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Local Public Officials Comment On Tucson Killing Spree

GGPNC’s Education Chair & Force Behind New “Big Blue M” Resigns By Erik Derr Ledger Contributing Writer The “Big Blue M” has lost one of its biggest advocates. Sarah Napier, who helped lead a public campaign to refurbish John Marshall High School’s beloved “M” mural— located at the corner of Griffith Park Boulevard and St. George Street—has resigned from the Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council (GGPNC), one of the project’s key financial supporters. As chair of the GGPNC’s education committee, Napier spearheaded an “M” redesign contest that drew about 300 contestants from throughout the world. She was instrumental in acquiring $10,000 in funding for the effort through a city beautification grant. “I considered her a tireless see NAPIER page 10

O’Grady Asks City Officials To Cut Pay in Light of Barnsdall Cuts By Erik Derr Ledger Contributing Writer LOS ANGELES—Tomas O’Grady, an outspoken supporter of green living and a member of the Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council (GGPNC) who is challenging incumbent Tom LaBonge in the upcoming city council elections, stood outside City Hall Jan. 5th and implored city officials to cut their own paychecks before eliminating those of the part-timers who staff Barnsdall Art Park. see BARNSDALL page 5

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February 2011

By Allison Ferraro

Los Angeles City Council candidate for District 4 admonished city officials on the steps of City Hall in January to take a pay cut, rather than have services and staff cut further at Barnsdall Art Park. See story below, at left. Photo credit: Erik Derr

Cartoonist Asks: “Can’t We All Just Get Along?” By Allison Ferraro A recent Los Angeles Times editorial by Martha Groves and a follow up editorial cartoon, also in the Times, may stir the pot again regarding hikers, bikers and equestrians sharing trails in Griffith Park. Freelance editorial cartoonist Ted Rall’s take on the situation ran in the Times Jan. 4th. “I find it fascinating what [an issue like this] says about the human condition, that people cannot figure out how to share a path or a roadway,” Rall said in an interview with the Ledger. “How will we ever achieve world peace?” Rall, a nationally syndicated editorial cartoonist for 20 years, said he skims newspapers and then picks subjects of interest on which to comment. “I used to live in Berkeley,” he said, “and I would hear very passionate debates about

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Reprinted with permission. © Ted Rall

his topic there,” he said. “If everyone could just be considerate.” Currently, bicycling of any kind is banned in Griffith Park on trails designated for hikers and equestrians. The city’s Planning Commission has recently approved an updated bicycle plan for the city,

which will be reviewed by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa early this year. The new plan, according to the Times editorial—quoting Ken Bernstein, of the Dept. of City Planning—does not include any changes to the current cyclist policy for Griffith Park.

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LOS ANGELES—In light of the January 8th, killing spree in Tucson, Arizona, where six people were killed—including U.S. District Judge John M. Roll—and 14 were wounded, including U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords, we asked our local public officials for their comments on the shooting as well as their concerns, as public officials, for their own safety. “I do think the level of rhetoric going on now… and I have been in politics for almost 20 years… is at a place where I have not seen it in my career in public service, said California Assemblymember Mike Gatto (43rd District), in a telephone interview Monday. “I do think we run the risk of more people out there—there is a certain subset of people that buys into this rhetoric—and that is what happened this past weekend,” he said. Gatto said he has—as recently as a month ago—had to have a restraining order placed on an individual who had made threats against him on YouTube. “I do have concerns for my staff. This is a country founded on the expression of differences with respect for one another and respect for debate and the ballot box. Not these extreme methods.” According to Gatto, he is not making any changes to the way he conducts personal appearances, in light of Saturday’s events, though, he said, he is currently getting advice from many about his own safety.  Los Angeles City Councilmember and President Eric see TUCSON page 18

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February 2011  
February 2011  

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