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Get a Flat Stomach | METABOLIC AND NEURAL PROTOCOLS REDEFINE TRAINING Metabolic and neural training are causing a major shift in fitness thinking - which is no surprise based on the amazingly fast whole body results they deliver. Want to know more? Well, you’re in the right place: I just happen to be the authority on these dynamic new protocols. As I said on the Home page, metabolic and neural training use specially stacked programs of compound, 3D exercises to activate as much of your body as possible. This high-density, multi-planar approach skyrockets your metabolism and gives you the benefits of strength, cardio, flexibility and balance training all in one short session. It basically turbo-charges your workouts! The easiest way to understand the idea is to see it in action, which we’ll do soon courtesy of a recent appearance I made on NBC. But before we do that, there are a few points I’d like to make about this type of training. The first is it requires virtually no equipment. We’re targeting joint strengthening, balance, go muscle, not show muscle, so we don’t need a whole lot of gear. And definitely nothing that kills your gains like an ab roller or anything electric that vibrates! The approach is based on advanced physical therapy concepts that exploit how your nervous system works. This is neural training. As well as making the exercises fun and easy to learn, neural training saves you from the injuries that often occur with other types of activity. On the other hand, there is a huge variety of exercises, so you avoid neural adaptation and workout plateaus. This also prevents loss of motivation and allows easy scaling for multiple fitness levels from beginner to advance. Read more about Dr. Kareem to learn how to Get rid of Stomach Fat and get six pack abs with his Ab Strength Guide in just 10-minutes a day!