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Registration Op ens: Monday, Novem ber 7, 2011! Grade listed is grade completed in Spring 2012

June 10-15 June 17-22


Confirmation I

Grades 6-7 / Grades 8-9

Confirmation II

Camp Gilbert

July 1-6

1-2-3 Camp (Sun-Tues) Gr. 3-4 / Gr. 5-6 (Sun-Tues) Water & Wheels (Gr. 7-9)

July 8-13

Grades 5-6 / Grades 7-8 Grandparent/Grandchild (Fri-Sun)

July 15-20

Grades 5-6 / Grades 7-8 Mini Family Camp (Fri-Sun) Grades 3-4 / Grades 5-6

July 22-27

1-2-3 Camp (Sun-Mon)

Peer Ministry (Gr. 9-12)


Grades 3-4 / Grades 5-6

CIT (week 2)

AMR Adventures

Black Hills Servant Camp

Pine Ridge Servant Camp


Grades 9-12

Grades 9-12


Grades 7-10

Grades 7-9

Servant Adventure (Gr. 9-12)

Pine Ridge (Gr. 9-12)

CIT (week 3) K, 1, 2, & 3 (Sun-Mon)

Grades 9-12

Pine Ridge (Gr. 9-12)

Grades 6-8

K, 1, 2, & 3 (Tue-Wed)

Water & Wheels (Gr. 7-12) Adventures (Gr.7-9 / Gr.9-12)

Servant Adventure (Gr. 7-9) Road Scholars Pioneer Week Servant Adventure (Gr. 9-12)

Grades 6-7 / Grades 8-9

Family Camp

Grades 7-10

Grades 6-7 / Grades 8-9

Family Camp

Grades 7-10

Grades 9-12

Grades 9-10 / Grades 11-12

Family Camp

Black Hills Riders (Gr. 7-10)

Grades 9-12

Family Camp

Grades 5-6

Grades 7-9

Home on the Range (Gr. 5-6 / Sun-Wed)

Grandparent/Grandchild (Wed-Fri)

Home on the Range (Gr. 5-6 / Wed-Sat)

July 29Aug 3

Grades 5-6 / Grades 7-8

Grades 6-7 / Grades 8-10

Aug 5-10

Waters & Wheels (Gr. 7-9)

Family Camp

Grades 3-4 Music Camp (Gr. 5-8)

Fort Courage

CIT (week 1) Grades 3-4 / Grades 5-6

Grades 10-12

Atlantic Mountain Ranch (AMR)

Grades 6-8

Grades 6-7 / Grades 8-9

Week in the Saddle CIT


Team Driving

June 24-29


Family Camp

Grades 9-12

Servant Adventure (Gr. 7-9) Grades 9-12 SunCatcher (Gr. 8-12) Grades 9-12 SunCatcher (Gr. 8-12) Grades 9-12 SunCatcher (Gr. 8-12)


Manderson (Gr. 9-12)

Manderson (Gr. 9-12)

Manderson (Gr. 9-12)

Manderson (Gr. 9-12)

2012 Summer Schedule What is LO?

Why attend an LO Camp? AMR (Atlantic Mountain Ranch)

2 4 5 6-9

AMR Adventures


Fort Courage


Servant Camp


Klein Ranch

10 -11


12 -13

Outlaw Ranch

14 -15

e Tablof


Joy Ranch


Check out


Day Camp


How to Register


Spring Retreating Opportunities


Registration Policies


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Mission Statement:

Lutherans Outdoors in South Dakota welcomes all to explore and experience Christ’s love in community and creation.



Lutherans Outdoors in South Dakota (LO) provides camping and retreating programs for people of all ages! LO is owned by the congregations of the South Dakota Synod of the Evangelical

Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and the Wyoming Conference of the Rocky Mountain Synod. LO programs are implemented throughout five camps located in unique geographical settings

across South Dakota, as well as in local congregations and communities. While a large percent

of programs are religious-based, LO also reaches out to environmental education groups, school groups, and a wide variety of retreat groups.

Vision Statement: We are your first choice for dynamic and innovative Christ-centered ministries: many sites, many seasons, many experiences.

Accreditation - All Lutherans Outdoors camps meet the strict standards for safety of the American Camp Association.

As Joy Ranch is completed

we will be working toward the

process of ACA accreditation.

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a d n e Y tt a WH S R S OO N D A R OUT LUTHE A T O K A D IN SOUTH Camp? Lutherans Outdoors in South Dakota (LO) is dedicated to quality Christian camping for youth and adults and has been for more than 65 years. Camp allows each person to explore and play in a nurturing environment, which in turn leads them to build a stronger faith foundation, discover personal gifts, develop new skills, as well as gain life-long friends and mentors.

FACT: Many leaders today attribute their leadership development to their experience at camp.

The LO Experience

Safety is a priority and fun is a necessity!

• Each camp is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA). • LO staff is well trained and offers signature hospitality. • LO camps include diverse sites and programs.

• LO camps promote spiritual and personal growth.


Camperships Always Available LO offers a variety of programs to fit any budget and

strives to make the camping experience affordable. If

you need assistance with a camp fee, please contact our registration office to request a camp scholarship.

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r m a

la t A

c i t n

n u o M

ch n a R tain


Atlantic Mountain Ranch is tucked into the beautiful Bl ack Hills, northwe st of Custer. AMR prog rams emphasize small-group expe riences, building relationships and simple living. A wonderful adve nturous summer staff welcomes you to enjoy fun activitie s. AMR offers severa l programs and is able to custom design programs to fit yo ur needs.

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mrures a vent in Ranch

Atlantic Mounta

AMR Adventures

Grades 7-9: June 17-22 / June 24-29 / July 22-27 Grades 9-12: June 10-15 / June 24-29 / July 8-13 / July 15-20 / July 29-August 3 Cost: $380 (Corp) / $405 (Non-Corp) Groups must provide own transportation for off-site field trips. Extra fees apply for some activities. Your group may “build their own week of camp”. Choose a daily activity in the Black Hills from *our menu of adventures. Then, let go and let the well-trained AMR staff lead you on an amazing adventure. You may even build a “service trip” day into your experience. The week also includes daily Bible study, worship, meals cooked over an open campfire, and time to hang out with friends. This program accommodates groups of 10 to 30 people. *Adventures include: □ Rock climbing □ Horseback riding □ Spelunking and cave adventures □ Fly fishing □ Mountain biking on the Mickelson Trail □ Kayaking □ Backpacking (choice of 2 to 4 days) □ Servant Projects □ Low ropes challenge course □ Geocaching □ Hiking AMR Camper cabins have no electricity.

Water & Wheels

Grades 7-12: June 24-29 Cost: $400 (Corp) / $425 (Non-Corp) From land to “sea”, you will actively explore the scenic Black Hills! Spend two days mountain biking on the historic Mickelson Trail and two days kayaking on lakes and creeks. This experience includes Bible Study, worship, team building, and meals cooked over an open fire. All equipment for biking and kayaking is provided.

AMR Adventures Group Advisors

After minimum of 10 paid youth, 1st adult is free; 2nd adult is ½ price; all other adults are full price.

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Fort ge



untain Ranc

Atlantic Mo

Fort Courage

Grades 5-6: July 22-27 Grades 6-8: June 24-29 Grades 7-10: June 17-22 / July 1-6 / July 8-13 Cost: $360 (Corp) / $385 (Non-Corp) Bring your friends and spend a week at Fort Courage, an 1880s style log fort. A beautiful setting, intentional simplicity, fun-loving staff, and terrific food make Fort Courage a great place for small groups to interact and learn to rely on each other. Join us for a week-long adventure of exciting activities, making friends, and growing in your faith. Activities at Fort Courage include: • Low ropes challenge course • Hiking to nearby Round Mountain • Overnight campout • Bible study, worship and singing • Horseback riding • Cooking meals over an open campfire • Living without electricity

Black Hills Riders

Grades 7-10: July 15-20 Cost: $360 (Corp) / $385 (Non-Corp)

Limited to 20 people.

Black Hills Riders is a special riding-centered week at Fort Courage. Live simply and ride outside camp each day, while exploring the Black Hill’s ridges, creeks, and mines. You will learn to care for your own horse, including: feeding, brushing and saddling. You will also learn about draft horses, covered wagons, horse-shoeing, and how to cook over an open campfire. Enjoy daily Bible study, worship, games, and singing along the trail.

AMR Fort Courage Advisors

The first adult is free; each additional adult/advisor is ½ the fee for youth.

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Black Hills Servant Camp (groups of 10-30 people)

Grades 9-12: June 10-15 / June 24-29 / July 15-20 / July 22-27 / aa July 29-August 3 Cost: $380 (Corp) / $405 (Non-Corp)



camps Atlantic Mountain Ran


Come to AMR for a week of Servant Camp in the Black Hills. This is a custom-designed week of Christian service for senior high youth. You also have the option of adding a day of AMR Adventures (see menu of adventures, pg 7). • Work together to build relationships • Grow in faith as you follow Christ’s call to serve others • Learn new skills and the value of teamwork • Service options include: o Habitat for Humanity (help build or renovate a house) o Environmental service projects in the Black Hills National Forest o Help older adults and non-profit agencies in the Custer area

Black Hills Servant Adventure

Grades 7-9: July 1-6 / July 8-13 Grades 9-12: June 17-22 / July 1-6 Cost: $380 (Corp) / $405 (Non-Corp)

Grades 7-9

Each day will include service projects and adventure activities in the scenic Black Hills. Service projects will be located either at camp or in the Custer community. Adventure activities may include horse riding, mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, and challenge course. This experience includes Bible Study, worship, team building, relaxing time, and meals cooked over an open fire.

Grades 9-12

Choose two days of service and two days of AMR Adventure activities. You may select from the service options in the Black Hills Servant Camp description above and the adventure activities listed on page 7.

SunCatcher Servant Camp (groups up to 20 + adults)

Grades 8-12: July 15-20 / July 22-27 / July 29-August 3 Cost: $380 (Corp) / $405 (Non-Corp) AMR is partnering with SunCatcher Therapeutic Riding Academy to offer a unique service opportunity in the Black Hills. Your youth group will work with Black Hills youth who are mentally or physically challenged and are learning to ride horses. Under the training and supervision of SunCatcher staff, you will learn to lead horses, assist riders with mounting and balance, and celebrate the freedom and joy that riding can offer persons with varying abilities. • No horse experience necessary (staff will train you) • Spend time riding horses, hiking, join in Bible Study and worship, cooking over a fire, and meeting new friends.

AMR Camper cabins have no electricity.

AMR Black Hills Servant Camp Advisors

After minimum of 10 paid youth, 1st adult is free; 2nd adult is ½ price; all other adults are full price.

Pine Ridge Servant Camp (groups of up to 15, youth & adults)

Grades 9-12: Pine Ridge June 17-22 / June 24-29 Manderson July 8-13 / July15-20 / July 22-27 / July 29-August 3 Cost: $3,360 (Corp) / $3,660 (Non-Corp) - min group fee (12 youth & adults) $280 (Corp) / $305 (Non-Corp) - for each additional youth or adult Spend a week on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and grow as a group as you combine service experience with cultural interaction. Based in either the town of Pine Ridge or the town of Manderson. • Activities include worship, Bible study, and cultural awareness • Tour historic and cultural sites • Hear Native American speakers • Learn of poverty issues & the spirituality of the Lakota people • Participate in a service project • Spend time with Lakota youth

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n i e l K h c n a R western An authentic set in horse ranch South Dakota north central pen on the wide o with “big rolling prairies d. sky� overhea

10 | Register Online at

Junior & Senior High Programs

Grades 6-7: June 10-15 / June 17-22 / July 1-6 / July 8-13 / July 29-Aug 3 Grades 8-9: June 10-15 / June 17-22 / July 1-6 / July 8-13 / Grades 8-10: July 29-Aug 3 Grades 10-12: June 24-29 (Team Driving Week) / July 15-20 Cost: $380 (Corp) / $405 (Non-Corp) Experience a week filled with a variety of engaging ranch activities hosted by caring counselors and staff. • Explore the prairie on horseback • Hike and explore the mini-badlands • Camp overnight along the Grand River (weather permitting) • Explore the Bible with your counselor • Worship God by a crackling fire under a majestic sky • Make new friends • Worship at Native American Church • Learn to care for the animals • Grow in faith and community • Gain self-confidence

Week in the Saddle

Grades 10-12: June 24-29 (Team Driving Week) Cost: $380 (Corp) / $405 (Non-Corp)

This Week For Experienced Riders Only:

Join us for a Week in the Saddle June 24-29. This program is just what the name implies: a week in the saddle. This event is for experienced riders only! Spend an intense week on the high plains - camping under the stars, riding horses, studying the Bible, and getting to know your fellow campers in a smaller group setting. Activities will include: • Exploring new sites around Klein on horseback • Setting up camp for the night and diving into our Bible Encounters • Cooking ‘cowboy style’ over a campfire • Worshiping each evening and sleeping out under a canopy of stars

Home on the Range

Grades 5-6 & Adult: July 22-25 (Sun-Wed) / July 25-28 (Wed-Sat) Cost: $235 (Corp) / $260 (Non-Corp) - includes child and adult Have you ever seen “where the deer and the antelope play?” Come to Klein and experience life on South Dakota’s unique western prairie. This program offers a chance for 5th and 6th graders, along with an adult to have fun on the ranch. Ride a horse, go for a hike, worship under the stars, share in community, explore your faith together and much more.

Wrangler or Counselor in Training (WIT / CIT)

Grades 10-12: June 24-29 (Team Driving Week) Cost: $570 (up to 3 weeks) Limited to 7 people. For those who have an interest in becoming a wrangler or counselor at camp, this program gives campers a chance to shadow and train with qualified staff, assisting with all aspects of working with campers and horses. • One week of training covers the basic camp and counseling or wrangling skills • Schedule a second and third week later in the summer to work side-by-side with staff. Please contact Klein Ranch to set up your additional weeks.

Team Driving

Grades 10-12: June 24-29 with Resource Leader David Lee Brown Along with all of the great ranch activities, come this week to experience what it is like to drive a wagon or buggy on the open prairie. David Lee Brown and his team of horses will join us at the ranch to show how it’s done!

Klein Ranch Advisors

The first adult is free; each additional adult/advisor is 1/2 the fee for youth.

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st ’s cleane one of SD t a stern SD. a k e e h e rt w o a n d in n d e p te S , a fun-filled Swim, loc t you for a ke Enemy e re g to s lakes, La ait tic staff w erience. An energe tered exp n e c ts ri Ch

k a D So


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Confirmation Camp

Counselor in Training (CIT)

How about asking your Pastor to take your Confirmation class on a week-long “class trip” to camp? Concentrate on confirmation lessons in the morning and spend the rest of the day participating in camp activities. Activities include swimming, games, and Bible study with your counselor. Don’t miss this opportunity! Talk to your pastor about signing up today. Check out for schedule and pastor/advisor information about confirmation camp.

Come to NeSoDak for CIT training. Challenge yourself as a leader and grow in your walk with Christ. • One week of training covers the basic camp and counseling skills • Return for a second & third week to work side-by-side with staff

Youth Camp

Grandparents and Grandkids

June 10-15 / June 17-22 Cost: $360 (Corp) / $385 (Non-Corp)

Grades 3-4: July 1-3*/ July 22-27 / Aug 5-10 Grades 5-6: July 1-3*/ July 8-13 / July 15-20 / July 22-27 / July 29-Aug 3 Grades 7-8: July 8-13 / July 15-20 / July 29-August 3 Cost: $360 (Corp) / $385 (Non-Corp) *mini week - $250 (Corp) / $275 (Non-Corp) NeSoDak is a great place to grow into the person God has called you to be. Meet new friends and experience all the excitement camp has to offer. Whether this is your first or fifth time at NeSoDak a new adventure awaits you. • Swim and fish at the waterfront • Explore the bay by kayak (Gr. 5 & up) • Cruise the prairie by bike (Gr. 5 & up) • Sing camp songs around the campfire • Share Bible studies • Participate in skits during worship • Canoe and paddle boat • Create crafts

1-2-3 Camp

Grades 1-3 & Adult: July 1-3 (Sun-Tues) * / July 22-23 (Sun-Mon) Cost: $85 (includes child and adult) *Extended Camp - $125 (includes child and adult) One camp. One night. One awesome experience! Pack your sleeping bag, your suitcase, and your favorite adult and come explore camp! This program offers a chance for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade campers, along with adults, to pack all the fun and adventure of camp into 24 hours. Or if you have been there, done that, try coming to extended 1-2-3 Camp. Activities include games, crafts, worship, and roasting marshmallows by the campfire.

Grades 10-12: July 1-6 Cost: $540 (3 weeks)

NeSoDak Youth Advisors

The first adult is free; each additional adult/advisor or spouse is 1/2 the fee for youth.

School aged kids & their grandparent(s): July 13-15 (Fri-Sun) - Resource Leaders: T.B.A. July 25-27 (Wed-Fri) - Resource Leaders: Pat and Roe Eidsness Cost: $175 (includes one grandparent & one grandchild) Additional: grandparents - $100.00 grandkids - $75.00 This program invites grandparents and grandkids to experience the thrill of camp together, to grow closer together, strengthen faith and make new friends. Enjoy spending time with the grandkids without worrying about the cooking or cleaning! We’ll take care of all those details and plan out the day’s activities as well! Come, relax and bring the grandkids to camp this summer!

Mini Family Camp

For Everyone! July 20-22 (Fri-Sun) Cost: $175 (includes one adult & one child aged 3-11) Additional: adult - $100; child - $75; 2 and under - free Maximum family rate: $400 Family Camp is a chance for your family to come explore and experience living in Christ-centered community together with other families. We will have time to relax and get wet in the refreshing waters of Lake Enemy Swim, as well as diving into Bible Studies and singing around the campfire! Great fun and fond memories await your family at camp this summer!

Water & Wheels

Grades 7-9: July 8-13 / August 5-10 Cost: $360 (Corp) / $385 (Non-Corp) Bikes will be provided, but you can bring your own. Not your typical week at camp! This small group program includes lots of time on the water and extended bike trips (up to 20 miles per day) to other lakes in the area where we will camp out, kayak and canoe, and grow as a group. Come worship and explore with us as we experience the Glacial Lakes area of SD!

Music Camp Week

Grades 5-8: August 5-10 Cost: $380 (Corp) / $405 (Non-Corp) (includes music & t-shirt) Musical performance: Friday, August 10 at 7 pm. Share your musical talents and voice in producing a Christian musical. In one week you’ll learn your lines, design the set, and be ready to perform the musical on Friday night for family and friends. Week includes regular camp activities!

An Invitation to All

Sunday Worship

Area pastors and camp staff lead communion worship services each Sunday in the chapel at 11:00 a.m. from

May 27 through August 12. Bring your favorite coffee mug and join us early for some fellowship time. See you on Sunday!

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w a l out h c n Ra

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Youth Camp

Grades 3-4: June 17-22 / June 24-29 Grades 6-8: June 10-15 Grades 5-6: June 17-22 / June 24-29 Cost: $380 (Corp) / $405 (Non-Corp) Outlaw Ranch, near Custer State Park provides a western setting in the beautiful southern Black Hills. At camp you will make new friends, meet a super camp counselor, and have lots of fun outdoors! Invite a friend to come along! • Hiking and canoeing • Horseback riding • Arts and crafts • Campfire worship • Overnight campout (for grades 5 and up) • Bible studies • Team building activities on the low ropes challenge course (for grades 5 and up) • Indoor/Outdoor games

Counselor in Training (CIT) Grades 10-12: June 10-29 Cost: $570 (3 weeks)

• Receive one week of training to learn about camp staff duties • Return for a second and third week to work side-by-side with our staff.

Peer Ministry

Grades 9-12: June 10-15 Cost: $380 (Corp) / $405 (Non-Corp)

Space is limited.

“It’s not a job. It is an attitude.” Peer ministers develop effective communication skills that allow them to reach out and help those around them. Through small groups, peer ministers learn ways to become welcoming and accepting, aware of the hurts and needs of others, and how to be caring listeners. Peer Ministry at Outlaw will include time to explore the uniqueness of the Black Hills. Options include: hiking, visiting Mt. Rushmore, biking the MickelsonTrail, canoeing, and/or a servant project.

K-1-2-3 Camp

Grades K-3 & Adult: June 24-25 (Sun-Mon) / June 26-27 (Tues-Wed) Cost: $85 (includes child and adult) Please call to ask about housing available for adult and child of different genders. (800-888-1464) One camp. One night. One awesome experience! Pack your sleeping bag and pillow and your favorite adult. Come and explore the fun and adventure of Outlaw Ranch in 24 hours. Kindergarten through third graders learn what camp is all about by participating in games, crafts, singing, hiking, and campfire worship.

Outlaw Ranch Youth Advisors

The first adult is free; each additional adult/advisor or spouse is 1/2 the fee for youth.

Family Camp

Strengthening Families

Spend quality time with your family in a relaxed atmosphere in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. All families are welcome - couples, singles, one parent or two, step families, infants to adolescents, grandparents - everyone is welcome! Enjoy life in Christian community, surrounded by new and old friends and family as you play, pray, worship, and grow together in faith. What’s Family Camp Like? Enjoy an all-inclusive family vacation rooted in your values! In the mornings, adults spend time together in conversation and learning, guided by a weekly resource leader, while youth enjoy Bible study and other activities with our well-trained counselors and artist-in-residence. Afternoons are open for families to spend time together participating in on-site camp activities such as horseback riding, canoeing, hiking or exploring off-site attractions in the Black Hills such as Custer National Park, Mount Rushmore, caving, Sylvan Lake, hiking, biking, and golfing. Each night draws to a close with worship around the campfire. As for the food…the delicious home-cooked meals speak for themselves. Even the kids will love the food!


Lodge Rooms

Age 12-18 - $345

Age 12-18 - $370

Adults - $370

Age 3-11 - $305

Max Fee - $1550

• Ages 2 and under are free.

Adults - $380

• Plus $50 for: Non-Corporate & out of state families

Age 3-11 - $330

• See more about family camp cost in the family camp brochure or call the office at 800-888-1464.

Max Fee - $1650

July 1-6 Resource Leader: Bishop David Zellmer & Dr. Anna Madsen - “Biblical Rifts or Biblical Riffs? Interpreting the Bible Reverently and Relevantly.” Artist-in-Residence: Paul Tietjan July 8-13 Resource Leader: Pastor Kris Linner - “Jesus the Storyteller” Artist-in-Residence: James Hersch & David Lee Brown July 15-20 Resource Leader: Dr. Ken Jones - “The Lutheran Toolbox” Artist-in-Residence: Nate Houge July 22-27 Resource Leader: Dr. Jacqueline Bussie - “21st C. Faith: Laughter & Pluralism” Artist-in-Residence: River’s Voice July 29-August 3 Resource Leader: Dr. David Lose - “Reading Ourselves into Scripture” Artist-in-Residence: Tangled Blue

r gd D S O L . an w rs e d w w eL rc amp Resou for Family C ce bios. n e id s Artist-in-Re

August 5-10 Resource Leader: Dr. Karoline Lewis - “The Book of Revelation: Final Tribulation or Testament to Hope?” Artist-in-Residence: Dakota Road

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h c n Ra Joy Ranch welcomes you to a brand new old west. Lutherans Outdoors in South Dakota is excited to announce the official opening of Joy Ranch, LO’s newest camp and retreat center near Watertown. Joy Ranch has been specially-designed to allow people of all abilities to “experience Christ’s love in community and creation.” Not only will Joy Ranch host specialty medical camps and programs for people with disabilities, but will also be an extraordinary place of ministry for youth and families and businesses.


• An 1880s prairie town design, complete with “old west” facades, contrasts with modern high comfort facilities. • Sixteen thematically-designed retreat center rooms will captivate guests and be fully wheelchair-accessible. • Four cabin-style rooms, each with their own accessible bathroom, can serve up to 40 youth.

joy Ranch Summer




16 | Register Online at

• Uniquely-designed conference rooms with prairie-vista views meet the needs of small or large meetings. Wireless internet access and projection capabilities will facilitate a modern meeting in a distinctive space. • Majestic horses graze in lush green pastures with a state-of-theart riding arena and traditional barns in the backdrop. A dynamic horseback riding program will include therapeutic riding, buggy and trail rides. • Situated on a quiet lake nestled into the rolling prairie hills, Joy Ranch is a special place set apart.


• Family reunions • Business meetings • Retreats of your own design • Weddings • Be a part of LO’s programs for youth, families, and adults

Day s

p m a C Grades K-5

Bring a taste of camp to your community! NeSoDak or Outlaw staff come equipped to serve youth in your congregation and community. • Bible study, worship, songs, arts and crafts, service projects and games.

• Your congregation provides helpers, food and housing for the visiting staff. • A Thursday night program for family and guests.

• A week of fun-filled, Christ-centered, Christian fellowship for all.

Call 800-888-1464 for more information.

Spring Retreating Opportunities ADULT

For more information go to or

Jan. 27-30 Feb. 2-5 Feb. 10-12 Feb. 3-5

May 4-6 May 11-13

Winter Quilting Retreats Winter Outdoors Retreat

Jan. 26-29

Feb. 16-19

Work Day

May 5

Passionate Quilters Scrapbooking Retreat Our Common Thread

Women’s Retreat

Feb. 10-12



Mar. 2-3


Elementary Adventure

Elementary Adventure



Outlaw Ranch

April 13-15

Middle School Retreat

Outlaw Ranch

call the camp hosting the retreat/event.


March 2-3

April 29

May 26

Outlaw Ranch Outlaw Ranch


For more about these retreats please contact the camp that is hosting the retreat. Outlaw Ranch - 605-673-4040 or NeSoDak - 605-947-4440 or Joy Ranch - 605-886-4622 or

. reats t e r f to ull lis f r o f O L . w w Check w

Register Online at | 17

Register Online Watch Camp Videos EXPLORE

W W W .L O S D .O R G Foll o us O w n find p m a c r e mm su s e c r u o s e r

• registration forms • health forms • camper information sheets

Year-round Retreating Opportunities 18 | Register Online at


1. Review Summer Program Brochure. Select week(s) for you and a friend to go to camp.

2. Register Online or call 800-888-1464. Registration opens Monday, November 7, 2011. $100 non-refundable deposit required for completed registration (Printable registration forms are available online or please call the LO office if you would like to receive one by mail) 3. Go to to find your camper information sheet and health form. 4. Please feel free to call anytime for assistance or questions.


1. Review Summer Program Brochure. Select week(s) for group to go to camp.

2. Request more brochures/handouts, if needed, from the Sioux Falls office by calling 800-888-1464 or visiting the website at 3. Reserve your week(s) at camp with our Registrar, Cheryl, by calling 605-274-5326 or 800-888-1464. Registration opens Monday, November 7, 2011. 4. Conduct camp promotional, gather registration forms and collect deposits. Registrations can also be made online. (Printable registration forms are available online) 5. Mail registrations and deposits to Cheryl by the agreed upon date. 6. Continue to fundraise and excite campers. Feel free to call anytime for assistance or questions.

Registration Policies 1. Registration for all camps (NeSoDak, Outlaw, Klein and AMR) will open on the first Monday of November. 2. All weeks and space will be filled on a first come, first served policy. To be registered you must complete a registration form and include a deposit. 3. The schedule is posted on the web site: Online registration will be available but does not guarantee a space until confirmed by a response from the registrar. 4. Individuals/families may reserve space by sending in a completed registration form and required deposit. 5. Groups may reserve space by contracting with the registrar for the specified dates and number of spaces needed.

hours are 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.) Send all registrations and payment of fees to: Lutherans Outdoors in South Dakota 2001 S Summit Ave Sioux Falls, SD 57197 11. Corporate fees apply to those campers who are members of congregations which are part of the Lutherans Outdoors corporation (South Dakota Synod & Wyoming Conference of the Rocky Mountain Synod). Other campers use the non-corporate fees. 12. We do accept VISA, Mastercard and Discover credit cards. Please provide credit card number, expiration date, and billing address for processing this type of payment. No Discrimination

Lutherans Outdoors does not discriminate. Lutherans Outdoors is operated

6. Deposits of $100 per person are required with registration. Deposits are non-refundable but are transferable to another individual taking that person’s place.

in accordance with the U.S. Department of Agriculture policy: USDA prohibits

7. Information sheets, health forms are available online and billing statements will be sent by email to campers/groups after they register.

Persons with disabilities who require alternative means for communication

8. Total camp fees are due approximately 2 weeks before attending your week of camp. 9. A service charge of $25 is added to campers cancelling within 2 weeks of camp date or not notifying camp they are not attending. $10 will be accessed to late payments. 10. All registrations, except year-round retreating (pg 17), are handled through the Sioux Falls Administrative office. (Office

discrimination in its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national

origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation,

or marital or family status. (Not all prohibited bases apply to all programs.) of program information (Braille, large print, audiotape, etc.) should contact the USDA’s TARGET Center at 202-720-2600 (voice and TDD). To file

a complaint of discrimination, write USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, Room 326-W, Whitten Bldg, 14th & Independence Ave SW, Washington DC 20250 or call 202-720-5964 (voice and TDD). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer. Equal Opportunity

Lutherans Outdoors in South Dakota is an equal opportunity provider and

is operating on the Black Hills National Forest and Big Horn National Forest

under the terms and conditions of a Special Use Permit from the Forest, USDA.

Register Online at | 19

Lutherans Outdoors in South Dakota 2001 S Summit Ave Sioux Falls SD 57197

Nonprofit Organization US Postage PAID Sioux Falls, SD Permit No. 721

contact Administrative & Registration Office 2001 S Summit Ave Sioux Falls SD 57197 (local) 605-274-5326 (toll free) 800-888-1464 NeSoDak & Klein Ranch 3285 Camp Dakota Dr. Waubay SD 57273 605-947-4440 Outlaw Ranch & Atlantic Mountain Ranch 12703 Outlaw Ranch Rd. Custer SD 57730 605-673-4040 Joy Ranch 16633 448th Ave. Florence, SD 57235 605-886-4622

Klein Ranch

NeSoDak Joy Ranch

Atlantic Mountain Ranch

LO Admin Office

Outl aw Ranc h



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Return Form to: Lutherans Outdoors, 2001 S Summit Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57197

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