ideas and thought process is always a challenge for me, hence why I love visual art so much. But what I try to portray is the natural, magical essence that lives within everyone and the earth. I want everyone to view the world as I do, as cliche as that may sound. I want to bring dreams to life. LF: Who or what inspires you? SD: So many people and things inspire me. Nature is one of my biggest inspirations, I just feel such a strong connection with the earth. All of my fellow artists around the world are such an inspiration to me; I think it is so incredible that there are so many young individuals who are so damn talented and pursuing their dreams. It is such an inspiration to me, because if they can do it, I can too, and so can anyone else.

our heartlines Photographed by Eva Patikian MODELS:

Mary Gisbert and Alexis Rousseau

Issue VII //


Issue VII //


Issue VII //


Jay Kane & h t t p : / / w w w . fa c e b o o k . c o m / S e a s o n O f J u n e h t t p : / / w w w . f l ic k r . c o m / p h oto s / s e as o n s o f j u n e

Thomas Hobbs

Issue VII //


cari ann wayman 23 years // c h i c a g o

h t t p : / / w w w . f l i c k r . c o m / y y e l lo w b i r d /

Issue VII //


Issue VII //


Issue VII //


Grace Adams 20 years //



Issue VII //


LOST FREEDOM: How old are you and where are you from? GRACE ADAMS: I am twenty years old and am from Anchorage, Alaska. LF: When did you first begin taking photos? How has your work changed since then? GA: Though I became interested in it years before, my love for photography really began at age seventeen. I was inspired by Rosie Hardy and Kalie Garrett to begin a 365 of my own and completed it in the spring of 2010. Though I have continued taking self portraits since then, I pre-

fer photographing others and now do it both as a hobby and a job. LF: How does photography have an impact on your daily life? GA: Well on one hand, I rely on it as a source of income. But it is more importantly the way I express thoughts and emotions and has hugely impacted the way I view the world around me. LF: What do you try to express through your photos? Do you have a specific style you try to achieve? GA: I find the majority of my photos are not based on a certain idea but rather an emotion or feeling I want

to convey to the viewer. My “style” is constantly evolving, so overall I wouldn’t say that there is a certain style I try to achieve but rather that I want to further develop my own aesthetic with time and practice. LF: Who or what inspires you? GA: Sally Mann is one of my absolute favorites for her raw and honest photographs, especially those of her children. I am inspired the most, however, by nature and music. For me, the feeling stirred up within a person’s chest by a good piece of music has close ties to photography and the way it attempts to visually capture that emotion. LF: Do you prefer film or digital? Why? GA: I use digital mostly for its convenience, but have recently discovered a love for film. It just seems to capture a moment so honestly. For this reason I use it mostly for personal photos and snapshots because to me a single photograph on film feels much more valuable than two hundred digital files.

Issue VII //


Issue VII //


Issue VII //


where soul meets body Photographed by stefanie de lorenzo 23






Issue VII //


Stefan yambao http://wolves-xiii.tumblr.com/

“Boy & Sparrow”

A sparrow was pecking at his window but he was too busy bleeding in his bathtub to do anything about it. “Let me in,” said the sparrow. “Don’t disappear again.” The boy dipped his head underwater, felt the red and soapy water flow through his hair and across his forehead. He accidentally swallowed a bit. Then, he spat it out. “See? It tastes disgusting and bitter. I told you not to disappear. Won’t you listen to me sing?” The sparrow ruffled its feathers haughtily and stared at him. The boy turned away. “I shan’t—I haven’t the time. Can’t you see? I’m bleeding in my bathtub. Listen to the way the blood mixes with the soap and water, like a thousand violins filling this room with the most beautiful music.” “I would if I could, but I haven’t the time either. Where has all the time in the world gone? The lack of it seems to have made the world more beautiful, anyhow.” It looked thoughtfully at him, its beady brown eyes studying the way the bloody water pooled around his collarbones. “Well, good luck to you.” It spread its wings, chirped a final goodbye, and then took flight.

Photo by Angela Wu

playlist: sunday mornings 1. Settler by BALMORHEA 2. Love is All by THE TALLEST MAN ON EARTH 3. Civilian by WYE OAK 4. Roll Away Your Stone by MUMFORD & SONS 5. The Great Exchange by THRICE 6. Homesick by KINGS OF CONVENIENCE 7. Cats and Dogs by THE HEAD AND THE HEART 8. Love Out Of Lust by LYKKE LI 9. Sleeping In by THE POSTAL SERVICE 10. Always Like This by BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB 11. Chocolates & Cigarettes by ANGUS & JULIA STONE 12. We Found Each Other in the Dark by CITY AND COLOUR 14. Helplessness Blues by FLEET FOXES 15. Drunk by ED SHEERAN

Issue VII //


lydia greenaway

20 years // E N G L A N D

h t t p : / / w w w . ly di ag r e e n away . t u m b l r . c o m

“ I want to capture something youthful yet sincere in my portraits, encouraging the viewer to experience something they’re unsure of, something beautiful, but lonely, and full of the unknown. The less a photograph gives away, the more intriguing it becomes.”

Issue VII //



aci e r n o 17 years//



Issue VII //


Issue VII //


MARINA refur 25





LOST FREEDOM: How old are you and where are you from? MARINA REFUR: I’m 25 years old and I’m from Frankfurt a.M./Germany. LF: When did you first begin taking photos? How has your work changed since then? MR: I’ve been taking snapshots with a simple digicam for lots of years but I seriously started to focus on photography using a DSLR about two years ago. While my first pictures were really close to a certain concept and often based on lots of props to portray an idea my work now is a lot more subtle, atmospheric, naturally and kind of abstract.

Issue VII //


LF: How does photography impact your daily life? MR: Aside from the time I spend on taking pictures, editing pictures, looking for props and clothing at the flea market or searching for new locations photography is never entirely out of my mind. Even if I don’t have my camera with me it’s as if I’d see the world in frames. LF: What do you try to express through your photos? Do you have a specific style you try to achieve? MR: I’m trying to express a variety of moods and feelings through my pictures and of course I’m working on developing an own style and imagery. LF: Where do you see yourself, regarding photography, in 5 years? MR: I’m excited where photography is going to take me within the next months and years and I’m absolutely hungry to realize lots of ideas and to work with interesting people. It would be amazing if there was a chance to make a living out of photography but it’s really hard to say where I see myself in 5 years. LF: Who or what inspires you? MR: I basically seek inspiration from music and other photographers as well as from daily life or experiences of the past. Actually almost everything can become an inspiration and that’s one of the things I really like about photography or being an artist in general. You’ll never know what will be the next idea that will cross your mind.

Issue VII //


earth, fire, lust and desire







MODELS: Samson @Compton Model Agency & Caoimhe @Absolute the Agency

Issue VII //


Issue VII //




h t t p : / / w w w . d i a n a l e m i e u x . c o m /

36 years //


Issue VII //




18 years // WASHINGTON

h t t p : / / w w w . f l i c k r . c o m / p h oto s / l au r e n - z o

LOST FREEDOM: How old are you and where are you from? LAUREN KRISTIN: 18 and living in the suburbs of D.C., but soon to be going to school in NYC. LF: When did you first begin photography? How has your work changed since then? LK: I became kind of obsessed with photography when I was around 14. When I first started I took pictures of flowers and raindrops and sunshine.. so its pretty safe to say my work has changed immensely since then. More recently, my interests have steered towards the types of subject matter that com-

monly offend people. Specifically, nudity. It fascinates me, how the human body is so nakedly, candidly beautiful that I cannot help but to want to photograph it-and wonder why it makes some audiences so uncomfortable. I love photographing people and I’m sure that will never change. The way I go about the people I photograph has always been a constant. Those I hold close to me in my life are so erratically changing all the time and I can’t stop it so I just want to remember them as they are, as I know them now, always threatening to be much much later.

LF: What sort of mood do you try to express through your photos? Do you try to achieve a certain “style” through your artwork? LK: I use a lot of muted tones, and I’m in love with black and white. I suppose that has become sort of my “style,” and it just came as a result of me trying to achieve most accurately the way I see things. Everything’s kind of a dilation of time, an old photograph, something you can remember so vividly yet you still question whether it happened or not because its just so distorted by the number of times you’ve replayed it in your mind. Happiness makes me sad and I’m still trying to tie the two together in a photograph.

LF: Who or what inspires you? LK: It comes in waves, where everything is just so inexplicably beautiful that I just come to think that everything inspires me. While simply looking out a car window, driving aimlessly, even the shopping centers and the inanities of such suburban splendor can inspire me. LF:If you could photograph any one person, dead or alive, who would it be? LK: Ted Bundy.

Issue VII //


Issue VII //


young hearts Photographer: Francesca secolonovo models: Zhuma @ Oxygen and Deandra @ Strike Models Hair: Luca Gallina, Make Up: Polly Mann, Stylist: Vanessa Nyemi-Tei

Issue VII //


Issue VII //


m a rt i n

hernandez 17 years //


h t t p : / / p r oj eq t . c o m / m a rt i n h e r n a n d e z

LOST FREEDOM: What do you try to express through your photos? MARTIN HERNANDEZ: A lot of my photographs are personal, sometimes I try to express how I feel, what is happening to me, or what I’m thinking. It is a way of releasing my heart so the viewers can know me better. Many other times I express things I see, everyday situations. And sometimes they are just thoughts that cross my mind for no particular reason and I love being able to express them through photographs. I try to express how I am. LF: Why do you create? What does photography mean to you? MH: I love the power of creation. Creation gave me control of my life. I decide what I want in my photos, and so in my life. It helped me to enjoy much more what surrounds me. Photography to me is pure love. Love to art, love to life and love to time and memories.Being able to push a button and stop time is completely incredible. We can capture moments of our lives for ever. Photography is able to make us relive those precious moments that meant something for us whenever we want. Its a new kind of memory for humans. Amazing. LF: Who or what is your greatest inspiration? Why? MH: Life is a huge galaxy of millions of possibilities and situations that can inspire us. I think that the biggest inspiration we can all have is the ability to live and think. After that happens we can choose which inspiration to use. I still have not found my ultimate inspiration. Because every day I’m finding myself and through that I encounter new things I can say. No one has total knowledge of life. so I hope to have the ability to be inspired and inspiring from here till my days are completed.

Issue VII //


L u c y turner

18 years //

essex, england


Issue VII //


LOST FREEDOM: How old are you and where are you from? LUCY TURNER: 18 years young, residing in Essex, England. LF: When did you first begin taking photos? How has your work changed since then? LT: Most photographers would say from a young age, like 12 or 14. When i was 14 I was still outside riding my bike. At 16 i was always looking at pictures & It wasn’t until the age of 17 that i actually started taking photos. I’m almost 19 now, & i feel i have finally developed my style, my ideas & learnt who i am. I’ve met some wonderful people over the past year & now its time to take on some more adventures. New targets, new faces & plenty of promotion. LF: What do you try to express through your photos? Do you have a specific style you try to achieve? LT: Happiness, hope, laughter & love. Photography has taught me that the world really can be a beautiful place, you just have to look hard enough. For me, photography is the voice without a voice. I try to take a more relaxed approach to photography, it should always be fun and exciting. Its important to stay happy in what you are doing, even on the most stressful of days.

Issue VII //


LF: How does fashion play a part of your photos? LT: I try not to make fashion too important in my photographs. As beautiful as fashion can be, its also the reason many girls my age feel an overwhelming pressure to constantly look good & stay skinny. I’ve lived it, so it’s something I don’t want to encourage. To me, fashion is an expression of who YOU are. All girls have the right to feel comfortable in their own skin, & when they get their photos from me, I want them to tell people, ‘this is me’. As far as wardrobe construction goes, I advise girls on what colors work best, what styles will keep the theme etc, but the rest is their own. LF: Where do you see yourself, regarding photography, in 5 years? LT: Still dreaming. Just to be more noticed and share my photos with the world, and have others share with me in return. To be someones inspiration in return for the inspiration people give me. So long as I am happy, that’s the most important thing. LF: Who or what inspires you? LT: Everything. Music, love, youth, stories. Music plays the biggest role. music has the ability to spark emotions, & when i listen to music, I often find myself getting lost in my own imagination. I’ve lost count how many other photographers inspire me, but the people who inspire me most are Kitty Gallannaugh, Cat Lane, Rosie Hardy, and Alexandra Sophie. I’m a BIG fan of KItty, I’ve been in her ‘army of dreamers’ for a few years now. They’re all amazing and have grown in so many ways, showing thousands of individuals like myself that it really IS possible to achieve your dreams. Inspiration isn’t just about photo shoot ideas, but about keeping you moving, achieving, and setting yourself new targets.

Issue VII //


Issue VII //


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