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How To Have More Energy Today! The National Metabolic and Longevity Research Center introduces The Energy Factor show, a series of free weight loss videos designed to help you have more energy, look younger, and drop weight. What would be different in your life if you had more energy and more mental focus? Would you be more successful in business? Would you spend more time with your family – because now you had more energy at the end of the day? Would you drop weight because you finally have the energy to exercise? Would you look younger because you walk like you have more energy? We’ll that’s all possible, and more! The key is here... The Energy Factor online tv gives you everything you need to have more energy in your life, including the two nutrients that outperform all others when it comes to boosting both mental and physical energy… Enzymes and water. Enzymes have been called the spark plug of life. They are responsible for digesting everything that goes into our mouth, nose, and everything that contacts our skin. Without enzymes, not only would these substances literally sit and stagnate inside our systems, but our hormones and glands would not function at all. “There are 4 major enzymes that help those who need more energy” says Guerriero, host of the Energy Factor TV show. Amylase - needed to break down starches Lipase - needed to break down fats Protease - needed to break down protein and Cellulase - needed to break down cellulose Without each of these enzymes in their correct proportions we would literally fail to function. Remember, everything that our bodies ingest, no matter how large or small, must either be assimilated or eliminated. Both processes are controlled directly through our enzymatic pathways, and both processes either give us

more energy or cost us energy, depending on how balance our enzyme level is. In addition to enzymes, in order to aid in the digestion of our foods we must also consume a certain amount of plain fresh water. “Although this is essential to our bodies functions, there's a trick to this” Guerriero says. “We cannot consume large amounts of water with our foods, the water itself dilutes the enzymes in our digestive tracts. So to maximize the benefits of enzymes and water, the consumption of water is best done between meals. To have more energy you need to understand the Enzyme Water Link… The Energy Factor shows that the healthiest supply of water lies not only within our great water reservoirs but within the foods those reservoirs help us to grow. The most natural and nutrient rich state of both enzymes and water is their live state. Although that might sound a bit unorthodox or even gross. Think of it this way”, says Guerriero “A vegetable has both a massive supply of enzymes and water. Even better than that those enzymes and water are combined in their most natural and useful state.” The Energy Factor television show is a series of free weight loss videos designed to help you have more energy, look younger, and drop weight. It doesn't matter if your biggest challenge has been cravings, time, motivation, boredom, or just plain procrastination, those who use the principles share in the Energy Factor online tv show reach their goals with absolute certainty. Please feel free to watch the entire first season of The Energy Factor at www.EnergyFactor.TV.

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