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Loss of Biodiversity

Alejandra Due単as Jorge Buckovsky Mateo Villagomez

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Jorge Buckovsky 8B Loss of Biodiversity Introduction Loss of biodiversity is a big problem for the ecosystem and to the society. This is a global issue that has to be prevented because it damages society and all living organisms. This global issue is very common in our world because there are many serious and deep causes. Loss of biodiversity is when we lose our ecosystem or our flora and fauna. This causes animal and plants extinction. Animal extinction is when all specific types of animals disappeared from the ecosystem or from the world. Also plant extinction could be loss of vegetation. This damages seriously the ecosystem. Also the trees will disappear and then it will not be pure oxygen. Loss of biodiversity is a very important global issue that we have to stop. In this magazine my group and I were going to talk about loss of biodiversity cause and effect and solutions to this global issue. Loss of biodiversity affects the world and the ecosystem in the way it damages all living organisms. Finally loss of biodiversity is an important problem that has to be stopped.

Alejandra Dueñas 8B Loss of Biodiversity: Causes and Effects: The loss of biodiversity has many causes as effects that are affecting the world around us. In many parts of India, people are killing thousands of Indian elephants for their tusks, and many other animals are also being hunted for their special qualities like the white tiger for their skin. This is causing a tremendous decrease in the Indian elephant population. Many people destroy thousands of miles of forests and this cause many animals and plants die. This is causing the loss of the habitat of many animals and plants. In New Guinea, scientist have found 44 new species of animals and plants that only live in certain places and because of loss of habitat this species are becoming extinct. Also because of climate change and global warming, many delicate species are dying such as many types of amphibians because they are delicate animals that a little change in the environment can

devastate a whole species. Amphibian extinction is 211 times more than the normal rate. As well, lizards are also delicate animals that are threatened too. Scientists estimate that 20% of the lizards around the world are going to become extinct by 2080. Because of over exploited fishing, many fishes are going to collapse by 2048 because fishers don’t give them time to reproduce, so in a few years many of this species are going to become extinct. 547 species of fish are in danger for overfishing. “Marine species are probing to be just as much at risk of extinction as their land-based counterparts.” Said Craig HiltonTaylor of the IUCN Red List Unit in a statement. Also is reported that millions of sharks die each year because of fishing for the fins or because they get caught and injured with fishing nets. Around the world, especially in Japan, many people fish whales to get the whale oil which is really special, but it’s also fatal for the whales because millions of

whales die each year, which is causing the decrease of the whale population. More than 40 percent of the animals in the world that have been discovered are in danger of extinction. For example, the hippopotamus has declined 95% of their population in Democratic Republic of Congo since 1994, and only 30,000 live in the wild. Also in the Sahara region, there is an 80% decline in the past decade because of uncontrolled hunting. The red list now contains 40,177 species which 16,119 are categorized as critically endangered, endangered of vulnerable. Many causes of animal extinction are: Habitat loss: greatest cause of species being endangered. Pollution: because

of pollution in water, air, soil, etc. many animals that live from it are dying. Competition from other species: when people introduce new species or there are too many species living in one are they compete for the space, food, water, etc. so they kill each other. And hunting: also many people kill animals for fun or for their skin, tusks, teeth, fin, etc. and when people hunt in a great quantity, it can put many species in danger. Finally, there are many causes and effects of the loss of biodiversity that can cause many problems to the whole world.

Mateo Villagomez 8B

Loss of biodiversity:


The purpose of this essay it’s to discuss some possible solutions to the loss of bio diversity in some places on the earth. I will also say some suggestions at the end. In the world we live in it’s a much polluted world and very damage by the contamination, also it’s a world in which we destroy many forest to build urban spaces for people. All of this is caused by the humans and as a result the loss of biodiversity it’s increasing, and new species are in danger of get extinct. There are some solutions to stop this huge problem; here I will say some examples. A way to stop the loss of biodiversity is stop haunting animals like the deer, cheetahs, bears, lions just for fun, because if we keep doing these in some point they can get extinct and it can change the live cycle or . Another possible solution its

being more ecologic people, like not cutting down the forest that and use wind energy way we don’t destroy the animal habitats and protect the air. Another solution for this problem is that we can make some campaign to make some shelters for animals that are in danger of extinction and that is a very clever way to protect the animals. A solution that is one of the most important in my opinion it’s walking or bicycling instead of driving, this it’s a very easy solution that we all can make and it will reduce the amount of co2 and it will be a clear air for the animals, especially the ones that live in the poles such as polar bear. That are some solutions to protect the animals in extinction and we must take care of it, if we don’t do something now, then when can face

very important problems. My suggestions for this problem are that we need to realize that it’s a very important global issue and we have stopped it, and the best way to begin is change us first by not abuse our pets and then help others. Those are some solutions for the loss of bio diversity.

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Loss of Biodiversity  
Loss of Biodiversity  

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