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How to Look Sexy, Pretty and Beautiful It’s every woman’s dream to look gorgeous no matter where she goes. To have the appreciative eyes of men and the envious gazes of other women trail you whenever you walk into a room. Not everyone is born with Hollywood good looks, but with a little bit of attention to detail you can look just as amazing. Here’s everything you need to pay attention to that’ll make you look fantastic. Losing Weight Does Matter Would losing 20 pounds make a difference in your overall look? For a lot of women, it would. Being thin is held up by society as the holy grail of beauty. Of course, there’s a lot more to true beauty than just being thin – But still, losing weight does make a big difference. Losing 20 pounds sounds hard, but it just requires a little bit of discipline. Instead of trying to lose all that weight overnight, give yourself three months. Stop looking for miracle diets or magic pills and instead implement a steady diet that’ll help you lose weight, as well as a moderate exercise program that you can keep up with. Dress in Form Fitting Clothes The more fitted your clothes, the better. Women who wear baggy clothing tend to look frumpy or pudgy, even if they actually have a great figure underneath. Likewise, women who wear tight clothing can look fantastic even if they don’t have a supermodel’s figure underneath. There’s something about tight clothing that conveys sensuality and sexiness. When you try on clothing, pay attention to both the clothing itself as well as the fit. You’re looking for clothing that has an amazing fit, in addition to an amazing design. The Overall Philosophy on Makeup Doing your makeup well can make a world of difference. A lot of women either make the mistake of applying too much makeup or applying makeup improperly. Makeup should be used to bring out the best of your natural features. It shouldn’t be used to create new features, nor should it be used to mask imperfections. You should use just enough eyeliner to bring out your eyes’

natural beauty. Use just enough lipstick to bring you’re your lips’ natural fullness. Use just enough foundation to bring out your cheeks’ natural glow. The ideal amount of makeup is enough makeup to make a noticeable difference, but not enough that people would actually pay attention to the makeup. Often time’s less is more. On Eye Contact Believe it or not, a lot of being sexy actually comes in the way you make eye contact with other people. A lot of sensuality and beauty is conveyed in the way you look at people. The flirtatious look, the “looking up” look, the cute and innocent look and so on are all different looks you can use to look more sexy. Looking sexy and pretty isn’t about being born with the right genes. Follow these tips and you can look sexy wherever you go. A lot of women find that they look 20 pounds thinner, even if they haven’t even lost any weight. Read more here how to lose 20 pounds.

How to Look Sexy, Pretty and Beautiful