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City Council OKs Autry Renovations

New LAUSD Board Member Bennett Kayser

By Erik Derr Ledger Contributing Writer

By Erik Derr Ledger Contributing Writer After winning a close runoff election in May against Luis Sanchez, Bennett Kayser, a soft-spoken father of two who’s lived in Silver Lake with his wife Peggy for nearly 40 years, will be sworn in July 1st as the Los Angeles Unified School District’s (LAUSD) new board member in District 5. Kayser recently sat down with the Ledger and answered a few questions about the state of education in Los Angeles. Ledger: What type of leadership do you bring to the school board? Kayser: I’m a science and health teacher… a parent, a LAUSD student, back a zil-

Los Angeles City Councilmember Tom LaBonge serenades the crowd with a song by Elvis Presley during his swearing-in celebration atop Mt. Hollywood, June 21st, the Summer Solstice. LaBonge leads an annual hike in Griffith Park each year on the Summer Solstice. He chose to celebrate this year’s first day of summer by taking the oath of office for his 3rd term on the Los Angeles City Council. All rights reserved by councildistrictfour

GRIFFITH PARK—Plans by the Autry National Center to expand its Native American exhibits with two dedicated galleries and an indigenous teaching garden are back on track after an affirming vote from the Los Angeles City Council. Dan Finley, the Autry’s president and CEO, said the renovated space would yield exhibits that teach visitors about the past, present of the state’s indigenous culture and showcase prized artifacts from the Southwest Museum of the American Indian, Los Angeles’ revered first museum, located in Mount Washington which merged with the Autry Museum of Western Heritage in 2003. see AUTRY page 10

see KAYSER page 17

[city sleuth]

Derby to Open as Chase Branch Bank, July 12th

The Puzzle Pieces of Politics

By Diane Kanner, Ledger Contributing Writer

By Erik Derr, Ledger Contributing Writer

LOS FELIZ— One of the great Los Feliz landmarks is about to open its storied doors to the banking public. On July 12th, Chase Bank will open a branch at 4500 Los Feliz Blvd. adjacent to Louise’s Restaurant in the structure popularly known as The Derby or The Brown Derby. The vociferous opposition of the local community in 2005, when Adler Realty Inc. proposed demolishing the landmark for condominiums and a supermarket, led to Historic Cultural Monument designation by the City of Los Angeles Cultural Heritage

People In My Neighborhood: Teresa Grow, page 12

July 2011

Commission in May of 2006. Its wood reinforced dome was protected from alteration by the terms of the Historic Cultural Monument ordinance. For all its restaurant history, the building languished until J.P. Morgan Chase Bank leased a portion of the building from Adler Realty last year. Its distinctive dome was patched and painted on the exterior while the interior underwent renovation. Tellers and bank officers will receive patrons in the main circular room, under the distinctive dome and ATM machines will be available in the entry hall. The structure bears no resemblance to the original Brown Derby restaurant, see DERBY page 5

Community News: Slash honored at Beastly Ball,

Redistricting: Early Proposed Changes Cause Uproar Locally The legislative districts serving Los Feliz and its surrounding communities look to change significantly under boundaries proposed by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission, the 14-member panel created after voters wrested control of the once-a-decade mapping process from lawmakers in 2008. Appointed by the state auditor’s office after an extensive candidate search that attracted about 25,000 candidates from the general electorate, the commission is composed of seven men and seven women, including five Republicans, five Democrats and four either Independent or party-unaffiliated voters.

Calendar: Ziggy Marley headlines Reggae Night X at the Hollywood Bowl, page 9

Following guidelines in the state constitution that include directives for district shape, location, population and socio-economic similarities, the redistricting group has until Aug. 15th to finalize maps for California’s 53 U.S. Congressional districts, 40 state senate districts, 80 state assembly districts and four Board of Equalization districts. The first of three rounds of draft maps was released in early June and caused a notnecessarily unexpected uproar among politicians and constituents who, among other things, complained new districts would group incongruent neighborhoods, therefore weakening the ability of elect-

ed officials to represent their communities. Those concerns, said California State Assemblyman Mike Gatto, are no stronger than in his 43th District, which currently includes portions of Los Feliz, Griffith Park, Silver Lake, Glendale, Burbank and North Hollywood. Under the new proposed map Gatto’s district would cover all of Los Feliz Village, a larger swath of Griffith Park, Mount Washington, Eagle Rock, Garvanza, Cypress Park, Elysian Park, Echo Park, Edendale, Silver Lake, El Serreno, Lincoln Heights, City Terrace and East Los Angeles. “People believe the district’s new boundaries would include see DISTRICTS page 6

School News: Pilgrim School’s Editorial: Local Stores Hit by Choir Serenades First Lady Obama Scammers and Illegal Dumping, page 22

Los Feliz Ledger [letter from the publisher] Regarding Stephanie Vendig’s column this month regarding pedestrian safety for seniors (see page 11), I was recently sitting at the stop light at Hillhurst Avenue and Sunset Boulevard heading south. Crossing the sidewalk in front of me was an elderly woman who had dropped a handful of papers she was carrying. She tried to pick them up three or four times, but the breeze kept carrying her papers away. Eventually, she gave up, left the papers in the street and shuffled herself quickly to safety on the other side of the street in front of the Vista Theater. When the elderly woman got to safety, she looked back

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longingly at her strewn papers on the street just in time to see a speeding car making a rolling right turn from Sunset onto Hillhurst. The driver ran over the woman’s papers and had she not given up on her task to retrieve her items, the driver certainly would have run her over. Driving in Los Feliz and Silver Lake is particularly challenging due to our area’s density and small narrow streets. Before I purchased my Prius, I was slowly pulling my large SUV out of its parked position at the corner of Commonwealth and Avocado when it was hit by a smaller car making the same kind of rolling turn while speeding. My 5,000 lb. SUV was rendered undriveable. My son recently got his driver’s license. He is shocked at

how many times other drivers don’t obey the rules of the road: they cut him off or make an illegal lane change, or some other infraction. I told him: drive defensively. And for walkers (especially the elderly) and bikers out there, I’ll give the same advice.

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July 2011

Los Feliz Ledger

Silver Lake NC Last Minute Budgeting Helps Ivanhoe and Saves “Happy Hour” By Erik Derr Ledger Contributing Writer

Los Angeles Breakfast Club Join us Wednesdays at 7 – 9 am Upcoming speakers and programs... July 6 Doug Smith, Writer - Los Angeles Times “Grading the Teachers” July 13 Taylor Whitney - Preserving The Past, LLC - “Best Practices for Preserving Your Photographs and Film” July 20 Saul Jacobs & Bob Lipson - USC Emeriti College “Salute to Yankee Doodle & Other Patriots” July 27 Judith Hopkins - “Taking the Reins - An Investment in Girls Making Tomorrow Better”

Friendship Auditorium 3201 Riverside Drive For upcoming programs, see...

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July 2011

HILLHURST AVENUE—Mike Eberts, author of Griffith Park: A Centennial History will speak Thursday, July 14th at the Los Feliz Public Library located at 1874 Hillhurst Avenue. Eberts will discuss “Griffith Park and the Great Depression,” how during the 1930s civilian conservation

corps craftsman, municipal relief workers and New Deal sculptors helped change the park including Fern Dell, the Observatory and its roads and trails. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Free. Sponsored by the Friends of Griffith Park. Info: (323) 913-4710.

Echo Park’s Neighborhood Council Ahead on Budgeting By Erik Derr, Ledger Contributing Writer

(1/4 mi. so. of Los Feliz Bl.)

• Charity: Gun’s & Roses Slash Honored at the 41st Zoo’s Annual Beastly Ball • Politics: New GGPNC Board takes action on Proposed New Scientology Building on Hillhurst and Redistricting • A Dog’s Life: Program Raises Literacy by Having Dogs Listen to Children Read • Good Life: White Rhone Blends for Summer • Sark on Sports: Golfing in Griffith Park • Schools: Marshall High

Griffith Park Historian to Speak on July 14th

SILVER LAKE—With $11,600 in unused money remaining in its 2010-11 budget, the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council (SLNC) in June approved three last-minute funding requests, including $2,300 for 50 polo-type uniform shirts and 50 jackets for the Los Angeles Police Dept.’s Rampart Cadet youth training program and $1,000 for a neighborhood graffiti removal operation. The council also approved up to $3,500 in office supplies for Ivanhoe Elementary School to help Ivanhoe qualify for a free copy machine if it orders about $5,500 in related supplies through a specific distributor. The Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council (GGPNC) previously kicked in $1,500 for the cause, as about a quarter of the students at Ivanhoe live in the Griffith Park group’s service area. About 75%—or 408 students—reside in the SLNC’s territory. The school’s current copier is about 16 years old. The council also endorsed plans by Café Stella restaurant, located at 3932 W. Sunset Blvd. for a full-line liquor license and an expansion of business hours, from 8 a.m. until 2 a.m. The restaurant had offered to forgo its “Happy Hour” if the board approved the hours extension. But the board voted yes to the eateries’ new business hours to keep “Happy Hour” as well.

Decathalon Team Honored • Theater Review: Fountain Theater’s “Bakersfield Mist” This month’s poll: What do you think of City Hall’s recent vote to approve the Autry National Center’s Renovations? Last month’s poll: 25% of readers said the economy is improving 40% said the economy is worsening 34% said the economy is about the same

ECHO PARK—While some local neighborhood councils start the month of July still needing to finalize budgets for the upcoming fiscal year, members of the Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council (GEPENC) have already submitted their new budget for city approval. Cut to an annual allotment of $40,500 in Mayor Antonio Villairagosa’s recent citywide budget, the GEPENC’s submitted budget includes $16,500 for council outreach; $14,000 for community support programs and the remaining $10,000 for general expenses.

The GEPENC’s budget process is easy, said GEPENC spokeswoman Lisa Baca, as its list or funding priorities in the community has remained fairly stable throughout the years. “It’s not like we had to figure out where we wanted the monies to go over the next year,” she said. “All planned allocations are community driven.” The council’s submitted 2011-12 budget also includes: $3,500 for neighborhood beautification projects; $1,500 for neighborhood clean-up efforts; and $1,500 for the installation of 10 previously-bought bicycle racks throughout the community

and benches, trash receptacles and signs. The GEPENC’s planned outreach expenditures include $1,000 each for participation in Historic Filipinotown’s 2011 holiday parol—or, traditional lantern—festival; inclusion in Echo Park’s first mariachi festival and involvement during National Night Out activities, slated for August, in the Los Angeles Police Dept.’s Northeast and Rampart divisions. The council will also pitch in $500 to support the Echo Park Farmers Market as well as $500 for the annual Holiday Parade. COMMUNITY NEWS

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Los Feliz Ledger [greetings from tom]

Budget Wins Los Angeles City Councilmember Tom LaBonge Now that the new 2011-2012 fiscal year has begun, the City has a new $6.9-billion dollar budget. This was a very difficult budget, full of tough choices for the Mayor and for my colleagues and I on the City Council. However, there are positive aspects to the budget. Among them are expanded library hours, increased funding for street repairs and the consolidation of operations around core functions that will reduce overlap and redundancy. The LAPD will be maintained at current staffing levels, allowing Chief Charlie Beck to build on the crime reduction momentum we’ve seen in recent years. There was a lot of community concern about the budget impacts on the Los Angeles Fire Dept. Chief Millage Peaks came up with a new Deployment Plan that meets the Mayor’s budget-cutting mandate while ensuring that not a single fire station will close and no firefighters will be laid-off. Station 35 on Hillhurst Avenue is being downsized by one engine and its four-man crew; but that engine remains in the station on ready-reserve in case its needed in an extreme emergency. The Los Angeles City Council has approved bus-only lanes on Wilshire Boulevard on a 7.7-mile stretch between MacArthur Park and Centinela Avenue. MTA officials hope to begin construction of the lanes next summer and open them in mid-2013. Wilshire Boulevard is the busiest bus corridor in the city, with tens of thousands of riders enduring long waits and crowded buses to make the cross-town trek. This plan is long overdue.

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[eric garcetti]

[mike gatto]

Getting Rid of Graffiti

Shark Finning Jr. Activists

By Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti

By California State Assemblyman Mike Gatto Ever thought of buying a bowl of “Shark Fin Soup” at a local restaurant? Most people know the name, but most don’t realize that the growth in demand for the soup that can cost up to $100 a bowl has led to the increase in the practice known as “shark finning,” the practice of cutting the fins and tail off a live shark, which is most often tossed back into the ocean to perish.  Despite being cruel and inhumane, a growing number of fishermen take advantage of the market for  this product, which sells at $400 per pound. Nine activists from the 5th and 6th grades at Jordan Middle School in Burbank recently came to my district office to present their case to support AB 376,  a bill that makes it unlawful for any person to possess, sell or trade a shark fin.  I am proud to have voted for AB 376 in committee and on the Assembly floor.  But I am all the more proud to have been “schooled” by our next generation of leaders who cared enough to ask for a meeting with their State Assemblyman. Please feel free to contact my office too, on any matter of concern to you.    Mike Gatto is the Assistant Speaker Pro Tempore of the California State Assembly.  He represents the cities of Burbank, Glendale, and parts of Los Angeles, including Los Feliz, North Hollywood, Silver Lake, Toluca Lake, Valley Glen, and Van Nuys.  He has served in the Assembly since June 2010.

Summertime means kids out of school, family vacations, and—in my Council District —the annual UNTAG graffiti count. The presence of graffiti takes its toll on neighborhoods. Cleaning it up not only helps beautify our neighborhoods, it also is important to keeping communities safe.   The challenge is that in a city as large as Los Angeles, much graffiti goes unaddressed because no one reports it for removal. In 2004, my office developed a program called UNTAG, which stands for Uniting Neighborhoods to Abolish Graffiti. UNTAG’s premise is very simple—recruit local residents and business owners to volunteer to monitor one block or one hot spot for graffiti. These block captains agree to report tagging through the city’s 3-1-1 non-emergency phone line so that crews can be dispatched to remove the graffiti. With more than 500 block captains, UNTAG is having a big impact on our neighborhoods. The results are noticeable.  Before UNTAG, a count of tags on every street of my district found 20,000 of them in our neighborhoods. As of last year, our annual count showed a more than 80% reduction in graffiti since we started UNTAG. In Silver Lake, graffiti went down by 70%. In Atwater Village, we reduced it almost 90%.  We are getting ready for the 2011 count, which will take place in July. If you are willing to monitor one block or one hot spot, please call my district office at 323-957-4500. Learn more at

July 2011

Los Feliz Ledger

MOMs Club International Forms in Hollywood Area A new parents/kids group called MOMs Club International has formed in the Hollywood area, as membership in the Los Feliz chapter is full. The group provides activities for parents to do during the day with their children like weekly playgroups and outings and offers a babysitting co-op, breastfeeding support and sub groups for single parents and

exercising groups. The group also offers free get togethers at Dragonfly DuLou on Hillhurst Avenue and provides drinks and snacks for the kids, as well as an outdoor play area for them with a trampoline and more.

DERBY from page 1

ed. Joan Crawford’s famous movie “Mildred Pierce” was filmed at the Derby in 1947. Following deMille’s passing in 1959, the Derby was sold to Motion Picture Associates, which his daughter Cecilia owned in part. The Brown Derby was closed and reopened as Michael’s Los Feliz restaurant. The Michael’s tenure in the structure was the longest—some 33 years. Civic organizations like the Lion’s Club held luncheons in the large back room. Families, like my own, gathered for special occasions. In 1993, Tony and Tammy Gower leased a portion of the building and created The Derby nightclub. Swing dancing was revitalized on the dance floor, and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy rose to prominence in the music world. The movie “Swingers” attracted even more attention to the venue. However, the popularity of The Derby began to wane and Adler Realty Inc. purchased the building in 2004 for $4.8 million.

opened on Wilshire Blvd. across from the Ambassador Hotel in 1926 by movie producer Herbert Somborn, screenwriter Wilson Mizner and theater owner Sid Grauman. Film producer Cecil B. deMille got into the act when he opened the second Brown Derby on Vine Street south of Hollywood Boulevard in 1929. It was deMille who erected a restaurant building that year at 4500 Los Feliz Blvd., but it was known then as Willard’s Chicken Inn. In 1940, Robert Cobb, who had taken over the Wilshire Boulevard Brown Derby from the original owners, signed an agreement with deMille to convert Willard’s into a drive-in Brown Derby. Patrons in autos were served by car hops. Cobb etched Brown Derbies into the restaurant steps where they are still visible on a stairway on the Hillhurst Avenue side of the building. A Brown Derby sign like the one on the top of the Wilshire Derby was erect-

Dues are $30 per year. For more information www.

Hollywood Hills, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Atwater Village, Echo Park

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July 2011

Los Feliz Ledger (323) 667-9897

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All advertised prices exclude government fees and taxes, any finance charges, any dealer document preparation charge, and any emissions testing charge. *Rates as low as 2.49% APR on select certified Honda Accord, Odyssey & Element. Document, tax and license. Ad expires close of business 7/31/11.

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Los Feliz Ledger DISTRICTS from page 1

widely-disparate communities, from a socio-economic standpoint,” Gatto said. “You would see an area with one of the highest rates of home ownership [Los Feliz] with one of the lowest home ownership areas [East Los Angeles].” So far, said Gatto, 100% “of the phone calls we’ve gotten have been against the changes.” Jose Sigala, president of the Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council (GE-

drafts was moved back to mid July, according to Rob Wilcox, the redistricting commissions communications director, to allow more time for public input. “Everyone deserves the very best representation. That begins with an active and engaged community exercising their civic duties,” said U.S. Rep. Karen Bass, whose 33rd Congressional District would be shifted westward and lose the Los Feliz and Silver Lake areas under first-draft changes. “The commission is hard

“So far 100% of the phone calls we’ve gotten have been against the changes.” — California State Assemblyman Mike Gatto PENC), said he’s been “keeping tabs” on the redistricting effort, which has injected a “definitely new” approach to the state’s “political landscape.” However, he said he is concerned over planned changes like those in neighboring Silver Lake, where the community could be split between the 45th and 46th assembly districts. Historic Filipinotown is another community where Sigala suspects residents could lose some of their political clout through the re-worked districts. “I basically understand the work the commission is doing,” he said. Redistricting officials, he said, need to keep asking themselves, “How do you best handle communities of interests and their needs?” For those wanting to voice their opinions to the commission about the new district maps, the public comment period is far from over. In fact, release of the second round of

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at work and they have a job to do,” she said, “but I encourage all Californians, especially the residents of the 33rd District living in Los Feliz and Silver Lake to participate in our democracy and have your voices heard.” Without doubt, “there are going to be people who are upset with whatever the commission agrees on, said the GEPENC’s Sigala. But, ultimately, he said: “I think those who have the strongest views” and “are willing to organize, they will make a difference in their communities.” The redistricting commission has posted a preliminary schedule of July public hearings at www.wedrawthelines. The panel is also currently accepting public comments via their toll-free phone line, 1-866-356-5217, e-mail,, or regular mail sent to the Citizens Redistricting Commission, 901 P Street, Suite 154A, Sacramento, CA 95814.

July 2011

In an emergency – we’re close, fast & caring. From CT imaging and angiography, which help to speed accurate diagnoses, to a speciallytrained emergency room staff, we’ve got the art of emergency medicine down to a science. Here, you can trust that we will see you in minutes, not hours. There’s a lot about Hollywood Presbyterian that goes far beyond our growing reputation for excellent care in an emergency – like cardiac care and renowned fetal therapy. Every day we’re adding new luster to one of LA’s true shining stars. | 213.413.3000

Healthy Happens Here

Los Feliz Ledger [Focus on the Advertiser]

Pilates Metro, Offering a High Quality Pilates Workout By Kimberly Gomez, Ledger Contributing Writer           Perhaps too effective to ignore, the Pilates method of exercise has found its way into the workouts of dancers, athletes, and people in various stages of rehabilitation.  Its emphasis on the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness can be modified to work for anyone. On a typical morning at Pilates Metro three instructors worked separately in the peaceful relaxed atmosphere. The studio design takes cues from the Pilates Method itself, that is, a functional, quiet, and comfortable place in which to challenge abilities.  Two clients there said they come here to help them be more efficient

ATWATER VILLAGE—Over the past decade or so, Pilates Metro has been a part of the local community developing into more of a pedestrian center with clients, differing in size, shape and ability, often walking or bicycling to the studio. “As Pilates has become more popular there are a lot of different options meeting different needs,” said Pilates Metro co-owner and instructor Allison Harter. “There are several group studios out there. We continue focus on the one-on-one experience and smaller group classes.”    The key, said Harter, is to make Pilates more accessible rather than intimidating.

in the work place.                                                         “I feel like Pilates is necessary to be able to maintain the lifestyle that I want,” said Aubree Cudillo of Glendale, who does a lot of heavy lifting as a theater technical director.  “The instructors here are tuned into my individual needs and try to help me with my body mechanics.” Focused on wellness, ability, and personal longevity, Pilates Metro is happy to take Leaner, longer, firmer stronger: Pilates Metro in Atwater Village focuses on welldirection from physical theraness and challenging one’s limits in one-on-one and small group classes pists and doctors who have Ken Carlsten of Silver Lake what’s going on with your long prescribed Pilates for who after six years as a Pilates body right now and this is their patients to build strength Metro client looks like he’s what we need to do to get you and flexibility.  And all of their been carved from stone. where your body is working instructors have taught at the “We’re not just a waretogether and you feel good’.”   studio for more than five years. house,” said instructor Elaine “I’m here because [pilates] Rensing who credits Pilates New Client Introductory address[es] structural alignwith changing the quality of Special: Three Private ment completely and if that’s her life as a dancer.  “We look Lessons for $165 working then everything else at people and we say, ‘This is about my health works,” said




lveda pass i-405 sepuents project improvem


ansit tion tr exposiid hase 2 p r o r cor

nnector nal co region orridor tra sit c

I-405: Countdown To The Closure July 16-17 – Plan ahead, avoid the area, or stay home is the message from public safety o;cials for the weekend closure of the I-405 in the Sepulveda Pass. I-405 Sepulveda Pass Improvements Project > An extended 53-hour closure of the I-405 northbound between the I-10 and US 101 and southbound between the US 101 and Getty Center Drive is scheduled for July 16-17 for demolition of the Mulholland Bridge, part of the freeway improvements project. > The project adds a 10-mile HOV lane, realigns 27 on and o= ramps, widens 13 existing underpasses and structures and constructs 18 miles of retaining and sound walls. For more information visit:

Mount St. Mary’s College is Sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet.

Master of Arts in


Exposition Transit Corridor Phase 2 > A $1.5 billion agreement between Metro and the Expo Construction Authority will fund the Phase 2 project through Measure R tax revenue as well as state and local funds. > From that, Expo awarded a $541.7 million contract to design and build Phase 2 extending the line now under construction farther west to Santa Monica. For more information visit:


Regional Connector Transit Corridor > Metro has been conducting geotechnical tests along the planned two-mile underground route of the Regional Connector light rail line through Downtown LA. > The route connects with the Metro Blue and future Expo lines at 7th Street/Metro Center Station and with the Metro Gold Line at Alameda Street. For more information visit:

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itw-wsc-be-11-006 ©2011 lacmta

For more information, visit

“Everyday, I use the knowledge and skills from my Master’s degree to enhance my critical thinking and creativity on the job.” Brenda Lynch Senior Vice President at The Rogers Group | Class of 2009

TO REGISTER FOR THE JULY 10 OR JULY 20 INFORMATION SESSION please call (213)477-2800 or visit us at

July 2011

Los Feliz Ledger [ JULY 2011 events calendar ] Edited by Oliver Gettell BENEFITS Everything You Know Is Pong The writing and tutoring center 826LA holds its latest fundraiser, a 24-team ping-pong tournament. Tickets are $10 and will benefit 826LA’s programs. Echoplex Tues., July 19th, 7:30 p.m. 1154 Glendale Blvd., Echo Park. Information: (213) 413-3388;   TwentyWonder Billed as a Carnival for the Mind, this annual event combines art, science, music and comedy while raising funds for the Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles. Participants include the rock band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, the actor Ed Asner, the cartoonist Lynda Barry and the L.A. Derby Dolls, whose headquarters will host the event. Tickets are $40-$100. The Doll Factory Sat., July 9th, 8 p.m. 1910 W. Temple St., Echo Park. Info:  

BOOKS Dana Spiotta The author of Lightning Field and the National Book Award nominee Eat the Document will read from and sign her third novel, Stone Arabia . Spiotta’s new book tells the story of two 40-something siblings with a special bond. Skylight Books Thurs., July 28th, 7:30 p.m. 1818 N. Vermont Ave., Los Feliz. Information: (323) 660-1175;   Friends of Griffith Park Summer Lecture Series Mike Eberts, the author of Griffith Park: A Centennial History, will deliver a lecture on Griffith Park and the Great Depression. During the 1930s, park projects provided work for the unemployed and low-cost activities for Angelenos. Eberts will explore such stories and their legacies. Admission is free. Los Feliz Branch Library Thurs., July 14th, 6:45 p.m. 1874 Hillhurst Ave., Los Feliz. Information: (323) 913-4710;  

CLUBS Los Angeles Breakfast Club For more than 85 years, the club has gathered folks from all walks

July 2011

of life to enjoy a meal and each other’s company. Guest speakers this month include Doug Smith of the Los Angeles Times and preservationist Taylor Whitney. Breakfast is $7 per person and free for first-time visitors. Annual club membership is $100. Friendship Auditorium Wed., July 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th, 7 a.m. 3201 Riverside Drive, Los Feliz. Information: (213) 665-1154;

FAMILY Summer Family Series On Tuesday evenings, families can enjoy music, theater, storytelling and games at Descanso Gardens. Picnics, which are not normally permitted, are encouraged. Free with regular admission ($8 adults, $6 seniors and students, $3 children 5-12, free for children 4 and younger). Descanso Gardens Tues., July 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th, 5:30 p.m. 1418 Descanso Drive, La Cañada Flintridge. Info: (818) 949-4200;  

FOOD & WINE Friday Night Wine Tastings Friday evenings at Barnsdall Art Park are filled with wine, food and fun. Silverlake Wine presents wine tastings with four artisanal selections. Proceeds go to supporting programs and projects at the park. Picnics are welcomed. General admission tickets are $25 and include a souvenir wine glass ($5 for non-drinkers, including children 3 and older). Barnsdall Art Park Fri., July 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th, 5:30-8:30 p.m. 4800 Hollywood Blvd., East Hollywood. Info: info@;

HEALTH Cancer Control Society The 39th Annual convention on alternative therapies and nutritional approaches to cancer and other diseases. Sheraton Universal Labor Day Weekend, Sept. 3rd – 5th. For information call (323) 663-7801 or

MOVIES Summer Movie Nights Under the Stars Watching movies outdoors on the

grass has become a quintessential Los Angeles activity. This summer, the Atwater Village Neighborhood council is presenting a four-film screening series of classic movies. This month’s film is the Michael J. Fox time-traveling sci-fi comedy Back to the Future. Picnics are encouraged; dogs are not allowed. Admission is free.

Photo credit: Gabriel Cifarelli

Los Feliz Municipal Golf Course Fri., July 15th, 7:45 p.m. 3207 Los Feliz Blvd., Atwater Village. Info:

MUSIC & DANCE Big!World!Fun! Family Series This family-friendly series of onehour performances explores music and dance from around the world. This month features the Ballet Folclorico do Brasil, Axis Dance Company, Beethoven’s Wig, and the Center for Vietnamese Ethnic Culture & Art. Kid-friendly pre-show activities begin at 9 a.m. Admission is $5 for adults, free for children. Parking is $1. Ford Amphitheater Sat., July 2nd, 9th, 23rd and 30th, 10 a.m. 2580 Cahuenga Blvd. East, Hollywood Hills. Info: (323) 461-3673; www.   Reggae Night X In celebration of 10 years of reggae at the Bowl, Ziggy Marley headlines a star-studded musical evening. Performers include I-Threes, Toots Hibbert, Might Diamonds and Ras Michael; Jeremy Sole will host. Tickets are $12-$134.

Friday Night Wine Tastings return to Barnsdall Art Park Fridays in July. Hollywood Bowl Sun., July 31, 7 p.m. 2301 N. Highland Ave., Hollywood. Information: (323) 850-2000.             The Swing Riots The second installment of the Ash Grove Summer Series (held the third Sunday of the month through October) features the eclectic Los Angeles-based sextet the Swing Riots. Their sound incorporates gypsy, Creole, jazz, klezmer and other influences. They will be joined by Jess Basta and Christine Tavares. General admission $15, seniors and students $10. Tropico de Nopal Gallery Sun., July 17th, 2 p.m. 1665 Beverly Blvd., Echo Park. Information: (310) 391-5794.

THEATER Griffith Park Free Shakespeare Festival The Bard returns to Griffith Park thanks to the Independent Shakespeare company, who will perform Merry Wives of Windsor and Hamlet each weekend in July (as well as Love’s Labour’s Lost in August). Select evenings will feature Players in the Park workshops to introduce families to the season’s plays. Attendees are encouraged to bring blankets or low-backed lawn chairs, and to dress warmly. Concessions will be sold. Admission is free. Dogs not allowed. Griffith Park Old Zoo Thurs.-Sun., Fri. 1st-31st, 7 p.m. 4730 Crystal Springs Drive, Griffith Park. Info: (818) 710-6306;  


10 sessions you feel a difference 20 sessions you see a difference 30 sessions you have a new body! Call today and mention this ad for our Introductory Special!

323.906.0088 3178 Glendale Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90039


Page 9

Los Feliz Ledger AUTRY from page 1

The council on June 21st voted 10-3 to support the city’s Recreation and Parks Commission’s recommendations of the Autry’s proposed renovations, which were tied to $6.6-million in funds from the California State Parks’ Nature Education Facilities Program, otherwise known as a Proposition 84 grant. Affirmative votes were cast by City Council President Eric Garcetti, Tom LaBonge, Bernard Parks, Paul Krekorian, Dennis Zine, Richard Alarcon, Jan Perry, Bill Rosendahl, Greg Smith and Tony Cardenas. Councilors Ed Reyes, Paul Koretz and Jose Huizar opposed the measure. Council members also decided 11-2 to accept the commission’s other findings: that the interior improvements specified in the Autry’s plans did not require further study

under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Reyes and Huizar cast the dissenting votes. The Autry project made its way to the full council after the Mount Washington Homeowners Alliance and area resident Charles Fisher—both members of Friends of the Southwest Museum Coalition, an activist group focused on re-opening the Southwest and keeping its collection of approximately 300,000 Native artifacts at the Mount Washington location—filed a challenge to the CEQA waiver under a state law that directs elected officials to consider disputed environmental decisions by appointed entities, like the recreation and parks panel. After museum officials said they’d have to forfeit the grant money back to the state if they didn’t get a green light for the project by July 12th,

the city council fast tracked the issue with a June 21th resolution deadline. Friends of the Southwest has long advocated for the re-opening of the Southwest, insisted the Autry is contractually bound to maintain the Southwest site as a functioning museum and has asserted any Autry development projects should be considered by city officials within the context of the Southwest Museum’s status. Far from abandoning the Southwest Museum, said Finley, the Autry has been weighing options for its storied Lummis building first opened in 1907 but is currently closed after being damaged in the 1994 Northridge earthquake. The Autry has since determined it would be too costly—and equally destructive to its historic character—

to bring the Southwest back up to contemporary code, let alone turn it into a modern, usable museum. Finley said Autry officials have considered moving the bulk of the Southwest’s expansive collection of Native American artifacts to a storage facility in Burbank. There are also plans to turn the old site into a mixed-use facility, where the public and schools can learn about the local community’s history. Or, the Southwest could either be sold or leased to a third party—that has demonstrated a willingness to preserve and respect the museum’s historical importance. However, some in the community feel the Autry has not made good on its promise to maintain the Southwest as a functioning museum when the two museums merged.

Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council (GGPNC member Jacqueline Kerr said at a recent GGPNC meeting that Jackie Autry— the Autry’s Chair Emeritus and widow of Gene Autry, the museum’s namesake—had “promised the Southwest Museum would be kept as a museum, operate as a museum, open to the public throughout forever and into eternity” and “if they [Autry] want to improve themselves with this grant… it better include the Southwest.” Mrs. Autry declined to comment for this story, explaining in an e-mail that she’s “not as familiar with the day to day nitty-gritty stuff that is going on now.” However, according to the Autry’s Finley, Ms. Autry has indicated she is in support of the Autry’s current direction.

CHILLED SANGRIA  ON THE HOUSE with purchase · one/person · exp. 7/31/11 401 Silver Lake Blvd. at 101 freeway offramp (213) 273-8945 309 Virgil Ave., No. of Silver Lake Blvd. (323) 664-9266


indochinevien Enjoy authentic Vietnamese comfort food in a hip space

Page 10

Atwater Village 3110 Glendale Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90039 Tel: 323.667.9591


Open 7 days a week Sun - Thurs 11:30am -10pm Fri - Sat 11:30am -11pm

vietnamese cuisine

July 2011

Los Feliz Ledger [senior moments]

Pedestrian Safety with Seniors In Mind By Stephanie Vendig Ledger Columnist A week of countdown of the seconds reyounger age groups. sightseeing in Washington maining to complete the crossAccording to a report D.C. was my latest experience. ing. It wasn’t just 10 seconds, “Dangerous by Design 2011” There is much to see and one but 23 seconds. A recent Los produced by the organization week doesn’t do it justice. The Angeles Times article described Transportation for America, trip was not done via the usual this new thinking in city older adults are 96% more bus tour. We used our feet and planning to take into considlikely to be killed while walkpublic transportation. Washeration the needs of the older ing than those under 65 years ington, D.C.’s Metro system population (65 +) whom are of age. In their study of trafis comprehenfic fatalities sive, and for the from 2000 to beginner, a bit 2009, the older overwhelming. adults repreA recent Los Angeles Times article The number of sented 22% described this new thinking in city people being of pedestrian transported is planning to take into consideration the deaths even staggering, but though they are needs of the older population (65 +) the system does only 13% of it very efficiently. the population. whom are outpacing all other age It is much easier The report sugto estimate the gested that too groups in growth. time for your often the lack journey using of features such the Metro rather as sidewalks, than relying on a car that will outpacing all other age groups crosswalks, street lighting, and more likely face a traffic jam. in growth. The old thinking public bus shelters in appropriBut it was not only the was that you design the roads ate places increased the risk of Metro that impressed me, for moving traffic as quickly as fatalities. And, most states use there were intersections with possible. Unfortunately, the only a fraction of their Federal traffic signals that were timed emphasis on cars comes at the roadway funds for walking to meet the needs of both peexpense of pedestrians and biand bicycling safety. destrians and vehicles. When cycles, especially for the older There is a cost-effectivethe signal came on indicating person who would not be as ness benefit, plus an obvious OK to walk, there was also a fast or agile as those from the health benefit, in creating a

transportation infrastructure that is designed with pedestrian and bicycle safety in mind. Walkable communities are becoming more a trend, and according to a survey done by the National Association of Realtors, Americans would like to live where it is easy to walk to local businesses. And developers are dis-

covering that housing in a walkable community is commanding a higher price than housing in less walkable areas. For seniors, if it were easier and safer to walk or to access public transportation, maybe we wouldn’t hold on to our cars so long, possibly creating a danger for others and ourselves.

Sunset Hall - Curriculum and Advocacy

Programs for free-thinking seniors (323) 660-5277

Conversational Spanish at GPACC on Wednesdays

Griffith Park Adult Community Club Calendar

Free Computer Instruction at GPACC Starting Monday, July 11, 2011 Learn Windows 7, Microsoft Word, Excel, and/or Power Point All ages are welcomed The classes will be scheduled for Mondays – Thursdays, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm Call Monty Sutherlin at (323) 644-5579 for more information Lunch Program: Mon.-Fri., GPACC, 11:30 AM sign in, Noon lunch, Donation under 60 $4, 60+ $2 Club Info and Newsletter: Stephanie Vendig, (323) 667-3043 or Join GPACC: Only $15/year for trips and news. For information on trips, call Doris Slater, (323) 667-1879

Choose Belmont Village for Memory Support We all have occasional difficulty remembering things. When it persists in a loved one, it could be the sign of Mild Cognitive Impairment, or MCI. Belmont’s Circle of Friends® tackles the effects of MCI through a daily program of exercises and activities for our residents. These group “workouts” help to maintain mental alertness, are fun to do, and they work. Our residents and families report a renewed enjoyment for life and improved well-being. If you’re concerned about MCI in a friend or loved one, ask us how our Circle of Friends memory enrichment program can help.

Choose Circle of Friends • Dedicated program coordinator and specially trained staff

Burbank (818) 972-2405 Encino (818) 788-8870 Hollywood Hills (323) 874-7711

• Designed specifically for MCI by a leading gerontologist • Structured exercises and activities tailored for residents’ abilities

Rancho Palos Verdes (310) 377-9977

• Physical and mental “workouts” for a balanced approach to cognitive fitness

Westwood (310) 475-7501

• Seven-day support

Info Center Now Open Thousand Oaks (805) 496-9301

RCFE Lic 197603515, 197603848, 197605090, 198204246, 197607761 © 2011 Belmont Village, L.P.

The Community Built for Life ®

July 2011 LozFeliz_06_24_COF.indd


SENIOR MOMENTS Page 11 6/22/11 5:45 PM

Los Feliz Ledger

Vahan Saroians #1 Commercial Real Estate Broker #1 Residential Real Estate Broker at Coldwell Banker Los Feliz

19336 Singing Hills, Porter Ranch $695,000 Four bedroom pool home with valley views

2812 Clearwater, Los Angeles $580,000 4,800 sq. ft. industrial building in Elysian Valley

19610 Eagle Ridge Lane, Porter Ranch $450,000 Immaculate four bedroom garden home in gated community

11340 Hendley Drive, Studio City $829,000 Ultimate modern mid century home with 3BR/3BA

3727 Berry Drive, Studio City $749,000 Stunning California cottage with panoramic views

2341 Mira Vista Ave., Montrose $795,000 10,000 sq. ft. land approved for six large townhomes

When buying or selling property in southern California please let my experience and success be yours in every transaction. [people in my neighborhood]

Wallpaper and Fabric Designer Teresa Grow By Colleen Paeff, Ledger Contributing Writer

(323) 497-6655 Sarorians Ad_JUL11.indd 1

SILVER LAKE—Silver Lake artist Teresa Grow spent her childhood on the beaches of Madison, Connecticut before heading to the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan to study Fine Art. Painting and sculpting were her focus in school, but when Grow was paired up with an architect for a workstudy project at a gallery in New York City her interests expanded. “It just sort of opened me up to… play[ing] with that ground between fine art and design,” Grow said. She found a way to combine the two in color consulting. “I work with homeowners or architects and select all the finish materials,” Grow said. “I create the palate.” One of Grow’s first professional projects was a historic renovation of the Calvin Theater in Northampton, Massachusetts in 1999. Grow and architect Thomas Douglas converted the old theater into a music venue with cafes and won the Massachusetts Historical Commission Preservation Award for that year. Grow and Douglas continued to work together for the Page 12 COMMUNITY NEWS

next 10 years, until a visit to Los Angeles brought some unexpected changes to Grow’s life. “After three days of hiking I called [my partner] Jamie and said we should move to L.A,” Grow said. “It’s so beautiful—I had no idea.” Three months later the couple was living in Los Angeles. Grow quickly picked up work as a color consultant here, but she was ready to add something new to the mix. “I was specifying other people’s wallpaper,” Grow said, “and I was seeing that there was a resurgence—it was becoming popular again.” In 2008 Grow opened her own design studio, Madison and Grow, and started designing wallpaper. “Everything’s local,” she said. “My studio is in Silver Lake and we print in Los Angeles—it’s all hand silk screened here.” Grow’s wallpaper has appeared in the West Elm catalog and on the walls of the Greystone Mansion in a Veranda magazine showcase room. In 2008 Grow was named one of the Best of Year (BOY) designers for residential wall covering by Interior Design and last April,

6/20/11 9:57 AM

SINCE 1986

House Beautiful named her one of six “rising wallpaper designers not to miss. And now Grow has added fabric to her collection. All her designs, whether for fabric or wallpaper, are based on nature. “I hike everyday so I’m always taking pictures of plants and rocks and whatever it is that’s inspiring me… I just

love the elegant patterns that nature makes.” Grow’s newest collection of fabrics and wallpaper, due out in September, will be based on California natives. It looks like California has certainly made an impact on this Connecticut girl. Look for Grow’s designs online at

Look for the August edition of the

Los Feliz Ledger on July 28th July 2011

Los Feliz Ledger

tracy do (323) 842-4001 dre # 01350025

Prudential C alifornia Realty

2290 Silver Ridge Ave. 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms

700-702 Imogen Avenue Silver Lake Duplex

1930 Mayview Drive 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms

1409 Murray Drive Silver Lake Triplex

3953-3955 Cumberland Ave.


Want to know the value of your property in today’s market? Text me, I’m in the neighborhood. Tracy Do 323-842-4001

3718 Glendon Ave. Unit A


1415 Winmar Drive

2409 Edgewater Terrace



July 2011

Su Casa REAL ESTATE Page 13

Los Feliz Ledger


Market Education: The Key to Success By Erik Derr, Ledger Real Estate Reporter When the California housing market started racking up distressed homes in 2008, Jimmy Sans began plotting how he could parlay his meager wages into a booming rehab real estate operation. The Los Feliz-area convenience store clerk had followed financial news reports enough to know a wave of home foreclosures was on the way. His strategy was to teach himself how to buy property, acquire as many foreclosed houses as possible and then sell the units for a profit. Sans says flipping houses is still his ultimate strategy for success, though he hasn’t made any purchases yet and hasn’t done much more than glance over how-to real estate guides. “I just need to find a good agent,” he said. Rob Kallick, an agent at the Keller Williams Realty Los Feliz office, wholeheartedly agreed an experienced market pro can provide vital insights into how “things work locally.” He said however, that consumers always “need more education.” It’s “a great thing,” Kallick said, if “you can familiarize yourself with the terms of a transaction before entering into a contract,” particularly in this post-meltdown era. One would be hard pressed to find a contemporary agent that doesn’t encourage their clients to study the whys and wherefores of property investing, but Sans’ educationlight approach is apparently embraced by a large segment of U.S. consumers, according to recent findings by Zillow, an online real estate resource. One nationally-representative poll conducted in April by Zillow’s Mortgage Marketplace unit and public opinion analyst Ipsos found an estimated 46% of those surveyed didn’t have even a basic understanding of how home mortgages work. Only about 56% of all respondents said they felt confident in their knowledge of mortgage processes and products. Perhaps not surprisingly, other research done the same month by Mortgage Marketplace and analyst Harris Interactive revealed borrowers

are generally not spending any more time researching home loans as they did before the meltdown. Of the 2,729 adult consumers interviewed for the second survey, a majority indicated they spent a total of about five hours researching their mortgage options, whereas slightly more than 1/3rd of respondents said they devoted only an estimated two hours to exploring loan options. The study also showed participants who had secured

Page 14 Su Casa REAL ESTATE

a loan within the last five years had generally collected an average of three quotes, as opposed to an average four in 2008. Kallick, a Chicago native who previously worked as a staff writer for the Chicago Tribune and then a representative for an online marketing outfit, gives consumers the benefit of hectic lifestyles. People are otherwise “so busy,” he said, market introductions end up push down the priority list. “I think that’s

the biggest challenge.” Kallick does his part to encourage more market exploration through the one-on-one dialogues he has with clients and also, the meant-to-be-easy-to-read blog site he developed with his wife, Valerie, who also sports a journalistic background. “I meet all different kinds of people” with all different levels of knowledge, said Kallick. He said he crafts his message by putting “myself in my clients’ shoes, imagining what I would want to read and hear if I were starting to look for a house.” That is why, he said, “I am the way I am….it starts from the very beginning of the

process, when I first sit down with a client and am getting to know them. I tell them what the truth is, not necessarily what they want to hear.” Kallick said he hopes his straightforward, enthusiastic way of looking at life rubs off on others and infuses them with the same desire he has to learn more about people and the housing market that breathes life into the neighborhood. Also, California’s Dept. of Real Estate has launched a federally-approved financial literacy course and workshop geared toward giving consumers some of “the tools they see REAL ESATE page 15

July 2011

Los Feliz Ledger [keen to be green]

Giving up the Gas Pump By Meher McArthur Ledger Columnist I made it to age 32 without owning a car or using a gas pump. My first car was a 1987 Chevy Sprint—a tin can really, but it got over 40mpg, much more than my 1999 VW Beetle, which frustratingly only gets around 25 mpg. In the 1980s, carmakers

fident I’ll be able to power it with a plug and not a pump. Sustainable Saturdays at the Silver Lake Library Documentary Film: What is the Electric Car? – directed by Ken Grant and Scott duPont Saturday July 2, 11am.

In the 1980s, carmakers had the will and the technology to build more fuel-efficient cars, but the will disappeared as political winds shifted, gas prices fell and large gas-guzzlers became the rage. had the will and the technology to build more fuel-efficient cars, but the will disappeared as political winds shifted, gas prices fell and large gasguzzlers became the rage. My Beetle reminds me daily of our inefficient approach to gas consumption. However, a couple of new films are giving me hope that petroleum-powered cars might become obsolete. Revenge of the Electric Car, sequel to Who Killed the Electric Car? chronicles the global resurgence in electric cars only 5 years after the wholesale destruction of so many EVs. What is the Electric Car? dispels many myths about EVs—‘they’re unattractive,” or “they can’t go very far on one charge,” and introduces a dazzling array of new EVs, ranging from sleek and speedy sports cars to cute little town cars. I’m not ready for a new car yet, but when I am, I’m con-

July 2011

Free Draw after screening – win a ZAPino Electric Scooter! Free. Contact or call (323) 913-7451

REAL ESTATE from page 14

need to make informed financial decisions and avoid some of the traps of the past,” said the department’s real estate commissioner Jeff Davi. Titled “Financial Sense to White Picket Fence,” the new program covers housing market fundamentals such as budgeting, saving, the process of buying a home, understanding loan documents, mortgage products, financing options and importance of credit scores. More information about the financial literacy initiative is available online by going to the DRE website, at www., and clicking on the “Financial Literacy” icon.

Su Casa REAL ESTATE Page 15

Los Feliz Ledger [interior motives]

Warm Weather Changers By Susann Thomason Tunick Ledger Columnist

The most elegant value in the Los Feliz Hills


eticulously restored from the inside out; classic, architect-designed, ‘30s California Traditional; panoramic city views from downtown to ocean. 3 bedrooms + 3 baths + wood-paneled library or den; office; breakfast room; sunroom. Generously-sized living room with open-truss ceiling; big formal dining room. Flat, grassy garden with stone patio and koi pond, waterfall, terraces. All systems newer. Direct entrance double garage; climatecontrolled wine cellar. On street of architecturally-significant homes from Frank Lloyd Wright to Barbara Bestor. $1,399,000

Growing up in the Midwest, it was common to have a Spring/Summer change in décor after a long, gray winter. Southern California does not have the distinct change of seasons, but emotionally it’s a great way to boost your mood by making subtle changes in your home. Here are inexpensive warm weather interior design ideas to freshen up your home. Change the pillows on your sofa. If your winter palate includes grays and blues, try adding some patterned and bright colors. Add four or five unmatched pillows to your plain sofa. Try polka dots and ethnic and floral prints. If your sofa has a patterned fabric, still add one or

The cure for the common home

Renew, revitalize, rejuvenate, reinvent...

#1 agent, Coldwell Banker - Los Feliz, 1995-2009 213 300-4567 cell / voice mail 323 906-2417 direct line / voice mail DRE license #: 00971211. ©2011 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Coldwell Banker is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Owned and operated by NRT LLC. All rights reserved. If your property is listed with another broker, this is not intended as a solicitation.

Imagine walking in your own front door and being inspired. The idea that where you live somedesigned



your needs, to make your life more comfortable, hassle-free and enjoyable. But how? Finding someone who can do it for you and working with them – someone with a passion for design who listens and The


Los Feliz Improvement Association Celebrates its 95th Anniversary


The Los Feliz Improvement Association, the oldest homeowner organization in the City of Los Angeles, celebrated its 95th birthday during its Annual Membership Meeting at the Autry National Center May 16th. Proclamations saluting the LFIA for its nine-decadelong community efforts were presented to LFIA president Don Seligman from Los Angeles City Councilmember Tom LaBonge, from Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich and from State Assemblymember Mike Feuer. Program co-chairs Donna Zenor and Terry Hughes orchestrated the celebratory event. The program included presentation of the Los Fe-

on paper. You’ll meet to go over them and you’ll begin creating a series of spaces unique in the world built around you, to your ing the perfect solutions. Imagine that! For a personal design consultation please contact: Schwentker Watts Design Architecture and Gardens 3829 Udell Court Los Angeles, CA 90027 213.422.5969 www.sch– hfwjr@sch– James M. Schwentker Registered Architect Harvey F. Watts Jr. Assoc. AIA

Page 16 Su Casa REAL ESTATE

liz Improvement Association Charlotte De Armond Leadership Award to John Marshall High School senior Jaymie Parks, and honoring the members of the JMHS Online Decathlon Team which won first place in the nation. An historic photo retrospective of Los Feliz and LFIA successes over the decades was given by Seligman using images from the LFIA Historic Photo Archive. A reception preceded the program featuring food donated by area restaurants and merchants, including Albertson’s Market, Chi Dynasty, Daily Donuts, Farfalla, Little Dom’s, Palermo’s, Rockwell/ Vermont, Tam-O’Shanter, Tropicalia and Yuca’s.                                                       

[ SELECT HOME SALES JULY 2011 ] 90026 Condominimums 142

Let’s get to work.

Susann Tunick can be reached at

By Lynne T. Jewell, Ledger Guest Writer


By Harvey F. Watts Jr.

Richard Stanley 1917 Hillhurst Av. Los Angeles, CA 90027

two coordinating patterned pillows with a few plain ones. Resist getting matchy but coordinate the pillow size. If the idea of unmatched patterns jolts your inner Zen, keep it simple with plain pillows in different colors. Store the area rugs for the warm months ahead. Enjoy your bare floors, whether wood, stone or carpet. Or, try some organic cotton weaved rugs. Add new shades to your lamps. If you’ve had white lampshades for a while, pick up a color or pattern and the whole room will change.

Light will reflect differently through the color. If you love your white lampshades, try adding a trim to the top and bottom of the shade. You can do it yourself with a glue gun or take it to a lighting store. Have slipcovers made for your sofa or chair. It’s such an easy way to change the whole look of the room. Make sure the covers are tailored and fit well. Since it is a temporary fix, go for color or pattern. And, don’t forget those pillows! Welcome the change and be a bit daring. You can always go back to your comfort zone in the fall.

ROSEMONT AVE 9 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $232,000

90026 Single Family Homes 1826 1700 805 701 937

GRIFFITH PARK BLVD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,554,545 REDCLIFF ST . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 735,000 CORONADO TER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 695,000 MICHELTORENA ST . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 680,000 LUCILE AVE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 650,000

90027 Condominimums 1930 N VERMONT AVE 307 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $307,000

90027 Single Family Homes 5000 5017 2110 2274

FINLEY AVE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,775,000 AMBROSE AVE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,444,000 WINONA BLVD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,200,000 BEN LOMOND DR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,050,000

90039 Condominiums 2330 DUANE ST 202 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $715,000

90039 Single Family Homes 2302 3722 1912 3449

KENILWORTH AVE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,605,000 BRUNSWICK AVE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 700,000 WALCOTT WAY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 628,500 PERLITA AVE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 485,000

90068 Condominimums 3401 BARHAM BLVD 5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $410,000 3882 FREDONIA DR A . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 400,000

90068 Single Family Homes 3416 IONE DR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,250,000 6495 RODGERTON DR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 860,000 3028 HOLLYCREST DR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 850,000 Sales are from the previous month. Source: Great American Real Estate Solutions

July 2011

Los Feliz Ledger [restaurant review]

Vermont Avenue: Always Changing By Pat Saperstein, Ledger Restaurant Critic Open since January, the Sidewalk Grill on Vermont Avenue is one of several new Middle Eastern restaurants in Los Feliz, though the area has a long tradition of Armenian, Lebanese and Persian restaurants. Formerly a small Italian cafe, the Sidewalk Grill

expanded the space with a spiffed-up dining room and enlarged patio. The Sidewalk Grill is a fine spot for a quick order-at-thecounter lunch or dinner before catching a film, and could become more of a destination if waiter service or a few more

Fun for the 4th Compiled by Oliver Gettell

Americafest at the Rose Bowl Now in its 85th year, Rose Bowl’s annual Fourth of July celebration offers music, food, live entertainment and a grand fireworks show (scheduled for 9:05 p.m.). Tickets are $13 (free for children 7 and under and active military members). Rose Bowl Mon., July 4th, 2 p.m. 1001 Rose Bowl Dr., Pasadena Info: (626) 577-3101   Dodgers vs. Mets What better way to ring in the Fourth than with America’s pastime? After chowing down on Dodger Dogs and watching the home team battle the New York Mets, baseball fans can enjoy a fireworks show from the comfort of their seats. Tickets are $12-$650. Dodger Stadium Mon., July 4th, 6:10 p.m. 1000 Elysian Park Ave., Elysian Park Info: (323) 224-1507   July Fourth Fireworks Spectacular at the Hollywood Bowl

The beloved pop-rock duo Hall and Oates will perform three nights of their classic hits to celebrate our nation’s 235th birthday. They will be joined by the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and conductor Thomas Wilkins. A brilliant fireworks display will conclude each shows. Tickets are $12-$158. Hollywood Bowl Sat., July 2nd-Mon., July 4th, 7:30 p.m. 2301 N. Highland Ave., Hollywood Hills. Info: (323) 850-2000 Red, White & Blues at the Queen Mary All aboard this classic ocean liner for a day of Americana, Cajun, blues, swing and zydeco music. The fest also features strolling performers, DJs, dancing, tours, food and fireworks (at 9 p.m.). Adults $24.95, children 5-11 $12.95, military and seniors $21.95. Queen Mary Mon., July 4th, 3 p.m. 1126 Queens Highway Long Beach Info: (877) 342-0738

menu options were added. The simple menu includes chicken, salmon or steak kabob plates, pita wraps and several salads that can be topped with chicken or salmon. Despite the traffic and enthusiastic beer drinkers from the pub next door, the patio tables are the place to be to check out the pedestrian fashion statements. Los Feliz certainly needs more healthy, reasonably priced options, since prices in the area seem to rise every time a new place opens. At first glance, the Sidewalk Grill seems to fill that bill. But a $10 filet mignon kebab plate might leave bigger eaters hungry even with roasted potatoes, rice, pita and babaganoush on the side. Mediterranean salad with romaine and feta is a fairly healthy choice, topped with grilled salmon, though green olives seem incongruous in-

stead of the usual black. Other side dishes include tomato soup, hummus or yogurt tzatziki, or combine several for a vegetarian plate. With the addition of more choices—roast chicken a la Zankou, or traditional Persian dishes like the lamb shank and cherry rice available at the family’s Shekarchi restaurant downtown—Sidewalk Grill could become a real neighborhood fixture. Vermont Avenue is in constant flux, with yet another restaurant under construction next to the 1739 Public House and the new Rocco’s Italian Market and Deli a few doors down. Old-timers may recall the neighborhood’s European feel back in the 1980s and before, with Sarno’s restaurant and several French, Italian and German stores and markets adding to the cosmopolitan vibe. After dinner, stroll across

the street to another recent addition, Paradis Ice Cream in the former Pinkberry location. In Denmark, Paradis is a small chain of all-natural ice cream shops, and the Danish owner has opened the only U.S. outposts in nearby Montrose and now Los Feliz. Flavors range from familiar to more creative, including caramel fig, fresh coconut, coffee chocolate chip, Ferraro Rocher—like the truffles— and dairy-free sorbets like a lightly-perfumed Elderflower. Unlike some heavier, more caloric ice creams, Paradis is light but creamy. It’s a little pricey, but the friendly owner is happy to give samples, and two flavors can be combined in a one-scoop cup.

KAYSER from page 1

ing from the Community Redevelopment Agency, the CRA… it would mean about $110 million a year to the district… if we had that money coming in, we wouldn’t have had any layoffs this year. Ledger: What is your stand on teacher evaluations? Kayser: I agree that there needs to be a better evaluation process [but] teachers who have been very successful in having their students motivated to stay in school, to do their work, to get their education… some of those teachers were listed in the Los Angeles Times as being ineffective… When you have teachers that the kids say, ‘That teacher is my favorite teacher,’ and it comes up and shows ‘ineffective,’ there’s a disconnect. Ledger: UTLA, the teacher’s union, supported your run for the school board. What do you say to those in the community who suspect your election opens the district’s door to more union influence?

Kayser: I think it’s good for people to remember that, actually, I was UTLA’s second choice… There are going to be probably plenty of times where the union and I disagree… the union has not bought me. Ledger: You have a couple of self-identified disabilities— Parkinson’s Disease and legal blindness. How will those challenges impact or inform your job on the school board? Kayser: I want to see charter schools responsible for their students with disabilities and not shuffle them off, down the block. L.A. Unified, itself, has been doing a lot more than the charter schools, but… the district still has more work to do. Ledger: What will you do to ensure the schools and families of the Los Feliz area continue to have your attention and voice? Kayser: I’ve lived in the district since Thanksgiving Weekend 1972… been in the same house for 39 years. [Regarding Los Feliz] I’m well attached to the community.

lion years ago… a community activist… an elected official on the [L.A. City] Charter Commission, a reformer. I think it’s a perspective that nobody else on the school board has. Ledger: The school district is dealing with a budget shortfall in the hundreds of millions of dollars. What are your ideas today for getting the district’s budget in line? Kayser: I taught science and health to 7th graders and I had an annual budget per student of about $1.95… meanwhile the school district is spending its money on a half-billion dollar school campus over at the old Ambassador Hotel site. I have nothing against charter schools, per se, but I don’t like the fact that they are private companies and have closed books… there needs to be some transparency on the part of the charter schools… Another good chunk from the budget is money that could be com-

The Sidewalk Grill, 1727 N. Vermont Ave. Paradis Ice Cream, 1726 N. Vermont Ave.

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LOS FELIZ Single, Bachelor & 1-Bedroom units $750-$1150+dep

323-522-6941 •

Laundry facilities, utilities included, pets OK w/addt’l deposit (626) 574-7900

July 2011

Su Casa REAL ESTATE Page 17

Local Experts Worldwide

SeleCted propertieS NeW eXclusIve

3477 BEN LOMOND PL: los Feliz.. c1927 mediterranean 3bd/4ba. Gorgeous old world character seamlessly updated to perfection. Impeccable! www. $1,279,000 Web: 0280289 Rick Yohon 323.270.1725

NeW eXclusIve

2030 KENILWORTH AVE: silver lake. 3bd/2.5ba. most rooms open to outdoor space. beautiful lake views. spacious deck. Pool. Downstairs patio. Den. $1,200,000 Web: 0284287 Gail Crosby 323.428.2864

1761 W. SILVER LAKE DR: silver lake. architectural, mark Kirkhart’s, stunning wd/glass/concrete, soaring ceiling 2bd/2ba w/fab.kit & baths, hi end finishes. $1,098,000 Web: 0284252 Rosemary Low 323.660.5885 & Allen Levoff 323.671.2313

NeW eXclusIve

1809 SILVERWOOD TERRACE: silver lake. stunning reservoir views, elegant updated kit & baths, large balconies that capture the views. close to shops & restaurants $999,000 Web: 0284239 Joseph Lightfoot 323.665.1108

3527 CARNATION: silver lake. Pretty ranch 3132 BERKELEY AVE: silver lake. character contempo 2bd/2ba with huge sun room & fam room. 2bd/1.5ba spanish offering privacy and seclusion in beamed ceilings. Patio & yard silver lake hills $869,000 Web: 0284279 $769,000 Web: 0284268 Gail Crosby 323.428.2864 & Manvel Tabakian 323.376.2222

Stephen Placial/Luisa Ferrante 323.671.2330

NeW eXclusIve

1749 W SILVER LAKE DR: silver lake. 2 story trad. with updated baths, large eat-in kit, Fam rm. Dr to patio and terraced garden. hdwd flrs, period details $729,000 Web: 0284212

Joseph Lightfoot 323.665.1108

1406 N. BENTON WAY: silver lake. 3bd/1.75ba lg lr w/vaulted clng, wd windows, hdwd flrs, French drs from mstr open to spacious yard. close to cafes, shops, studios $725,000 Web: 0284230 Joseph Lightfoot 323.665.1108

1631 HILL DR: eagle rock. 3bd/1ba Inlaid oak flrs; bright kit, brkfst nook., sunrm, cntrl hvac. close to Pasadena, Glendale, an easy drive to la $699,000 Web: 0284274 Joseph Lightfoot 323.665.1108

NeW eXclusIve

807 N. DILLON ST: silver lake. bright and leafy silver lake bungalow 3bd/2ba. hrdwd flrs large pvt. yard with trees. Garage converted to studio. $699,000 Web: 0284276 Ruben/Yohon 323.671.2310

NeW eXclusIve

Joseph Lightfoot 323.665.1108

NeW eXclusIve

1024 OLMSTED DR: Glendale. character spanish located in Northwest Glendale. 3bed, 1.5ba, blocks from Kenneth village. $649,000 Web: 0284285 Stephen Placial 323.671.2330

For SchoolS

1621 MCCOLLUM PL: silver lake. loft-like master w/deck, terrace garden, Downtown views. hdwd flrs, stainless appliances, 3rd bd could be studio/office. $698,000 Web: 0284052

2305 EFFIE: silver lake. Gated artsy, secluded, vus, romantic country setting, loft-like, w/dark hwd flrs, hibeamed ceilings, nu Kit $698,000 Web: 0284281

Rosemary Low 323.660.5885


2256-2258 LAKE VIEW AVE: silver lake. character triplex. two 1bd/1ba + studio. hdwd flrs. Gd for owner-user or investor. 1 unit vacant at coe $599,000 Joseph Lightfoot 323.665.1108

309 STOWE TERRACE: highland Park. mt angelus ca bungalow, 3bd/1.75ba updated kit., deck w/hillside vus, secluded yard, updated baths, wd flrs, bonus studio $425,000 Web: 0284261 Joseph Lightfoot 323.665.1108

Sotheby’s International Realty - Los Feliz is proud to establish Sotheby’s for Schools. Sotheby’s for School’s mission is to help our local youth realize their full potential. Our organization and agents are currently supporting various initiatives at our local learning institutions on an ongoing donation program from closed transactions. Sothebys’s for Schools raised over $1,700 in May for Micheltorena Elementary School.

Southern California BrokerageS I I loS feliz 1801 North hIllhurst aveNue t 323.665.1700

uSe the WeB numBerS provided to find out more information on a property through our WeBSite

operated by sotheby’s International realty, Inc.. sotheby’s International realty® is a registered trademark. the yellow house used with permission. sotheby’s International realty does not guarantee the accuracy of square footage, lot size or other information concerning the property provided by the seller or obtained from public records or other sources.

Los Feliz Ledger

Reception in Los Feliz Benefiting Hike for the Homeless July 20th By Michael Locke Ledger Contributing Writer Organizers of the annual Los Angeles Hike for the Homeless are planning a celebration in Los Feliz Wed., July 20th to thank the sponsors of the first annual hike, held April 2nd. The inaugural hike drew over 400 participants; organizers plan on making the hike an annual event, held in Griffith Park. The wine-andcheese reception will be held at the home of Los Feliz Ledger Contributing Writer Michael

Los Angeles. The Manning Center provides shelter and services to homeless men, women and children. For more than 50 years, the center has been a reliable presence for Los Angeles’ homeless population. The center’s goals are to enable homeless persons to stabilize their life circumstances, regain self-sufficiency and find permanent housing and employment. The reception will also kick off planning for next year’s that will take place on

18th Annual Los Feliz Village Street Fair: Sunday, July 24th LOS FELIZ—The Los Feliz Village Street Fair returns after a two-year hiatus, July 24th. This year’s event will be held on Hollywood Boulevard between Vermont and Hillhurst avenues and runs from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Special attractions planned this year include: food from Village restaurants, a main stage featuring local bands, dancing, dance Lessons, beer and wine gardens, arts and crafts, performing artists and the ‘Green Scene’

Eco Showcase Pavilion. For the kids, there’ll be carnival rides, games, moon bounces, storytellers and more. For information: www.

Pictured are event organizers Connor Johnson, Laura Mack and Justin Mammen at the Locke Residence, “La Casa Contenta,” 3401 Amesbury Road.

and Donna Locke beginning at 5 p.m. With an estimated 43,000 homeless people in Los Angeles, our city has the highest homeless population of any major metropolitan area in the country. The Los Angeles Hike for the Homeless benefits the St. Vincent’s Cardinal Manning Center that is a homeless shelter on Skid Row in downtown

July 2011

April 28th 2012. Please come to see how you can help end homeless in L.A. by lending your support. There is no charge for the event. Please RSVP by contacting Connor Johnson at St. Vincent’s Cardinal Manning Center (213) 2299972 or by email cjohnson@ or Michael Locke (323) 644-3338. The Lockes reside at 3410 Amesbury Road in Los Feliz.

Su Casa REAL ESTATE Page 19

Los Feliz Ledger [star gazing]

July 2011

Advertise in the

Los Feliz Ledger (323) 667-9897

By Anthony Cook, Griffith Observatory Earth is farthest from the sun—the point in its orbit called the aphelion—on July 4th at 7:56 a.m., P.D.T. The center of our planet will then

When dawn starts, its altitude doubles from 25 degrees to 52 degrees as the month proceeds. Jupiter has a cream-yellow hue and is brighter than any star. Mars appears as a reddish

The summer’s best meteor shower will likely be the South delta Aquarid shower, around July 30th coinciding with the second new moon of July. be 94,511,927 miles from the center of the sun—3,104,649 miles farther than we were at perihelion (closest to the sun) last Jan. 2nd. The normally shy Mercury makes a good showing in the evening sky for the first three weeks of July. Look for it in the west-northwest, 10 degrees above the horizon 30 minutes after sunset. Saturn is the brightest star-like object in the southwest sky when darkness falls. The time that Saturn sets in the west changes from 1 a.m. to 11 p.m. during the course of the month. Jupiter is eye-catching in the east after it rises by 2 a.m.


star visiting Taurus the Bull, well below and to the left of Jupiter, and will appear between 10 and 17 degrees high at 4:30 a.m. this month. The planet is still too distant to show telescopic details. Venus rises shortly before the sun. It is becoming difficult to see as it gradually draws closer to the sun. The summer’s best meteor shower will likely be the South delta Aquarid shower, around July 30th coinciding with the second new moon of July. Ten meteors per hour should be expected from the south at about 3 a.m., when observed from a location free of urban light pollution.

July 2011

Los Feliz Ledger

Summer Fun on a Dime By Kristen Taylor, Ledger Columnist We have a New Yorker cartoon posted in the kitchen that’s so funny, and remains so pertinent, that it’s kept its place of honor through two moves and three different refrigerators. In it, a child speaks to his mother, who is doing dishes at the sink: “I don’t want to do something fun for free, I want to do something fun we pay for.” My kids are so conditioned by this cartoon that if we’re looking for a way to spend a few hours out of the house and I ask them what they’d like to do, the first thing Luke says to me is, “Does it have to be something free?” There are plenty of things to do in Los Angeles if you’re willing to plunk down some cash. Go-karting, laser tag, “shopping,” amusement parks or even rides at the Santa Monica Pier are perennial “asks.” But there are a lot of summer days to fill, and not every one of them can include a big bucks excursion. I thought it might be useful to write down my mental list of cheap and cheerful things to do with the kids around town this summer. There are a couple of caveats, though. First, museum entrance fees don’t count. We need the museums, and they need us. I highly

recommend all families with kids who are toddlers or older get memberships to MOCA, LACMA, the Huntington Botanical Gardens, the Autry National Center and the LA Zoo. LACMA even has a NextGen program that provides free admission to kids plus one adult per child. Second, “free” is relative for me; I have included some activities that come in at under $5:

responsible and hardworking students, as well as going to the 8th grade. I am also looking forward to the many 8th grade events such as the Museum of Tolerance fieldtrip and the field trip to Disneyland. I hope that my class’s 8th grade year will be full of great surprises and bonding during our final days as Holy Trinity Students.

[holy trinity school]

[family matters]

Getting Ready for 8th Grade By Allen Eguia I am the newly elected Student Body President here at Holy Trinity School. The first official Student Council event is the Student Council Meeting that takes place a few days before school

starts. This event will bring together the Jr. Student Council from the Academy Campus and the Sr. Student Council, from the Preparatory Campus. I am really looking forward to working with such

• Biking, scootering or roller skating in Lacy Park • A short hike in Griffith Park or Elysian Park • Feeding the ducks and swans in Echo Park Lake (but hurry, because the park will be closed for dredging and rehabilitation after the Lotus Festival July 9-10) • Swimming at the Glassell Park Recreation Center • Mini-Golf at the Arroyo Seco Golf Course • The California Science Center • Kite flying at the Silver Lake Meadow • Rocket launching on the open spaces around the Rose Bowl • Griffith Park Observatory • A sunset picnic at the beach If you have other fun, lowor-no cost things to do in our area, I’d love to hear them. Please share via email, or in the comments online.

[Larchmont Charter Middle School]

Exciting End to Another Year By Serena Storm Jamison and Justin A. Gerber, 7th grade Before school ended, LCS celebrated its very first student Art Show June 3rd. This show was a spectacular lead into yet another event, the Annual Fiesta, which was a grand night with exciting silent and live auctions. Students and teach-

ers were eager to finish up any last projects and finalize their report cards, but our high-achieving school has prepared us for whatever possible obstacles we students have to face! Now we are looking forward to the fun-filled summer. 

First Congregational Church of

Los Angeles


The Perfect Place for an Elegant Los Angeles

Progre En ga Insightful

• We offer the sweeping majesty of our neo-Gothic Dr. R. Scott Colglazie Sanctuary or the gorgeous intimacy of Shatto Chapel recognized as one of the nation’s • Home of the world’s largest church pipe organ leading pulpit voices. • Varied reception areas, including outdoor courtyards, His religious leadership and optimistic banquet halls and historical parlors spiritual work have been featured on • Open clergy and musician policies CNN, the Today Show, the CBS Morning • Attentive and exemplary service from our dedicated wedding and commitment ceremony staff

Between Downtown and Hancock Park 540 South Commonwealth Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90020 • tel. 213.385.1341 • Senior Minister Dr. R. Scott Colglazier

July 2011


Los Feliz Ledger [editorial]

Los Feliz Stores Targeted by Credit Card Scammers By Pamela Chelin Two men have been targeting clothing stores in Los Feliz using what appear to be stolen or illegitimate credit cards. Popkiller was hit by the con artist duo last August. A police report including video surveillance footage was filed immediately. It is unclear when the spree started, but it is clear is that it is active once again. Over the past six weeks, both Una Mae’s and Cherry Pick Vintage, independently owned clothing stores, have each lost approximately $5,000 worth of merchandise to the scamming pair, who sometimes operate alone, independently of each other. Recently, both X-Large and Half Off were targeted, but the missions were unsuccessful Witnesses describe both men as African American in their early 30s or late 20s. One of the men is considerably darker than the other, with a tattoo on his inner forearm. Both men are well dressed and they consistently use the same approach, conversing with

sales staff, presenting themselves as friendly personalities, claiming to be stylists for artists including rapper/singersongwriter Nicki Minaj. They pull various clothing items from racks and hangers, but they don’t try anything on before they attempt to purchase merchandise with a credit card which either doesn’t swipe properly or is immediately declined, at which point they often ask if they can talk to the credit card company on the merchant’s phone in order to try and ensure that the sale is accepted. Generally, they have been known to become angry and storm out of a store when their credit card was declined and the store refused the sale. On some occasions, store employees became flustered or confused and inadvertently approved the sale; or the scammers were able to convince the credit card company by phone to accept the charge on the credit card. Ultimately, though, the stores were left holding the bag when

the charge later throughout the process was deemed stolen. The pair, who has also been spotted shopping with an African American woman, focus upon men’s clothes, but they have been known to take accessories, women’s clothing and goods including candles. The pair was last seen making a getaway in a silver colored, 4 door, Toyota Corolla. Being a tightly knit community, local Los Feliz merchants have joined forces, warning each other to be on the look out for future potential incidents and reporting to each other about the thefts that have already taken place. Residents and merchants who witness any suspicious activity or encounter this pair are encouraged to call the police. Pamela Chelin is a freelance journalist who lives in Los Feliz. She has written for Rolling Stone, the Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly the Associated Press and Hollywood Reporter among other publications.




any size class series

Junk on the Curb Punishable Up to $10,000 By Denise Franco

w/ this ad

Over 30 of LA’s top Independent Designers at 40% to 80% off regular retail prices 2395 Glendale Blvd. @ Silver Lake Blvd. 323.522.6192 Open 7 days a week

Mon to Sat noon til 7p and Sun noon til 6p


On recent Sunday morning, I was walking in my normally clean and beautiful Los Feliz neighborhood. Suddenly, I was taken back by the amount of “unwanted items” or “junk” had been discarded sidewalks and curb. Realizing garbage pickup is on Thursday, I realized I would have to look at this “junk” (that was even visible from my living room window) for the rest of the week. Nonetheless, I just assumed come garbage day, it would be removed. But garbage day came and went, and the “junk” was still there. In fact, the “junk” remained for three weeks until I scheduled a “Bulky Item Pick Up” with the city’s Dept. of Sanitation. I found it hard to believe, the residents responsible for discarding their unwanted “junk” did not call to schedule this special pick up themselves. Did they just think the “junk” would miraculously disappear on its own? So, the next time you put that old couch or TV on the curb or sidewalk know this: your act is punishable under California Penal Code 374.3 by a fine up to $10,000. Also, pursuant to Section 117555 of the California health and Safety Code, a person who

dumps illegally is punishable by up to six months on jail. In addition, in August 2005, the County of Los Angeles adopted an ordinance that would allow the Sheriff to seize a vehicle if it is used in the act of illegal dumping. Tipsters can also receive $1,000 for offering information regarding illegal dump-

ing—that leads to an arrest or conviction—by the Los Angeles Police Dept. in conjunction with the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation in their “Illegal Dumping Tip Program.” Rewards are not available for anonymous tips. Denise Franco is a resident of Los Feliz.

July 2011

Largest Real Estate Office in Los Feliz (200+ Agents) #1 Real Estate Office from Downtown LA to Hollywood ju st

2500 Nottingham Ave

list ed


4BR/3BA Single story Ranch on Prime Los Feliz street. Perfect floor plan w/great entertaining spaces. Hardwood floors, top appliances. French doors lead to deck, pool and lawn w/ fruit trees.

Carter + Orland

(323) 300-1025

ju st

3614 Amesbury Rd., Los Feliz


3700 sq ft of newly remodeled space on 2 levels. Head-on views, glorious master w/starlet-sized walk-in. 2 bedrooms up/2 down. Decks & yard. Best price per sq ft. north of the Blvd.

Chris Laib

(323) 854-1820

ju st

so ld

3651 Holboro Drive, Los Feliz


Romantic 1928 Mediterranean. Hrdwd flrs. City& hillside views. Very desirable hillside neighborhood. 4BR/3BA+den/office. Great flow for entertaining. Natural light, bright & beautiful. Move in ready.

Rafik Ghazarian

(323) 371-1511

ju st


so ld

6102 Glen Tower St., Los Angeles $1,050,000

1310 Mohawk St. , echo park




Steve Garza

Rob Kallick

(323) 775-6305

Rob Kallick/Matt Morgus

(323) 775-6305

Triplex in Beachwood Canyon consisting of 2 townhouses and a 1 bedroom cottage. Updated and remodeled. Represented buyer.

(323) 823-0738

ju st

1330 N. Coronado St, Silver Lake


(213) 880-6420

4156 Ranons Ave., Glassell Park


Updated, contemporary 3 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath w/ bonus guest house in Glassell Park. 2-car garage w/ yard. Call for more info.


(213) 880-6420

mu st


Paolo Filippini

Henry Plascencia

Serene home 3 BD 2 BA up in the hill at the end of a driveway and surrounded by trees, rolling hills and open views. Located in Garvanza, a distinguished neighborhood between Highland Park and Pasadena.

(323) 660-4100


Fantastic location blocks away from the heart of Atwater Village. 3 BD, 2 BA bungalow w/ huge yard. Upgraded & remodeled. Spacious master bedroom & bath. Very EZ to see. Call today.

(310) 995-6273

Confused about today’s Real Estate Market? Helping You Navigate LA’s Real Estate Jungle

6100 Roy St., L.A. 90042

No cookie-cutter renovation here! Large renovated 2BR/1BA Craftsman. New: electrical, plumbing, & kitchen. Updated bath w/ claw-foot tub. Vintage hdwd floors & large yard on a great street.

(323) 380-8973

1660 Hillhurst Avenue LA, CA 90027 Blog:

4005 Monroe St #2, Silver Lake


Modern, Architectural 3 level townhouse near Sunset Junction in Silver Lake. 2 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths w/ bonus studio loft.


(213) 880-6420

be so ld !

932 Cresthaven dr, Highland Park $539,000

Alyssa Valentine & Richard Wilkinson

Sold in less than two weeks. Call us to find out how we can help you sell your home for top dollar and with maximum market exposure!

list ed

Beautifully remodeled 3BD/2BA Craftsman in a great Silver Lake location. All new foundation, electrical, plumbing, kitchen and bathrooms. This charming property is a must-see!

Matt Morgus/Rob Kallick

Enjoy living in a newly rehabbed bungalow w/ built-in rental $. 2-on-a-lot duplex features a newly remodeled 3BD/2BA front house, open & modern feel. Tenant-occupied 2BD/1BA back house.

Michael Remacle cel (310) 902-1564 off (323) 300-1067 See you at the Los Feliz Street Fair Come by our booth. Enter to win a prize!

514 Oleander Drive, L.A. 90042


Come home to a Lush, Tranquil Oasis. 1930’s Cottage full of Warmth & Character. 3BR/2BA. Great Condition. Easy access to York & Colorado Blvd.

Alyssa Valentine & Richard Wilkinson

(323) 380-8973

Considering a Career in Real Estate? GUARANTEED TO PASS REAL ESTATE SCHOOL (310) 927-8646 WWW.G2PASS.NET Tel 323-300-1000 • Fax 323-300-1001 Web:

2150 Hillhurst Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027


Coming Soon

Call us when you are ready to sell and let us show you why our approach to selling homes in your neighborhood works! George & Eileen

Coming Soon

1815 San Jacinto Street Silver Lake Hills $795,000 Great 3+2.5 Mid-Century with fabulous city views. Nice living room with fireplace & high ceilings opens to view terrace. Kitchen opens to large dining room. Large master suite with private bath and walk-in closet and city lights. Central AC & heat. Hardwood floors. Some yard & patios.

Just Listed

4119 Perlita Avenue #A

Thinking Of Selling?

4050 Garden Avenue

Just Listed



Set behind a hedge for privacy, this lovely 2+1 Spanish home oozes w/charm & character. Living rm w/fireplace. Charming kitchen. Large formal dining room. Hardwood floors. Central AC. Copper plumb. Nice front and rear yards. Garage is being used for fabulous gym, but could also be for home office.

For Sale



Charming 2+1 condo in a lovely 1940’s Traditional complex surrounded by lush landscaping. Clean spacious unit with hardwood floors, subway tile in bath, formal dining room, crown molding. Two parking spaces. Walk to many great restaurants and shops. Close to public transportation and the 5 freeway.

New Price

1900 Monon Street Los Feliz $695,000 Lovely 3+2 Traditional home on a lovely cul-de-sac. Spacious LR. Beautifully remodeled kitchen w/ss appl, skylights & breakfast bar. Master w/private bath. Hrdwd flrs. Central air & heat. Garage w/direct access. Open kitchen & DR leads to fabulous patio surrounded by wonderful planting & a fountain. Franklin Elem.

In Escrow In 7 Days!

3017 Fall Avenue Silver Lake $795,000 Gated 3+ 2.5 1920’s Spanish w/reservoir vu’s. Enter thru a courtyard into spacious living room that leads to the dining room & den w/views. Kitchen updated w/new cabinets, tops & Bosch appliances. Upstairs bedroom opens to large vu patio. Hrdwd flrs. New roof in 08. Lovely yard & patios.

In Escrow in 10 Days

3796 Griffith View Drive Atwater $559,000 Walking distance to great Atwater Village eateries & shops, A very lovely 3+3 home which was completely renovated & expanded in 2004 with a flexible floor plan that could be divided to use a section for guest quarters, home office or extended family. Nice patio. On a lovely street in beautiful Atwater neighborhood.

4525 Cockerham Drive

New Price

Los Feliz Hills


Influenced by legendary Architect Richard Neutra, this 2+2 Mid-Century is situation on a great lot with room for pool and offers possibilities to expand. Spacious LR w/fireplace, original quality built-ins. Sunny kitchen w/breakfast nook. Large formal dining room. Generous sized rooms and great home office.

Silver Lake Hills


Walk to the reservoir from this beautifully renovated 5+4 in Moreno Highlands Gorgeous LR w/fireplace leads to a view patio. Updated kitchen & baths. Lovely dining room. Large family room w/great built-ins. Fabulous yard & patio with room for pool and play. Hardwd floors. Central air & heat. Ivanhoe school.

Los Feliz Hills


Lovingly maintained 3+2.5 Traditional w/Mid-Century feel. Large living room, wet bar, hrdwd floors & original casement windows. Charming kitchen, dining area. Fam rm & din area open out to a nice patio. Master suite w/private bath. Nice views from many rooms. Appx 2451 sq ft + large bonus rm or home office.

1739 Deloz Avenue Los Feliz Franklin Hills $795,000 Nicely updated 1960’s 3+2 Mid-Century home with a great vibe. It offers stunning views from the LR, kitchen & deck. The wonderful living rm has a pitched ceiling and fireplace. Hardwood floors. Great windows. Central air & heat. Sec system. Two car garage with direct access. Franklin Elementary. Home Sweet Home.

In Escrow

In Escrow

1950 Lucile Avenue

3607 Amesbury Road

In Escrow

In Escrow In 9 Days!

2516 Kenilworth Avenue

1756 Micheltorena Street Silver Lake Hills $499,000 A very charming duplex built in 1942 on a huge 15,100 square foot lot with fabulous views. Each 1+1 apartment offers a charming kitchen, dining area, hardwood floor and laundry room. Wonderful terraced garden lot. Three car garage. Great for owner user or investor. Both units will be vacant at escrow close.

Silver Lake Hills


Stunning 3+2.5 2008 Mediterranean w/views of Hollywood sign & Griffith Park Observatory. LR w/gorgeous fireplace, dark flrs leads to bal¬cony to enjoy the glorious views. Cook’s kitchen Jenn Air frig, Bertazzoni range, Bosch dw. Great master suite with view patio & sumptuous bath. Lovely patio, yard & blt-in BBQ.

Sold For Full Price!

1474 Silver Lake Boulevard Silver Lake $619,000 Charming gated 3+2 bath California bungalow in great Silver Lake area close to the lake, shopping, and Sunset Junction. Kitchen with limestone flooring, tile countertops, skylight and newer stainless steel appliances. Master Bedroom & Bath. Dining room leads to enchanting patio and beautifully landscaped backyard.

3612 Crestmont Ave

Silver Lake


Spectacular downtown and city views from this charming 2+2 Craftsman home. Living room with fireplace. The kitchen leads to spacious deck - perfect for dining al fresco. Central air & heat. Hrdwd floors. Separate bonus room, can be perfect for a home office or studio. Street to street lot. Room for possible expansion.


24th at th e LI Z IR By Erik Derr Ledger Contributing Writer Vol 7. No. 1 Serving the Greater Los Feliz, Silver Lake & Hollywood Hills A...


24th at th e LI Z IR By Erik Derr Ledger Contributing Writer Vol 7. No. 1 Serving the Greater Los Feliz, Silver Lake & Hollywood Hills A...